Kitchen Gadget Testing #44

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Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis

4 aylar önce

Kitchen gadget testing 44! Testing out another batch of novelty kitchen items and gadgets including a usb mug warmer, froach pods, the legendary as seen on tv magic trio peelers a milk frother, citrus catcher, burger master and a rice ball maker! What's your favourite kitchen gadget?
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Get the gadgets here
USB mug warmer
Professional line Rice ball maker
Froach pods
Citrus thing ‘catcher’
Pro cook milk frother
Magic Trio peelers
Shape and store Burger master
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Anthony Spencer
Anthony Spencer 21 saatler önce
Doing a Barrathon. From St Georges originally Barry. Living in Ireland now. Love your work. Keep it up.
crystal Colvin
crystal Colvin 2 gün önce
Go up and down with frother
crystal Colvin
crystal Colvin 2 gün önce
Rub mustard on ur burn will take the heat out take pain away and keep from blistering
Jade Rundle
Jade Rundle 2 gün önce
Thank you for all your videos Barry
lynndec22 3 gün önce
I’ve been known to make rice like pasta - cook it in a LOT of water, then strain. The only other method that works is in my Instant Pot. Otherwise, it ends up either over- or under-cooked.
Robert Szasz
Robert Szasz Gün önce
Pretty sure that washes out a lot of the starch
Hey Ya!
Hey Ya! 3 gün önce
You didn’t wash the rice it get the starch and arsenic out
killerlalu1 !
killerlalu1 ! 5 gün önce
I've been watching them when I'm awake and keeping them going while I'm asleep. Then, when I wake up, I go back to where I left off the night before! 😊💜♾
Robert Hobson
Robert Hobson 8 gün önce
I think you need a technical advisor, and a safety officer, and a fire extinguisher, and a medic, and really good insurance.
Celeste Roberts
Celeste Roberts 8 gün önce
Barry's videos are entertaining to say the least, but is it mean that I laugh like a braying donkey when he burns himself? My 13yo daughter even asks why Barry doesn't use oven gloves more often. 😂😂😂🔥
Courtnay Power
Courtnay Power 9 gün önce
Thank you for remindinding me I can keep my coffee warm (seriously), I just thought of a coffee maker you could test, it is an aeropress, well you don't have to test it but you might like it
Patrick Crowley A B C D E F G
Patrick Crowley A B C D E F G 10 gün önce
Use the rice thingymagig with 500g
Tracy Fear
Tracy Fear 12 gün önce
Which gadget would be awesome for 3-2-1 cakes? What is a 3-2-1- cake you ask? Take any flavor cake mix and pour into a gallon Ziploc-type bag, now pour an Angel Food cake mix in and mix well. In a mug measure 3 tablespoons of the cake mix, 2 tablespoons of water, microwave 1 minute. It comes out to be about a half cup of cake. Maybe a mini silicone bunt mold or something?
Eilidh MacGregor
Eilidh MacGregor 12 gün önce
The milk mixing thing is great for milkshakes my mam has one and its so good for mixing instead of using a spoon
Edith B. Manalo
Edith B. Manalo 15 gün önce
You always get burned, that’s irritating
John Read
John Read 16 gün önce
Barrys humor is beyond refroach god im sorry xD
Dean C
Dean C 22 gün önce
If you want to “froach” an egg without a gadget, you can just do the same thing but cover the pan instead of filling a silicone... thing with water
CosplayCuisine 25 gün önce
i am now reminded of when Michael sheen PEELED an ONION with a veg peeler....*shakes head*
Shy Galadriel
Shy Galadriel Aylar önce
Glass mugs and ceramic mugs allow heat differently. A glass mug will conduct heat poorly so it won’t keep warm as well.
Kougaji Sciacallo
Kougaji Sciacallo Aylar önce
That's how I cook my eggs... I just use the lid of the pan...
Dinomite Aylar önce
Barry, why do you say pips instead of pits?
Sekki adachi
Sekki adachi Aylar önce
Loved the lil nas ad
akaScooby Aylar önce
I swear the people must take the instructions out before they send the gadgets to Barry.
OhBoy 2 aylar önce
"We will lubricate our ring." -Barry Lewis, 2019
Dannielle Obenchain
Dannielle Obenchain 2 aylar önce
The gadget wasn’t to blame for your finger burning that was just clumsiness
N4NO 2 aylar önce
Like how he was forcing the clip on and off, when there's a lever 😂😂
Susan Sanders
Susan Sanders 2 aylar önce
Lol it's funny to me how everything is going to a USB. They have sold this kind of cup / candle warmer for years, that just plugs in normally. BTW I live your videos. The family must be laughing 24/7" Yes it keeps it warm. Not warms it up.
Williamg209 2 aylar önce
im on a barra-thon but im going backwards
Deborah Washington
Deborah Washington 2 aylar önce
I love my rice cookers! I can make entire meals so easy. I DO HAVE disabilities and I don't have to stand there at the stove for hours making home cooked meals. Yes, i do everything home made. Yes, I use gadgets and I love your videos.
Luis Maldonado
Luis Maldonado 2 aylar önce
I enjoy your videos, I really do, but it just feels like the "character" you play in your vids is just clumsy and always makes messes but it's ok because of your British charm. All your vids are pretty predictable
Tajah xox
Tajah xox 2 aylar önce
Barry its meant to make a half dome because if its a full one it cant stand up😂😂
celia ramos
celia ramos 2 aylar önce
I am a paranormal investigator and I enjoy keeping happy thoughts before an investigation, stumbled upon your TRwomen channel and I love it...keep on doing what you do....Awesome 😀
MsLilly200 2 aylar önce
The usb hotplate test was pretty unscientific. Without the hotplate the glass mug coffee would have gotten colder faster than the ceramic mug. Since ceramic keeps heat much better than glass. You should have used the same type of mug for the test and control.
Austin Sears
Austin Sears 2 aylar önce
I loooove this guy.... his funny nature.... and he is the embodiment of dad jokes... amazing. 😅
CAESARbonds 2 aylar önce
Puts in both batteries with positive side up and tries desperately to turn on the frother 🤣
Jane Stage
Jane Stage 2 aylar önce
Finally looked up what a courgette is. It's an immature zucchini as we call it in the US. Nasty vegetable, ick.
Matej Focko
Matej Focko 2 aylar önce
even when steaming with steam wand on a coffee machine, you put just use milk for half or third of pitcher, cause it ideally doubles in volume :P
BigFat Zucchini
BigFat Zucchini 2 aylar önce
your so foking loud. I Love U. I SUB Now
wolfheartspirit97 2 aylar önce
Barry try some Korean gadgets there are some really awesome bowls and even lunch boxes that attach by stacking. Picnic :)
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 aylar önce
6:39 that's what she said
Jackk Reacherr
Jackk Reacherr 3 aylar önce
Ah, the Queen has got her sombrero on. Lookin' dapper.
Zoe Kirk
Zoe Kirk 3 aylar önce
Mess aside, that milk frother looks like a good immersion blender
superTrash 3 aylar önce
I'm only making hexagon burgers from now on. I mean, once I can justify spending £20 on some silicone, anyway. edit: on the off chance barry ever reads this, if you like cold coffee, look into Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It's literally the best thing ever.
Michael Emler - Crazy Sharp
Michael Emler - Crazy Sharp 3 aylar önce
Always check the cleanliness of your optics... still a bang up video... love these... thanks from across the pond
TheAngryDanishViking 3 aylar önce
Amy is the magical Pug-Tool, can turn anything organic into fertilizer (aka. poop)!
ghostbanni 3 aylar önce
My brother have that hot plate in black as he uses in front of his computer if he have a big project he can't just leave to make another coffer
Uocjat 3 aylar önce
the burger shaper made 8 'quarter pounders' (8/4) so you'd need 2 lb of meat or 0.907185 kg or roughly 1 kg so it does sort of say how much you need on the box
julius golubovas
julius golubovas 3 aylar önce
How can you eat unseasoned meat and eggs
Jose Rodenburg
Jose Rodenburg 3 aylar önce
You should test a microwave rice cooker!
Kassandria Taylor
Kassandria Taylor 3 aylar önce
I have just found your channel and have had a marathon for a day and a half just watching them....WOW..... Im in Macon Georgia so I love to hear you talk about the weather and things that happen where you live.
Kassandria Taylor
Kassandria Taylor 3 aylar önce
oh my gosh are the first person ive seen who uses lemon juice on his salad....i will only use lemon and salt and pepper on my salads....cheers
Christy Anthony
Christy Anthony 3 aylar önce
The milk frother is on a stand because you put the cup there and you dont hold the frother. It will stay in the stand and turn it on
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie 3 aylar önce
I love how excited he gets when something does work. Lol
Amy Krell
Amy Krell 3 aylar önce
what did you call that green vegetable?? isn't it a zucchini??
Amy Krell
Amy Krell 3 aylar önce
I think you need to fully submerge the rice cooker to make it swell all the way up
Yessica Estrada
Yessica Estrada 3 aylar önce
If you burn your finger you can use an egg yolk to help the pain and not leave a scar
myangrytaco lover
myangrytaco lover 3 aylar önce
Use a bigger pot and fully sumerg the metle ball of rice
Ashley Demons
Ashley Demons 3 aylar önce
The cup heater works better with ceramic pieces
Rhf 3 aylar önce
10:11 why are you testing that! It is old gadget that everyone uses now
Squidward’s House
Squidward’s House 3 aylar önce
Instead of buying a mug warmer, when you make your tea/coffee stir and leave a metal spoon in it. It’ll stay warmer for longer.
joshua heath
joshua heath 3 aylar önce
your supposed to shake the rice ball maker up and down
monkichi177 3 aylar önce
jessie smiles
jessie smiles 3 aylar önce
I have the froch egg thing and if ya use a turkey baster n tongs your hands a safe lol.
Heidi Stokes
Heidi Stokes 3 aylar önce
The burger tray is hexagons because hexagons tessolate (fit together), unlike circles with their single curved edge
ringodaisy7 3 aylar önce
I was off work today. Guess what I did? I had a Barrathon! I literally watched 30+ episodes (I’ve seen a few already) all fricking day and I don’t regret it. Love, from Japan ~~
Mohibullah Awan
Mohibullah Awan 3 aylar önce
It’s been so long since I saw his videos and I cant believe the Queen Elizabeth cutout is still there.
xianated 3 aylar önce
Just love that bit where Barry is shredding the vegetables like he's making it rain from a cash gun.
Michele Curls
Michele Curls 3 aylar önce
There is a ghost dressed up like the queen in the kitching.
Ramu10 3 aylar önce
Milk froths better when cold
Shyan Marie
Shyan Marie 3 aylar önce
I don't understand the froacher It's just a sunny side up
Reckless Carol
Reckless Carol 3 aylar önce
I enjoy your kitchen gadget videos.
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