MacBook Pro 14.1-inch details leak! Plus, new iMacs & Mac Minis coming soon

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

4 aylar önce

New details for an all-new Macbook Pro 14.1-inch model leak out, Apple is going all-in with Mini-LED, and Google's Pixel 4 gets 3D Touch without new hardware.
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TH3MS 3 aylar önce
... great video, keep it up.. sorry for the bad vibes earlier, totally out of line! And yes I am also looking forward for the release of the new Macbook 14 inch, that will perhaps be a 1st day purchase from my part. Peace!
Chris Foltz
Chris Foltz 3 aylar önce
I bought my 16 inch MacBook Pro at the wrong time
Kyle Armitage
Kyle Armitage 3 aylar önce
so were we all wrong because we got the Macbook Air and the iPad pros and Mac mini but we didn't get a new MacBook Pro kinda sucks
Sam Rivers
Sam Rivers 3 aylar önce
Do you think that the 14 inch will come out before September
Chris S
Chris S 3 aylar önce
Danh Quang
Danh Quang 3 aylar önce
Really interested in mbp 14"
Michalis 3 aylar önce
Yes we still want the 3D touch!!
Wearephuct O
Wearephuct O 4 aylar önce
🍆💦💦💦 LOL! ...major cities like L.A., Australia,...🤔 Great video! Thanks!
Benjamin Ka
Benjamin Ka 4 aylar önce
i tried to listen. but. 🍆😛
Jeremy Toh
Jeremy Toh 4 aylar önce
I love 3D, BT! Bring it back already or we’ll throw a bunch of Bad Apple at them.
Kevin Christopher Knight
Kevin Christopher Knight 4 aylar önce
I love 3D touch
YiGzit 4 aylar önce
It is not leaked. It is speculated.
Kim Jeyong
Kim Jeyong 4 aylar önce
Didn’t watch the video yet But I hope they will throw a new 10th gen CPU with better iGPU in the Mac Mini. Planning to buy one for development at home. Since I have an older Laptop who is good and our university has Pc pools, I probably don’t need a MacBook.
nils 4 aylar önce
0:30 guess he fell for the advert...
jnice v
jnice v 4 aylar önce
You said iMac Pro? That’s was refreshed in 2019..the iMac hasn’t been refreshed since 2012 (exterior) not sure if you meant regular iMac
Julius 4 aylar önce
mini led is not same benefits as oled... better yes but not oled
rabidmarmot 4 aylar önce
I loved 3D touch too, and was irritated apple dropped it. thinking of switching over to google pixel now.
Yakhe Kenneth
Yakhe Kenneth 4 aylar önce
What is the predicted price for 14 macbook
Marcelo Almeida Silva
Marcelo Almeida Silva 4 aylar önce
I would prefer a cheaper iPad with only the FaceTime camera then an even more expensive iPad with ridiculous camera and camera bump.
Geffá Oliveira
Geffá Oliveira 4 aylar önce
They need discreet graphics in this 14.1” MacBook
ransom182 4 aylar önce
3D Touch ❤️❤️❤️
Elijah Lungu
Elijah Lungu 4 aylar önce
Are these guys releasing devices every time people blink?
philip hawkins
philip hawkins 4 aylar önce
3D Touch is one of the reasons I’m holding onto my iPhone X for as long as I can.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 4 aylar önce
When Apple introduced 3D Touch y’all said it was cool but more gimmicky a feature you barely used .Now they removed it and y’all are crying for Apple to bring it back . People just love to bitch about something.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
I have been behind 3D Touch from the very first time they revealed it. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Didi Udoaffah
Didi Udoaffah 4 aylar önce
Everyone loves 3D touch
Adir Iakya
Adir Iakya 4 aylar önce
MicroLED is the cutting edge. they probably keep it for next recycle....
151engine 4 aylar önce
Sorry Brian not a fan of 3D Touch!
Joe L
Joe L 4 aylar önce
Love the 3D touch!
Benjamin Malave Jr.
Benjamin Malave Jr. 4 aylar önce
3D Touch makes a big difference in gaming but I'm not much of a gamer on my phone so whatever.
999Shadowman 4 aylar önce
Yes I love 3D Touch!!!
Subsurface 4 aylar önce
We need a 16in iPad pro.
Brad Evans
Brad Evans 4 aylar önce
I hate 3 D touch... Hate hate hate (for real 😉)
Bollywood Media
Bollywood Media 4 aylar önce
"I never get a response back when I send an eggplant emoji and squirt squirt squirt"
George Stobbart
George Stobbart 4 aylar önce
Bollywood Media just buy bitcoin
Bollywood Media
Bollywood Media 4 aylar önce
When will the 2020 Apple MacBook be released?
George Stobbart
George Stobbart 4 aylar önce
Bollywood Media September
Gregorius T
Gregorius T 4 aylar önce
Good stuff, Brian! Thank you, for this video.
NYRfan4ever 4 aylar önce
Brian great vid! I also heard rumors Apple Watch Series 6 could feature mini or micro led displays, I believe Kuo said it (could be wrong tho as to the source)
Dragon4201976 Product Reviewer
Dragon4201976 Product Reviewer 4 aylar önce
I just want to see the NEW IPAD's!
Thamsanqa Mvayo
Thamsanqa Mvayo 4 aylar önce
You’re not alone on 3D Touch, I miss it now that I’m using the iPhone 11 Pro Max
incognito 4 aylar önce
I’m planning on buying the MacBook Pro 13inch soon. Should I wait for the 14.1inch to drop, seeing as it’ll replace the 13inch and probably retail at the same price, as that is what happened with the 16inch
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
I would wait if you don’t need it urgently
Yong Sok
Yong Sok 4 aylar önce
Hi Brian, do you think there will be one an iPad mini with 9.7” displace in the body of approximate size the current 7.9 iPad mini??
Yong Sok
Yong Sok 4 aylar önce
snuggles03 4 aylar önce
LOVE 3D Touch too
furynotes 4 aylar önce
The biggest reason for 3d touch on the iphones. Is the ability to use a third party pen. Wacom pen for example. Iphone x was the last high end iphone that could do this. Your favorite drawing apps on the iphone.
adzari 4 aylar önce
3D Touch FTW! 😆
Carlo Napolitano
Carlo Napolitano 4 aylar önce
I love 3d touch too!
James Joffe
James Joffe 4 aylar önce
So you say you don’t care about 3D Touch, then you say it’s your favorite feature 🤔. Yeah no mas bitz
James Joffe
James Joffe 4 aylar önce
Brian Tong ummm 5:14 of this video...
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
What are you talking about. I’ve been a hard core defender of 3D Touch since the day it was first introduced
SimpleSoda 4 aylar önce
I just got the macbook pro 16 are they actually going to release another one with mini led?
孙越 4 aylar önce
我喜欢 3D touch 它让手机屏幕使用感变得立体了,实际上3D touch还可以有更多功能上的可能性~
Rodney Orca
Rodney Orca 4 aylar önce
I am waiting for the "thats a bad apple" when they remove the 3D touch.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
I gave it to them multiple tkmes
Carl Tanner
Carl Tanner 4 aylar önce
Brian you are a real pro and a trooper. Get well soon!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
Get well?!? Am I sick?
Sacto1654 4 aylar önce
The 14.1" MacBook Pro may get a newer Intel chipset, which means it could add WiFi 6 (802.11ax) support.
The Empowerer
The Empowerer 4 aylar önce
Apple does have haptic touch but it's just not it
The Empowerer
The Empowerer 4 aylar önce
2:34 it be like dat bru😔
evilphuk 2 aylar önce
Skyler Holman
Skyler Holman 4 aylar önce
3D Touch on the keyboard to move the cursor is almost essential for me. Sad it’s gone.
Carl Ian Sullano
Carl Ian Sullano 4 aylar önce
How come the iPad Pro 11" will not get the mini LED update? That just doesn't make sense because they're both "Pro" products.
Carl Ian Sullano
Carl Ian Sullano 4 aylar önce
@Lexx Movielover but they will give ipad mini the mini LED update.
Lexx Movielover
Lexx Movielover 4 aylar önce
Carl Ian Sullano maybe because 11” wont make a difference cus it’s to small
Dullah Allen
Dullah Allen 4 aylar önce
I do miss that 3D Touch too 😭😭😭
MONKEY WiLDTV 4 aylar önce
looks awesome
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore 4 aylar önce
I wholeheartedly miss 3D Touch also! I refuse to update my iPhone X to anything else because I love 3D Touch so much and the partnership that Apple used by having a QUALCOMM modem in the iPhone. My iPhone X still gets some of the best connection because I purchased the unlocked version which has the QUALCOMM modem and 3D Touch. I feel that I don’t wanna advance any further due to the fact that 3D Touch went awayAnd that I love it so much as you mentioned. Thanks Brian for keeping things real and keep holding it down man!
Peter Vaňušanik
Peter Vaňušanik 4 aylar önce
14 inch mini led will come 2021, so too late for me.
hassleoffa 4 aylar önce
imac wish list. 1) Small Bezels 2) Better Thermals (I DO NOT CARE IF IT'S THICKER!) 3) Upgradeable Ram 4) ONLY SSD'S - Also upgradeable 5) Front facing speakers (little pin holes like the MacBook Pros work ... 6) More base sound - again - make it thicker 7) ... now put all that stuff in the Stand - and let me upgrade the monitor. That's right a fully A-La-carte imac. ... this will of course never happen. So never mind.
Ad FLoRiN 4 aylar önce
1st MacBook that I will consider buying
Mohammed Nadeem
Mohammed Nadeem 4 aylar önce
So what the latest 16 inch MacBook Pro I just got is going to get a successor so soon? I don’t buy that there’s a new 16 in the making
Eskild 4 aylar önce
3d touch was one of the best features added to an iphone!
Aura RC
Aura RC 4 aylar önce
Jeez, it seems like every apple review person judges so harsh, like, lighten up man it's great technology be grateful 🤣
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
I am, I always am. I don’t think you’ve my stuff enough. Keep watching! :)
Winichskorn WV
Winichskorn WV 4 aylar önce
Macbook Pro 14 is interesting but I already have my 2018 13' Honestly I'm waiting for the new 2020 iPad pro Not to buy it, but to buy the cheaper 2018 model lol
Daniel Toubul
Daniel Toubul 3 aylar önce
It's out
E G 4 aylar önce
@Winichskorn WV I have the 2019, keyboard feels weird and uncomfortable but works fine.
Winichskorn WV
Winichskorn WV 4 aylar önce
@Matias Suzart 2018 Macbook keyboard? It's good, I got used to it
Matias Suzart
Matias Suzart 4 aylar önce
Winichskorn WV how ‘bout the keyboard?
E G 4 aylar önce
Winichskorn WV Same 😂
dr. 0ne
dr. 0ne 4 aylar önce
Oh dear you said the virus word . demonetize
drifty Boiii_458
drifty Boiii_458 4 aylar önce
Apple needs better camera for there MacBook
Cinebient 4 aylar önce
3D touch is even polyphonic. You actually can emulate velocity with it. Even more useful it lets you use aftertouch/pressure measuring...also polyphonic. So for music creation apps and midi controllers it is really awesome and more versatile as an iPad and even MPE hardware controllers.
Chris Walls
Chris Walls 4 aylar önce
Brian are you telling us the Cronovirus affects automated robots.
Chris Walls
Chris Walls 4 aylar önce
Margot Robinson, have you ever seen how many people it takes to run and automated assembly factory, plus China has no value of their people, they are expendable. So sad
Margot Robinson
Margot Robinson 4 aylar önce
Chris Walls The problem is that people are required to maintain the robots and make sure they’re working properly. Also, the Foxconn assembly line isn’t as automated as you would think it would be.
PhilfreezeCH 4 aylar önce
I don‘t care much about 3D touch but this long press bullshit is super annoying, I don‘t want to wait until something happens. It makes super fast devices feel way slower than they are.
Jay 505
Jay 505 4 aylar önce
I liked 3D Touch as well and can’t stand the way long press acts.
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