MMA Community reacts to Usman vs Burns getting CANCELLED after Burns tests positive for CORONAVIRUS

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Dustin Poirier on Khabib Nurmagomedov,
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Max Holloway training for UFC 251 over Zoom,
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Fighters arrive in Abu Dhabi for UFC 251,

Reactions to Burns testing positive,

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Hotep Tiger
Hotep Tiger 26 gün önce
I love Amanda Ribas laugh
aspen 85
aspen 85 28 gün önce
You know who their gonna call Marty and it dam sure ain't Colby haha
Jose Soto
Jose Soto 28 gün önce
Colby is that annoying kid everyone ignores
bromista 28 gün önce
Ha ha ha .. Covington will be a memory in 2021. Masvidal will cream uzi-man into the canvas. Usman will be humbled, finally.
Cian Mattson
Cian Mattson 29 gün önce
Guess who they didn’t call
Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad 29 gün önce
Tell Amanda Ribas, I wanna ribas that bass.
kool kreeps
kool kreeps 29 gün önce
Oof colby thinking the ufc wanted a rematch
You Don't Need To Know Sh!t
You Don't Need To Know Sh!t 29 gün önce
Namajunas Lithuania with you !!!
J. Imler
J. Imler 29 gün önce
Corona virus is a Democrat hoax anyway.. I don’t believe it is anywhere near as bad as they say. For example, staff infection? We all have the staff on our skin but what causes it to get infected? Gilbert will be fine..
J. Imler
J. Imler 29 gün önce
Instead of the UFC spending $ on their own menus, first class flights, buying new clothes for each fighter and all corners ppl for each event... ETC!!! Pay the fighters!
Mr Debunker
Mr Debunker 29 gün önce
Covington gets beat down like a red headed step child and thinks he's getting the call. Bwahaha....
Tk Kenny
Tk Kenny 29 gün önce
Not GLASS JAW 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Armstrong
Jason Armstrong 29 gün önce
Yes it aint you its gamebread new champ then let us see your beating when masvidal breaks your face from the pictures it looks like coby is thinking 155 pound cus he aint ko any top fighter at 170 hey id say khabib walks round heavy than colby he may be thinking about dustin fight with there beef at the gym he beats dustin he goes straight to the top of the rankings i think colby is testing a 155 weight cut him vs dustin would sell
Sage Sarrazine
Sage Sarrazine 29 gün önce
Colby: you know who they're gonna call UFC: calls Jorge
chamel awari
chamel awari 29 gün önce
" I'm gonna change this " MMA is a respect sport Khabib Nurmagomedov ( habib noor Mohamad ov) Rest in Paradise Abdulmanap.
Bill Watson
Bill Watson 29 gün önce
enjoyed watching Thug Rose
Turin Horse
Turin Horse 29 gün önce
c'mon ROSE
rbjm hhrr
rbjm hhrr 29 gün önce
"You know who they are gonna call." Yea, Jorge. lmaoooo
black voice
black voice 29 gün önce
I wonder if Usman will give coby another shot. Usman had to earn that one but it was a phenomenal fight!
Sneeky Two
Sneeky Two 29 gün önce
Go Rose, Lietuva palaiko :)
Blake Spurlock
Blake Spurlock 29 gün önce
Thug rose really playing the part with that hood accent
Zachary Jaworsky
Zachary Jaworsky 29 gün önce
Pat Barry always finding a way to get in the video
J R 29 gün önce
Yea we do know and it won't be your boring ass Colby nick name Glass Chin
Mantas Dapkus
Mantas Dapkus 29 gün önce
No chance. Colby the loose jaw Covington. They are scared that you will lose your jaw the only part of your body that ever did any real work.
Danny Hurst
Danny Hurst 29 gün önce
who did they call Colby? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.............seriously though........BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
SvenSianez714 Aylar önce
I hope Jorge steps in. I don’t want Colby....
Sharrieff Vincent
Sharrieff Vincent Aylar önce
Im telling you man people who sat around and made fun of Covid ended up catching's crazy
Sharrieff Vincent
Sharrieff Vincent Aylar önce
0800 Pat Barry was thinking really hard about those PJ's fitting him lmao
J A Aylar önce
Colby rematch!!!!!
Dank Bank
Dank Bank Aylar önce
Yup Good ol gorge 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
blackpagan100 Aylar önce
Wonder if Burns is gutted that he missed that bad-ass flight?
kckman52 Aylar önce
got to love the rose
O.G Aylar önce
4:38 se sei italiano
G MinK
G MinK Aylar önce
Secret government goons infected Burns. Sponsored by the campaign to reelect Trump.
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez Aylar önce
Please call him he needs the rematch!
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi Aylar önce
burns vs usman just wasnt meant to be. not many people were THAT excited to see that. they have potential to make this card EVEN BETTER
Josh Dorfer
Josh Dorfer Aylar önce
Holloway all da way
How is it going with your president Colby CallThePolicevington?
How is it going for your president Colby?
Robert Rigert Jr.
Robert Rigert Jr. Aylar önce
Amanda Bines is HOT ..Where did she come from?
Max Moore
Max Moore Aylar önce
After losing the way he did the first time, I am not confident in Max winning saying no sparring and training over Zoom.
joe deez
joe deez Aylar önce
Colby: u know who they're gonna call....not me
jROKKSTER IZM Aylar önce
we all got some type of covid cause of flu shots and shit
MarSar Fishin'
MarSar Fishin' Aylar önce
The UFC has fighters take 2 Coronavirus antigen tests before a fight. He(Burns) did not test positive for Covid 19. He took an antigen test, so he may have tested positive for one of any number of corona virus strains, including strains that cause common colds. The antigen test is a test that shows if you had A(not THE) coronavirus, that your immune system created antigens for, and is currently fighting off, or has fought off already. At this very moment, BILLIONS of people have these antigens, because they fought off a cold or a flu resulting from a virus in the vast corona family.. This is why these numbers are through the roof right now, and it's shocking that no one is out there demanding that the truth be told about this. Here's a direct quote from the American Society of Microbiology's website( speaking about the Covid antigen tests.. "They can yield a false positive if antibodies to coronaviruses other than COVID-19 are present."... Meaning cold and flu viruses of the corona family... MOST of us are carrying these antigens in our bodies RIGHT NOW, just like every year. To sum this all up: There is absolutely no proof at this time, that Gilbert Burns is infected with Covid 19 SARS 2. He could EASILY just have a cold or flu. Do your damn homework on this shit.
John Youngblood
John Youngblood Aylar önce
Being in the air scares the shit out of me. I dont think it would matter if its first or last class. I made the mistake of thinking getting high would make me feel better about being on the plane.. no no no no no.. huge no no. I'm even more paranoid when I'm that kind of scared and high af. I handle it better sober. Not that I handle it great either way but it's quite a bit better sober. Meanwhile my girlfriend at the time was jumping up and down banging on the windows steady asking me to look.. I know were in the air. I am scared to death. Please just sit down and chill out. I wouldnt enjoy a massage or anything like that up there. I just wanna sit up straight and try not to pass out honestly.
John Youngblood
John Youngblood Aylar önce
Colby acts like hes looking forward to getting his jaw broken again. He got his ass whipped in that fight I dont know why hes talkin so much shit.. And I dont know what to think about Max not even training for this fight. But to be honest I dont see this rematch going any different anyways. Well since Max didnt train it might be a bit worse for him but I kinda see him losing either way. I hope not tho I really would like Max to win. I doubt it tho.
don't be a sheep in a mask
don't be a sheep in a mask Aylar önce
Pat must be a closet gay how TF can he smash that looking at the back of her head 😂
DaLeadBull Aylar önce
Instead of paying the fighters what they're worth, UFC is fooling them by flying them first class. haha
Aston Agar
Aston Agar Aylar önce
so blessed I am now able live my dream life all cause of this site here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-
This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians- Aylar önce
Thug Rose 🌹 Hype!
Blacattacsquadron Aylar önce
Burns had it when he fought Woodley. Just out the blue he has the virus?? Don't buy that at all.
Carlos Perdomo
Carlos Perdomo Aylar önce
No money for fighter pay. Yes money for stupid airplane? 🧐
Tchong Lee
Tchong Lee Aylar önce
still dont believe covid19 actually exist ...
Ivan c
Ivan c Aylar önce
We already saw that colby and usman did a hell of a fight now its time for Jorges turn
2020 is a garbage year. Just wake me up when it’s over.
Win or lose masdival stepped up. Pay him his fucking money Dana. Him and usman have to take 3 covid test plus the flights To Saudi Arabia. Step up ufc.
KinoTroikGames Aylar önce
I'm ngl Dustin is boring af to listen to 😂 "be yourself" bitch everyone acting fake af being so nice 😂
ReikoX7 Aylar önce
Holloway got to the same level as Ferguson :D. In the end minimalizing excesive stress on your body and maybe doing some ground work with a veteran like Max it could be a great idea. I'm really looking forward the fight :).
TheSilenc3 Aylar önce
So Holloway is going to lose, again
Jd Davis
Jd Davis Aylar önce
I could never bet against max but he just said he didnt spar for this rematch that he lost the first 1. I just wont bet .
MatterUnderMind Aylar önce
...weren't Usman and Burns training partners? Looks like Usman left just in time....
Swagger Cre8ion's
Swagger Cre8ion's Aylar önce
Colby is a man that will fight if he has to.... his also a snitch that will snitch if he gets punked..... he broke his jaw.... so he quiet.... why people mad....
Matt Russell
Matt Russell Aylar önce
PVZ must be coming the end of of her fighting soon.. hasn’t done anything remotely exciting in so many years
apex kech
apex kech Aylar önce
So Ali Abdelaziz' roster isn't getting the big money (McGregor) fights that they cried for while during a period where there's virtually no money in sports. And then so magically a week before the event where the UFC flies everyone out First Class to Abu Dhabi, in the fight where both fighters under the same manager have to fight each other, the non-champ has COVID-19. These fighters and their managers are getting so tiresome man. These are the most babby champs on the planet I swear.
Επίσημα Ραπς Αργυρούπολη
Επίσημα Ραπς Αργυρούπολη Aylar önce
Masvidal and Woodley are the starbums of the division
G Gianky
G Gianky Aylar önce
Thank god I dont have to watch usman vs burns
Matrix Deprogrammed
Matrix Deprogrammed Aylar önce
I hope Gilbert gets well soon I feel like God has given him this to keep him from fighting for the championship too soon. When he is back he will be ready to become the new champion of WW.
Orgonite Scum
Orgonite Scum Aylar önce
Covid 19 is so deadly. You don’t know you have it unless you get tested
Steve O
Steve O Aylar önce
showing Ben askren commentary is like showing CM punk commentary
LuckyDT Aylar önce
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