MacBook Air 2020 Review: Apple refines its best Mac for everyone

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

3 aylar önce

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Apple has refined the MacBook Air and its easily primed to be the best-selling Mac for 2020.
It's starting $999 price, its features and its design is a hard combination to beat. Especially for people in the Apple ecosystem.
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Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
My take on the MacBook Air Overheating comments: I've used the MacBook Air 2020 with a core i5 for what I normally do and expect from a device like this. Web-surfing, watching TRwomen videos, writing scripts, emailing, even watching TRwomen videos and pushing them through AirPlay for over two hours and I did not have the fans spin up or get loud once. When I was working with Final Cut, the fan did go off. Like I said in the video, it's capable of doing video editing but probably not the ideal use for a device like this. Everyone that's jumping on this "it overheats! The fan is crazy loud! The heat sync is not connected to the fan! " Use it on a daily basis for yourself the way you would and then decide. This is not a MacBook Pro. I don't use it like a MacBook Pro. I own a MacBook Pro 16-inch and the fan goes off on it for me when I'm doing big-time rendering and its driving an external display. The fan/overheating on the MacBook Air 2020 was just not an issue for me.
tipoomaster 2 aylar önce
*Sink, like carbon sink, or to sink heat ;)
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris 2 aylar önce
My MacBook Pro 16 inch, base model ramps up its fans sometimes when I've only got Safari and iTunes open, then again, I can scrub through 4K video in Final Cut and it is silent. No idea what's going on lol.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I agree with you here too, I just wanted to temper the idea that people are throwing around this things fan is constantly on all the time and it’s a crap machine. It just hasn’t been the case for me.
schwame 3 aylar önce
Thanks for weighing in on this, Brian. I love your videos and have been a fan (no pun intended) for years. Great to have your opinion on this matter. Thanks for the quality content always!
trekk 3 aylar önce
I get your point, Brian, but tend to disagree. If the MBA overheats every time you do the things a 4-core i5 should be able to do, the answer to this can’t be «don’t do these things, this MBA is made only for simple tasks». When you need the power of the i5 or i7 CPU you paid for and don’t get the power because of thermal throttling, it definitely is a bad Apple!
André Bastos
André Bastos 19 gün önce
running geekbench with screenrecorder recording? WTF
Yael Hogeg
Yael Hogeg 23 gün önce
Who else was focusing on the tv the whole time?
Charlie E
Charlie E Aylar önce
Does the macbook air overheat or have issues with the fan if you are in a zoom meeting for about two hours?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
I haven't been in a zoom meeting for two hours, so I honestly wouldn't know.
Mentrik Tjen
Mentrik Tjen 2 aylar önce
....I mean the look of the old battery charger help you differentiate from the other connector. But yes I miss the green light of the old battery charger and how it magnetically charge. Battery life is slight improvement. How would I improve battery life on this MacBook Air?
Mentrik Tjen
Mentrik Tjen 2 aylar önce
The other thing I would add is that I miss the lights on the battery charging magnet port which will turn green when it is fully charged (now I have to open the case to see) and differentiates
Bill Morris
Bill Morris 2 aylar önce
Bro, huge fan of yours from back in the CNET days. Very happy you are going further on your own. Only feedback: The TV in the background with the glare from your light is driving me nuts (bad apple) Other than that, you’re my #1 Apple go to guy and always will be. (Good apple!)
Mentrik Tjen
Mentrik Tjen 2 aylar önce
Just bought the MacBook Air gold 😎 and 😍it so far. But DAMN it is not fingerprint resistant and I guess I have sweaty palms so I have to really look after this baby! 😏The keyboard feels nice and is lighter than my 2013 one. Battery life has been disappointing maybe I need to drain it to 0 and then fully charge it and I give my feedback then. Speakers are the MASSIVE improvement for me!
bar10 ml
bar10 ml 2 aylar önce
Brian I hope you don’t mind my query. There seems to be a huge discrepancy in relation to the heat issues. That aside I’ve bought one for a friend in Australia which arrives tomorrow (5 May) I have also sent him a basic i pad which arrived today, his first i pad and he’s in love already. Thing is his needs are basic browsing, e mails, Skype or zoom and I think excel. I’m trying to push him towards an I pad pro with magic key board because I think it will do his daily tasks so well and provide a reasonable lap top experience when needed. By returning both products pricing wise there is little difference. Once he gets immersed in the tablet experience I actually think he will hardly use the keyboard. We are so used to a traditional lap top and all I want is to make sure I’m spending my money well and he gets a super experience. Your advice and thoughts would be sincerely appreciated. Cheers from London .
Renee’ Renee’
Renee’ Renee’ 2 aylar önce
Just got my MacBook Air yesterday and love it!!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 2 aylar önce
Awesome! Glad to hear it!
tipoomaster 2 aylar önce
2:24 one of the few downsides of moving off of Butterfly seen here - they went back from an individual LED per keycap, to just edge lighting with more bleed under the keys. Not a big deal in any sense, but it did feel premium to have a precise LED under the letter.
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline 2 aylar önce
Yes at least a 1080p Facetime / webcam. Thing why not use the iPhone 4K camera if you can use the same part?
Jeff Koons
Jeff Koons 2 aylar önce
laser beam background is the sht!!!!! dope
Jaya Krishna
Jaya Krishna 2 aylar önce
1:20 people thinking: nice Me: looking at that forearm, you don’t need the Mac to a cabbage
Pietro D
Pietro D 3 aylar önce
Butterfly keyboard was the best 😔
baha darwish
baha darwish 3 aylar önce
i am sorry buy macbook
Romario Seaton
Romario Seaton 3 aylar önce
If they incorporate touch screen, there is no need for their iPads anymore
James Shannon
James Shannon 3 aylar önce
My cellphone has better specs than this review unit...……..
Thang Pham
Thang Pham 3 aylar önce
Nice shirt man.
Cash Cunningham
Cash Cunningham 3 aylar önce
Beautiful machine. Impressive performance from a very portable device that includes all the features Apple users get to enjoy with the ecosystem. Great video.
Abang Rino
Abang Rino 3 aylar önce
Overpriced laptop
CINIVFX 3 aylar önce
Would be exciting to see a 13 inch or 14 inch MacBook Pro with a Magic keyboard.
Professor Buttons
Professor Buttons 3 aylar önce
Damn~ Boss Tong. Not even in the market for this but your production and delivery has made me contemplate an unnecessary purchase. Shout out to you for keeping your reviews customer centered and real.
dra3b 3 aylar önce
I am still looking for a comparison of keyboards between the new Magic Keyboard and the old 2015-2017 chiclet keyboard on the older macbook air. I cannot find this comparison anywhere. I have the 2015 model and I LOVE the keyboard, I knew the butterfly keyboard were way worse so I didn't upgrade, but I need to know how much worse or better the new magic keyboards are. Please :)
dra3b 3 aylar önce
@Brian Tong Sorry, feels better on the new magic keyboard or the older 2015 macbook air chiclet keyboard? :D Also, they magic keyboard is by far much better than the butterfly keyboard, and there are videos comparing them that are longer than 1 minute :D Thanks for the reply though :)
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
There just is no comparison. The bounce the key travel all of it feels better. No one probably has done a video because it would be one minute long.
Jaymee Fletcher
Jaymee Fletcher 3 aylar önce
I decided to go for the 2019 pro instead. an il see what the 2020 pro is like, I feel the MacBook Air even though more powerful now is in the long run something for the everyday user and runs hot if you push it
Stan Geurtjens | LLN - Archiveren per 01-09-2020
Stan Geurtjens | LLN - Archiveren per 01-09-2020 3 aylar önce
Karlovia 3 aylar önce
The new macbook air line was already not bad in 2018, only major problems were starting price and keyboard. The 2020 version starting at $899 (i'm currently a grad student) and with updated hardware really is such a great buy.
Headcartoon 3 aylar önce
WTF is up with that cheap TV in the bg? Hella reflective, hella ugly, hella distracting, hella lame! If you want an image behind you use a projector, BREH!
Keith Whitney
Keith Whitney 3 aylar önce
Question: If I can honestly say I am not going to do anything other than Zoom, podcast, and maybe (if I get the software app) some video editing, do I need what you just recommended, or do I buy 11” or 12.9” iPad Pro? I am retired, and I only teach online and have begun to podcast. LOVE YOUR REVIEW!
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson 3 aylar önce
Apple sent you a review unit!
Andrew Wilmot
Andrew Wilmot 3 aylar önce
Do you think Apple opted to not connect the fan to the cpu as a way of limiting the computers performance? Otherwise they might lose sales on low end 13” MBP?
mcajas86 3 aylar önce
Love the background 👍👍
Sarang M
Sarang M 3 aylar önce
HERE IS MY WISH....Apple should really sandwich it's iPad Pro & Macbook Air & give us a single foldable device
FONEY B 3 aylar önce
absolute rubbish.! I have a 2012 MBP that still dominates that..
Nov Tagailo
Nov Tagailo 3 aylar önce
FONEY B so jelly because his notebook is ancient, bwahaha🤪🤣😂
Jamie Alger
Jamie Alger 3 aylar önce
Any comment about the thermal issue? This guy's review is so biased that he never talks about negatives. A bad review.
Erin Thor
Erin Thor 3 aylar önce
Stupid Q... I have an old MacBook Air i7, love it... but I don’t see any comparisons to speed for this slower i5. What’s up? I like the speed... I prefer having a better processor, why did the back down to an i5?
None Ya
None Ya 3 aylar önce
According to tear-downs of the new unit, the CPU is not connected to the exhaust fan via a heat pipe. Instead the unit relies on the whole chassis being filled with heat from the CPU and and one small fan to try and force all the heat out of the unit. That's just a bad Apple!
Jason Blodgett
Jason Blodgett 3 aylar önce
as I said before I love the MacBook Air
Jeff Robins
Jeff Robins 3 aylar önce
That's a bad cabbage.
beniaminsg 3 aylar önce
Does this overheat? I hate loud fan.
Jay Catterson
Jay Catterson 3 aylar önce
I got my i5 512GB model last week and I couldn't be happier. It's such a great little machine, and the improvements (especially the keyboard) make it a worthwhile purchase! (Plus the gold model looks so fancy!) Highly recommended!
L Rolfzen
L Rolfzen 3 aylar önce
This Mac is the one for people who need a computer to do school work, write papers or basic editing. Its really nice for all this and not for the power user or the gamer. Brian you are the man we all know. I saw that.
Tim 3 aylar önce
No heat sink pipe was the deal breaker for me, gonna wait for the MBP 14"
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I feel like there is a little bit of an over-exaggeration for this MacBook Air overheating. It's not meant to be pushed like a MacBook Pro. I 've used it for over a week now and I haven't had the fan issues come up other than when I was using Final Cut Pro. It sounds like the Pro is what best suits you anyways.
Alex Crowell
Alex Crowell 3 aylar önce
Tim next month!
Nicholas Lusk
Nicholas Lusk 3 aylar önce
Love that back ground- what’s on the tv screen
Jamielol 3 aylar önce
If only it had decent cooling!
keysersoze 3 aylar önce
Such a ridiculously biased review he needs talk about some of the negatives.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
Read my response about its performance pinned up top
crowehar 3 aylar önce
You had no issues with a loud fan kicking on and not helping much? With no heat pipe from the processor to the fan, people say it runs at or close to 100 degrees C, even just running chrome. Other reviewers discuss it choking on a lot of video, too. If that is true, processor upgrades would simply exacerbate the problem and aren't worth it.
Lacca Pacca
Lacca Pacca 3 aylar önce
How long did it take you to get there? I ordered March 31, in your opinion, when will it reach me? I don't want to wait much longer ...
B P 2 aylar önce
Lacca Pacca i ordered mine on the 30th of March and it’s supposed to come on the 14th of April but it changed to 20. It’s the coronavirus’ fault tbh -_-
PurushaDesa 3 aylar önce
No full Photoshop on iPad Pro yet? That's surprising. It could probably handle it.
Lawrence Flowers
Lawrence Flowers 3 aylar önce
Wow! No bad Apple 🍎 for the web camera 🎥? I’m happy that Apple sent you a review unit , you must keep it real bro!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
More a sad Apple than a bad apple. I’m just waiting for them to actually do it.
Xavier Breath
Xavier Breath 3 aylar önce
Apple won't bring out a touchscreen laptop, because if they do, you wouldn't have to buy two devices from them to do the same work. Compare that to Microsoft, where you can use your Surface Pro as a full laptop AND a tablet.
Tshepiso Maswanganye
Tshepiso Maswanganye 3 aylar önce
I am loving this background, please keep this one 👌🏾
TEKnight Rider
TEKnight Rider 3 aylar önce
The combination of actual benchmarks, physical size and weight differences between the 13" MacBook Air (MBA), 13" MacBook Pro (MBP) and even the 16" MacBook models is often very surprising to folks! (as again most “clerks” in the stores, even Apple Stores are not knowledgeable in this area). Spoiler Alert - there is NOT much size or weight differences at all! At least this years MBA has better performance, where the 2018 made zero sense. So hang with me...I'll show y'all what I mean..., But still, if a person buys the $999 Air model its Multi-Core Benchmarks makes it the 95th fastest Mac ever made (986 Single Core / 1,978 Multi-Core) according to scores on So by the time a person buys the $1,300 Air version with an i5...its bench marks are like the fabulous Brian said 2,524 or Geekbench shows numbers as high as 2,700 on their that to the $1,499 13" MBP w/a 256 GB drive that gets 3,896 on its Multi-Core Benchmarks. That makes the current 13" MacBook Pro the 43rd fastest Mac Full Retail there is a $200 difference, if a person can live with 256GB on a MBP...but in Education or Discount's closer to between $130-170 difference. Again the old 2018 made no sense when they both used to have 256 GB drives for $100 difference...but I would guess in a few weeks when the "New" MacBook Pro 13" or 14" comes out, it will be right in there again with a very nominal difference in price (perhaps closer than now). So we will see. So like an infomercial (announcer voice), "Wait don't answer or call yet...not only will a person get the Ginsu Knife will also get the FREE Bamboo Steamer, and these other feature benefits, too!" :-) Because... 1.) The Air is 2.8 pounds (only 0.22 lbs. lighter weight than a 13" MacBook Pro) 2.) The Air is 0.63 inches thick (so it's actually 0.04 inches thicker than 13" MacBook Pro on the “thicker end” (Non-Cabage / Cheese Slicer End), or also it is ONLY 0.01 inches thinner than a 16” MBP…so really, NOT much difference). 3.) The Width and Depth are identical between the Air and the current 13" MacBook Pro 11.97 inches X 8.36 inches. 4.) Screen Resolution 2560 x 1600 native (actual used 1680 x 1050, which is the same as a MBP 13”). 5.) Brightness is 400 nits on the Air, where a MBP is 500 nits and the MacBook Pro is a P3 Monitor not just sRGB. So which is really the better "value" or better "buy" that is always in the eye of the beholder...Again, the old 2018 Air made no sense for a $100 it's a $200 (256GB) - $400 (512 GB) difference (at least until the "New" MacBook Pro debuts. Plus the Air's Flash Drive is MUCH slower...about half the speed...but still much better than the 2018 model for sure. Hope this helps others out there. :-) Love you Brian you are the best period!!!!
John Smith
John Smith 3 aylar önce
The fact that you said dongle or hub is a no-go for me. Come on Apple, give us some ports!
Martian Magician
Martian Magician 3 aylar önce
I have a 2013 MacBook Pro 15in retina, would it be worth the upgrade?
lasarith2 3 aylar önce
For basic stuff yes, if for video encoding no.
Carson Suite
Carson Suite 3 aylar önce
Apple whaaaa they finally throwing you a bone? How nice! That’s huge man ;)
artnyoga yoganart
artnyoga yoganart 3 aylar önce
Would this be a good upgrade from a 2012 15” MacBook Pro ? How would screen size compare
schwame 3 aylar önce
Hey Brian, No mention of the cooling issue? Did you notice it over heating at all?
p ms
p ms 3 aylar önce
Mr iTong, in 2020 this $1,300 ultrabook has: 1. no face unlock 2. no touch screen 3. no pen 4. a subpar webcam 5. an old keyboard (marketed as new) 6. an underpowered i5 cpu (new ipad pro has better geekbench 5 scores) 7. a cpu that runs hot (i.e., overheats) 8. can't handle gaming 9. can only handle simple web browsing and microsoft office 10. subpar battery life 11. an always-on fan 12. no micro SSD port 13. no design upgrade (since god knows when) I guess this what they mean when they say Apple laptops "JUST" work. I'll stick with my $1,000 ASUS laptop (10th gen i7 cpu, 16 ram, 256 gb SSD, and 1 gb hard drive, dual fans)
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I made it a point to say there are a lot of other solutions out there at $1000 but this is for the person that wants to be in the Apple ecosystem
James Joshua Escandor
James Joshua Escandor 3 aylar önce
Yooooo, brian. Flexxing those veins at 1:20 like a champ! Awesome video bro.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
Clarence Woods
Clarence Woods 3 aylar önce
B Tong!!! I love the shirt!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Fikri Hepi
Fikri Hepi 3 aylar önce
Love your arm veins
Rich Abe
Rich Abe 3 aylar önce
Good to see Apple providing you review units now. Hope you didn’t throw away those bad apples.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I always have them ready to go if it's REALLY bad. But I tend to keep my reviews more balanced out for people that aren't familiar with my work. Thanks for watching Rich! If it's bad, you'll know.
HK 3 aylar önce
Awesome you deserve this review unit and review units for all other apple products , you were part of the media entities who promoted Apple to this fame they have now and are an honest and good reviewer.
K Deep
K Deep 3 aylar önce
2 tips for you: 1: play some background music while you're talking, because the music you do have comes out of nowhere and sounds out of place. It'll be a better transition to it 2: That TV in the background, got me on edge looking at the legs barely on there!
M M 3 aylar önce
Break out the cabbage beeyotch!
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 3 aylar önce
Like you mentioned in your video, I too am waiting on a 1080p camera. It is long overdue.
MurderMedia 3 aylar önce
guys the T2 is a co-processor it handles MANY tasks other controllers and CPU/GPU would normally handle, such as HEIC / jpeg image processing etc
Leslie Graham
Leslie Graham 3 aylar önce
Some youtubers say the quad core runs hot fast even during normal use, nothing intensive. They suggest staying with the base model dual core.i3. Your thoughts?
Jordan Rosser
Jordan Rosser 3 aylar önce
There’s a great video by the TRwomenr TheJaunAndOnly where he tests the thermals doing things like loading tabs in safari and chrome while also streaming 4K. All of them maintain adequate temps throughout. I suggest you check that video out and see for yourself!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
Please see my comments pinned at the top
Cam 3 aylar önce
Eugene Kuzmenko I was able to do Web Development on the 2015 Air just fine, so even the casual excuse doesn’t hold up. But you’re right, it’s everywhere! My hope is that this laptop is one of the last remnants of Jony Ive’s influence, and that it’s successor will be redesigned and fixed.
Erick Marte
Erick Marte 3 aylar önce
I mean... I’ve got the 2018 model, it comes with the dual core i5 and the thing gets super hot but quiet. Now with same thermals I can’t imagine having a quad core on it.
Eugene Kuzmenko
Eugene Kuzmenko 3 aylar önce
@Cam it's no surprise, really and yet all these dumb asses keep saying that it's ok for "casual" users how much more casual does get than Google Chrome? it's only the most popular browser in the world, lol people should stay away from this abomination of a computer, otherwise apple will never fix it
RandomPixel 3 aylar önce
for the first time ever I am considering getting a macbook...
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