Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Secret Surprise Unboxing! - ’AfterBath’

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

Aylar önce

Thanks to WBGames for providing the Mortal Kombat After'Bath' package for this unboxing.
This is absolutely genius from WBGames, Netherrealm Studios and the entire team!
#MortalKombat11 #MK11 #MortalKombatAftermath

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Leroy Holiday
Leroy Holiday Aylar önce
Really digging the robe
onekoolfella Aylar önce
Speaking of old school, are you going to do a flashback of when you compared two products and had the boxing gear along with the different rounds and at the end get knocked out?
Death Space18
Death Space18 Aylar önce
Where can I get one ??!!!!
Tvmans Watch himself
Tvmans Watch himself Aylar önce
I want to buy this?
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Aylar önce
Every time something new gets released people just talk about how overpriced it is until they’re able to afford it. The world doesn’t work like that. Go get some money and stop being a bum. Otherwise don’t be interested in video games. How you gonna like video games but complain about prices?? Smh
Clifton Parchment
Clifton Parchment Aylar önce
You need a decent unboxing knife dude. Lol.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Hey make it work whatever we got! 😂😂😂
MKF30 Aylar önce
Nothing against this guy or the others who got this, etc other big youtubers who like mk but WB should just have this for sale for the oldschool real mk fans over the years at least as a limited time thing too but I guess the thing now is to send random, rare stuff to big you tubers for free promotion. Because MK totally needs more promoting. Lol Looks cool though.
Platinum Shinobi
Platinum Shinobi Aylar önce
@MKF30 so true bro. Some long time mk fans don't get stuff like this just because they're not big youtubers. Big youtubers make good money but get it for free while non big youtubers can't even buy it. Smh
MKF30 Aylar önce
@Brian Tong It's nothing personal dude, oh I'm not saying you a don't like MK just that it's obvious WB picked and chose who they sent these too, I already know they pick bigger youtubers or known ones. The other guys who got it, one is a big MK promoter and fan named BruskPoet, he talks about MK a lot, gameplay, lore etc so I kind of get him, the other guy named swifter has hardly to no MK vids but he's a big unboxer with 2 million subs. Like I said free publicity/promotion. MK 11 doesn't need it at this point but it's whatever. You seem to have a lot of tech vids, which is fine but I don't see much MK stuff. I've seen you on twitter on some of Boon's posts talking about tech stuff, not saying it's not cool or that you're not lucky to have had one. I'm just saying as an MK kollector and longtime fan here also since the 90's, I have some of the rarest MK stuff ever made being a fan that I've had to find on ebay(if I couldn't get it in the 90's or at the time) , cool stuff like this is kind of a slap in the face to fans like me. All I'm saying. Not saying you shouldn't have it, just that WB and NRS should give us regular fans with average channels a way to get this as well, but since WB bought MK it's all about marketing, business, promotion etc. That's part is not an assumption that's a fact, it's pretty obvious. At any rate, didn't meant to upset you but I will bet you almost anything one of the people/youtubers WB sent these to will only resell it on ebay for like 500 bucks or something. That's how it works. I've seen it with the MK11 launch gear, the coins, shirts etc. Enjoy your MK stuff though.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Come on, How do you know in not a ’real fan.’ I've played the originals when they were originally IN the arcade, and I own an original MK2 machine. You're making a lot of assumptions here...
Vegas Yo
Vegas Yo Aylar önce
What is this? Lol! Good stuff!
Don Jariyasunant
Don Jariyasunant Aylar önce
Hey Brian. Where did you get that awesome Mortal Kombat T-shrt?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
From Hot Topic, believe it or not! Hidden gem! I'm guessing it was at least 5+ years ago!
Ad Den
Ad Den Aylar önce
very lucky!!
Jason Espinoza
Jason Espinoza Aylar önce
Much needed essentials after days of gaming without showering 😂
Grandam1999 Aylar önce
How do these people get these things?... Hmmm
wakajumba Aylar önce
What a bunch of crap. They packed it like it was gold. LOL
Ricardo G
Ricardo G Aylar önce
The box has a sticker that say “this side up” and the first thing he does is turn it upside down 🤦🏻‍♂️. Also did you disinfect the shipping box before set it up on your work station?
BigKane23 Aylar önce
@briantong where u got that MK t-shirt
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Hot Topic! Like 5+ years ago at least!
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett Aylar önce
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson Aylar önce
Yeah.... your hair is growing on me.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
It’s grow on on me too. Everyday.
Tyrone Montgomery
Tyrone Montgomery Aylar önce
I see you have a band on your wedding ri g finger, did you get married?
John Burke
John Burke Aylar önce
*Oh yes you do...* @3:09 🛀 #MortalKombatAfterBath
fabio previatti
fabio previatti Aylar önce
The amount of promotion Netherealm studios are putting into aftermath is impressive.
2020 sucks
2020 sucks Aylar önce
MK face mask would be sick.
chinito77 Aylar önce
Gotta admit, that robe, I want one!
Reebs Aylar önce
I love bundles like this lol
Justice Forall
Justice Forall Aylar önce
Wow! 🧔🏾😃👍🏾👍🏾
Reebs Aylar önce
Where can I buy this?
123saer Aylar önce
You can’t they only send it out to content creators
Fahim Islam
Fahim Islam Aylar önce
Hey Brian, I've been watching you back since the apple bites days! Thanks for the great content as always. The OG Apple commentator ;
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Aylar önce
MK11 was my first MK game and holy crap it was amazing.
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Aylar önce
Brian Tong better late than never I guess
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Damn! Welcome to the family!
ahmed muhsen
ahmed muhsen Aylar önce
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