Locksmith ripoffs: Hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

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Who do you call when you're locked out of your home? A locksmith. But industry experts tell us some of them are duping customers with the promise of a quick and cheap fix, only to end up ripping you off. CBC Marketplace uncovers a network of fake local business locations and fake five-star reviews cluttering Google Maps in the Greater Toronto Area.
We also rig up a house with hidden cameras to test locksmiths advertising their services online, and expose how some companies use low prices, fake names, fake addresses and fake reviews to lure you in. Google says it is now auditing every locksmith listing in Canada following our investigation.
To read more: www.cbc.ca/1.5417931

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SonTimba 6 saatler önce
These types of scams happen in almost all professions: mechanics, car dealers, rent-a-car businesses, moving companies, plumbers, contractors, etc etc. These guys can make investigative videos for the next 20 years and only scratch the surface.
RaginPancakes 9 saatler önce
TIL the locksmith industry is a thing
Marco Chan
Marco Chan 9 saatler önce
I have a love/hate relationship with this kinda of situation. I understand people have to make money even if you have to make stories up or lie about a thing or two, but at the same time its very dishonest and terrible way of doing business not being straight up honest about pricing and how to resolve the problem in the most convenient way for the customer.
GibiLibi 9 saatler önce
Has anyone realized that the andress Numbers was 123
Will Jenkins
Will Jenkins 9 saatler önce
I'm 12 years old and I can pick 8 pin locks in about 40 second to 2 minutes
Will Jenkins
Will Jenkins 9 saatler önce
You don't need a Philips head screwdriver
Robert Morris
Robert Morris 10 saatler önce
$52.00 tax on $400? Dang I'm glad I don't live in Canada.
DeMiel Alveskins
DeMiel Alveskins 12 saatler önce
a window is less than a 450 door lock. nobody will @me on that.
emmittsmith482 14 saatler önce
Not even houses, cars are just as bad. I got locked out of my car and was told by the manager it would be $50 total and that the guy would be there in 20 minutes. An hour later he finally got there, took all of 10 seconds to unlock my car, and I was charged $200.
Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch 14 saatler önce
Brock Nieto
Brock Nieto 19 saatler önce
It’s cheaper to just break a window
ILive2Rescue 19 saatler önce
My one and only experience with a “locksmith” was awful. He couldn’t pick my front door lock, so he said he could get in easier through my back sliding glass door. It took almost an hour for him to get in, but only after completely mangling not only the lock, but also both door frames. (On the wall and the door itself) He didn’t even have another lock with him. (For *any* door.) I live alone so wasn’t too happy about my door being left open until I could afford the hefty cost to fix the damage he did. Next time I’ll just break a window; it would’ve been cheaper.
Mr_Rosh 21 saatler önce
Ok TRwomen, I'll watch it...
Le Babtou Donut
Le Babtou Donut 22 saatler önce
4:48 no I'm just a random guy pulling up on your driveway why?
Rubin Dubin
Rubin Dubin 22 saatler önce
This is good. I think you guys should go after the scammers on all Canadian cell phones that call, for your refunds your social insurance number all of them are scams and are causing many Canadians to lose almost everything they are on all networks and have a list of all Canadian phone numbers watch on TRwomen scammers revolt
O. J.
O. J. 22 saatler önce
I guess i will give the FC locksmith a review
Michael Fosnaught
Michael Fosnaught 23 saatler önce
I will gladly break anyone’s door in for 15 dollars don’t go to these guys
odeis5 Gün önce
ok, several disturbing things, 1) 1500$ for a locksmith that did a piss poor job. 2) does her family need a go fund me for criminal defense funds because if that was my mother someone would be hunted down and treated like a rabid animal.
Arnoldo Adaire
Arnoldo Adaire Gün önce
She picked a lock with the easy pins that’s the guy installed.
James Reynolds
James Reynolds Gün önce
Well I'm certainly glad I don't live in Canada seems like your country's full of scam artist and criminals
Tardis crew
Tardis crew Gün önce
Some of these scammers should be on lockdown
B.E.E.C Gün önce
Lmao imagine “paying a locksmith more then your door”.😂
Happy Little Penguin
Happy Little Penguin Gün önce
dang...can these locksmiths companies be shut down or bankrupt them?
Ares Gün önce
“Not going to charge you $95” charges 80 for a 2 second job
Eyebrows McGee
Eyebrows McGee Gün önce
For real, though, I PRAY I look that good when I'm 94
pizzamon 79
pizzamon 79 Gün önce
A good locksmith could pick that lock and not have to drill it.
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Gün önce
State Farms insurance company representative Fletcher telephone conversation with my witness lets me know he was willing to pay my witness straight up they don't want me getting non profit tax exemption filing fee money why why can't I black man rent apartments to survivors of domestic violence elderly people sleeping on the streets men women. Dr. Martin Luther King footsteps on Marcus Garvey footsteps
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Gün önce
Veteran housing domestic violence Survivor housing also people getting out of prison need housing. I have a dream Low Income Housing section 8 nonprofit status is needed to qualify for housing grants this is not a test I repeat this is not a test.
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Gün önce
I thought one man can start a organization
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Gün önce
Do me see if I am actually asking you to be secretary attorney general's say I need secretary
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Gün önce
Test everybody
Chicago Rc
Chicago Rc Gün önce
Call the FC locksmith and put a GPS tracker on dudes car when hes distracted. Follow him and see where he goes 🤷‍♂️
Zuke Zamamee
Zuke Zamamee Gün önce
Haha like the state has never given a license to someone unqualified. Please. This could be resolved if you do not 100% rely on google map searches. Get better at your bull shiv detector.
pipaslunts Gün önce
Bro the be snitching on the second person doe
KM Trice
KM Trice Gün önce
That real locksmith was so disgusted!!! His skin went pale and the lack of integrity just shocked him !!
mafriqaful Gün önce
Next up contractors, cab drivers, towing companies.
Pro Answers
Pro Answers Gün önce
problem with google business + google map is that service companies dont have or dont need physical addresses. In the USA you cant list your business necessarily if it DOES NOT have a physical address * ways around is using a physical USPS/UPS address. Bottomline- most all social media review systems are tainted. Takes years and years and years to build a reputation and business- we dont advertise our business its all word of mouth- referrals. Old school way (we keep physical letters customers have written- we know service generations of families we know) Key to a successful business is building loyalty between customer and business not profit first and transaction volume. The same people watching this buy into walmart capitalism economics due to decisions based on price /marketing instead of competence, loyalty, courtesy, respect and knowledge that local business have taken decades to build.
Boris Williams
Boris Williams Gün önce
why did they change the pins surely its easier to put a less secure lock in. maybe that's why they thought it couldn't be picked.
I'm me
I'm me Gün önce
So a "locksmith expert" cant pick a lock and an unexperienced, poorly tought woman can in 3 minutes... he also dint even ask if she lived there aha.
Yunuen Galindo
Yunuen Galindo Gün önce
Wooooow! That’s expensive, in Mexico you pay between 13 and 20 dlls to open your door.
Salty.Sloshy Gün önce
Imagine ripping off inside edition
10,000 subs Without any videos
10,000 subs Without any videos Gün önce
The actual locksmith sounds like he taking it so personally
Zach Worrell
Zach Worrell Gün önce
For how much they charge to drill this out you can go to Home Depot buy a drill and a lot of bits and do it yourself...
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson Gün önce
for $450 you could drive somewhere and buy a new lock and drill and screwdriver and just do it yourself for cheaper
Adam Guymon
Adam Guymon Gün önce
If this is the case then how do you know if any of those locksmith's aren't going to find a way to not only pick the lock but once they have gotten you in take down the numbers and later like a few months down the road they end up breaking into your home or even better yet they collect their 200.00+ dollars and then they start to take something from you? In this video I noticed that the person stepped inside the persons home when it came time for payment. One thing that I expected was that someone would of come out from the back room where you were recording and viewing all of this. I wonder what the look on the guy's face would of been if you would of done that?
Chop Shop Tv
Chop Shop Tv Gün önce
That guys personality is so awesome.
marianne froholdt
marianne froholdt Gün önce
People can save a lot of money beaking a window and buy a new.
Im Actually Garbo
Im Actually Garbo Gün önce
Just watch lock picking lawyer and u can do it yourself
Noob Boi
Noob Boi 2 gün önce
When they do a bad ripoff of inside editions version
Umme Kulsum
Umme Kulsum 2 gün önce
Damn the same happened to me with urban clap to repair our home stove and he actually broke it being inexperienced and took it to a nearby vendor got it partially repaired and gave it back to us .. and this happened to me in India.. the point is companies like these shouldn't be trusted to provide good service....
MagentiumPRIME 2 gün önce
This guy looks like he's about to cry
Just Missy
Just Missy 2 gün önce
Win you call them after they about to leave follow them
Carrie Cruz padilla
Carrie Cruz padilla 2 gün önce
He asked for a Google review after he said he was giving her a discount and did not say if you leave me a great review. I will charge you only 80 he did nothing wrong he asked her to leave a review and gave her a discount xor a 4 second job and most company's ask for a costumer services survey how was this how was that on their websites they post then link that to their Google search account.
Carrie Cruz padilla
Carrie Cruz padilla 2 gün önce
A Do they not ask for id or just pick the lock for me if I go to someone s house ? B for 1500 Ill bye a used car and a new window . c how sad is this that they take advantage of women
Simon no last name
Simon no last name 2 gün önce
I prefer to pick locks and just take my fill of loot 🙂
Eugene Vaticinator
Eugene Vaticinator 2 gün önce
You wanna see highway robbery You should look at the tow truck industry.
kristal santos
kristal santos 2 gün önce
In a disappointing whispers " that was everything I didn't want it to be " 😂😂
Government Agent
Government Agent 2 gün önce
we will be checking into that.
dexter dec
dexter dec 2 gün önce
Good way to rob people pretend to be owner of house trapped outside without id
Rai Mon
Rai Mon 2 gün önce
What am I watching this again!!!! Common sense people... common sense!
Spunky Bryan
Spunky Bryan 2 gün önce
She thick
Edgar Romero
Edgar Romero 2 gün önce
Lol us Mexicans when we are locked out of our house we break into our own house lol 😂
Tobi or Not To Be
Tobi or Not To Be 2 gün önce
so a discount inside edition
Walt Miller
Walt Miller 2 gün önce
The nature of the job allows many locksmiths to be dishonest with their customers.
TortillaJoe Bazan
TortillaJoe Bazan 2 gün önce
One way to knock out the competition i guess.
Generic VR
Generic VR 2 gün önce
This is why i have 2 keys
Lol br
Lol br 2 gün önce
Hey Ethel, remind me to stay the hell out of Toronto...
ANDREW KNOX 2 gün önce
2:50 why she looks so forced to say that lol
Youtube user
Youtube user 2 gün önce
Looks like emigrants are doing good business lol
Chester Shoeberry
Chester Shoeberry 2 gün önce
The carpenter is a real OG. I'd like to go there and thank him for helping her
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