KUWTK: Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kim FAT After EXPLOSIVE FIGHT

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Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight

Aylar önce

In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ Kourtney breaks down in tears after physically fighting with her sister, Kim.
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HARLEY QUINN 2 gün önce
I agree with kourtney erm why Kim trying her like bye Kim go do something else
Gerick Espiritu
Gerick Espiritu 5 gün önce
Ada Bellana7
Ada Bellana7 8 gün önce
--> everyone repudiated kim for hitting kourney like that. Kourney is the only one with her feet on the ground. and does not live on false appearance and frivolity
GirlPrankz 17 gün önce
just watch Kim‘s bitch face during the interview 3:15 - 3:41.. Yes people come , people go and they all live from that show.. and Kourtney is truly uncomfortable answering
GirlPrankz 17 gün önce
hey this narrator girl / „reporter“ should leave please. you’re bad. your voice is bad and your annoying
joy j
joy j 23 gün önce
Kourtney is the real one...
Ne Mo
Ne Mo 24 gün önce
This is only the actual interesting thing on this show
kalokaka Inday
kalokaka Inday 28 gün önce
I feel bad for kourtney her sister treated her like a housemaid or personal assistant her sisters are blinded with expensive things and the limelights and they're like living forever..thats what u get from having an ABNORMAL parents to ABNORMAL family life!!they need to be educate with values specially kim and chloe bad influence to their kids
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
I must say Kim didn’t have to insult the girl I’m sure it’s scripted but even if it is y’all ignoring that she insulted the girl for nothing, I would wanna leave the show to having to act and record everything, then when she say she wanna leave they saying well leave that’s not how fam handle shit y’all have no ethics, you can’t make them right in no way Kourtney a Aries tho everybody hate on us for nothing, Kim mad cause Kourtney fine with not being in the latest headlines, and being famous for whatever, out of all the sister she’s the only one you don’t hear about messing with ball players rappers, etc. that’s something in it self to be jealous of that’s what it is here she’s fine without the fame who wants to record they life forever that’s unnormal you can’t act normal either
No Name Universe Lover
No Name Universe Lover Aylar önce
Kourtney had a personality disorder. Deffiently has depression, ADHD, BIPOLAR DISORDER or postpartum pregnancy seriously she needs to check herself into a hospital and seek psychiatric help and get meds for life. Anger, mood swings this clearly shows she has mental illness why the rest of the other sisters never fight or throw stuff at each other or get physical. I never see Kim hitting Khloe, Kendall or Kylie. She is jealous that Kim makes more money than her an wants to copy her to make money but with her mental health she will never even be close to any of them with a psychotics behavior towards everyone and can't never agree. They should remove her from the family visitation and put a restraining orders against her.
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
How is she jealous when Kim just insulted her for no reason kourtney and the other sister was sitting there laughing then Kim say some bullshit to mess with somebody
Arixea Tingz
Arixea Tingz Aylar önce
No wonder kylie doesn't want to be around them much.
WonderfullyBella Aylar önce
omg can that women shut up and just show us the fighting?
Robin Brooks
Robin Brooks Aylar önce
Kim acts like kourtney slashed her arm open😂😂 its a scratch👏👏a scratch you must have never been in a real fight hahaha you dont even need a band aid i love kourtney and kim needed a little ass whooping haha
Caitlin Eller
Caitlin Eller Aylar önce
Why the hell is this show still on
Sherri Paiva
Sherri Paiva Aylar önce
They are so trash, very awful people, terrible parents and love that they show how really trashy they actually are. Garbage. Also, I Love how she says stay at home mom, umm 🤔 whatever, what with your Nanny, she is complete trash bag, all of them
Mwanamke Bora
Mwanamke Bora Aylar önce
Kim is actually a bully and tries to be passive aggressive with her choice of words
Dalhia Solano Orellana
Dalhia Solano Orellana Aylar önce
What episode was this
Among The Butterflies
Among The Butterflies Aylar önce
Kourtney should leave and do her own thing. I would buy her perfume, if she came out with a nice smelling perfume or if she decided to come out with a cool line of sunglasses or eye glasses. I know she would be very successful on her own. She's a beautiful woman, I can see her natural beauty 💯 percent. Unlike Kim, who as the years go by looks more and more like a plastic mannequin, and after this whole incident - my views on her changed, same goes for Khloe.
Veronica Acosta
Veronica Acosta Aylar önce
I don't understand why everyone is taking kourtney side??? Her true colors play out for all us she is stuck up and feels entitled !!!! She has 3 kids and her only work is being glammed up filming getting paid 50k per episode!!!! Well now that she is done will see her crawling back to kuwtk once she gets a pay check from poosh!!!!! What show does everyone watch I see kourtney for who she really is she has no humor when she does try it comes off negative!!!! Bye court !!! U won't be missed!!!
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
Veronica Acosta so everybody gone ignore that she was sitting there minding her business then Kim said something about her
Ni'chole Love
Ni'chole Love Aylar önce
Kourtney has grown up. She is not the black sheep any longer and she is too beautiful and authentic to keep dealing with her fake sisters. I’m glad she is moving on.
Julie MyD
Julie MyD Aylar önce
This reporter is so annoying 😂😂
Blue Lily
Blue Lily Aylar önce
Kim is a low jabbing to t ott Shading someone who doesn't match your energy to chase money and attention.....Fake inside out If khol e or the camera men wasn't there....You wouldn't have a face to put make up on.
El Pollo Loco
El Pollo Loco Aylar önce
Kourtney shouldve popped Kim's ass implants
K J Aylar önce
Kourtney is the only Kardashian that looks normal anyway lol
Soliyana Dereje
Soliyana Dereje Aylar önce
Khloé: guys my daughters sleeping Me: can’t breathe I laughed so much lol
Jesse Ponciano
Jesse Ponciano Aylar önce
Sissy fight.
rafzmk Aylar önce
what ep is this 😂
Saline Cordova
Saline Cordova Aylar önce
Kim is the violent one but khloe is reprimanding kourtney. Like what? Tsk.
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
Saline Cordova jealousy clearly
Maria Younger
Maria Younger Aylar önce
My only regret in life was that I could not be a stay at home mom when my kids where little, they grow up so fast. Kourtney made the right choice, she will find her own path in her own way.
Mercedes Licole Greer
Mercedes Licole Greer Aylar önce
Honestly KIM won but KOURTNEY got her licks in too. Round 2 when?
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
Mercedes Licole Greer can you see😂😂
Blackberry4life Aylar önce
Look at their body language. Kim and Khloe are shoulder to shoulder like conjoined twins. Kim keeps her distance from Kourtney.
Helen Heels
Helen Heels Aylar önce
“And we will miss Kourtney...” like because your sister isn’t on camera you won’t ever see her again, wtf.
A. Mercado
A. Mercado Aylar önce
The only person that I want to leave the show is Kim honestly
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez Aylar önce
Good job kourtney . love her 👏 👏 clap 👏 👏
howdyday Aylar önce
So that is why Kylie is richest among them all she fills her day with something positive like running real business lmao
Sara Ajin
Sara Ajin Aylar önce
I love u Kourtney seek ur happiness Kim mine ur business and don't bother your sister and support her in a genuine way
Neil Pattison
Neil Pattison Aylar önce
What a waste of atoms these people are. There atoms could have made a brick or a plank of wood! Something of actual use in the world.
Kort is the only authentic one on the show.
Kleinz Ps4
Kleinz Ps4 Aylar önce
Kourtney is my crush 😍
Senta Sophie Schnittger
Senta Sophie Schnittger Aylar önce
Kortney is so tiny
Shyra Dharam
Shyra Dharam Aylar önce
Christopher Curameng
Christopher Curameng Aylar önce
SimGM production 3x. kourtney: We got some merch, Go buy r merch.
Lena del Rey
Lena del Rey Aylar önce
Kourtney and Kim are me and my sister and khloe is my brother trying to break it up
sjakkmatt66 Aylar önce
@Lena del Rey Yeah, cool
Lena del Rey
Lena del Rey Aylar önce
sjakkmatt66 haha true
sjakkmatt66 Aylar önce
Yeah, cool but then gotta expect that you and your sis can fight better than Kim vs Kourtney or else its no good reason for your brother to jump in
martinumber1 Aylar önce
Kim couldn't look at Kourtney. And Khloe throwing shade at her while sitting right there with her? Wtf you girls are sister's. Just shows how much they sold themselves out to fame.
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
martinumber1 they are haters Khloe look like a man and Kim whole body fake
Julie Germeille
Julie Germeille Aylar önce
ET reporters can y’all please stop with slang y’all trying to hard honestly
Habiba Sulaiman
Habiba Sulaiman Aylar önce
Kim really don't respect her sister
My Ki
My Ki Aylar önce
i wish two things.. that sometimes Kim should be better off shutting her uncontrollable mouth and that ET would get a better reporter, not this nonsense Hallie😏
Felipe Sepúlveda
Felipe Sepúlveda Aylar önce
What a I like best of this crazy scene is that Kendall just looks like she is high or something... its like watching a person passing through a bad trip just laying in the bed with no emotions whatsoever, its so funny!!
Why's kourtney acting like she's being force or held against her will. She's mad because she's not famous anymore
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
HUNNA FERDINAND how she mad when Kim said some to her
Dana Veerabalan
Dana Veerabalan Aylar önce
Cannot even believe Khloe is supporting Kim here!!!!
KingNews 20
KingNews 20 28 gün önce
Dana Veerabalan they some haters kourtney the only one you don’t hear about messing with rappers basketball players football players etc.
Shontara Duncan
Shontara Duncan Aylar önce
What won't they do for tv
Josie Z
Josie Z Aylar önce
When people claim they don’t like the Kardashian’s but still give them the attention and views 🤣 y’all know majority of it is scripted... right?
Rhoda Alvarez
Rhoda Alvarez Aylar önce
Courtney is a gangsta! Lov’n the sister l0v3!!!!
Brooklyn Johnson
Brooklyn Johnson Aylar önce
Kim’s facial expression is a whole mood
Miranda Rodriguez
Miranda Rodriguez Aylar önce
Just let them be siblings for a min......you gotta see it from a sisters point of view.
sjakkmatt66 Aylar önce
Yeah, 2 sister fighting eachother is common stuff coz they usually gonna be good friends again after the fight is finished coz 2 sis are family
Oumeima Bouchemal
Oumeima Bouchemal Aylar önce
Can anyone tell me is that real or they just filming ?
Danny Aylar önce
I feel like their kids are going to get bullied so hard in school.
Emma Joseph
Emma Joseph Aylar önce
i vaguely know who they are but boy not a good models for their kids especialy at their age or any age not acceptable this amount of voyeurism & bullying of all party just saying i am shure no 1 of them will starve if the show stopes & take their leave
Manisha Jain
Manisha Jain Aylar önce
Kourtney should leave this trashy show for real. If she continues I would literally have nothing to say. No celebrity would tolerate to be disrespected like that on national television.
lele diamond
lele diamond Aylar önce
Bull crap. They hate her
Sindy Lou
Sindy Lou Aylar önce
Kourtney good for you, kim should stop the put downs on t.v against her SISTER, don't like kim because she put down her blood for the sake of t.v. 👍🇨🇦.
cleopatra VII
cleopatra VII Aylar önce
Kourtney, when you read this: WHY ARE YOU STILL IN THIS SHOW?! Just GO!! All that money isn't worth the bad energy and fakeness you get all the time. Your sister Kim on the other hand is made for those trashy fame shows.
Snowyness Aylar önce
Not sure why they can't settle this civil manner...like why don't they just pay Kourtney less $$ if she doesn't want to contribute as much? Or only pay her when she does contribute and if she doesn't, don't pay her. It does kind of seem like they are intentionally fighting for the sake of content on their show.
Dalayna Elise
Dalayna Elise Aylar önce
Kourtney started the fight and Kourtney finished it. Lol and I’m tired of them acting like they don’t know why Kourtney is so fed up. I’m fed up with their behavior just by watching the show, imagine growing up with them lol
Jan12 Aylar önce
Kim and Kloe are so fake and robotic when they speak lol
in_ur _eye
in_ur _eye Aylar önce
Kourtney is a beast next gig is UFC
L T L Aylar önce
It was just a matter of time before Kourt snapped. I feel for her. She should be able to walk away and focus on her kids. They need proper guidance and hands on attention at this age
Holly Triana
Holly Triana Aylar önce
I feel like the sisters gain up on Kourtney 😥
anikors Aylar önce
lol Kimmy mad cause the truth is told about this whole damn family
NAMENLOS Aylar önce
Wo bin ich denn hier gelandet
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