Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

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DankMcStank 4 saatler önce
Dr Hoffmans Home of Audio Journeys
Dr Hoffmans Home of Audio Journeys 5 saatler önce
Why the fuck did Joe instigate an ending like that.. It seemed like RDJ had more time left in him. Good podcast nonetheless I hope he does come back
Hippie Leu
Hippie Leu 9 saatler önce
Hippie Leu
Hippie Leu 10 saatler önce
21:50. Johnny Depp being crazy and wild in everything
Armando Guerra
Armando Guerra 10 saatler önce
Ericson Schemmer
Ericson Schemmer 10 saatler önce
Very good to see Robert comfortable in an interview and happy to say that I am a great fan of both, great job Joe and an excellent interview you are the guy...
Mazes S A
Mazes S A 11 saatler önce
Terrance Howard got him the Iron Man gig. Guess what Robert did? He got the studio to fire Terrance Howard after doing so well in his role and demanding more $$$, money they couldn't afford unless Terrance took a pay cheque cut or was fired. Guess what scenario Mr. Iron Man pushed for? How fucking shifty!!! Piece of trash....
Cross Gilliland
Cross Gilliland 15 saatler önce
For the first time I see no negative comments fucking love iron man
ROBBIE RACER 15 saatler önce
talking about actors wanting to hang out with other actors before a role...Zack Levi(shazam)went and had dinner and stayed a couple of days with the kid who played Billy and his family. He wanted to see how he as a teenager acted around his family and adults to get a sense for when he was a grown man yet playing a 15 year old.
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 15 saatler önce
Downey talks so much but says nothing. Actors or so delusional. Like wtf are you talking about bro.
Fit Boy Abdul
Fit Boy Abdul 16 saatler önce
Its hard to differentiate if robert is acting or not . Idk why but dude seems fake to me .
Jacob Salas
Jacob Salas 17 saatler önce
These 2 re geniuses
Robin Culpin
Robin Culpin 20 saatler önce
If Rogan could get Obama and Trump on the same podcast that would be insane
adamunchy 21 saatler önce
Wow rdj is so full of shit!
Daniel Rogers
Daniel Rogers 22 saatler önce
RDJ is wicked all around
Jay Ceester Deester
Jay Ceester Deester Gün önce
I was listening to a Shannon Lee podcast that talk about how Bruce Lee applied the philosophy of Yin/Yang to every single thing he did. Everything had two sides and he sought out the harmony of those in order to be happy. Good idea.
András Herceg
András Herceg Gün önce
Olórin Istarì
Olórin Istarì Gün önce
I can’t believe you guys were talking about age being good at something and losing confidence are keeping the confidence and did not mention Tiger Woods. In my mind he embodies this battle that you guys were talking about on your show. Just a fan..
Peter Simon
Peter Simon Gün önce
FUCK IRON MAN. Fuck Marvel in all it's marvelousness too. Fuck Super Heroes. Stupid, unless you are 10 years old.
Hart Dr
Hart Dr Gün önce
I feel like RDJ always has a great ending to each of his stories that are multifaceted and meaningful and I feel like they just whooshes off of Joe Rogans head.
Thane Krios
Thane Krios Gün önce
Joe creates chemistry with everyone. That’s something special
Great White Cat
Great White Cat Gün önce
That "Likewise" from RDJ at 6:05 shows what type of person he is
Geronimo apache
Geronimo apache Gün önce
Such a good talk thank you guys ´=)) ´=DDD
Jarreds Dad
Jarreds Dad Gün önce
Yeah. Bob stops playing Ironman, Iron man is over.
SevenFoot Pelican
SevenFoot Pelican 2 gün önce
This show is becoming a national treasure
Dominican_ fit
Dominican_ fit 2 gün önce
Rob is high af 😂
ShVonne Burke
ShVonne Burke 2 gün önce
I love how he says “my Mrs...” this or that...but of course I would. I’m a hopeless romantic 🥰
Ancient Astronaut
Ancient Astronaut 2 gün önce
Man, I've been saving this one with Robert Downey Jr for awhile...worth the wait.
777killad 2 gün önce
Goddamn I hate actors
Erik Vega
Erik Vega 2 gün önce
When’s he gonna get Steve Carrel on here? I hear Michael Scott is a big fan of anything Joe Rogan does, he even did an audition tape to be on the show! :P
testicular oxide
testicular oxide 2 gün önce
Disagree about old cars... Daily drive a 67' merc cougar 3 speed... And it rides like a fkn dream...
vitali vitali
vitali vitali 2 gün önce
'Q: Giữa con trai và con gái có tình bạn đơn thuần không? A: Chỉ cần xấu, người dưng bốn bể đều là anh em...
testicular oxide
testicular oxide 2 gün önce
The sword of Damocles...
testicular oxide
testicular oxide 2 gün önce
Thulsa Doom on the show next, Joe!!
Gene Tilghman
Gene Tilghman 2 gün önce
I seen it somewhere where a man raised cobras and cook them and served him at his restaurant and within so many months of eating these cobras he no longer needed his glasses he can see perfectly
Jerome Jerome
Jerome Jerome 2 gün önce
Amazing how long form interviews shine a light on how full of shit celebrities' are.
lordkayx 2 gün önce
im at 6:40 RDJ did black face in 2008 and no one gave him shit for it in the metoo era, because he was so fucking good. As in devoted to the idea of the role, it was amazing to see an actor so good that regular people could see the art in it. to me that hit a nerve in a way no other actor in recent memory has hit. And I mean that in a good way. I have plenty more to say but I Think RDJ is an interesting person and not because he is rich but because he has a wonderful mind.
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson 2 gün önce
RDJ lives in a constant state of realization lol i love this dude
Elizabeth Ingram
Elizabeth Ingram 2 gün önce
Joe interviews guests sooo well, RDJ is an amazing actor loved him since the 80’s
Dave Cooley
Dave Cooley 2 gün önce
when to quit...elitist conversation.
Michael Castelpoggi
Michael Castelpoggi 2 gün önce
Nice to see Robert in an enjoyable interview. The Experience really lets people get into their groove
Angie McCorry
Angie McCorry 2 gün önce
Joe Rogan Tsk tsk tsk You r soooh hollywood
Nathanael Breuer
Nathanael Breuer 2 gün önce
Joe teaching "wax on wax off" 21:19
Justin Nardine
Justin Nardine 2 gün önce
70% maintenance on what can I do to stay out of the way
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson 3 gün önce
Bring Joel Kinnaman on the podcast!
Rob Stimson
Rob Stimson 3 gün önce
Downey should return as Rust Man. Check out Steve Cutts' work [animation] esp. the one featuring washed up cartoon characters, including superheros.
Allen Larabie
Allen Larabie 3 gün önce
Awesome chat... just chilling out. 👍👍
Mickey Gilmore
Mickey Gilmore 3 gün önce
Bob's character "Julian" in Less than Zero was spot on....wonderful acting
MisMelony_83 3 gün önce
With tropic thunder. The whole R word scandal. It actually taught me something With the movies I watch. If I see a movie about someone playing a character that’s developed mentally delayed. If I don’t see them play an actually disorder I don’t watch it. I get mad 😡 when I see someone just act retarded. So Thank you RDJ !!!! Everything he said in that scene was true.
thehum 3 gün önce
He definitely understands what was meant by, "they aren't cinema." They're summer movies, amusement park rides, basically fun for 5 minutes. Things like The Avengers won't age well and merely fall under the flavor of the day mentality. Also on a separate note, you DO NOT work in that industry while remaining clueless to what's happening behind the scenes. RDJ is an ACTOR, I guarantee he's not as clean you idiots think.
thehum 3 gün önce
Just wait until the Hugh Jackman stuff leaks, too. You guys think your super heroes are good people ahahahaha.
Quintin Spina
Quintin Spina 3 gün önce
I honestly wonder why there are over 6 and a half thousand dislikes on this in like a month?? Seriously, was it cuz it was too short??
Gustavo Perez
Gustavo Perez 3 gün önce
Day One Daddy
Day One Daddy 3 gün önce
I love EVERYTHING about Robert Downey Jr, but PLEASE don't be Jim Carrey. All the positivity, and "idc about anything" attitude is cool, but not for others that are purposely listening to an interview your giving. A nothing answer to a something question, or answering a question with a question is kinda like a slap in the face. Plus the whole zen, mystic persona is kinda douchie, and YOU don't need that. Thank you for your work.
rustedweights 3 gün önce
Well that was fucking cool!
Charlie Bruff
Charlie Bruff 4 gün önce
Hearts and souls in Robert Downey
natalie beach
natalie beach 4 gün önce
📣RDJ is the MAN!🏆
ISEE YOU 4 gün önce
When Robert Downy Jr. did the book.. script scene on Tropic thunder and started to laugh.. then roll back serious... I died.... If I recall this was an accident lol.
ISEE YOU 4 gün önce
My Wife's dad is 56 and had Lasik's... can see FAR better now.. My Wife got it done last year and has better than 20/20 vision.. shit works.. I don't know wtf Joe is talking about.. It can help aged eyes!
ג'נקו פסטלה
ג'נקו פסטלה 4 gün önce
Joe " Mmmmmm" rogan
Maverick Rhodes
Maverick Rhodes 4 gün önce
People going on about how short this is, there is a very simple reason, theres a big pile of weed sitting off camera they want to get to and Downey cant be seen smoking pot in public... Thats Why
Maverick Rhodes
Maverick Rhodes 4 gün önce
I want to see Gordan Ramsey on Joe Rogan
StonerSeries 4 gün önce
8:22 they sniffle exactly the same.
Freddie Nobel
Freddie Nobel 4 gün önce
I almost lost my eye and used a meditation technique from someone who taught me it worked and I have restored my vision in my eye that was damaged. I have the records to prove it.
Savan Gün önce
Diandredofus 4 gün önce
Did RDJ just say there are only 3 Spider-man movies lmao
The Watcher
The Watcher 4 gün önce
what? I wanted to know who Bran Faren is though...
The Badboy Live
The Badboy Live 4 gün önce
Joe, something you said in this interview and it’s one of the best interviews you’ve ever done because I’ve never really seen this side of Robert Downey Jr. before, really struck me. In understanding and realizing your blessings. Realizing how fortunate you are both while you’re in the moment and even when the moment has passed. I am nowhere near successful as either of you. I run a comedy show seven days a week in the summer in Ocean city Maryland and am known on a national, semi international basis. See hundreds of thousands of people every year. Make good money for what I do, but nothing spectacular. Yet, every day I wake up and see this beautiful loft that I bought, Realize that I’m not worried about bills because I don’t have many… That feeling of contentment, makes me wake up every day and feel blessed for the life I live. Do I wish I would’ve taken chances and moved to New York or Hollywood to pursue that dream? Yes. Though, in doing that… I would’ve missed out on so many great times with my friends and family and who knows whether or not I would be as content and feel as blessed as I do today. Again, I’m not rich. Nowhere near it. But, I make enough to live comfortably and I never really want for much of anything. And that to me is the American dream. Just being able to wake up and say, I want that Egg McMuffin or I want to buy a new guitar or whatever and being able to do it. That to me is a great life. With all that said, none of it means anything unless you have that somebody in your life to share it with. Because life is about love and without it, no amount of money you make means anything. That is the one thing I’m missing right now. I was married for 10 years and for whatever reason, I thought the marriage was going well, yet the wife went out and cheated on me. I know I’m a good person, I do everything I can to be that person. I was raised by a great mom and grandma who both had old-fashioned values. So I tell everybody out there who may not be rich or may not be doing what they want to do, but has a great relationship, I guarantee you feel more fulfilled then somebody with millions of dollars that has nobody to share it with. So feel blessed in the fact that you found somebody special. I was very impressed with both you and Roberts ability to know that you are blessed in all that you have and being able to do what you love to do. Not to mention you both have beautiful wives and kids to share it with. If more people could realize those blessings that they already have and they don’t need everything thy neighbor has, this world would be a much better place.
Zachary James
Zachary James 4 gün önce
That's cool that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is his favorite movie he's done because it's my favorite movie he's done as well.
Invidious 4 gün önce
Loved him in Weird Science.
Eric Rouse
Eric Rouse 4 gün önce
I wanna see you two do mushrooms and do another podcast. I think it would be transcendent
Nicholas Reed
Nicholas Reed 4 gün önce
Things falling into place? Intelligence working in your favor. Not intellect but quite literally intelligence working for you.
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