Madden 21 Gameplay - Hands On First Impressions!

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In this Madden 21 gameplay video, I go over my hands on impressions of the Madden 21 beta gameplay! For more Madden 21 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays & sure to subscribe! #Madden21

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EricRayweather Aylar önce
#FixMaddenFranchise -
Larry 25 gün önce
Why does every single TRwomenr feel the need to say like & subscribe at the beginning of every single video oh my God it's the most annoyingest thing ever by now people know where the icon is to subscribe if they want to they will!!!! Is it like in some kinda TRwomenr secret code that you have to say that at the beginning of every video I almost don't want to do anything to your video after hearing that crap for the love of God please stop
reginald leary
reginald leary 29 gün önce
I think that earl ability should stay BUT he should only be able to see the play art of the play as called so they can’t see your hot routes so it’s still strong but they’ll still have an idea of where the balls going and the depth of routes so the defense could adjust their zones to be shorter or longer and it could hurt them cause if they see a medium route combo and the deafened changes it they could then go all deep routes and be beat over the top cause they guessed wrong that’s fair
Jesse Hoehle
Jesse Hoehle 29 gün önce
Isn't change-of-direction the same thing as agility some of these overlapping skills make it really hard to follow so what's more important now change of direction or agility
Jaylee Clough
Jaylee Clough Aylar önce
Can show anu info on colts xfactors and superstar abilities.and who have them.
oocarter22 Carter
oocarter22 Carter Aylar önce
How you get the beta?
Jody McCoy
Jody McCoy 13 saatler önce
Too far lol . Its simulation everyone in NFL knows the play so you should too .
JGMU 4 gün önce
7:54 Tom Brady's undershirt has become his skin, it doesn't layer on top, his arm simply changes color when it comes to it and it gets a new texture, nice EA, I know it's minor but I thought it was funny
Impending Doom
Impending Doom 7 gün önce
Did they really cut out Superstar KO?
A.G. Durham
A.G. Durham 12 gün önce
You just got a subscriber, great content Brodie 🙌🏽
Zavier Magee
Zavier Magee 13 gün önce
Im not very big on gaming so I wanna know how you’re supposed to transfer data from the ps4 or xbox1 to the next gen console. Does this force people to buy disc?
David Bryson
David Bryson 13 gün önce
Hey homie where do I go to play the beta for madden 21
CatchTheGoat G
CatchTheGoat G 14 gün önce
Yall keep talking bad on this game and what they need to improve of it but yet you still get the game and play it. SHUT UP AND JUST ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THEY MADE A GAME FOR EVERYBODY STOP JUDGING ALL THE TIME.
Templesdarkest 14 gün önce
“A step is not enough” exactly the reason I quit throwing bombs in 2011. Go routes end up picked more often than caught or incomplete combined.
NultyMusic 15 gün önce
Madden has been the same game since 2013 and people still dish out $60 a year for the new iteration. I will never understand.
Lil L
Lil L 15 gün önce
Man it's really time for some new devs. Madden 20.5?! cmon bruh
Luis heller
Luis heller 16 gün önce
hey la verdad amazing video me encanto aguardo por el siguiente video me despido les dejo besis agradecido
Ralph Shong
Ralph Shong 19 gün önce
Madden is a great game 🎮 I like Madden 20 I will buy 21
Collin Gillespie
Collin Gillespie 20 gün önce
Would love the film study feature. Make all the people who do spam the same play actually use some skill
James Wright
James Wright 20 gün önce
When will offence be able to catch tips like in defence
DaLurker 21 gün önce
My biggest question is did they fix possession catches
Peter Giambalvo
Peter Giambalvo 21 gün önce
Is the online H2H ranking problem, which has been ongoing since Madden ’17, going to be fixed in ’21 or not? And will online H2H players be able to see their stats and histories in Madden ’21?
Matt Cook
Matt Cook 22 gün önce
If there are still scripted sacks/tfls or blocked kicks the game is not worth playing
Da Godd
Da Godd 22 gün önce
A game from 2008 has better physics then a game in 2020
A T 22 gün önce
I always hated that the AI defense would change their formation based on my audibles. EVEN THO MY FORMATION NEVER CHANGED.
reckless 23 gün önce
Madden 20 looks like madden 04
Mark Fairweather
Mark Fairweather 23 gün önce
They need to do something about the the balls that popped up. Too many stupid interceptions
Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman 24 gün önce
Gameplay changes are great, don't get me wrong. However, franchise mode one again got left out in the cold with the same old copy and paste format, nothing new added or changed. And franchise mode is a large portion of the game's playerbase that just keeps getting ignored.
Pimp Daddy
Pimp Daddy 25 gün önce
If you have Madden 20 then its kind of a Waste lol I wish everyone would boycott for a year and Maybe they’ll put more effort into fixing the game all-around
Ynw j
Ynw j 25 gün önce
They should add a feature to where you can physically try and toe tap from your controler
Unlimiteddd 25 gün önce
Mia Renata
Mia Renata 25 gün önce
lavish 🤍
Tristan Blue
Tristan Blue 26 gün önce
I’m telling you now it’s the same game with a couple new things that was in the old maddens don’t care about franchise just mut
D. Supreme
D. Supreme 26 gün önce
I barely played last year thanks for saving me 60 bucks💯🤘
Dickey mono
Dickey mono 26 gün önce
Yo eric..i want to see a .play now online bring one back mode. For example if i picked the eagles i can select 1 out of the historic players(in their prime) that played for that team..mcnabb, Dawkins, Westbrook. Im one of the people that dont play ultimate team. Thanks for reading.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 26 gün önce
"Realistic Open Field Tackling"??? They showed us a clip of an actual NFL tackle (1 was low, 1 was high) and then turned around and showed us the SAME high tackles they've been having in the game for the past 5 years or so... ? ? ? 🤔😂😂😂😂💀
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 26 gün önce
Lots of cinematics and like usual shreds of gameplay. I still have Madden 20 in plastic, learned the hard football so I just buy them a year behind for 20$. Too easy.
RUDY MINOR 26 gün önce
I don’t think madden will really change till the next gen consoles come out
Da Godd
Da Godd 26 gün önce
How much you got paid to give it a good review bro
Anthony Stover
Anthony Stover 27 gün önce
Does anyone know if franchise mode will be cross platform compatible?
charlie hindle
charlie hindle 27 gün önce
you know how much I hate the snapping animations in Madden?
Gabriel B.
Gabriel B. 28 gün önce
There hasn’t been good movement since NCAA 14
Bryson Candelaria
Bryson Candelaria 28 gün önce
If y’all buy Madden 21 y’all have no right to complain anymore, you’re just an idiot at this point.
SSJ Venom
SSJ Venom 28 gün önce
Trubisky mvp
Nightbringer2000 28 gün önce
Please, please stop buying Madden. Not just Madden 21, but don't go out and buy Madden 20 or older copies, unless they are pre-owned. Please stop purchasing MUT Packs. We have to speak to EA and other companies in the only language they'll understand, money. If we all did that for just this 1 year, literally just stood together for 1 year, we would force their hand. 1 year of discipline from all of us wouldn't change our lives, 1 year of all of us not spending money on Madden, would change EA forever. That's the power WE have. Let's use it.
Santino Dellacroce
Santino Dellacroce 28 gün önce
wow looks just like madden 20 except theres a 1 at fhe end
Jose Beltran
Jose Beltran 28 gün önce
the ratings should only go up to 89 honestly. cause playing a defense that has all 99 zone coverage is infuriating
Jose Beltran
Jose Beltran 28 gün önce
like the linebackers know where im throwing the ball before my receiver does thats stupid
nl driven2Him
nl driven2Him 28 gün önce
Everyone one using Dallas in Madden 21!!! Even those who are not Cowboy fans.
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 28 gün önce
I know it doesn’t matter but I’m finally gonna not buy madden for a year. Hoping for a big franchise update for madden 22
DJ 28 gün önce
Saints are terrible
Aaron-Michael Lewis
Aaron-Michael Lewis 29 gün önce
Can we get a movement started to get Kevin Harlan in the game as play by play commentator because he is the greatest ever 💯💯
Devin Roberts
Devin Roberts 29 gün önce
This sounds terrible
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller 29 gün önce
good usering has been toned downed lol One man shouldn't be able to cover the whole field.
MJclutch Nation
MJclutch Nation 29 gün önce
did they add mouth pieces
king krudho
king krudho 29 gün önce
Please boycott this game , or at least boycott buying any in game items and packs. If you absolutely need to have the new madden, don’t buy any mut packs , and coins. And please spam feedback to ea. I just want a good madden one day and just complaining isn’t the move. Money talks , these developers think we’re stupid and powerless. how tf do we have more features and almost 20 year old system in ps2 and Xbox , and why tf are they using the broken madden 13 engine. Why is there nothing in the game. It’s not a career mode it’s a prologue, it’s not a new game , it’s a pay wall roster update with a gambling mini game. LETS FIX THAT.
Greyson Carver
Greyson Carver 29 gün önce
Could someone explain what is messed up about franchise mode? Thanks
Christopher Robin Gaming
Christopher Robin Gaming 29 gün önce
Good video 🤟 but you won't score 20 vs me let alone 40/50 points bro thats a fact!!! I sub i like your reviews!!!!
Keidric Davis
Keidric Davis 29 gün önce
Change of direction??? U mean agility??? Good job EA
MrSPIDEY21 29 gün önce
Madden players aren’t stuff...that’s how players move in real life...
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO 29 gün önce
Game still sucks yay
Colby Reyburn
Colby Reyburn 29 gün önce
Can u actually escape the pocket this year without escape artist
Marq Alt
Marq Alt 29 gün önce
I like the feel of 21, feels more realist. But I think defense needs to be better. So hard to get a stop.
Duh_itschris 29 gün önce
What I hate about madden 20 is when the quarterback rolls out the pocket and my cpu defender just be standing
Duh_itschris 29 gün önce
Hopefully mut won’t be pay to win
Almighty G
Almighty G 29 gün önce
“ we all know madden, It’s the same but it’s different every year” oh trust me we know
Peter Conklin
Peter Conklin 29 gün önce
The word "Same" is used pretty frequently here.
On a Healthy Journey
On a Healthy Journey 29 gün önce
The Blocking the Blocking
DeEtta Roberson Carter
DeEtta Roberson Carter 29 gün önce
I think that they should add a store where u can get ur own tattoos and cloths for pre game and where the tattoos on the field to and the amount of money you have is half on ur contract. Edit: everyone read this I think this is a good idea so ya
bobby urse
bobby urse 29 gün önce
Fix franchise mode for the love of god!!!
ToddthaGod 29 gün önce
The defense of M20 when people use the OP crossing routes and the post routes are ridiculous it’s like the A.I just goes dummy
pookajames25 29 gün önce
Flim Study ability needs to stay! people just need to quit spamming
AjDaActor Aylar önce
I hope madden add challenge to online game play!
Valentino Aylar önce
Franchise needs to be fixed even if ur trying to play an online franchise as a career mode they need to let u customize cleats, gloves and add tattoos they also should let u add a face photo on to your player so the player look exactly how you want
EZROCKET Games Aylar önce
That’s why I’m not wasting 60$. I’ll get 2k instead. That game is much better
Dj Bingham
Dj Bingham Aylar önce
How about speaking on the fact they CHANGED THE WHOLE WAY TO PLAY DEFENSIVE LINE! Not just merely mentioning pass rush just bc you Don't play with the d line. That's why it took YEARS to CHANGE! SPEND ONE WHOLE GAME WITH A DEFENSIVE TACKLE and give us a report.
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