LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

9 gün önce

In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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Lulu Parise
Lulu Parise 19 dakika önce
2:04 They're talking about Famous In Love btw
Simply Hailey
Simply Hailey 30 dakika önce
noah: hehe I love crying 💗🤠
Kaylee B
Kaylee B Saatler önce
Have Bob Ross teach you how to paint on the next one.
Rylie Olivia
Rylie Olivia Saatler önce
Out of are comfort zone HOW TO BE A HIGHSCHOOLER
Lindray van Schalkwyk
Lindray van Schalkwyk Saatler önce
Noah is an incredibly good actor. And he is just so genuine and kind
Sofia Caxaj
Sofia Caxaj Saatler önce
Yall should make more videos with Noah or more of the cast of stranger things like gaten Caleb millie or Finn that’s would be great if y’all did that😃hope u see this comment and make my wish come true
Lindray van Schalkwyk
Lindray van Schalkwyk Saatler önce
Wow you guys are really great at this! I really enjoyed this video and am looking forward to this little series of yours
me duhhh
me duhhh Saatler önce
y'all should do swimming next
Kayla Maas
Kayla Maas Saatler önce
Noah: “what is wrong with you?!” 😂
emily peres delgado
emily peres delgado 2 saatler önce
Noah is such a good actor
Kassidy Siggins
Kassidy Siggins 2 saatler önce
17:56 lol me
vxintage 2 saatler önce
but i love pickles..
Francesca Sarcone
Francesca Sarcone 3 saatler önce
“Esmerelda” 😂😂
chambie fan
chambie fan 3 saatler önce
17:57 is me
chambie fan
chambie fan 3 saatler önce
17:57 is me
naomi lenards
naomi lenards 4 saatler önce
i was drawing while this video was playing in the background. I love the Dolan Twins and Noah so much but i almost got a heart attack when Noah was quoting a quote that he heard from Tom Holland. like as soon as I heard the name Tom Holland I started screaming 5:07
Fariza Firdous
Fariza Firdous 4 saatler önce
Noah is such a cute mom😂💕
vxintage 2 saatler önce
Liefs Lisa
Liefs Lisa 4 saatler önce
I literaly cried when they cried
sel throw
sel throw 4 saatler önce
this is kinda boring
vxintage 2 saatler önce
Brigid Murphy
Brigid Murphy 5 saatler önce
i know the one that goes: peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, but if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers where's the peck of pickled peppers peter piper picked?
Melanie Rey
Melanie Rey 5 saatler önce
“I love crying” ok me too
Wall Shakers
Wall Shakers 5 saatler önce
12:41 Joyce is that you??
piper mae
piper mae 6 saatler önce
i was talking to my dad when they started the tongue twisters bit and then i heard them say my name and i think i had an out of body experience “peter piper picked a-“ me: did my phone just talk to me?
grace jean
grace jean 7 saatler önce
Noah: i love crying
Sky Knowles
Sky Knowles 7 saatler önce
bui not to be like that but i lowkey had tears running down my face when ethan was doing the car scene jsjsjsjsjsjs
an msst
an msst 7 saatler önce
I've started crying
Payton Murgach
Payton Murgach 8 saatler önce
I was laughing so hard when the pickle part came
Kirklan Grenier
Kirklan Grenier 8 saatler önce
Noah: "I love crying!" ok, but same
Vanessa V
Vanessa V 9 saatler önce
singing lessons from shawn mendes pls
Wounded Wonderer
Wounded Wonderer 10 saatler önce
"I get nervous so easily though, like for everything I get nervous" sweetie, I think that's anxiety
Sarah 11 saatler önce
no one: not a single soul: me: 17:56
Esme J
Esme J 12 saatler önce
My name is actually Esmeralda... 😂
vxintage 2 saatler önce
Tulip Troung
Tulip Troung 13 saatler önce
How many likes they said 👇
Sophieboo sophie
Sophieboo sophie 13 saatler önce
Y'all was tricking tf outta my emotions!! I was feelin hella sad then Gray started laughing.. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry
Ri Uchiha
Ri Uchiha 15 saatler önce
Noah’s such a good actor teacher
Arlette Razo
Arlette Razo 15 saatler önce
No one: Me: why does Noah look like Rodney Coperbottom (I think that's how it's spelled) from Robots?
J 44
J 44 15 saatler önce
17:57 noah honey is everything okay?
Rebecca Jenson
Rebecca Jenson 16 saatler önce
17:56 *a mood*
Wavy 112725
Wavy 112725 16 saatler önce
I know you really like pickles XD lol
Jessica De Souza
Jessica De Souza 16 saatler önce
14:27 noah has a voice crack hahahah
the pie
the pie 16 saatler önce
esmeralda sounds a lot like emma, they both have luxurious lips, people have shipped emma and grayson but it obviously ethan and emma 🤔
Brisa Juarez
Brisa Juarez 16 saatler önce
5:32 omg stop this was the cutest thing I've ever seen
Aspyn Baker
Aspyn Baker 17 saatler önce
Ok so i have an issue. I keep having dreams that i meet Noah and he tells me to go away he doesnt want to meet me and to never go meet him again so i feel like if i ever meet him he will either hate my guts or we will love each other so much 😂😭 help
Miinty_bean Butt
Miinty_bean Butt 17 saatler önce
I can’t help it... these boys make me smile 😊
L Garod
L Garod 17 saatler önce
17:56 Noah: I love crying Me: I have never related to anything more in my entire life
xavier hobson
xavier hobson 18 saatler önce
fuck you
Jennifer Shirley
Jennifer Shirley 18 saatler önce
“Why are you crying at midnight? Because he can’t have pickles anymore 😭😭
Ronnie Anjum
Ronnie Anjum 18 saatler önce
Grayson: (tryna look professional) Ethan: “Yea were just kind of used to being stupid”🤣🤣 20:15
Ronnie Anjum
Ronnie Anjum 18 saatler önce
“I love crying” 🤣🤣🤣 quote of the year ~Noah 17:57
Ronnie Anjum
Ronnie Anjum 18 saatler önce
Noah and gray are amazed about their acting skills and Ethan is like “I’m over here getting emotional over pickles” 🤣🤣🤣 17:46 (thank me later)
Cyrah Bradford
Cyrah Bradford 18 saatler önce
Esmeralda, only Ethan would come up with that name for a girl
0Kay0 0129
0Kay0 0129 19 saatler önce
Not even joking I’m wearing leggings and a gray strangers things shirts and a black stranger things hoodie with stranger things written on it in red around my waist. Idk why i had to tell y’all this but like is you really don’t care If you do like bc you don’t care then why did you read this much 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😅😅
CHRISTY LEFFEW 19 saatler önce
Anyone else read the title, almost forget it's a Dolan twins video and just think "WiLl"? No? just me? Welp...guess ima stranger freak.....
C D 20 saatler önce
Noah "I love crying!" Me too man.
Anna cline
Anna cline 20 saatler önce
The pickles part got me 😂
Gwendolyn Block
Gwendolyn Block 20 saatler önce
omg we do the 12345678 thing in my drama group
ShadowWolf_Kailey 20 saatler önce
im going to take something like this next year im going into 6th grade and its something like that i dont remember what its called but yea im take something like that bc i wanna be an actress so yea
Leslie Morales
Leslie Morales 20 saatler önce
My middle name is Esmeralda 😂
Jungkookie and Suga are mine
Jungkookie and Suga are mine 20 saatler önce
I can say “Sally sells seashells by the seashore” super fast i love that one
Mathany Abdo
Mathany Abdo 21 saatler önce
Grayson: 😢 Noah: 😭
Abby Archie
Abby Archie 21 saatler önce
Ok but why did I start crying during Ethan’s sad scene lmao
Natalie Bracamontes
Natalie Bracamontes 21 saatler önce
When Noah said “I love crying” I felt that
Eugenie Irish
Eugenie Irish 21 saatler önce
Fackk I’m so nervouss and it’s not even me acting lololol
Maddy Wisteria
Maddy Wisteria 21 saatler önce
Honestly when they come up with names it makes my week
Leo D
Leo D 21 saatler önce
trwomen.com/id/video-r9Sgw71xWkU.html It's about a person who meets the Dolan twins 😂😂😂😂😂please watch Ethan and Grayson ( it's really funny )
Jasmine xx
Jasmine xx 22 saatler önce
This isn’t cringy but why is it hard to watch
renee pertralta
renee pertralta 22 saatler önce
Is it me or Graysons better then Ethan at acting
Jessica Belmonte
Jessica Belmonte 23 saatler önce
Alexis Powell
Alexis Powell 23 saatler önce
omg the fact that noah just quoted tom holland makes my nerdy heart soooo happy
Jamie Nolastname
Jamie Nolastname Gün önce
Wow this is so goood! Stepped Up the series boys!
emma smith
emma smith Gün önce
I laughed so hard when you guys were crying over pickles
Ryann Vollmer
Ryann Vollmer Gün önce
When Ethan and Grayson were fake arguing I started laughing SO HARD at the end When Ethan just went Ethan: Go to your room!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gelila Mihret
Gelila Mihret Gün önce
who tf is EsMarELDa? Huh! How could you!?
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi Gün önce
This is funny. I love your videos you two are hilarious 😆 😂
Hunnie Gaddis
Hunnie Gaddis Gün önce
Noah is so cute for age 14 okay
Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson Gün önce
every single hot guy i’ve ever liked was mentioned in this except zach effron
Taylor Andrew
Taylor Andrew Gün önce
Noah’s voice crack at 14:28... 😂😂😂 GREAT! 😂 But anyways I love you Noah! 😁
Basiic 99
Basiic 99 Gün önce
Ida Pakkala
Ida Pakkala Gün önce
Am I the only one who actually started to cry during the sad scenes??
emma owens
emma owens Gün önce
I thought Noah was 15 or 16
Ida Pakkala
Ida Pakkala Gün önce
They’re actually really good at acting (not that i’d know anything about it lol)
Michelle Reyes
Michelle Reyes Gün önce
is esmeralda skaberchlyn 2.0 ?
It’s Jaelynn
It’s Jaelynn Gün önce
Ethan’s mom: *dies* Ethan: oh yeah my moms dead..she was the bravest person.. Grayson: *bawling over pickles*
Daniel Senior
Daniel Senior Gün önce
I think it was tom holland that said... Fact Colgate whitening 😂😂
Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl
Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl Gün önce
Anyone else taking notes? 😂 I genuinly want to necome an actor.
Jessica Flaherty
Jessica Flaherty Gün önce
I legit cried when they did the sad scenes
Red Velvet Gacha
Red Velvet Gacha Gün önce
12:49 Babe? Grayson are you gay lol jk
Mia Reyes Toriz
Mia Reyes Toriz Gün önce
*vOiCe cRaCk*
Christine Gün önce
"I love crying!"
Jayline Figueroa
Jayline Figueroa Gün önce
They should have gotten Noah Centineo
Cloouder N
Cloouder N Gün önce
Yall are bad 😭😂
Cloouder N
Cloouder N Gün önce
You guys can become great actors with practice
Meme Sleeps
Meme Sleeps Gün önce
I lost my son in shoprite😭😭😭👏🏾
claire o'neal
claire o'neal Gün önce
oh this fun! I BrOKe My LeG
Rebekah Clay
Rebekah Clay Gün önce
I had to pause this SOOO many times due to second hand embarrassment
Karla Macedo
Karla Macedo Gün önce
“Esmeralda has Very voluptuous lips” LMAOOOOOOOO
pt sy
pt sy Gün önce
17:56 a hole mood.
dutcheslolz Gün önce
When Noah and Grayson started acting about the son I kind of started to as well and made myself cry so give me an Oscar *cries* “my mom hates me”
Lizett Linares
Lizett Linares Gün önce
i actually started to cry at 17:18
Whitney5 55
Whitney5 55 Gün önce
I love crying 😂
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