MacOS Catalina Review: One month later. Should you upgrade?

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

8 aylar önce

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I waited before doing my MacOS Catalina review because reviewing an OS on day one isn't always the best thing. This breaks down Catalina's all-new features and what you need to know before you decide to upgrade.
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Christoph Lehman
Christoph Lehman 8 aylar önce
Don't forget your lip injections, Brian!
5L 2 aylar önce
@Brian Tong you are a sexy asian ladiboi
Look@me 2 aylar önce
Thanks Brian, really useful info as I’ve only just downloaded Catalina today 🙌🏽
Shadoufang 3 aylar önce
​@Dr Walter Tonetto Brian's jokes are our business. We should laugh and talk about them :')
Dr Walter Tonetto
Dr Walter Tonetto 6 aylar önce
@LOLANIME *is it any of your business, punk?* _You should be grateful for his tips. Everything else is his business! Got that, you bunch-backed toad?_
LOLANIME 6 aylar önce
his reminder says "lip injections", for anyone who's wondering lol
w0eles 3 gün önce
Can you play games on macOS Catalina???
Chris Mel
Chris Mel 4 gün önce
I probably won't upgrade. I love my Her Interactive Nancy Drew games too much and they are not supported.
Matas P
Matas P 5 gün önce
Apple is why i didn't use Apple
flopkin 5 gün önce
Upgraded thinking things would be fine... nuked my computer. Do not upgrade to Catalina, unless you want an OS that doesn't work properly
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter 8 gün önce
I never experienced soo many problems with an "upgrade" to Catalina. - 32 bit software didn't worked anymore and some software can not be upgraded to 64 bit. - My keyboard "died" soon after and i was forced to buy a new one (the old one still works occasionally). - The mouse drops out of connection every now and then and replugging it fixes it till it happens again. - Burned-in images on screen. - Quicktime Player fails regularly to play videos. - Internet connection sometimes freezes. I installed/downgraded Mojave about a week ago (which was a pain because it requires a format of your main drive). Some of the problems still occur though. The burned-in images and the mouse connection still remain a problem. It looks like Catalina just messes up your computer far beyond an Operating System. All the issues i had and still have happened after the installation of Catalina.
Julia Moura
Julia Moura 8 gün önce
too late
Jill Alcantara
Jill Alcantara 9 gün önce
Hi! My Mac Air 2019 keeps showing a green flicker or glitch whenever I watch Netflix. Then, I looked up for solutions and most websites say that an upgrade will solve the problem. I just watched this review and now I'm hesitant to upgrade because I like my OS the way it is. What should I do about the flickering? Send help please :( thanks!
trumpsleftballsack 2 gün önce
same thing happens to me i just exit netflix and re enter :(
Jesus 15 gün önce
Lol, is it bad that I am still running on High Sierra? It's still going great! But I want dark mode so should I upgrade?
Thea Pach
Thea Pach 15 gün önce
DO NOT UPGRADE TO CATALINA!!! Worst program ever!!! Their reason for creating a new program is that you move up from 32 bit programs to 64 bits, then you see the usual claims to get rid of bugs, etc. B.S. Catalina changes the format of Itunes & all Office programs, and they have the worst Word program of any document program I've used. Microsoft then wants users to pay for the new Office programs. It's a disaster!
Jack Ieronimo
Jack Ieronimo 18 gün önce
Catalina would randomly crash my 2017 iMac so much that it caused a drive to fail on my LaCie 5big and ended up costing me about $300 and a whole weekend of wasted time trying revert back to Mojave and save all my files. Not worth.
Roger Hutch
Roger Hutch 19 gün önce
TL:DR... don't upgrade (actually calling catalina an "upgrade" is an oxymoron)
amin fattahi
amin fattahi 26 gün önce
I faced a battery draining problem and overheating in MacPro 2016!!
Evangelho é na prática
Evangelho é na prática Aylar önce
Don’t upgrade keep the same since I updated my iMac the first time has been slow. mOs isn’t good for your computer 💻
Dale Godden
Dale Godden Aylar önce
If you jailbreak your phone, you can get bioprotect and it will prevent someone from turning your phone off without a passcode
Arranged Pixel Studios
Arranged Pixel Studios Aylar önce
just got my Mac Book pro and it prompt me to upgrade and its the worse thing that could happen to me smh i need to downgrade asap, my software are not installing and alot of work to do, i already gave away my windows laptop smh
Carl Stanford
Carl Stanford Aylar önce
Catalina is not good
Aftab J.
Aftab J. Aylar önce
Mac OS Trashalina
Bruce Titus
Bruce Titus Aylar önce
You can have it both ways: I refuse to rent software from the greedy jerks at Adobe so I created a second volume on my iMac and installed Catalina on the second volume. You can boot to either volume so you can still use your old 32 bit applications and software ... like Photoshop CS 5.1 ... in your original Mojave or High Sierra volume and any software that runs better in a 64-bit environment in the new Catalina volume. Do your research and BACK UP EVERYTHING before you try this! Also be aware that there is a big difference between creating another volume and partitioning your hard drive. Here's a good video on the process of creating a second volume and installing Catalina on the new volume.
DarckHermit Blogs and News
DarckHermit Blogs and News Aylar önce
the slogan of mac users two much work for my brain
Tony Senatore
Tony Senatore Aylar önce
32 is better than 64 it doesn't compress so much and you have more space with 32
Tony Senatore
Tony Senatore Aylar önce
Catalina is crap it put IMVU, Canon Printer, Audacity, Guitar Tux etc are set default very bad. I like Mojave more
ShadowMistress4835 Aylar önce
Next macOS is.... macOS Sacramento macOS Santa Monica
Sushiyoda Aylar önce
Wow! I can't play half of the games I own now!
HScarlet Aylar önce
Great Review, I agree with it. I just want to comment about a tylerio article regarding macOS Catalina. He said it was like vista. I think that's insulting, Vista was horrible, slow and clunky. From an end user perspective, macOS Catalina has been performing better and faster than El Capitan and High Seirra for me, all my OSs are clean installs on my 3Ghz, PCIe SSD 16GB Mac Mini. macOS Catalina has actually positively surprised me so far in its performance, it's given me a simarly positive experience as Windows 10 almost.
Count Of Monte Cristo
Count Of Monte Cristo Aylar önce
DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU USE STEAM, your 32 bit games will not work on it since Catalina upgrades to 65 bit, it’s garbage and a huge mistake
Grace Aylar önce
Hi! Not a tech junkie. I got MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) with OS X Yosemite. Is Catalina update recommendable?
a bit of Abi
a bit of Abi Aylar önce
Catalina is the worst ever! I’ve never had any mac OS issues until this one🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Abby H 2025
Abby H 2025 Aylar önce
Don’t upgrade
Abby H 2025
Abby H 2025 Aylar önce
Guys just look up “Mac OS Catalina wallpapers” on google if you want the wallpapers
Theodore Frazier
Theodore Frazier Aylar önce
Trying to DOWNGRADE now.
Adam Link
Adam Link Aylar önce
Downgrades from Previous Verisons of macOS: 1) iTunes has been subdivided into 3 separate apps and seems less convenient. Also, iTunes has been a staple of Apple until now when they shot it dead with the Catalina update. No one was really asking for this. 2) Although the remove of 32-bit support may be good for potential future performance enhancement, there are applications that are 64-bit that use something else that is 32-bit. It would have been better if the exclusion of 32-bit applications was gradual and procedural so that developers could have time to make appropriate changes instead of having only a warning for Mojave for 32-bit applications not being optimized and then for Catalina 32-bit software is banned like a plague. 3.) If Apple ever wants to seriously attempt to get into the gaming market (aside from not having very pathetic default GPUs), they have to serious backtracking the unsigned restriction is not exclusive to apps. It applies to frameworks, libraries, etc., which is extremely annoying, which is going to force anyone who makes a mac version of a game to include a disclaimer about instability of the game managing to even get to the title screen.
Robert Wright
Robert Wright 2 aylar önce
i got the ultimate upgrade.... bought a PC
Koodo 2 aylar önce
Lmao upgrade sucks i already know it
HowDaddyIsDoing 2 aylar önce
i still have iTunes...maybe because i refuse to update to Catalina. Is that why? And i don't have any songs on an's all on an external hard-drive...and i do not want to lose anything. Been doing radio since Christmas 2004. 2004!! What should i do?
User account
User account 2 aylar önce
I'm still running OS X Mavericks
ImaPerson 2 aylar önce
worst update ever
Darius Saulenas
Darius Saulenas 2 aylar önce
it's a peace of crap waste lots of space, there are lots of apps which you can't remove or downgrade, after spending over 2000 gran on the new mac, can't get rid off junk apps that take so much space !
the awesome gamer
the awesome gamer 2 aylar önce
No because no 32bit apps I need my 32 bit apps so no upgrade
Arthur Allsopp
Arthur Allsopp 2 aylar önce
The Worst By Far!!!!!!!!
Abram Sez
Abram Sez 2 aylar önce
Do not upgrade to Catalina. I have a brand new imac and with the update my computer barely works. Terrible
Nico M
Nico M 2 aylar önce
I am still using Mojave, and put off the upgrades since Catalina's release. Mostly b/c I am older (LOL) and don't want to mess up itunes. But, now with Pandemic happening, I feel like I probably need to upgrade for security reasons. I'm a casual user...but, it seems everything I do is on my macbook pro. I use it a lot lately for video calls. I have a 2018 with 2.2. Ghz . I mostly like having my itunes library as it is, but am williing to change as long as it's not a big headache. I have certain online radio station set too. And, yeah, 1st World Problems LOL I use DSL (wired) so I wonder how long an upgrade would take anyway, and if having Catalina will help the (moderate to slow DSL speed) be more efficiient? All those extra i's you see is b/c my keyboard is glitchy and I don't feel like $$$ paying to have iit repaired. :/ Anyway, I'd be curious to know if Catalina could give my DSL effiiciency a leg up? Thanks for your video. Looking forward to hearing back!
Yasmine Kamel
Yasmine Kamel 2 aylar önce
Do NOT upgrade OMF I cant stress this enough this is ridiculous
David Edmondson
David Edmondson 2 aylar önce
How do you find out if you apps are 32 or 64 bit?
jessgone 2 aylar önce
your video didn't help at all, just bla bla, "try this app" sponsored! waste of time. this is why people like me unsubscribes from people like you
jessgone 2 aylar önce
@Brian Tong did i said ALL your videos and reviews???
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 2 aylar önce
Sure ALL my reviews and videos are like that...
Darin Cates
Darin Cates 2 aylar önce
His Hair looks like a Skunk
amirahsincere 2 aylar önce
I want to update it sooo bad just so I can use Imove :(
dcboi202 2 aylar önce
This is hands down the WORST update from Apple in its history. I used to do my main work from my desktop and now it's basically unusable for my work. iTunes/Music is straight disorganized shit, I can't use my remote anymore, the music buttons ( play, pause, etc.) SUCK and make no damn sense. Wish I had read up on it before installing. Apple is constantly going to shit and screwing over its consumers.
the amazing ske
the amazing ske 3 aylar önce
Joey Roxville
Joey Roxville 3 aylar önce
ID on the hoodie? I like!
Walter Yuth
Walter Yuth 3 aylar önce
Separate partitions for the OS and data files? No. Breaking iTunes into three individual programs? No. Finding my friends on Mac? Never.
The Wishmaster
The Wishmaster 3 aylar önce
Catalina sucks. Going back to High Sierra.
Nissi Soto
Nissi Soto 3 aylar önce
Thank you for breaking down all the technical stuff I normally wouldn’t understand 😄 you had me realize I need to become more tech savvy w my life 🙃
AAW Games
AAW Games 3 aylar önce
I have been an Apple fan and hardcore customer for over a decade. No longer. DO NOT UPGRADE TO CATALINA. WORST PIECE OF SHIT OPERATING SYSTEM I'VE EVER USED. WORSE THAN WINDOWS VISTA!
Rago Alasa
Rago Alasa 3 aylar önce
Does anyone have a list of 32 and/or 64 bit apps? Are all Adobe 2017 and Final Cut Pro X (10.4.6) considered 64 bit? How do you check it? Thanks.
Bruce Titus
Bruce Titus Aylar önce
You can have your computer provide the list. Do a spotlight search for "System Information". Scroll down to "Software" and then click on "Applications". It might take 30 seconds or so for the screen to populate with your applications. Once your applications list shows up, click on the far right column that says "64-bit". All of your 32 bit applications will show up at the top of the list.
C Sturkey
C Sturkey 3 aylar önce
Not Audacity compatible either.
ahmed mostafa
ahmed mostafa 3 aylar önce
I upgraded but always I receive warning messages to delete some files please how can I stop these kind of messages
Dan McArthur
Dan McArthur 3 aylar önce
It is so lame that Apple isn't supporting 32 bit apps, planned redundancy and a push to SAS services, I shouldn't have to upgrade CS6 to CC
gamall1 3 aylar önce
guys I am so confused! should I upgrade to Catalina instead of keeping my Sierra ? I see a lot of negative comments about catalina
Bernal Aguilar
Bernal Aguilar 3 aylar önce
CleanMyMac is malware. I had to erase my HD because it stays hidden in your OS. Don't do it... their ads show up even in porn sites and warez.
The Deitz
The Deitz 3 aylar önce
I upgrades and now Adobe Photoshop CS6 won't work, my Tipard Video Converter along with some other programs stopped working. Why are they not advising users of the issues if they upgrade. It's was more like a downgrade!
MichaelZodok 3 aylar önce
Catalina wouldn't erase from my drive because it created an extra partition on my ssd. I had to use time machine and install it to another HD. Called Apple and after hours of phone calls. I just decided to take the ssd and erase it on my Windows 10 and clone the back up HD. It's essentially malware and this guy is not being totally honest. In addition, clean my Mac tends to slow your mac down. I use Malware Bytes. AVOID THIS DUMPSTER FIRE!!!
Kim Sy
Kim Sy 4 aylar önce
MaCleaner X is sooooo expensive :(
Laurent de backer
Laurent de backer 4 aylar önce
So i bought Clean my mac to try it. It's really nice. But now i read that this program is actually malware or something? Is this true? Is it save to use?
Léo Rosendow
Léo Rosendow 4 aylar önce
Mac Retina 2015 which is better ?? mojave or catalina ??
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
I’d personally stick with Mojave. But that’s me
Gaz 4 aylar önce
I have a mac with dual boot mac os and windows (NOT VM etc etc. but, boot camp) Im worried about upgrading since catalina now uses 2 partitions and and I dont want my windows partition screwed with...
Ademuyiwa Agbonyin
Ademuyiwa Agbonyin 4 aylar önce
Does it have improved battery management I.e battery life?
Doug Life
Doug Life 4 aylar önce
My apps don't work. Leave it to apple to fix what's not broken.
DJ BURLAK 4 aylar önce
DJ BURLAK 4 aylar önce
Обзор macOS Catalina - НЕ СТАВИТЬ!
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