Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Special Look

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Marvel Entertainment

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“Family. Back together again.” Watch this brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.
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kev in
kev in 5 saatler önce
Aviroop Mohan
Aviroop Mohan 8 saatler önce
Why only 3 million views?
Mighty Pal raj
Mighty Pal raj 4 gün önce
We can feel very very very happy because, we can see RDJ (Tony Stark)(Iron man ) again in this movie. 😯People who shocked after reading this😯 Please like People who already knows this please comment
Jacob Luke
Jacob Luke 4 gün önce
made my own little black widow mcu trailer, feel free to check it out
XP huntR
XP huntR 5 gün önce
maybe hawkeye is taskmaster 😬
Captain Psycho
Captain Psycho 4 saatler önce
Do you seriously have no idea that taskmaster can copy anyone’s moves
Gage Farmer
Gage Farmer 5 gün önce
Black Widow with her own movie
Эй! Палыч
Эй! Палыч 6 gün önce
Paco 7 gün önce
Task Master looks amazing!
GhoulifiedAce 7 gün önce
People who play apex legends: WrAiTh Is ThAt U?
Nor Aisah Anuar Shah
Nor Aisah Anuar Shah 8 gün önce
I think Taskmaster is Clint...
Mister Widow
Mister Widow 7 gün önce
You realize he was under house arrest, right?
Hafsa Bi
Hafsa Bi 8 gün önce
0:53 Am I the only one who heard smelly waterways
Nasifa Fathima
Nasifa Fathima 8 gün önce
Is this the continuity after the endgame or is it juz showing her past cause i really wan banner n natasha to be together!
Tian Wang
Tian Wang 8 gün önce
Florence Pugh's accent is actually closer to Crimean than Russian...that is until she drops the ball.
Sarvesh Shimpi
Sarvesh Shimpi 9 gün önce
She is dead!! Cant believe she is dead
james isaiah
james isaiah 9 gün önce
Here we go another femminist box office disaster
General Pinocho Salvador de Chile
General Pinocho Salvador de Chile 3 gün önce
@noot noot imagine not being a fan of Marvel movies 🤣
Mister Widow
Mister Widow 7 gün önce
Uh, ever heard of Wonder Woman?
noot noot
noot noot 7 gün önce
Imagine being a fans of marvel movies 🤢🤢🤢
noot noot
noot noot 7 gün önce
Marvel movies are a big NO to cinema
Hafsa Bi
Hafsa Bi 8 gün önce
Finally someone who supports my case
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 10 gün önce
Task Master
Keearies Hawkins
Keearies Hawkins 10 gün önce
If you stop it and look at her hand at 0.12 secs she has veils in her hand someone said could it be pym particles. That would be interesting if she is on the run from the TVA after the Loki spot. Marvel at that point where they can do anything and flip the script. Maybe that's why they didn't have a funeral. Got too much hope lol
Blessvia N
Blessvia N 11 gün önce
Oohh Amy from little women is here!!
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo 11 gün önce
Can someone explain to me why they think this movie looks bad?!
General Pinocho Salvador de Chile
General Pinocho Salvador de Chile 3 gün önce
Who are "they"?
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo 8 gün önce
Mister Widow I did watch Spiderman 2. I just didn’t enjoy the trilogy as much as other Marvel movies. The new Spiderman movies with Tom Holland are good too. I like them much better than the ones with Andrew Garfeild. Black Widow is a character with a rich history and I’m hoping that her movie will show more of her character dynamic. I’m sure Black Widow will be a great addition to the MCU.
Mister Widow
Mister Widow 8 gün önce
So you never watched Spider-Man 2?
Mister Widow
Mister Widow 8 gün önce
Because I like the character and the poster looks cool.
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo 8 gün önce
Mister Widow The first Spiderman movie was good, I agree but the third one was horrible. I found Logan to be boring and inaccurate. Why is your name Mister Widow and you have a profile picture of Nat if you aren’t going to watch the movie?
Bharti Ramteke
Bharti Ramteke 12 gün önce
This movie is gonna be awesome.... Its has a nice theme song too..
Sarthak Jain
Sarthak Jain 12 gün önce
I bet this movie will be better than winter soldier.
Tigon 12 gün önce
I bet Taskmaster is Florence Pugh’s character. Not a spoiler just a good guess. 😉
luke ketchum
luke ketchum 12 gün önce
Her sister has a cute voice.
T R 12 gün önce
Enough Marvel crap, already.
bhushan pimpalkar
bhushan pimpalkar 13 gün önce
Is black widow holding Pym Particles at 0.14
Brutus Buckeye
Brutus Buckeye 13 gün önce
Seriously is anybody really going to drop ten bucks to go see this movie?
Austhir Alif
Austhir Alif 14 gün önce
Way better than Captain Marvel
Darth Pancake Studios
Darth Pancake Studios 14 gün önce
I actually didn't realize that was Taskmaster until I saw the comments. Dammit, I'm an idiot.
Aulia Wan
Aulia Wan 14 gün önce
Very baddas
HAMOUDE_A_W_M للتصاميم
HAMOUDE_A_W_M للتصاميم 14 gün önce
متى موعد عرض الفلم ؟❤
Mike_ Hunt221
Mike_ Hunt221 14 gün önce
weak trailer but i'm hyped for the movie.
1:03, Taskmaster copied Spider-Mans swinging
Trent Denzel
Trent Denzel 15 gün önce
I swear to Christ if taskmaster gets killed off I’m done
Animal_Lover100 15 gün önce
Task master??
Austhir Alif
Austhir Alif 15 gün önce
Would have been so much great if it was released before endgame
Callaghan McKeon
Callaghan McKeon 15 gün önce
At :15
Callaghan McKeon
Callaghan McKeon 15 gün önce
Rajat Raichandel
Rajat Raichandel 15 gün önce
Literally No one: Seriously No one: Hawkeye: I am so unlucky She is dead and still got her solo movie
FilmThemesAndScenes 15 gün önce
When you realise Thanos is still alive in this movie. 😮
NiceOne 15 gün önce
Natasha's sister is beautiful :)
Spider-Man 16 gün önce
This reminds me of Street Fighter's Shadaloo Dolls.
Gaming Xplosions
Gaming Xplosions 16 gün önce
I like that you can tell Taskmaster has copied her moves by the way they both get up and land the same pose. Her reaction to that is great as well
Chesley Sobrepena
Chesley Sobrepena 16 gün önce
Russian Avengers.
Анна Скрябина
Анна Скрябина 16 gün önce
OMG Someone know the name of background song,pls? The trailer is the most wonderful in the MCU
3SKHP 16 gün önce
Hey guys I am from the future Here is a spoiler:Black widow dies.😁
Yomna Jiroudi
Yomna Jiroudi 16 gün önce
Dude I think she's alive or something , because she NEVER did her hair like that until endgame , like in civil war she had the normal hair and then in infinity war she had the blonde hair and in endgame she started doing the braids and now her hair is braided again??? Sorry but I think she's alive lol
Mister Widow
Mister Widow 7 gün önce
This is a great example of overthinking things.
Yomna Jiroudi
Yomna Jiroudi 11 gün önce
@Tamjeed Ahmad yup
Tamjeed Ahmad
Tamjeed Ahmad 11 gün önce
0:14 she hold something! Maybe pym particles which means she's on time travel
Yomna Jiroudi
Yomna Jiroudi 16 gün önce
Like she's not gonna do braids and then cut her hair and dye it blonde and then go back to braids like it doesn't make any sense BRUH
MARVE 17 gün önce
she is gorgeous! maybe enough already to go a widow, marry me)))
Jordy Jo
Jordy Jo 17 gün önce
This movie gives me captain America 2 vibes🤭🤭
Godzking Games
Godzking Games 17 gün önce
Stranger things: David harbour hates Alexi Black widow: David harbour becomes alexi
Chuck Boss
Chuck Boss 17 gün önce
I hope Task Master is Deadpool
Chuck Boss
Chuck Boss 17 gün önce
Looks like the best Marvel movie in a while
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez 17 gün önce
Like si es la cinta que mas esperas de 2020🤩
James Winny
James Winny 18 gün önce
I thought Natasha was cute and then I saw her sisters ughh
Will Stev
Will Stev 18 gün önce
wait a second , natasha holds hankpym particles?
FAKRI ALVARO 18 gün önce
who is mason?
Russell Ramos
Russell Ramos 18 gün önce
Imagine this movie having 3 villains but only use the persona of *Taskmaster* Act 1: Budapest ~ Clint aka Hawkeye Act 2: Bridge scene ~ Yelena aka Iron Maiden Act 3: Ice Mountain scene ~ Tony Master aka Taskmaster 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Russell Ramos
Russell Ramos 18 gün önce
"Who the hell is that guy?" I really hope Taskmaster's a *HE*
booptidyscoop 18 gün önce
0:42 the most useless am extension ever
Mister Widow
Mister Widow 8 gün önce
That shot looked terrible. The pose was pretty bad too.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 18 gün önce
0:14 is natasha holding pym particals Remember the red things they used to time travel with they look like those
Ayaan Sayyed
Ayaan Sayyed 19 gün önce
People: how did you get a movie Black widow: by jumping of a cliff
Daddy Steve
Daddy Steve 19 gün önce
Watch 0:13 at 0.25x. Mean while, I'll go and scream in the corner.
Daddy Steve
Daddy Steve 18 gün önce
@Tabulatelk15 you'll see something red in her hand that looks a lot like pym particle vials from Avengers Endgame
Tabulatelk15 18 gün önce
Darkman 19 gün önce
0:41 that look so bad hahaha, the stunts do all the job for these girls and they they always do the same awful pose and look up...
Mister Widow
Mister Widow 8 gün önce
Finally. Someone agrees with me.
Rjkz ,bkfy
Rjkz ,bkfy 19 gün önce
No one in comments discussing the film only Natasha dead jokes.
Keith Nayo
Keith Nayo 20 gün önce
Suraj Thakur
Suraj Thakur 20 gün önce
Waiting to see taskmaster
John Velazquez
John Velazquez 21 gün önce
Black Widow can't be dead. I doubt that she would have this great film between the finale of the infinity war films
Vinnie 21 gün önce
*Natasha fights Taskmaster* *Natasha sees Taskmaster's shield* Natasha: Steve? Taskmaster: who the hell's Steve
John Bleiler
John Bleiler 19 gün önce
Vinnie I’ve seen this comment already... stolen
Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor 21 gün önce
Still Hyped!great trailer intro music too.
Who Said Yes?
Who Said Yes? 22 gün önce
I hope we get a Black Widow trilogy, even if it ends up following Yelena and we get flashbacks of Natasha...
Muslim Bale
Muslim Bale 22 gün önce
Task master = power ranger
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