More than 40 Americans on quarantined cruise ship test positive for coronavirus

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Face the Nation

Face the Nation

Aylar önce

The National Institutes of Health's Dr. Anthony Fauci talks about the impact of coronavirus on the United States and the evacuation of Americans from a quarantined cruise ship in Japan.
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Marlene Fearon
Marlene Fearon Aylar önce
Don't take the vaccine when it comes out, especially if it's made by the chinese. Your immune system will be shattered. Any government or institution that seeks to create such a destructive bioweapon is evil and should not be trusted. Anyone who still thinks this was caused by bats or snakes is living under a rock.
Julia Branca
Julia Branca Aylar önce
Hey C.B.S !!! Att C E O: get rid of this woman Margaret Brennan.and bring back John Dixon.he was and is so much better. ,💫🌟✌️✌️✌️
ShartingFish Aylar önce
Man people are just stupid.. no other way to describe it. Selfish and stupid..
V. b
V. b Aylar önce
The president says the Communist leader of China told him blah blah blah and he believes it. Alrighty then.
Helen Martel
Helen Martel Aylar önce
They let the arrivals from pandemic locations in China march into highly populated locations in California without virtually any real evaluation or checkups and recently another 14 infected Americans entered California. “CRIMINALS” This is outrageous!!! Keep them in Mar-a-Lago Isn’t Mar-a-Lago part of America!?
Ani Ahaha
Ani Ahaha Aylar önce
Dammmnnnnn that's tuff
Titus P
Titus P Aylar önce
3:47 WHO funding is being questioned or insinuated as biased ....China provides 129 million and the US provided 239 million USD ....hmm..who has more influence if funding is the problem? The Margaret’s bias could not be more apparent...but who cares about the truth.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Aylar önce
Yale Discovered this week, that the real incubation period for this virus may be 24 days instead of the 14 days. In that case, they end the quarantine 10 days too soon!
Helen Martel
Helen Martel Aylar önce
nieooj gotoy Where? Which article? They let the arrivals from pandemic locations in China march into highly populated locations in California without virtually any real evaluation or checkups. “CRIMINALS” This is outrageous!!!
sun king
sun king Aylar önce
Suit and tie= human mosquito a termite to life. you fucken retards made it so easy to identify Satan 😂
•Føxaroonie• Aylar önce
Justin Connor
Justin Connor Aylar önce
I’m never getting anything made from China for a long time.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Aylar önce
I believe that the deepstate kabal puppets have orchestrated its arrival her in the states and all other places it is ,to steel the news cycle and to panic the citizens and to aviod
Sven MohaMad
Sven MohaMad Aylar önce
*WHO Has a Diversity Poem Reader.* I think some liberal white student write his poems 😳😵😲
LEVON Kelsoy
LEVON Kelsoy Aylar önce
if the morons want to go cruise any way 1 month they need to be Q
AMÉRICA 1507 Aylar önce
US-Américans got infected of dirty job of CIA.
james lang
james lang Aylar önce
Why dont we just leave everyone with it were they are so it doesnt spread to countries it's not in that seems like a terrible idea just have all the countries send people to cure it bam it's over things like virus is when money doesnt matter what matters is getting rid of it
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Aylar önce
2:43 loosely translated: "The CCP owns WHO.... we can't do anything before them. Including releasing information"
Saturday Projects
Saturday Projects Aylar önce
Wow! On the verge of a global pandemic?
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!!
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!! Aylar önce
If you want real news go to they even have a TRwomen channel their just like everywhere else only biased for the small hat gang!!!
Liga Aylar önce
Wow, suprising
Tasha Gray
Tasha Gray Aylar önce
China's best virology lab is in Wuhan , conspiracy says there was an accidental release of the virus and now W.H.O. is lying about the severity of this.
Pink Angel
Pink Angel Aylar önce
Look on the back of Lysol wipes and human coronavirus is listed as one of the viruses!
nyquil 762
nyquil 762 Aylar önce
Because this is a psyop designed further restrict our freedoms and usher in a financial reset. Be well.
Brandon K
Brandon K Aylar önce
Update, China developed the virus as a means of population control. Trump has teamed up with China ( not Russia) to ensure all other presidential candidates and everyone else who looks at him funny catches the virus
Brandon K
Brandon K Aylar önce
I'm waiting for an epic coronavirus prank by one of these youtubers
Agent J
Agent J Aylar önce
Again, f China.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Aylar önce
Are there benefits from snorting hand sanitizer?
Jason Blanton
Jason Blanton Aylar önce
I believe that the deepstate kabal puppets have orchestrated its arrival her in the states and all other places it is ,to steel the news cycle and to panic the citizens and to aviod their destruction by Q
kênh sóc sóc miền tây.
kênh sóc sóc miền tây. Aylar önce
Bạn tập ý nghĩa chị Lung tung nhiều bản tin như vậy mới đây Em cũng muốn giao lưu với tất cả các bạn có kênh TRwomen của em Tối nay mày tính sao khoai tây ngôi nhà nhấn chuông rung
Connor Hill
Connor Hill Aylar önce
That's a cool table
J Dee Carter
J Dee Carter Aylar önce
Time to ban ALL Asians from America as well as banning all Americans from going to those shitholes.
Strong Willed
Strong Willed Aylar önce
This is my Cover version of a very cool and under-known song by Garth Brooks called "The Devil Can't Write No Love Song." Check it out and let me know what you think.
nyquil 762
nyquil 762 Aylar önce
He's actually laughing at us. This is as fake as the money we use. This virus will be used to further limit our freedoms and usher in the financial reset. They also will make vaccinations mandatory. If you take this vaccine you need to get your head examined. Be well.
theeternalwisdom Aylar önce
EUGENICS population control
Sheryl L. Parris
Sheryl L. Parris Aylar önce
MEANWHILE!!!! nothing informative relative to transmission of the disease. Is it airborne, can u catch it from inanimate objects? is wearing a masks or perhaps rubber gloves quite often useful verses washing one hands much more often than u would normally??? My thinking is make things right with GOD .They have no remedy for this. Can not put out proper and correct info. I DO NOT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT OR THE MEDIA!!!!!
Bill Bear
Bill Bear Aylar önce
Globalization is going to destroy millions of people!
Agent Cooper
Agent Cooper Aylar önce
Anyone already more news about the 600 bats in the laboratory?
Nolan Hembree
Nolan Hembree Aylar önce
Thoughts and prayers are not going to help us now. We need a cure and we need it fast!
Pinakin Kale
Pinakin Kale Aylar önce
Bru moment
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
Well that went bad.
nyquil 762
nyquil 762 Aylar önce
Psyop designed to usher in a financial reset. Be nice, forgive, disengage as much as possible from the machine. Be well. Peace
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
"The sensitivity of coming out ahead of the Chinese....". This guy or anyone who thinks like that should not be in charge of one public health matter in this country.
Marcel Treder
Marcel Treder Aylar önce
How the fck this women from the ship Westerdam could fly so easy to Malaysia ????
SlimeTaskTic AMSR
SlimeTaskTic AMSR Aylar önce
No, not the cruises too. 😭
peter evans
peter evans Aylar önce
Look at the facts 5 million left Wuhan we're are they and if any are infected how many are super spreaders
Kim Fenech
Kim Fenech Aylar önce
Why would we bring anyone here when they could give it to anyone. There are hospitals there, I think this proves how stupid your thinking process is. 40 people for a nation. It’s not like these people couldn’t get help. God save us.
Ali The Konqueror
Ali The Konqueror Aylar önce
Seems to me the number of people affected by this virus is becoming worse and worse by day. The nation needs to really wake up.
10k subs with videos?
10k subs with videos? Aylar önce
Passenger: this is the life on this cruise ship Corona virus: ima bout to end this mans whole career
EXTREME Crafts Aylar önce
Is their genius idea to stop the spread of coronavirus to keep loads of people on the same cruise ship? Honestly they should instantly separate everyone and shut down popular spots such as malls, parks, etc only allowing smaller amounts of people in. But people should keep going to their jobs so that economies don’t go unstable. Asia needs to start making more hospitals
freshavacodo Aylar önce
The corona virus isn’t that deadly unless you’re old or already have some sort of illness
Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton Aylar önce
Well ain’t that nice
K Joyce
K Joyce Aylar önce
Can somebody Tell us what we're dealing with all OVER the WORLD. CORONAVIRUS. We need answers
Frost Aylar önce
Nobody: People with coronavirus: *travels to every country in the world*
RoguePepper 9606
RoguePepper 9606 Aylar önce
We might as well start making the cure for the disease that’s coming in 2120
kimberly cornelius
kimberly cornelius Aylar önce
Well that went bad.
tharrison004 Aylar önce
The CDC is just as bad as the Chinese Communist Party,there are over 1000 cases of Cronavirus in the US,and there in 36 States,the CDC doesn't want to start a panic so their keeping it quiet,their out and out lying to us.Do not trust anything their saying,and as for the Cruise Ship they should have taken those people off of there on day one,the CDC knew it was a bad idea to keep so many people in a confined place,they knew the Virus was going to spread and it did,and now most of the people on that Ship is infected with the Coronavirus.
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones Aylar önce
SPITTING ON EVERYTHING?! Please tell me this is
Suzanne Mullen
Suzanne Mullen Aylar önce
tell us the truth...
SPORTS LIFE Aylar önce
Eat your cereal, and also hope that these people get better!
Scott Dee
Scott Dee Aylar önce
They should have been pulled off a fkn month ago!
warriorfitz Aylar önce
ooh sounds fun !! i hope i get some coronavirus in my soup tomorrow morning
Mario Arias
Mario Arias Aylar önce
And let's all have open borders 😂
isthis myrealname
isthis myrealname Aylar önce
First it was 15 now it's 80. Wanna bet it's cuz they flew them all in the same plane home?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Aylar önce
Quarantine for 30 days to be sure
Jessica Stormshell
Jessica Stormshell Aylar önce
Maybe because they were stuck on a cruise ship with sick people? Idk tho 🤷‍♀️
🔴Warped🔴 Aylar önce
Whatever The Chinese Communist Party says we should follow. Or else.☠
Yanxi Qpoof
Yanxi Qpoof Aylar önce
Obama can house them at his giant castles. 😁
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Aylar önce
Henry Estrada
Henry Estrada Aylar önce
I’m sick and tired of this mother fu**ing virus, on this mother fu**ing ship!!! 🛳 🦠👘🚑🦠🛩🏥🦠⛩☢️
Corey Mondello
Corey Mondello Aylar önce
ALL those on that boat should be quarantined! Don’t they already have cages set up? Or are those just for brown skinned non-infectious people and children?
&ure Aylar önce
Waiting for the T-virus cure to resolve this.
Cyphruss Aylar önce
I wonder if the Chinese Government is proud of their manufactured virus?
Admitted Sinner
Admitted Sinner Aylar önce
This virus is just population control,approved by the government
Betty DeAnda
Betty DeAnda Aylar önce
Allstr2love Aylar önce
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