Microsoft Surface Go 2 Review: The best midrange 2-in-1 Tablet PC

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

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You can buy the Microsoft Surface Go 2 here! This affiliate link helps to support my channel!:
Microsoft improves the Surface Go 2 in every way from the original Go and brings a compelling ultra-portable 2-in-1 Tablet PC. A bigger screen, faster processor and better battery life is a winning formula for the Surface Go 2.
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FULL DISCLOSURE: Microsoft sent me a Surface Go 2 w/ an Intel Core M3, 8GB RAM, and a 128GB SSD hard drive for the purpose of this review.
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R K 4 gün önce
Keep in mind there are always sales. I purchased a SG2 with 8 ram, 128 ssd, and Pentium Gold processor for only $389. Didn't need a keyboard (have a Bluetooth one) and already own a Surface Pen. SG2 is great for notetaking, Microsoft Office apps, and web browsing. Best of all, the battery lasted over 12 hours of continuous TRwomen viewing...
andyH_England 9 gün önce
A bit bias this review. If you compare with the latest iPad Pro 11 in the UK, I can get that for £100 more than the equivalent Surface Go 2! So instead of comparing to the lowest-performing iPad that by the way, you can get for far cheaper than the price the influencer listed, compare it to the most expensive, as you are comparing like with like, best -v- best, rather than trying to make the Surface Go 2 look good for whatever reason! So a fair comparison this review fails, but in the real world, it is a case of what you want to use the device for. If it is a primary tablet experience then the iPad is by far the best choice. If it is for basic laptop use, and the Go 2 is really not up for much more than that, then again, win for the iPad. Really the only reason not to buy the iPad over the Go 2 is if you are anti-Apple and will avoid them even if you are going to get a worse device. Then I would think about a Chromebook or wait for the many Chrome tablets coming. These will be far more powerful and better in most respects. The Go 2 is strictly for the MS fandom but hopefully, MS will eventually turn it into something that is not as tough a buy as the Go 2.
Paula Murrien
Paula Murrien 11 gün önce
Great review! New subbie.
Shawn Redwood
Shawn Redwood 15 gün önce
A great review! I have the first Surface Go. I will see about upgrading should there be a Surface Go 3. Keep up the great work!
tubetop123 28 gün önce
I have the surface pro, The biggest problem is the screen is so low compared to your eye level. So you have to look down so much and your neck is looking down it is not ergonomically designed. Just look at how far The distance is from Brian's eyes to the top of the surface screen
PumpkinHead 25
PumpkinHead 25 Aylar önce
Great review Brian, love your enthusiasm and as much as an apple fan boy that I am I wish your channel featured more through android or windows/Microsoft content, you just got yourself a new subscriber
Lord Adams
Lord Adams Aylar önce
Nice polo shirt
Figma reviews
Figma reviews Aylar önce
I have the first Surface Go, do you know if the Type cover is interchangeable between the Go and Go 2?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Yes, they are!
Mackenzie Kang
Mackenzie Kang Aylar önce
what’s the difference between the surface pro (4, specifically) and the surface go? (besides the size). can the surface go support heavy PC programs like excel and word?
Lark Kenway
Lark Kenway 20 gün önce
Excel and Word are heavy? 😂😂😂 Definitely not! The surface go can handle them just fine. The pro is better for actually heavy programs like photoshop etc.
gemini geek1
gemini geek1 Aylar önce
Microsoft Surface Go 2 for me ❤️
Max Robespierre
Max Robespierre Aylar önce
Why doesn’t anyone ever say that Microsoft product designs are getting “long in the tooth”. This sane basic design has been around for nearly a decade.
Francesco Varrato
Francesco Varrato Aylar önce
The biggest competitor is any 2-in-1 Chromebook. That's where the market is shifting now. Apple sheeps will continue with Apple products anyway.
Dr. Sam's Health
Dr. Sam's Health Aylar önce
I just got one myself - it's nice on paper, but it lags here and there, instant on is far from instant, and it only lasts 3 hours or so when watching youtube and videoconferencing. Not too useful.
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Aylar önce
I’m still waiting for the MacBooks to come with a 1080p camera.
Emperor Maximilian The Great
Emperor Maximilian The Great Aylar önce
Would you rather recommend the Alcantara keyboard or the classic? Money does not play a role, though I love saving it😅
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen Aylar önce
Emperor Maximilian The Great the black alacantara. The other ones though 30 dollars more are only different in colour.
252Scooby Aylar önce
Please tell me that the magnetic pen also goes on the right , because most of the world is right handed
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Yes it connects on both sides!
TheMightyHarihar Aylar önce
# Applekiller
josher14 Aylar önce
Nice review.. im a surface gaming nerd and ran Fortnite on the core m3 go 2 as well as a few others already if you're curious there's a vid on my channel
julius mesa
julius mesa Aylar önce
Can i order it from philippines?
Chait anya
Chait anya Aylar önce
Right on review. If want a consumption device then ipad is way to go. But want a portable full blown PC Surface Go 2
Fly Guy
Fly Guy Aylar önce
Always Great Reviews Brian!!!. Your professional and we TRUST YOU!👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
Paul Imisi
Paul Imisi Aylar önce
Your best review so far Brian
Dabaydestrian Aylar önce
i'll stick to my ipad
CsawIvu Aylar önce
Opinion Time: From an OS prospective, MS is a joke, perhaps when they actually drop that ancient and non-secure "loadItAll" kernel model, and deploy the MS Linux kernel (coming soon!!), they might be worth consideration.
Howard T_Duck
Howard T_Duck Aylar önce
Finally - a not so Apple review!
Dwight Nishimura
Dwight Nishimura Aylar önce
Good review on the Surf Go 2.
snakerb Aylar önce
You hear that Apple? 1080P webcam! In a SURFACE!!!!! Fix that in the damn Mac already, it’s 2020.
i fratelli mitra
i fratelli mitra Aylar önce
how is it in Google Chrome specially in google meets my son use google meets in home school...
i fratelli mitra
i fratelli mitra Aylar önce
how is it in Google Chrome specially in google meets my son use google meets in home school...
Simon Hodgkiss
Simon Hodgkiss Aylar önce
I loveeee this tuneee at the end - I remember it from the "Feel Good - Live Streams"
Sean LaPlante
Sean LaPlante Aylar önce
Just found your channel. Like the energy in your reviews
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Thanks for watching Sean!
Foster R Brown
Foster R Brown Aylar önce
Great review. This device would be great for me since I am not a power user. I can connect it to my big screen TV and use my Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard when working with Office 366 and checking emails. Adding it to my wish list.
Tony C
Tony C Aylar önce
I have a note 10+, if I want Android apps I'll use them on that huge screen.
Hito157 Aylar önce
Quality of life improvements, that’s a good...surface!
C Me
C Me Aylar önce
I had the Go 1. Traded it for a Tab S3 simply because of the App Gap.
C Me
C Me Aylar önce
I love the Type Cover, but its size or key spacing could be improved.
C Me
C Me Aylar önce
You nailed the #1 issue with All Windows PCs. APP GAP that is only going to get bigger.
C Me
C Me Aylar önce
And the #1 complaint... That CPU. Intel Gold is more like Intel Tin. That's a Bad... Surface :( I love the Surface Go and would love to see a better CPU.
Hamza's Trash
Hamza's Trash Aylar önce
Better model is m3
C Me
C Me Aylar önce
Tbh, those bezels are still way too big. I was expecting closer to bezel less, not just slightly less bezel.
Francesco Barbaro
Francesco Barbaro 4 gün önce
Like any tablet, it's touchscreen and you need a bit of bezels for grabbing it without touching things you shouldn't touch.
C Me
C Me Aylar önce
That's a Good... Surface!
freakendiego_805 Aylar önce
Can you use Bluetooth mouse and keyboards?
Connie B
Connie B Aylar önce
Yes, check out the Microsoft Arc Mouse. It stores flat when not in use and for transport. To turn it on and use it, you snap it into an arc and it is good to go. Pairs beautifully with the surface go or pro. Surface Go and arc mouse are superb for travel and when you don't want to lug around a larger, heavier device. I have the LTE model from last year - can install a SIM card for when no access to Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi is sketchy. It was perfect for my travel needs.
Jeff Robins
Jeff Robins Aylar önce
Now that's one smooth surface.
billy fatbowe
billy fatbowe Aylar önce
….Tonga Wonga Bonga....OK......Thumbs UP...…;;-),,,,,
Ariel Caballero
Ariel Caballero Aylar önce
Quick question, seems you had installed the Epic game launcher, do you have also installed Unreal Engine 4? And if so, how does it feel? I know is not a huge powerhouse but I wanna know if you can do some light game development on it
Nintendo Academy
Nintendo Academy Aylar önce
This is where XCloud comes in. Hopefully we have a future where storage won't a factor when it comes to gaming. Good Vid Brian!
John Eusebio
John Eusebio Aylar önce
Just found out you're still doing your thing. Glad you branched away from CNET
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
John! Thanks for finding me bro! All it took was for me to do a Surface video :)
L Rolfzen
L Rolfzen Aylar önce
Great review and comparison with the iPad. This device looks nice and would be good for traveling and or some school work but not what most people would expect it to really be.
Authan65 Aylar önce
Too weak
hunyango Aylar önce
After having the imac for 5 years, i think i am sticking with apple... after with windows from 1998 to 2019... there is a big difference about the performance of windows to apple. After few years of using imac, it holds the performance compare to windows computers. The longer you use the windows computers the more it lags through the years, imac is just like same performance when we bought it... i would like to stick with apple.
Apple Pi
Apple Pi Aylar önce
This is not a tablet, this is a very *very* underpowered laptop that doesn't come with its keyboard and, like all laptops, isn't very touch-optimised. I think your review might be a bit biased because of the model you have, the Pentium model that Max Tech used was lagging just doing basic tasks and the browser was performing significantly worse than Safari, plus the price of yours pushes it much more towards the high end e.g. 2018 iPad Pro which will be, not only *much* faster and a better tablet, it may be getting more support for non-app store apps with iPadOS 14. Honestly, if you want something that costs around this much just get an iPad if it will work for what you need or a real laptop if it won't, either would be more powerful and just better in most ways. Apologies for the rant.
Ashton Nile
Ashton Nile Aylar önce
That looks incredibly choppy
Lark Kenway
Lark Kenway 20 gün önce
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez Aylar önce
It looks noice... but that TV behind you is noicer.
Cesar Guevara
Cesar Guevara Aylar önce
Did they fix the pen?. I ended up going with the Galaxy book 12 the last time because the pen was too heavy and the job too brittle and expensive.
topher lyeung
topher lyeung Aylar önce
hi brian! hope you could sponsor us this tablet here in our public school in the philippines. this tablet would really be a great tool in addressing contactless classes to our students this time of pandemic. more power!
Marshmallow Puff
Marshmallow Puff Aylar önce
Imagine if you couldd dual boot ios and Mac os on an ipad 🤣🤣
makasete30 Aylar önce
Hopefully it would be better than the surface manages as a hybrid. I’ve always been really disappointed using the surface pro at my work. The iPad is a much better tablet than the surface pro, and Mac is a better desktop. The iPad is doing fine and for me I prefer having a tablet that works well and compliments with my Mac than just a hybrid. It works for some, but the reason iPad sells more is that what it does, it does very well.
Xavier Zymantas
Xavier Zymantas Aylar önce
I’ve done several reviews of the first generation Surface Go, and it was really a Surface No. :: The base model of the Go 2, with the Pentium Gold processor and eMMC storage remains a No, I can’t safely recommend it to anyone. The Core m3 version is better, but still not good enough in my view. :: I think it is very telling that in Microsoft’s own product video, they show children using the Go 2, even though they try to position it as a productivity device.
Xavier Zymantas
Xavier Zymantas Aylar önce
Apple Pi :: That’s doing a disservice to toast.
Apple Pi
Apple Pi Aylar önce
Exactly my thoughts, nothing should have that Pentium processor, except maybe a toaster.
drifter4training Aylar önce
I'm still using the surface tablet with Intel atom x7 from 2015.. it's showing its age.. it's a nice upgrade to surface go 2 with M3 CPU..
rokko Aylar önce
Windows is terrible for touchscreen device. Also, windows 10 sucks in general. The OS should not take 30GB and eat 4GB ram on its own. Ridiculous. If this thing ran windows 98 or XP I'd buy it.
shon Aylar önce
You’re comparing some stupid iPad to something that runs desktop programs
shon Aylar önce
iPad is garbage period
makasete30 Aylar önce
The iPad is a much much better tablet than this. There are also more optimised apps. Your comment is very very stupid and I’m glad no one has liked it yet.
Apple Pi
Apple Pi Aylar önce
That "some stupid iPad" is much more powerful than this laptop and runs equivalent apps far more smoothly, so how well do you think the Surface Go will run actual desktop apps? Spoiler warning, not well.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
You sound upset. Did you even listen to the comparison? It's for perspective. It always comes down to what you prioritize
rokko Aylar önce
One runs mobile apps really well, the other can barely run desktop apps...
Paul Keating
Paul Keating Aylar önce
I wonder how many of these they’ll actually sell... With WiFi 6 I’m sure it will fly out the door because by the time W6 becomes ubiquitous, this thing will be just hitting its stride. Good enthusiasm though, Brian. That was some real effort you put in there bud, how many laughter outtakes I wonder. 🤣
JAG Aylar önce
🔥 💻 Surface Go 2 💻 🔥
Nik_CCC Aylar önce
Great review, but what was your personal experience regarding battery life?
Angelo Villones
Angelo Villones Aylar önce
Back then, getting a Surface over an iPad would be a smarter decision because it can be used as a better productivity device. But with the iPad gaining much more functionality like external drive support, desktop Safari and full keyboard and mouse support, the productivity gap has closed to a point where you can’t really go wrong with choosing either for productivity tasks. But since the iPad still retains its title as the better tablet and better content consumption device, for once the iPad appears to be the smarter option. That is my opinion though. There are people who will never be satisfied with the iPad, and to those people, the Surface Go is a great option.
Nik_CCC Aylar önce
As usual, it depends on what you need to do. I agree that for a lot of people, the base ipad (and maybe add a cheap keyboard/mouse) may be the only computer they need. But for those who need desktop programs (eg MS Office), then this might be a better fit. Microsoft intended this to compete with Chromebooks and ipads (esp for schools/kids), and it has become their best selling Surface device.
M W Aylar önce
Angelo Villones In a comparison between the surface Go and the base iPad, I'd go for the Ipad.... however, at the Pro" level the Surface is a much better long term investment than ANY iPad "Pro"
Denis Aylar önce
When I see this and the iPad Pro type really feels like Apple tried really hard to not make the same and ended up with a Frankenstein monster of a solution.
Joel Landén
Joel Landén Aylar önce
So true!
Felix Five
Felix Five Aylar önce
I love this form factor, look and feel, expansion etc. the only downside is that it comes with Windows...
Apple Pi
Apple Pi Aylar önce
Also the Intel processor is severely limiting it.
Denis Aylar önce
Felix Five completely with you.
Jim Cheseborough
Jim Cheseborough Aylar önce
Is it Retina or not? Dealbreaker if not - DUH
Digitalguy Aylar önce
you don't even know what retina is...
Apple Pi
Apple Pi Aylar önce
Yeah, it's funny how when Apple makes a "low resolution" phone at 750p, it's the first thing everyone wants to complain about, but when Microsoft makes a laptop that you can actually see the pixels on, everything is unbridled praise.
Jim Cheseborough
Jim Cheseborough Aylar önce
OK, I looked it up 217 PPI. That's retarded. Retina came out in 2010? My damn ipad 3 is way sharper. Fk this.
Hector Ruiz
Hector Ruiz Aylar önce
It looks gorgeous! 😍
GerardPedrico Aylar önce
Windows Surface Go is all about office working on the go... on two legs
GerardPedrico Aylar önce
Nice MS Power Point Presentation tool and good tool for stand exhibitors who are being approached by exhibition visitors. It is more of "sales person's handy tool" and even more. Very good for exhibitors doing sales presentations and talking to would-be customers who are exhibition visitors. Windows 10 OS is more of a office working environment on the go.
Jiffer Aylar önce
This is how I see it. It doesn’t have iPad apps and it can nearly run windows apps ... soooooo paperweight
Francesco Barbaro
Francesco Barbaro 4 gün önce
@Apple Pi yes, but it still is a 10" laptop. If portability is your main priority, in order to do quick pc things on the go, it's your thing. I don't understand why people expect a workstation in tablet size for under 600$... Guys, we need to be realistic!
Apple Pi
Apple Pi Aylar önce
Exactly, it's a really bad tablet and barely a laptop.
Jiffer Aylar önce
But Brian..... it’s not an iPad !
Chad Lynch
Chad Lynch Aylar önce
Give us more Microsoft content, King Tong!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Incoming trust me! Working on it!
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