Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review: The best 2-in-1 Tablet PC gets USB-C

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

8 aylar önce

You can buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 here! This affiliate link helps to support my channel as well:
Microsoft still has the best 2-in-1 Tablet PC with the Surface Pro 7 that finally brings everything you've wanted in the Surface Pro...except it takes a hit in battery life.
Thanks for watching! You can support my independent content at THANK YOU!
FULL DISCLOSURE: Microsoft sent me a Surface Pro 7 Intel Core i5 w/ 8GB RAM and a 256 GB hard drive for the purpose of this review
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BluD 8 gün önce
The battery life isnt as bad as everyone thinks when comparing from the 6. They changed the way they tested battery life between generations also the 7 is way more powerful so its fair to expect battery life won't go up when keeping the same body size.
03chrisv Aylar önce
People complaining about thick bezels, but it's like what are you going to hold onto if we keep shrinking them? Havimg super thin bezels can cause unwanted screen inputs if you're having to hold the tablet by the actual screen. Sacrificing functionality for "better" aesthetics is a little silly.
Erick Uncool
Erick Uncool 2 aylar önce
The lack of a thin bezel kills it for me loved my surface pro 3 i7
rubyradi 3 aylar önce
What is good for a studying and Netflix and some simple games pro 6 or 7?
BGC Go 4 aylar önce
PROBLEM: Can you use a Surface Pro 6 charger (adaptor) to charge a Surface Pro 7??? I used my friends 6 charger yesterday and today my Surface pro won't open at all. However it worked in between last night when I switched back to using the original charger... PLEASE HELP?! I'm a master's student and all my files and work are saved in there =(((
Charles Lassiter
Charles Lassiter 4 aylar önce
I don't know why people keep crying about the little less battery-life on this thing. Just get a very good portable battery charger, simple. Alright, I'll admit you will have to deal with carrying around the extra weight but... hey....
Johnny Walsh
Johnny Walsh 6 aylar önce
bezels are gross
Liam Nash
Liam Nash 6 aylar önce
What does it mean by 'A firmware update has been released to help improve battery life'? Does it mean we just need to download it from Windows 10 update?
Keith Ian
Keith Ian 7 aylar önce
OK, I'm going to hit subscribe because I still remember how you compared the Apple ear pods to that scene from Something About Mary, one of my most memorable and funny preview clips of all time lol. Hopefully you continue to branch out and focus equally on Windows, Chromebooks, etc with similar machines like the HP Spectre 360, Lenovo C940, Dell XPS 2&1, and the upcoming Samsung Book Flex 2&1.
Jenso 7 aylar önce
I prefer the thicker bezels because it gives you a safe place to grab onto to avoid accidental taps. It also frames the screen better. I'm not sure why there is this drive for thinner bezels.
Crystalchaos 7 aylar önce
The price always my biggest problem with these Surface products. If you are speccing it all the way up to $2200 you should really consider whether the pen or a detachable keyboard is worth it to you because you are in high end laptop country at this point. Apple just came out with a 16 inch Macbook Pro that is (finally) a pretty respectable machine at $2400. Sure you'll get less space at 512GB; but its still an x86 chip and you can run full blown windows on it (if you want) and the graphics will smoke the Surface all day every day.
R K 2 aylar önce
@Crystalchaos Are you an iTroll? No one who hates iPads would recommend one over a Surface Pro 7. iPads aren't computers, their big iPhones. This is why children, students, and housewives buy iPads. Surface Pros, on the other hand, are computers. This is why private businesses, government, and working professionals buy them (editing photos/videos for TRwomen is not a profession).
Crystalchaos 7 aylar önce
@Sherlin Philip Well I mean You COULD go with a Surface laptop 3 too but my argument comes mostly from the higher end pricing. Even if you spec out a Surface laptop; that newly released Macbook Pro is going to mop the floor with it. There are better ways to spend over $2000. The price/performance ratio is pretty abysmal with this whole line. There are some amazing alternatives near the top and it just feels like a disservice to sweep that under the rug. Now if you NEED that pen input in a Windows environment I guess you are screwed. Otherwise I'd just get an iPad Pro and let's be clear here- I hate iPads. Maybe I miss the point of the Surface Pro line; not all use cases are the same. I certainly haven't been able to tell people a Macbook Pro is a viable or cost effective option for years....that's for sure.
Sherlin Philip
Sherlin Philip 7 aylar önce
Kevin Sands so you are comparing Surface pro 7 with MacBook pro. Do you aware about Surface Laptop 3 ?
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 8 aylar önce
I don’t know should I buy the pro 7 or wait for pro 8 hoping it gets redesigned like the pro x
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 6 aylar önce
Goku Godly Everyone has their preferences, I bought surface Pro7 I think it’s a better deal here is why: 1. i7 16GB Ram and 256 GB memory can outperform the ARM device in every way. 2. The price of surface pro X is insanely expensive for a device that has a lot of limitations. 3. Pro7 has expandable storage 4. Pro 7 has many options for keyboard and pen 5. Pro7 has headphone Jack 6. Pro 7 has standard USB and USB C 7. Pro 7 has the ability to Run any 64 Bit Apps unlike Pro X. 8. Can access WiFi anywhere using my Cell Phones as hotspot so I don’t need SIM card in my tablet. So now tell me how Pro X is much better Than Pro 7.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 6 aylar önce
Goku Godly as a matter of fact I have posted many comments stating why I decided to go with the Surface Pro 7 I’ll find one of them and paste them here.
Non Existance
Non Existance 6 aylar önce
Imagine the Surface Pro 8 with small bezels and will have no USB-A 3.0 and only USB-C and still no Thunderbolt yet I'll buy Surface Pro 7
LoveboxSE 8 aylar önce
How is the battery life after the firmware upgrade, that was released 22 of October?
HAZOX 8 aylar önce
You where the soul of CNET, and it really shows, you are one of the best reviewers out there rn
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the kind words! Just building up from here!
Alp 8 aylar önce
Well I'm switching from a Pro 4 so the battery life improvement is huge for me.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
shakeal huggins
shakeal huggins 8 aylar önce
These are amazing but I refuse to give up on MacBook until these have thunderbolt 3. Wtf man
BTICronox 8 aylar önce
1:55 that's wrong. Microsoft just changed the "maximum battery life" to a "typical battery life" measurement, which is pretty much like NEFZ vs WLTP on European cars :D
CD 8 aylar önce
Not according to real world metrics. Battery life sux on SP7.
SeanGo 8 aylar önce
Say, where’d you find your music?
M Latief
M Latief 8 aylar önce
Im waiting on surface pro x
HeadPack 8 aylar önce
Not much reason to get one of these then. Will wait for bigger screen and smaller bezels, plus good battery life again. This gen seems underwhelming, and the base storage is a joke.
Njoi Fontes
Njoi Fontes 8 aylar önce
Dude this review is very incomplete. You didnt mention at all any performance upgrades from last year (which are very significant, with the i5 from this year being faster than the i7 from last year!!!) and you didnt mention that that, although battery life has decreased, it now fast charges 80% in an hour.
KILLERKINGRAY57 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KILLERKINGRAY57 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 aylar önce
Can you used the keyboard from the x on the pro 7
KILLERKINGRAY57 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KILLERKINGRAY57 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 aylar önce
@Carl Peach oh thanks that helps me with my purchase with either x or pro 7 I more likely go with 7 since screen size my look amazing on x but tbh for me the size of 7 is big enough and watching content like yt and Netflix wont hav much affect with the x screen just more or bigger black bars which is shit
Carl Peach
Carl Peach 8 aylar önce
KILLERKINGRAY57 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly no
V O N THE D O N° 8 aylar önce
I love blue jelly fish
Hans Schroeder
Hans Schroeder 8 aylar önce
For the lower battery, someone probably called it out already, you do get fast charging. I believe 80% in an hour. Instead of 3 hrs for the pro 6, so I have read. The processor is suppose to process data some 2.3 times faster, plus the USB. I am on the fence myself pro7 vs pro 6 for the money as the pro 6 will drop in price. It's the fast charging that has my attention. I have a lot of non USB c devices still doing their job just fine. I would like a letter paper sized screen for note taking. Yep, I am old school note taking guy. Great video by the way. A great help in assessing the device.
Pete Oliva
Pete Oliva 8 aylar önce
I've used this for about a week for REAL work now, and I'm happy to say that while I do notice the battery draining faster, it still is more than acceptable enough to get things that I need to done. I never ran out before i had a chance to plug in again. Some people might wonder why I decided to upgrade if I had a SP6 already, but I'm telling you, it was the USB-C. It really is important enough for me. I am a teacher, and I use my Surface as my main computer to project things in class to the students, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, using it as a whiteboard, show instructional videos, etc. So it's basically on solid throughout the morning. And by my lunchtime, I would routinely be down to a bout 55-60 percent battery. Okay, fine. With my older Surface I was at about 75. But then, it was my lunch time. So when I went took my 30 minutes for lunch I would just plug it in and power it down. Well, guess what...this thing charges so FAST that just with my 30 minute lunch time I was back in the 90 percent power range, and one of the days I managed to get it back to 100 percent. That gave me more than enough power to make it through the rest of the day without plugging in and also to do some planning and other work after school. So while, yes, the lower battery life is a concern, the fact that it charges up so much faster than the previous Surface almost completely counters it for me, and I'm sure most people would be in the same experience that some time mid-day they'd be able to plug in for a little while and replenish it. Just wanted to share these details from a real-world user to help possibly put some people's concerns at east about the battery. Great video, though!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Great info here! Thanks for contributing here!
Mátyás Szaszkó
Mátyás Szaszkó 8 aylar önce
Very good review! I watch you to keep up with all the Apple content, but please do more videos on other devices. What do you think is the reason behind the worse battery life?
Blind Scuba diver
Blind Scuba diver 8 aylar önce
Great videos man but you forgot to say that it has quick charge from 0 to 80% in less than an hour. Both by USBC and the service connect. I totally agree though with the 3hour drop on battery.
Mizuno2005 8 aylar önce
Sounds like this is a “bad apple”!!! We have more negative feedback then positive. I’ll pass!
Joseph Miyashita
Joseph Miyashita 8 aylar önce
As someone who has lived under the Apple ecosystem, does it make sense for me to purchase this product? I love the idea and am inclined on buying but am also looking at the MacBook Air and Pro as other options.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
I would absolutely wait for the Surface Pro X, as am I to get my hands on it. One of the most exciting pieces of hardware from Microsoft. I’ve played with it for a little while but not long term.
ShaylaTheRat 8 aylar önce
Right now I’m currently trying to figure out if I should get the Surface Pro 7 or Surface Pro X, they both are almost the same price ($10 apart) because I was seeing how much they would cost with the accessories and storage I wanted. I’m mostly going to do art with them and maybe a little gaming.
ShaylaTheRat 8 aylar önce
Joseph Miyashita I have also lived with apple products for my whole life so far, I love Microsoft laptops, but usually for me it comes down to its price. MacBooks are $1,000+ and the Surface Pro 7 can be above $1,000 but it depends on if you buy accessories or want to have more storage, stuff like that.
Axel Omar
Axel Omar 8 aylar önce
Bro the battery life estimates are not that drastic, they changed the way they did the estimate. Microsoft used to do battery estimates based on media playback.
Axel Omar
Axel Omar 7 aylar önce
@CD I've had one for 4 days, it's not as good as the 15" Macbook I've been using, but it's not bad. You just have to be weary of the workload while you're on battery power.
CD 7 aylar önce
All reviews have said the battery life sux compared to 6. I just ordered the 7, I hope your right.
That 90's Guy
That 90's Guy 7 aylar önce
@CD that's wrong dude the battery life is just fine
CD 8 aylar önce
Bro all the real world tests show the battery life sux. Honestly Charlie Demerijan from SemiAccurate was on the money, Intels 10nm process is severly broken. The older 14nm processor not only gets better battery life, it also clocks a whole 1Ghz higher.
Orbmiser 8 aylar önce
Why are reviewers this round are saying drop in Battery Life. SP6 never did 13hrs. except in static video loop testing. Dozens' and Dozen's reported like me getting 8-9hrs. of real world use with SP6. Even tho Microsoft stated 13hrs. Another is the stated by reviewers is no Thunderbolt 3 for external GPU. How many users really use external GPU? 1%? 2%? 10%? of laptop users. Don't understand why that is always a criteria when so few actually use external GPU. The overwhelming majority do not! Even those with Thunderbolt 3!
CD 8 aylar önce
Real world the SP7 sucks for battery. Im hearing 5 hours at best in real world. The SP6 is way better for battery, and i think its all because intel have screwed up there 10nm process.
shakeal huggins
shakeal huggins 8 aylar önce
Essentially, if there was thunderbolt 3, I wouldn’t need a computer and a tablet, I’d just need the surface pro 7
shakeal huggins
shakeal huggins 8 aylar önce
Orbmiser I use thunderbolt 3. That’s the only reason I’m sticking to Apple. You can literally make an underpowered gpu run like a photo/video editing or gaming computer with one. Also thunderbolt 3 allows 4K display at 60hz.
Everardo Gonzalez
Everardo Gonzalez 8 aylar önce
USB-C= -2 hours battery life? Maybe that’s why the iPhone still has lightning? Lol. Do you think this product has plateaued and they’re keeping it as their entry to mid-level product and introducing other bigger and better? A-la Apple having off the shelf hardware they need to get rid of?
Cody Lapierre
Cody Lapierre 8 aylar önce
Should I get a Surface Pro 6 (big discount) or 7 (newest tech) this holiday season, using it mainly as a tablet that can remote into my main laptop for CAD as well as basic sketches and daily use ( I work as a mechanical engineer)
That 90's Guy
That 90's Guy 7 aylar önce
The Surface Pro 6 does not have a big discount where I live, the 7 has a discount it's $800 keyboard included for the I5 model
Malte L
Malte L 8 aylar önce
For my money the 7 just takes the cake with USB-C. I wouldn't ever get a new device w/out USB-C anymore. The versatility is just amazing. I am an engineering student btw.
Dal04c 8 aylar önce
Great stuff as always!
Darlin Lopez
Darlin Lopez 8 aylar önce
Keep up the hard work Love your videos bro
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Thanks for watching!
Mr Lol
Mr Lol 8 aylar önce
Love you and like your vids
McobraR 8 aylar önce
Battery life is not 3 hours less. They changed the way they measure it. 6 and prior were on a video loop, the new 7 is based on 'typical use'
McobraR 8 aylar önce
@cl yeh just read other reviews and it all seems mixed. Some are saying good, others saying bad.
cl 8 aylar önce
Not according to Brian. He said he was getting 3 hours less from normal use.
Retep Oaht
Retep Oaht 8 aylar önce
Wonder if MS gonna release surfacebook 3
Milot X
Milot X 8 aylar önce
that's a bad apple oh wait its Microsoft. is it Microsoft bite now.
Mr Heru
Mr Heru 8 aylar önce
Nah more like shiny Windows or Broken Windows 😊
Rensc 42
Rensc 42 8 aylar önce
Hi Brian, thank you for posting the review so quickly, I am in the market to purchase the Pro 7. What your review didn't touch on is what i would need the Surface Pro 7 for; - using excel checklists while i walk and check Quality at some factory (tablet mode), writing reports at a available desk (laptop mode) at a clients factory/shop/location as well as presenting results to management in PowerPoint. Basically a mobile office for guys that like me that work at any multiple locations. (Consultant). Would the Pro be the answer to me doing it fast, efficiently and without having to carry my freaking laptop, bag with all the accessories? Secondly I am happy with the battery life, from laptop is a huge upgrade and the fast charge (during lunch) sorts that issue...
Skie Gong
Skie Gong 8 aylar önce
Battery life dropped is perhaps due to the battery life judgement changed since Pro 7. At least hope so..
cl 8 aylar önce
Not according to Brian. He said battery life was 3 hours worse with his normal workload.
Joo 8 aylar önce
You mean measurement not judgment cause that's what I heard also.
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 8 aylar önce
Taking notes 📝
Bernard Amanortey Tettehfio
Bernard Amanortey Tettehfio 8 aylar önce
Hi can you do a video on i7 and fun noise ?
Tech In RL
Tech In RL 8 aylar önce
I have the Surface Pro 6 and it wasn’t all that good. I don’t imagine the 7 is much better. The problem with the Surface Pros is that it tries to double as a tablet and as a laptop, which means a bad experience in both modes. To keep the price to tablet-like, that means serious compromises. It has no dedicated graphics card, a mediocre CPU, and very little storage. I had to put a 512GB card to make it usable. As a tablet, it’s terrible, as the interface is still designed with controls too small for touch (Windows makes for a bad tablet OS) and a very, very jerky transition when going between tablet and desktop mode. As a laptop, it’s meh because of all the compromises. The keyboard is mandatory, unlike on an iPad Pro, but the keyboard isn’t included. Overall, I say it’s not worth it. You’re better off getting a $400 Windows laptop than this compromised product. The Surface Laptop sounds more interesting to me.
BagelMaster5000 8 aylar önce
Wait, since when did the Apple Byte guy start making reviews?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Since I started my own channel to do whatever I wanted to!
makasete30 8 aylar önce
Milot X lol- what a silly load of apple hate dude. Apple are killing it lately. Dominating in Bluetooth headphones. Dominating in smart watches. The iPhone is still the best selling model and latest model has received almost entirely positive reviews. Best tablet outselling rivals and two in ones like the surface pro. The MacBooks are pretty poor, due to keyboard, but surprisingly still selling well. And they are ditching the keyboard, it seems. Whatever way you look at it, apple is still far from sucking though. But apple haters like to fantasise I guess.
Milot X
Milot X 8 aylar önce
since apple sucks they have to make video's to survive
nima sasani
nima sasani 8 aylar önce
another great one
GKPtech 8 aylar önce
Hi Brian, do you know if Surface X supports massive apps, like adobe suit, CAD like applications even if just for quick look on the go? What type of OS will it be running? Full windows 10 with .exe file types? Thanks! Keep up the great work! ✌
Kev7n 8 aylar önce
Still doesn’t come with the keyboard inside the box 😩 maybe the Pro 8 will
Felix Nystrom
Felix Nystrom 8 aylar önce
Great review Brian! 😀
Ali Abidalkareem
Ali Abidalkareem 8 aylar önce
Gears of war 5 run on this firm factor? Thats really impressive.
Lawliet 8 aylar önce
best 2 in 1 out there
Divadisco 8 aylar önce
Hello, they say the new release of the Surface pro firmware will improve battery life. Did you test the device with this new update? Thanks for you video
Divadisco 8 aylar önce
@cl I dont know how they can, but they actually did... Perhaps some optimization or who knows what... Anyway, I'm curious about wether this improves battery life or not and, if it actually does, about how much hours/minutes more we can expect.
cl 8 aylar önce
How can they release new firmware to improve battery life? The 7 just came out. Didn't they already know battery life was much worse during product development?
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 8 aylar önce
I dont get it. My 5 years old 2014 surface pro 3 i5 came with a base storage of 128gb. 5 years later the surface pro 7 still comes with a base 128gb??? I aint upgrading with that kind of bs.
byJona Aylar önce
Honestly, it doesn't really matter. They try to get you "in the cloud" but also after installing all the software I use on a daily basis, I have over 50gb left. And then there's still the option for a micro SD which is cheaper than the upgrade from 128 to 256
shakeal huggins
shakeal huggins 8 aylar önce
And no ThunderboltTM 3
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 8 aylar önce
@cl ye the cost of ssd has gone down quite a bit since then. Ssd are now much cheaper than ever so by using that size they are increasing their profit margin.
cl 8 aylar önce
@2freeIvX "lots of port and sd slots"? There are only two usb ports and an sd slot. I don't think that's considered "lots".
2freeIvX 8 aylar önce
Luckily they go lots of port and sd slots.
Christian Blaze Blank
Christian Blaze Blank 8 aylar önce
Yo that scrolling was a bit choppy there at 3:43
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
The Xbox App was loading VERY slowly at that time.
Nintendo Academy
Nintendo Academy 8 aylar önce
Classic Michael Keaton Batman logo!! lol Great Review!
Jesús Daniel García
Jesús Daniel García 8 aylar önce
Apple releases new Mac... Brian: “The improvements are incremental, and that’s a bad Apple!!” Microsoft releases new Surface... Brian: “The improvements are incremental, and that’s not a bad thing”. Such a biased “reviewer”.
Henry Addy-Grigsby
Henry Addy-Grigsby 8 aylar önce
LOL I see your point. But to be fair I have an iPad and a surface pro 5 and I use my surface way more for productivity than my iPad Pro. The uses I have for the surface you can’t go wrong with it. But all the surface lineup should have had the screen size of the surface x.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
This is still the same best-in-class device, I criticized it fairly. I'm pretty sure i went in on its battery life. and really it's about the Surface Pro X coming next. This is no longer the top tier device and it's not trying to be.
jake liu
jake liu 8 aylar önce
I’m still waiting for my iPad able to do Mac OS like features. Like windows, run desktop app and games.
jake liu
jake liu 8 aylar önce
They kill the iPod by release the iPhone.
Richard Hills
Richard Hills 8 aylar önce
If apple do that that MacBooks will be dead so why would they do that
Jason W
Jason W 8 aylar önce
Tried the SP6 as a portable graphic design station. Flaming trash! Battery was so so, but 3 hours LESS for the SP7?? Hard pass.
CD 8 aylar önce
@BTICronox not from the reviews im seeing. I think Intel really screwed up the 10nm process just as semiaccurate reported on ages ago.
BTICronox 8 aylar önce
Different measurement from Microsoft since the 7. Probably lasts even longer.
JAG 8 aylar önce
andyH_England 8 aylar önce
It is about the only 2-in-1 convertible around at the moment as the form factor has pretty much failed. Windows in tablet mode is a pretty poor experience so really you buy this as a laptop just to be different as it is not great on your lap either. Add in the stupid price, £520 extra for an extra 8gb RAM and 128gb ROM in the UK and you have to love MS more than your money to buy one of these! I note the Surface line revenue fell 3% in the last quarter and they were doing a lot of discounts to move stock that was struggling to sell so the overall consensus is that the Surface Pro may be in its last year. The replacement maybe the SP X but that is even more expensive for less specs and lower power but we have yet to see if the latest Qualcomm can lift above the disappointment of recent efforts. I would say buy the Surface Laptop but that also looks underwhelming, especially the 15 inch version and again is price heavy compared to the competition. It is a hard buy in 2019 in Surface land.
andyH_England 8 aylar önce
VanMan 23 Yes agree. The Surface line has not been a success despite influencers and the MS crowd hyperbole. In fact despite their increase in variants, quarterly revenue remains stuck around $1b for many quarter-years. It can be concluded that this is a fandom Brand where the same small group of Microsoft supporters buy and regular upgrade but the product makes little inroads into new users, non-MS-fans that maybe try it and realise the Surface Pro is an expensive oddity. So despite the fake news that somehow MS make extraordinarily innovative devices, they are in fact creating stuff that very few of us want, as they put form over function and make you pay big for that pleasure!
VanMan 23
VanMan 23 8 aylar önce
andyH_England the Surface Pro, in my opinion, has always been a hard sell for me. It has a tablet form factor, but yet, it’s not good at being tablet because Windows 10 sucks at being a tablet and the device itself is more cumbersome to hold compared to other tablets like the iPad. As a laptop, it’s good, but not great because you have to pay extra for the keyboard, which is ridiculous because you need one for it to be useful. Also, using it on your lap is less comfortable compared to other laptops. Overall, there’s a reason why 2-in-1s are considered a gimmick in my opinion. It gives great demo which is why they sell well, but people end up only using the laptop portion of its functionality.
Hunter X Hunter
Hunter X Hunter 8 aylar önce
Microsoft knows Surface Pro X is their future bc Windows 10 is a legacy OS too old, and they need an new OS to compete with Chrome OS and IOS. I hate to tell people Arm is the future .🤷🏾‍♂️
Holly Hsieh
Holly Hsieh 8 aylar önce
i think the leg is the real future
Lucas Cp
Lucas Cp 8 aylar önce
Way better than the CNET review keep up the good work! You're awesome!
cl 8 aylar önce
Is he still with CNET? He was the only reviewer I liked on that site, but I stopped visiting it because of their unapologetic bias towards Apple. It was quite comical. They were as bad as BGR. Anyways, has anyone figured out why the 7 has much worse battery life than the 6? I thought the 10th generation Intel chips were more efficient compared to the 8th gen.
Everardo Gonzalez
Everardo Gonzalez 8 aylar önce
He doesn’t have CNET money tho but he does have patreon. You in? Lol
Lucas Cp
Lucas Cp 8 aylar önce
@Brian Tong thanks for bringing more contents. It's nice to see you extend your reviews around Google apple Microsoft. I would love to see a Prizefight 👊come back but I know it's a lot of work and you need others reviewers. Keep on doing what you're doing 👌
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and supporting! I'm trying!
W B 8 aylar önce
Surface pro 6s..
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Because...Surface Pro X!
dcny69 8 aylar önce
Have you walked by a Microsoft store?! Enough said 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
philovesarthz 8 aylar önce
Gears 5 on integrated graphics? What you smoking Brian?
Andy Haber
Andy Haber 8 aylar önce
One of the few is the surface book 2
philovesarthz 8 aylar önce
Brian Tong there’s not many 2in1 devices that can play AAA PC games. If people want some graphical performance then they need to get a laptop with a real GPU
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
I’m not smoking! It’s just the reality of what the device offers!
Lohengrin Zadie Clausell
Lohengrin Zadie Clausell 8 aylar önce
Everyone is asking for more battery and Microsoft and Google is giving you less like why don't they just listen to their customers?
CD 8 aylar önce
​@Andy Mees New Tech = Should have the same or better Battery life. Not worse. Intel screwed there 10nm process.
Andy Mees
Andy Mees 8 aylar önce
New tech = different expectations.
Harvey Specter
Harvey Specter 8 aylar önce
Life is this....... I like this""""""""""
Siddharth 8 aylar önce
Will you recommend it , that’s the question
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