Lil Baby, Rylo Rodriguez - Forget That (Audio)

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Music video by Lil Baby, Rylo Rodriguez performing Forget That (Audio). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


Ke Bando
Ke Bando 10 saatler önce
This one of the best songs outta the album
Devin Rogers
Devin Rogers 2 gün önce
Rylo’s good but he kinda sound s like he struggles to breathe
It’s Mufasa
It’s Mufasa 2 gün önce
Sign ya boi baby 🔥🙏🏾
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson 3 gün önce
He the top artist on youtube rn
Aww* Like* if hE A g.O.a.T!!??
AceTheKase 4 gün önce
This beat from murda
Who Cqres
Who Cqres 5 gün önce
was that a dax vs. tory lanez diss?they in they feelings tellin em sorry
Studio Behavior Entertainment
Studio Behavior Entertainment 5 gün önce
I pull usain bolt track hawk this is not no rental . like this if you rockin w Rylo
emir 5 gün önce
Hardest song on the tape
TakeOverr MPZ
TakeOverr MPZ 5 gün önce
Houdini x Burna Bandz - Late Nights?
Gerald Reynolds
Gerald Reynolds 7 gün önce
Everything this man put together gone be history believe that !
Phooly 7 gün önce
🔥🏚️💯💜🐐🐐🏚️ 👍
swool ßvndz ひ
swool ßvndz ひ 9 gün önce
why he diss carti like dat lmao
J Sterns
J Sterns 11 gün önce
Hot new artist check him out. Follow me on ig @jsterns100
Gmf Tv
Gmf Tv 13 gün önce
My diamonds hit harder when the light off I ride private to my shows, just a write-off (This beat from Murda) (Murda) Got a thousand pounds for a thousand, buy them bitches now First they tried to steal my style, now they tryna steal my sound Thank God, I ain't been broke in a while Do what I do to a T, you my child I left the bitch in the field and she sour Move like a ghost in my town, I got power Reach for a chain on my neck, hear a boaw I'm hittin' 'em hard, make 'em throw in the towel Don't get 'em started, if you ask me, I'm the hardest Ain't come to play with these boys, I ain't Carti AMG big body, sound like it farted I hurt they feelings, ain't telling' 'em sorry These niggas boring, I'm on some more shit Hundred racks spent on my teeth, I like flossin' Ran up ten million and still ain't get cocky Fuck your opinion, don't need it, I'm poppin' Told all the bros catch an opp, then you drop him Everyone hot on my label, got options Send your deposit, we come to rock shit Breakin' in cars, my lil' bro like a locksmith That nigga throw it up, he on them Roxies Why you keep buyin' these chains and these watches? How can I not? Everything I get profit Upped all my drip 'cause my Crips might be watchin' I really go from these projects to projects They gotta take it with ease, they can't stop it Fuck it, ain't letting' 'em breathe, they can die Think 'bout the bros every time I get high Free the guys Baby My diamonds hit harder, I ain't in no competition Not to mention, just a lil' bit richer, can't forget that (nah) Flew here, we got chartered (chartered) Shawty, she so raw, I might just let her have my daughter Naw, I'm trippin', yeah, forget that This the get-back, yeah Had a lil' ten bands, I spent that shit on denim I pull up Usain Bolt Trackhawk, this is not no rental, yeah Project runner, I came up playin' cops and robbers You the guy with the badge, and I'm the nigga with the chopper My nigga catch bodies in the daytime (yeah, yeah) VLONE Runtz, this shit won't make it past a canine I know real trappers that stay on the block, but they don't play lines But if they see 12, they know to run, though, like they Rajon I stack that shit up to the ceiling, no more sharin' clothes I bought a pendant, came from wifey, but I ain't proposed Ridin' with an AR, but he got murked with a revolver I sent the crackhead in the pharmacy for cough syrup No, she can't play me, but if she try, I'ma dog her They been askin' questions crazy, "Is you 'bout to drop a tape yet?" "Is you tryna go independent? Rylo did you sign with Baby?" Rolex like G-Shock to us, that's 'cause we finally made it My diamonds hit harder, I ain't in no competition Not to mention, just a lil' bit richer, can't forget that (nah) Flew here, we got chartered (chartered) Shawty, she so raw, I might just let her have my daughter Naw, I'm trippin', yeah, forget that This the get-back My diamonds hit harder, I ain't in no competition Not to mention, just a lil' bit richer, can't forget that (nah) Flew here, we got chartered (chartered) Shawty, she so raw, I might just let her have my daughter Naw, I'm trippin', yeah, forget that This the get-back, yeah
Carson Dykstra
Carson Dykstra 14 gün önce
Is it me or is the best part of this song when dababy said “this beat from murder” at the start
David Mose
David Mose 15 gün önce
drop video 4pf
Gui 18 gün önce
-BR- 🔥🔥
TopBoy 18 gün önce
Rylo sound like Future and Roddy
lil genius
lil genius 19 gün önce
Lots of love from Kenya 🇰🇪😍😍💯💯💯
austin bennett
austin bennett 20 gün önce
mightyhealthy 21 gün önce
Lil Baby: Fuck it, ain’t lettin em breathe. They can die! COVID-19: This mf spittin!
Riles 00
Riles 00 24 gün önce
TM W 24 gün önce
Hustlers: 1000 pounds for 1000 🤫📲
Eduardo lean
Eduardo lean 25 gün önce
andre yates
andre yates 26 gün önce
"Got 1000 pounds for 1000, buy them bitches now" trap niggas wya??
GAMER MURAD 26 gün önce
This other dude copyin riddy rich style
Andrew Barker
Andrew Barker 6 gün önce
He been rapping like this for years. You look up Roddy old songs he was rapping like speaker knockers. (Roddy 4 years ago) (Rylo 4 years ago)
GAMER MURAD 22 gün önce
@Jose Villalobos and you's a bitch
GAMER MURAD 22 gün önce
@Jose Villalobos and you's a bitch
Jose Villalobos
Jose Villalobos 23 gün önce
You stupid
Felipe Ferras
Felipe Ferras 27 gün önce
Rylo Can Eat Too Right!?
badfellas 28 gün önce
Low life?
skones Pongah
skones Pongah 29 gün önce
"Why you keep buying these chains n these watches" 👀
Slim 29 gün önce
Lil baby is the best rapper alive.. He got real style
LSJ Martin
LSJ Martin Aylar önce
Damn bro lil Baby flow on this🔥🔥
Khyyy Aylar önce
Andres.Capalot Aylar önce
who here before baby drops his deluxe in a week
Joseph Long
Joseph Long Aylar önce
Nah I’m Trippin Forget That
Kebo.251 Aylar önce
I listen to this everyday 🔥!!
emir Aylar önce
Hardest song
Ken Varner
Ken Varner Aylar önce
Rylo da goat #punchline 👑
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Aylar önce
so we just gon ignore that Apple Music spelled Rylos name wrong🤦‍♂️
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Aylar önce
“ vlone runtz wont make it through a k9 “
Damarcus mark
Damarcus mark Aylar önce
Hittah Bandz
Hittah Bandz Aylar önce
Might be my favorite on the album
Zylohs Aylar önce
rylo fucked the whole song up not even gon lie lmao
Simpingzz Aylar önce
The beginning 🔥
Shemar Brown
Shemar Brown Aylar önce
Armani Denzel
Armani Denzel Aylar önce
Rylo too smooth
I am Nuke
I am Nuke Aylar önce
Y’all keep sleeping 😴🤦🏽‍♂️
Sprite Tyson
Sprite Tyson Aylar önce
Thank bout my Bros when I get high, Free da guys 💯💯💯💚💚
Jean Paul
Jean Paul Aylar önce
Lil Baby is very better than Lil pump as Lil Baby using *AUTHENT!C VIEWS D0T C0M* to get more views ... who loves Lil Baby thumbs up
London Shakur
London Shakur Aylar önce
Wack y'all tripping
Vis a Vis
Vis a Vis Aylar önce
mya Nicole
mya Nicole Aylar önce
Lorenzo Crimella
Lorenzo Crimella Aylar önce
Baby Rylo n Murda on this bitch quite a trio
BTP_ Reese
BTP_ Reese Aylar önce
Look out Baby no cap bro u need get this video done ASAP bro !!! And Rylo snapped on this bro !!
mobbaddict Aylar önce
Murda dropped some serious fire on this album
jalyl ashlyn
jalyl ashlyn Aylar önce
this honestly the best song in this album, istg me & my dad be bopp’n to this. Rylo being slept on... when he said “is you tryna go independent” i felt that.
Gavin7890 Aylar önce
I thought this was Roddy ricch
Tek_Spear Aylar önce
This gotta be the best song from the whole album🔥💯
emir Aylar önce
HArdest song
emir Aylar önce
HArdesr ain’t
James Mggee
James Mggee Aylar önce
Vlone runtz this shit won't make it pass a k9
hoodbaby Aylar önce
No kizzy
Elias Lian Hlawng
Elias Lian Hlawng Aylar önce
Rylo sound like roddy ricch kinda
Cashout Christian
Cashout Christian 28 gün önce
Not even 1% close, wtf r u on
Hyped Beast
Hyped Beast Aylar önce
prod. Lopezz
prod. Lopezz Aylar önce
Rylo fit like a glove in this song
DankChewy Aylar önce
I’m smoking a fat ass blunt to this and I’m happy :)
Big Glock Horizontal
Big Glock Horizontal Aylar önce
"Ain't come to play with these boys, I ain't Carti" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
ッ_IceBoi_ッ Aylar önce
rylo is lower voice roddy ricch
Mato Man
Mato Man Aylar önce
im the 30k like
PEANUT SPAZZllN Aylar önce
One of the hardest songs on the mixtape 💯💯
51o Polo
51o Polo Aylar önce
I lw thought this was roddy ricch
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