Matthew Wolff shoots 8-under 64 | Round 3 | Rocket Mortgage Classic 2020

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In the third round of the 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic, Matthew Wolff turned in an 8-under 64, getting him to 19-under for the tournament, good enough for a three-stroke lead over the field heading into Sunday.

The PGA TOUR’s Return to Golf continues with the Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club. It’s the second iteration of the event after 2019’s debut which saw Nate Lashley scoop the title. Lashley returns alongside stars such as Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau, Bubba Watson, Hideki Matsuyama, Patrick Reed and FedExCup leader Webb Simpson. Who will come out on top?

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Dan Downing
Dan Downing Aylar önce
Lots of golfers could learn from Wolff. Stop copying your favorite player and start getting in touch with what YOUR shots are ... then MAXXXXX those with a coach.
Joseph Shea
Joseph Shea Aylar önce
Great golfer but a Nike shirt with a TaylorMade cap, cmon bro!
BrushyMtnGolfer Aylar önce
4 minutes of highlights and not one damn DRIVER swing. Fire everyone!
Han J. Rhee
Han J. Rhee Aylar önce
Heard what? lol
PHX2PDX Aylar önce
Golf is better this way. I need to hear the ball compression when it gets pured
Scotty Williams
Scotty Williams Aylar önce
Looks better than dechambues swing by miles. He ain't no DJ though. Not even close to rory, but better than decambue.
Kristoffer Mollberg
Kristoffer Mollberg Aylar önce
Incredibly inconsistent volume on the different clips. One is low so you have to turn it up, the next one screams in your ears. Same thing with Bryson's highlights.
Lemon Devil
Lemon Devil Aylar önce
show more drives pls
Juan Ruiz Art
Juan Ruiz Art Aylar önce
What a quirky swing but if you can putt, you can win.
Nick Wilke
Nick Wilke Aylar önce
"This is gonna be a very difficult up and down" >Doesn't show the chip, and just shows a low angle of the putt so you get none of the actual length. You guys really need new editors. It's not that hard.
van c
van c Aylar önce
@Nick Wilke well the issues you just described sound like a tough job to be honest. I'm willing to admit i'm not answering the call to fix the problem you describe. You bring good ideas to the table; but, i think your expectations are unrealistic. Executing what you want takes money, time, dedication. If you have the skills and desire to do the job... get at it. The PGA is operating during a pandemic. I doubt allocating resources to make youtube commenters happy is part of their business model at the moment.
Nick Wilke
Nick Wilke Aylar önce
@van c I mean, yeah sure for that single shot, but the videos on this channel are consistently poorly edited (pauses at the beginning and end of videos, commentary not matching up with the video well, etc). I don't want to pay for the terrible streaming service PGA provides, and I don't have cable, so this is the only way I get to see pro golf at the moment.
van c
van c Aylar önce
he wasn't leading at the time... so... maybe the coverage switched to someone else? I don't want to be the video editor that has to look at all the footage from every camera to add another 10 seconds/a better angle lol it's free content and given the speed at which they put them out i think we should be more grateful... you also didn't ask my opinion so sorry for the novel :)
el diablo el diblo
el diablo el diblo Aylar önce
Is winner
On the Fringe Golf
On the Fringe Golf Aylar önce
We may need to try his hip opening swing start. Hopefully we don't throw our backs out in the process 🤣🤣🤣
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker Aylar önce
Golf needs Outliers like the Wolffman, he is twice as entertaining as the other no-personality robots out on tour!
Joel Driver
Joel Driver Aylar önce
Truly amazing that he gets that swing to work and hits the ball straight. It just goes to show there's a ton of different ways to take the club to the top of your backswing but the only thing that matters is where you are coming down into the ball every time. He's somehow able to flatten his plane out and comes into the ball very shallow which is a powerful way to hit it.
Sajjaad Francis
Sajjaad Francis Aylar önce
Ugliest swing I've ever seen lol
Sajjaad Francis
Sajjaad Francis Aylar önce
@Xintai Ao wonder what his left nut swing looks like, oh gosh
Xintai Ao
Xintai Ao Aylar önce
bet he could beat you with his left nut
KrypTeK Aylar önce
I’m so confused by this guy. Normal bunker swing but whatever that swing is with everything else. Like why? It works for him but I just don’t get it lmao. But hey I’m a 80+ golfer so who am I to talk
Martin Lee
Martin Lee Aylar önce
His putter was on fire
Nicholas Dale
Nicholas Dale Aylar önce
Can we get a wolfie talk... where we can here all his sarcasm and talk
Will Aylar önce
Such a great dude
K&A Studios
K&A Studios Aylar önce
Showing Wolff holding a driver in the thumbnail and then showing zero drivers in the highlights....
K&A Studios
K&A Studios Aylar önce
@Matt Cassie Well of course that is why he played well, but ya for show still makes for good SHOW, yeah? lol
Matt Cassie
Matt Cassie Aylar önce
This round was clearly all about his command of the wedge game and how he took advantage with the putter. Something about driving for show...
Bax Mrackney
Bax Mrackney Aylar önce
This guy is so cool to watch
jonathan wright
jonathan wright Aylar önce
I like his swing but that leg twitch he does every time before a shot looks very weird.
Kyle Ayres
Kyle Ayres Aylar önce
His coach taught him to quickly practice his contact position to remind him what he needs to do at contact. Looks weird but probably effective
Martin Lee
Martin Lee Aylar önce
I think he's practicing his hip turn
Lawrence MacDonald
Lawrence MacDonald Aylar önce
And not a bulk up like robot and pounds the ball.
judd liliha
judd liliha Aylar önce
putter is hot!!!
15cu honda
15cu honda Aylar önce
Wolf is great . gg doesn't know how to teach.
LOT4 Aylar önce
I absolutely love this guys swing, so unconventional yet so effective
Icardi Breezer
Icardi Breezer Aylar önce
Backed him £5 e/w last week and he did nothing. 125/1 going in to this tournament and I didn't touch him. Gutted.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Aylar önce
윤희준 Aylar önce
all that tempo
DanielSong39 Aylar önce
Jim Furyk swing
Patrick Li
Patrick Li Aylar önce
Swing your swing...and then look for your ball in the woods
mike i
mike i Aylar önce
I like his golf shimmy
Craig King
Craig King Aylar önce
That's a swing and a half 😎 brilliant stuff I could watch Matthew Wolf all day.
Jak Bayano
Jak Bayano Aylar önce
At first when I saw his pre routine shot, I thought ok, it is cute. But now it is getting to be so annoying. But it is working for him so there u go lol
TheLittleNinja Aylar önce
Jak Bayano same
James C
James C Aylar önce
He has got a lovely swing
DanielSong39 Aylar önce
Jim Furyk agrees
TheLittleNinja Aylar önce
James C yeah it’s a bit unusual but if he is hitting it well he can do what he wants
Samhark17 Aylar önce
The vid was posted 5 secs ago how are there comments from 7 minutes ago
TheLittleNinja Aylar önce
Samhark17 that’s weird
Samhark17 Aylar önce
TheLittleNinja I have notis on I clicked on it 5 seconds after it was posted
TheLittleNinja Aylar önce
Samhark17 you clicked on it 7minutes after it popped up on your recommended
Joe Gibbs
Joe Gibbs Aylar önce
He got a 🍑
Hitting It Solid Golf
Hitting It Solid Golf Aylar önce
The Wolff man is providing everyone wrong who said he couldn't win or compete on tour with his golf swing. He's got power and a great short game to match so is more than holding his own.
Benson Rufus
Benson Rufus Aylar önce
Moe Syzlak
Moe Syzlak Aylar önce
@Hitting It Solid Golf ...and will have another win in less 24hrs
Hitting It Solid Golf
Hitting It Solid Golf Aylar önce
@Tyler Josephson He won the PGA Tour 3M Open at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota last year at his 3rd professional start
Benson Rufus uhmmm do you???
Tyler Josephson
Tyler Josephson Aylar önce
What has he won exactly?
Liam Adventures
Liam Adventures Aylar önce
James R OBoyle
James R OBoyle Aylar önce
Nobody cares
TheLittleNinja Aylar önce
Liam Adventures ok boomer
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