Lil Wayne Honors Kobe Bryant With Performance Of His 2009 Track “Kobe Bryant” | BET Awards 20

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Lil Wayne honors the late NBA player with a performance of his track entitled “Kobe Bryant.” #BETAwards20 #LilWayne #KobeBryant #Kobe #BETAwards


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Elon Musk
Elon Musk 46 dakika önce
I’m glad I’ve never even googled info about him bc if I found out that there was anything unforgivable about Lil Wayne, I think my entire world would collapse. Just this once I’m choosing to remain blissfully ignorant
mikeypumpumms89 Saatler önce
What kind of kicks is Wayne wearing? I see the huge BB.... please don’t tell me those are Big Baller Brand smh?!!!! His stylist wouldn’t do him like that right?
Yassine Gazal
Yassine Gazal 2 saatler önce
My Guy !!!!! Yes he still Got itttttt 😔😉
Sir Viver
Sir Viver 3 saatler önce
The 🐐 Goat
Jeremy Reyna
Jeremy Reyna 3 saatler önce
Lil Wayne is apart Houston Texas if yall didn't know...Lil Wayne paid homest....To my old Gs in Houston Texas especially To Dj Screw...most dont know about this...Its Houston And Louisiana Thang...Much love to Young Money and New Orleans...We love yall....Come to Houston Texas we still have Great Sites To See....We Welcome Everybody To our home
Jeremy Reyna
Jeremy Reyna 3 saatler önce
Love It mann Just like Fat Pat said....Lil Wayne knows what I'm talking about...Houston Texas thang
Raul Vasquez
Raul Vasquez 4 saatler önce
2nd verse: watch me get it like Kobe, sick with it no covid black clouds break open, rain down black roses I smell a rose now I'm focused, the game is cold but I'm frozen the lane is closed but I'm bowling; all mamba no cobra! all around no borders, all eyes take notice recognize my importance, never die I'm immortal got the culture on my shoulders, see the vultures flying over now we marching like we soldiers, 'til we walking like we strolling 60 points in my last game my best game yeah, yerp! put 5 rings on my last name, Oscar could've been my first! on one leg, on my last leg, I want the last shot, that's work! no achilles heal I told Phil it's the last dance, now twerk! heart of gold beating down my chest and it goes ra-ta-ta-ta-ta this is black entertainment, this is black power status two fingers for the mambacita, I'm screaming black mamba matters heart goes out to Vanessa and the whole black mamba family - B.M.F. heart of gold beating down my chest and it goes ra-ta-ta-ta-ta this is black entertainment, this is black power status two fingers for the mambacita, I'm screaming black mamba matters heart goes out to Vanessa and the whole black mamba family -B.M.F.
LilOmar TV
LilOmar TV 4 saatler önce
Heart goes out to vanessa bryant love how he throw that in there! ❤️🐐
Enlightened Family
Enlightened Family 5 saatler önce
Real legends respect real legends
Jaci D
Jaci D 5 saatler önce
That was his best friend rip Kobe Bryant happy birthday to us well not yet
babushka boi
babushka boi 5 saatler önce
I liked the fact that Lil Wayne didn't act depressed, he smiled. best way to honor someone, Kobe and Lil Wayne are legends, and Lil Wayne flex his rap skills , just like Kobe would do with his opponents.
Top Ramen
Top Ramen 7 saatler önce
"sick wit it no covid"
random guy
random guy 9 saatler önce
Damn he remove the best line on that song " pass me that damn ball i dont need a pick at all" Its kobe. He will drain that shot. RIP Mamba.
John Crowder
John Crowder 9 saatler önce
Tobi Olowokure
Tobi Olowokure 10 saatler önce
That gave me chills. AMAZING
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 10 saatler önce
Man Wayne’s still the greatest man he never fell off for a second. Legend
Rebecca Leeman
Rebecca Leeman 10 saatler önce
I never knew lil wayne was a Lil gay hipster.
Mrkids1st Overall
Mrkids1st Overall 11 saatler önce
Man other thaN starlito NO other rapper BUT WAyNe could Have done a mamBa Tribute justice
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 10 saatler önce
Is this on Spotify? And if it is what is is called cause I can’t find it
Reba Smith
Reba Smith 11 saatler önce
It took the greatest rapper alive, to narrate the greatest basketball player ever! What a great moment!!!!
Jon Carr
Jon Carr 11 saatler önce
What is he wearing?
B 11 saatler önce
aye calvin
aye calvin 14 saatler önce
Sounds like a freestyle 🔥
A B 15 saatler önce
Why? Do SO MANY IN 2020 have to DIE? FOR U.S. TO CONTINUE TO LIVE? I KNOW!How we got here. BUT. I'm forever worried about WHERE WE ARE GOING? I want a CEASE FIRE! FROM HERE ON OUT! I can't help but feel as though? This IS ANOTHER beginning? I can't help but FEEL my ❤ cannot take another blow to the head. There IS NO CELEBRATION HERE to be had. Tomorrow is a new day though? If you wake up.
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 15 saatler önce
Lil Ty
Lil Ty 15 saatler önce
2k21 asap soundtrack menu !! Kobe Edition . Always love mamba 🐍
Niecy Baker
Niecy Baker 16 saatler önce
Fire baby 💯🕊🔥
Jacobson King
Jacobson King 16 saatler önce
When the greatest honour the greatest all is love ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mario Perez
Mario Perez 17 saatler önce
Yeah he was the best 👌 ❤
Big Dbo 49
Big Dbo 49 18 saatler önce
F!!! Lil out!!! RIP Kobe
Panashe Mabika
Panashe Mabika 18 saatler önce
The GOT,,,, the carter.... RIP to Kobe
RICHIE AGYEMANG 19 saatler önce
This is the number of people who miss Kobe already. RIP Kobe😪 👇🏾.......Otumfour Kojo Agyemang
Maxwell PortlowPortlow
Maxwell PortlowPortlow 21 saatler önce
Bruh wayne gotta ner verse
jon king
jon king 21 saatler önce
That was awesome
Chinh Nguyễn Hữu
Chinh Nguyễn Hữu 23 saatler önce
He's not only one of the best rappers but also one of the best performers!
Ramone Finley
Ramone Finley Gün önce
Best Kobe tribute song
Zelly Zell
Zelly Zell Gün önce
julius sanford
julius sanford Gün önce
🔥🔥🔥 put this on iTunes 😭
Bradley Harding
Bradley Harding Gün önce
This song old other than that last verse. The first verse gives me chills while the last verse gives me goosebumps
Drisha Otto
Drisha Otto Gün önce
still the best rapper alive
Micky Miller
Micky Miller Gün önce
😩😩 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
cmrjc74 Gün önce
Miss u Kobe ❤️ you made basketball so much fun for me, you and shaq!!!!!
loyal paul
loyal paul Gün önce
Skatz YT
Skatz YT Gün önce
Cranky Asf
Cranky Asf Gün önce
*lil Wayne whispers Black Lives Matter Facts, As a matter of Fact* Me: *a lil louder*
Tyler Rawlings
Tyler Rawlings Gün önce
Bro I still can’t handle his death till this day. RIP KOBE BRYANT
Hadassah Yada
Hadassah Yada Gün önce
If you are celebrating Kobe's life, also check out a tribute of the NBA Legend and Role Model Father and Husband and Friend by a rwandan artist "I love you" by Safi Madiba. Hope you enjoy it.
Nannie the Creator
Nannie the Creator Gün önce
Always listening to Lil Tunechi like it is my first time
Big Daddy T Richardson
Big Daddy T Richardson Gün önce
The way Stephen A was talking about Kobe gave Me CHILLS...
lolalina star
lolalina star Gün önce
Please. All white and Spanish people don't want to know anything about blacks. Please mute all black news.
Benjamin. Ditsele.
Benjamin. Ditsele. Gün önce
'Sick with it, no covid, the game cold, but I'm frozen.'
Pages 11
Pages 11 Gün önce
610 dislikes?? Are y'all kidding me?? What is there to dislike? Or you just don't like Wayne… smdh
Tamara Banks
Tamara Banks Gün önce
🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 GOAT
Mama Rankus
Mama Rankus Gün önce
Am crying Lil Weezy. @ Kobe is my game Master and a love watching his side highlight News Update from my SET. Thank you @ Weezy. Also like your swag shoot Especially white long design
Mama Rankus
Mama Rankus Gün önce
Kobe died before seeing his family side in the game and that side alone see him heroic. Hmmmm this means few around him ........?
CB dollar
CB dollar Gün önce
Yeye bad boys Yeye Apo
Gentilly N.O.L.A
Gentilly N.O.L.A Gün önce
Damn baw for a sec i thought tht old wayne was back
TinA RuJ
TinA RuJ Gün önce
I’m tryna imagine Lil Wayne 15-20 years from now 🤔 ...I bet he’ll still have the bars
Ismail Arnia
Ismail Arnia 2 gün önce
23 sir
Eddiemia Coria
Eddiemia Coria 2 gün önce
Wtf haters 600 thumbs down.. really .. they KOBE HATERS AND OR LIL WAYNE HATERS TOO.. respect 8/24 and 2 and wezzy .. GREAT VIDEO “GOATS “
NaySay Network
NaySay Network 2 gün önce
He had no feelings. Fake asf.
GAMER MURAD 2 gün önce
Kobe and weezy the young goats at what they do
fitness 256
fitness 256 2 gün önce
Woww rest in peace black mamba
Sosa Gustavo
Sosa Gustavo 2 gün önce
He freestyles that last verse live.
Cisco Perez
Cisco Perez 2 gün önce
My only question is why TF is he WEARING a KKK fit??? STAY WOKE
Gaza West
Gaza West 2 gün önce
😭😭😭😭😭this just hurt all over again
Young Rozay
Young Rozay 2 gün önce
If you were actually alive and at the age of this mans coming up... you just crack a lil smile at this knowing just why Wayne was at the top of everyone back in the day, easy. RIP Kobe
Dot Torrey
Dot Torrey 2 gün önce
Lil Wayne You are the rudest disrespectful so call entertainer in music Why they still have you here maybe they couldn't find nothing better or what was best didn't want to indulged in this black lives matter When it should have read Keep hope alive Black people doesn't care about each other lives So why keep protesting Idiot The mother of you tube
Derick Kwadwo Opoku
Derick Kwadwo Opoku 2 gün önce
Ob3 Da Goat
Ob3 Da Goat 2 gün önce
Wayne so sick man 💯 🔥
Rafael Jesus
Rafael Jesus 2 gün önce
Black Hippy999
Black Hippy999 2 gün önce
And y'all saying Wayne fell off where goat Rip Kobe and GiGi
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