Lost Gold of WWII: TREASURE SHAFT UNCOVERED (S1, E6) | Full Episode | History

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The team attempts to prove if a tunnel exists behind a unique formation of rocks they believe is a secret backdoor entrance into the mountain. They Battle a typhoon and possible German concrete, in Season 1, Episode 6. #LostGoldofWWII
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It is the last great mystery of WWII. In the closing months of the war, legend has it that the Japanese buried something of immense value deep in the Philippine jungle. One Philippine farmer witnessed the operation. He has entrusted his secrets to a group of dedicated investigators and engineers who are using the latest technology to search for the treasure and the truth.
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Maaz Siddiqui
Maaz Siddiqui 8 saatler önce
All you hear this whole show is “this is getting exciting now” 🤔🙄
Austin Wolfsubie
Austin Wolfsubie 4 gün önce
What’s going on no new episodes
Scott Page USMC
Scott Page USMC 5 gün önce
Let me know when season 8 starts.
Russ_The_Corso_Dad 9 gün önce
Boy... that symbol expert has been dead on about everything huh? Lol
Carl Spehar
Carl Spehar 10 gün önce
I wish I had 4p minutes of my life back
Carl Spehar
Carl Spehar 10 gün önce
xxXADDONEXUSXxx 12 gün önce
When you’re trying to become a reality tv channel because you hired a generation of millennials who know nothing about history or are offended by it
Diamond Lou
Diamond Lou 10 gün önce
Agreed ...
happy single
happy single 13 gün önce
Another show no gold, another show no gold, ect ................
carlos estrada
carlos estrada 13 gün önce
Hope the Philippines found it before them
carlos estrada
carlos estrada 13 gün önce
Faster too
carlos estrada
carlos estrada 13 gün önce
My mexican brothers would find the treasure , clean and polish the treasure and then hand it to you after ....all way way way better then these rooks ....i appreciate what they do but im saying this from experience on my land in Guatemala of 150 acres ....
Maximus Kiowa
Maximus Kiowa 13 gün önce
They finally got into the void and found the skeleton of Jimmy Hoffa.
Sean Wheatley
Sean Wheatley 14 gün önce
They have 5 ft to go.. sounds like 5 more seasons
Boogie Man
Boogie Man 17 gün önce
These main characters are so close to special needs children I would be shocked to learn they didn't ride the short bus as children. They constantly have to meet at "base camp" and talk about their next move even though their last plan just failed. If History channel gave you a dollar every time the narrator announced that "the teams' next plan is going to be more expensive, longer and possibly a disaster" then congress wouldn't need a new stimulus package.
Dale Shelden
Dale Shelden 21 gün önce
Oak island was around before ww2 bub.
Denis B
Denis B 24 gün önce
Have you guys noticed how this guys made the same mistake as the oak island researches did by trying to make a short cut to the chamber.
Steve Reed
Steve Reed 25 gün önce
I've seen this before, it's a rerun of " Oak Island ". They never found anything either.
Frac Life
Frac Life 25 gün önce
They all knew each other all satanic masons like these hosts and channel
Thomas LeMay
Thomas LeMay 25 gün önce
They dig their way in they go a few feet to find another plug , cut through and they come out on Oak Island.
Frac Life
Frac Life 25 gün önce
A pyramid go figure
Paranormal Nightmare TV Series
Paranormal Nightmare TV Series 26 gün önce
Demandred1957 26 gün önce
Bigfoot hunters except it's treasure...
Kyle Hacker
Kyle Hacker 27 gün önce
I hate these shows. Nothing ever gets solved. BS
Linda LaMaster
Linda LaMaster 27 gün önce
The people who live there proublly already got it all of it out years ago
Charlie Perez
Charlie Perez 27 gün önce
I’d would just start digging everywhere
ELFANTASMA24 28 gün önce
🚫I stop watching this show a few episodes back when I got the hint that their just B.S everyone till the season ends so you can watch the next one.💩👎
Wyatt Ackley
Wyatt Ackley 28 gün önce
Toni Wood
Toni Wood 28 gün önce
There's no doubt more places like this exist...Hidden in plain site.....
Wrestling PH
Wrestling PH 25 gün önce
True.. our neighbor got rich because they found a Japanese barrel under a tree in their backyard. They said its only guns and ammunitions. But for sure there are gems and golds. They have no maps or anything. The mother is frequently dreaming a voice telling them there is a treasure under that tree. It is in Northern Luzon.. Town of Cabatuan.. this happened when i was 6 years old..25 yrs ago.
JD 28 gün önce
I don’t even have to watch the show. I can just read the comments and see that it’s not worth my time
Justin Barnhouse
Justin Barnhouse 28 gün önce
Ancient Alien Scientists say YES
Aron Canales
Aron Canales 28 gün önce
Plz post more of the lost of city of gold
redez 1918
redez 1918 29 gün önce
Why does Bingo look shock all the time
Filiberto Barrera
Filiberto Barrera 29 gün önce
Just like mermaid the evidence,thought discovery channel and history channel were real.They tell you we come from apes,then tell you we come from plants,then we come from another planet,They tell you everything but that we came from God.
J.B. Books
J.B. Books Aylar önce
History has gone so far down hill, this is like really bad reality TV
Ronny 31_
Ronny 31_ Aylar önce
When ia the next episode
YoBoyReese Aylar önce
The japenesse watching this video like 👁👄👁
Jaysen Lopez
Jaysen Lopez Aylar önce
Plz keep on posting these
A google Account
A google Account Aylar önce
A lil dynamite and a drill would clear those rocks up covering a door. Or just dig past em straight down using a laser to calculate tunnel position
suicedevb101 Aylar önce
This show is so fake
Thegoodtom 1
Thegoodtom 1 Aylar önce
This old man has no feel. A proper drill can cut through that but you cannot slam it in. He was drilling for mud and hit concrete. No wonder the bit was damaged and worn off.
Sam Montoya
Sam Montoya Aylar önce
It’s entertainment we all know the facts still fun to watch
Richard Street
Richard Street Aylar önce
I bet grandpa now's. Right where it is
E Aylar önce
Lights in the Sky
Lights in the Sky Aylar önce
Finally a see your show free on TRwomen
david tappe
david tappe Aylar önce
This is terrible. I quit watching tv 2 yeArs ago. I gave up on oak island after all the relentless commercials 1 hour for 15minutes of assumptions Half of which are repeats from last week. Talk about milking it.
rick kill
rick kill Aylar önce
I’m no expert but wouldn’t rain water be used to check if there’s a cave .
Charles Roer
Charles Roer Aylar önce
FUNNY , how do we move those rocks they gotta weigh 25tonnes . well mister WIZARD , been hearin that for a long time from all around the globe !!! !
Trill Charles
Trill Charles Aylar önce
idk why but Jeremy makes me laugh
J M Aylar önce
Another show that will waste your time.
Mark Craven
Mark Craven Aylar önce
If I heard correctly, 175 sites are somewhere on this island. So Marcos dug up 174 and you guys are searching for the sole remaining spot ? I don't know 'bout that, good luck !
John Farragher
John Farragher Aylar önce
Found you through load mouth Sam, he means well....
Thats_Ery_Day Life
Thats_Ery_Day Life Aylar önce
Trees must grow slow there that tree ain’t no 100 year old tree
Ten Fold
Ten Fold Aylar önce
d nguyen
d nguyen Aylar önce
How fake is this channel
7curiogeo Aylar önce
The producer and director are idiots. Do you really think no one sees your ignorance and BS drama.
7curiogeo Aylar önce
They wore the bit out. Happens all the time, replace bit keep drilling idiots.
7curiogeo Aylar önce
Pathetic and clueless. The producer makes it so dramatic. Bunker grade concrete, haha. This is BS , secret concrete mix? LMFAO water proof grade Portland concrete 42000 lb mix.
John Shackelford
John Shackelford Aylar önce
Somebody has to die to find it?
Thelongmanable Aylar önce
Wow all that for no finally good waste of time!!!
JMC Aylar önce
These fools thinks the Filipinos haven’t gotten the gold yet? We knew about the loot when they left and got almost all of it. Why do you think all Marcoses are rich as in insanely rich?
mOejOe33 Aylar önce
Car mechanics doing brain surgery. Entertaining? Highly... for vegetable.
diogenes koolaid
diogenes koolaid Aylar önce
save yourself 40 minutes: they don't find anything.
lisa Tsuda
lisa Tsuda Aylar önce
Check out Mudfossil University Channel and Tyson's Mudfossil Adventures. They can teach you what is really here. Saltwater flooded remains of gigantic creatures. Guess what forms inside the remains? Gold and precious gems. Motive for the big secrecy I'd say..ur type. Rodger has done DNA testing and CT scanning. Granite ain't what you think it is. Truth in plain sight, be prepared, you can't unsee it. You can go find your own valuables. Remains all over the earth still. Rock on!
Sergio Alfredo Peña
Sergio Alfredo Peña Aylar önce
Lol a job is hard to find
Woodland Wonders
Woodland Wonders Aylar önce
Look! Look! Look! We've found nothing.
Jason Hodgdon
Jason Hodgdon Aylar önce
this is sooooooooooo dumb. ohh i dont know whats going on???? hitler made concrete harder than diamonds ?!
Ron Evans
Ron Evans Aylar önce
Fake!....all actors, they should be ashamed.....nobody is ever dirty or sweaty in this extremely humid climate....if you do your true research, the treasure has already been taken years ago....these people are fake idiots that are preying on the uneducated..they are dirty disrespectful people....especially the old man .....
Nicki Snyder
Nicki Snyder Aylar önce
anybody else go right to end & glad they didnt watch it?
Dan Customer
Dan Customer Aylar önce
Oh my God I can't wait ! Oak island : Asian edition
John Aylar önce
Time,money,and life wasted on this show.
cliff g
cliff g Aylar önce
Very boring it's becoming like a scam show repeating itself oh we found this hole hahah bogus.. no gold will ever be found
zeitlerusmc Aylar önce
Another terribly hard to watch poorly directed show about buried treasure “shocker”
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