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Stephen Sharer

Stephen Sharer

Aylar önce

Mystery neighbor spotted in airport following Stephen Sharer and Best Friend John while Grace Sharer is at home with Baby Otter
In Stephen Sharer last vlog “FOUND MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TOP SECRET MEMORY CHIP in COMPUTER ESCAPE ROOM!!” You saw Stephen Sharer and his almost twin sister Grace Sharer and their best friend John were on a Secret Agent Mission to discover what the Memory Card SD Card they scavenger hunted at the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister spy castle. They have all of the evidence they recovered from the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister TESLA UBER like Rebecca Zamolo “Surprising My HUSBAND with a NEW TESLA! (His Dream Car) | Rebecca Zamolo” such as the piece of clay tile they found with a face on it that looks like the Game Master face from Game Master Incorporated “Spying on my Crush for 24 hours! (Secret meeting with Mr X) | Game Master Inc.” They also found a mystery box challenge with only $100 inside rather than the full $10000 dollar challenge amount. Once they try to plug in their SD Card Memory card into the computer, it starts spraying mystery disguise fog all over the room! Because the old computer Time Machine Gadget wasn’t able to read the disk, Stephen and John decide to go to the computer store to pick up some new card reader gadgets to try to finally get the top secret hidden information intel from the inside of the disk! While on the way to the Computer Store, the mystery neighbor hops into the back of the Spy Truck and follow Stephen and John all the way there! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John arrive and start looking for brand new tech gadgets! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer and John are split up on a mission to go undercover in disguise to prank the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER! After using Grace’s plan to split up, John and Stephen are on their way back to the Los Angeles Sharer Fam house and are pretending that they have the Secret Agent Time Machine Gadget with them except little does the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister Karen and Ellen know, Grace Sharer has the Time Machine Gadget with her back at home! While in the airport, the mystery neighbor is spying on Stephen and John without them even knowing. Similar to Chad Wild Clay “DANIEL'S DOG FOUND ON ROLLER COASTER CLUE -Spending 24 Hours as a Detective Finding New York Clues” Stephen and John are traveling across the country to try to stop the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister from doing a prank on Stephen Sharer and stealing the Stolen Time Machine Gadget back from the Share Fam. When the arrive the the Sharerfam House in LA, it is almost 3AM so Stephen and John must go to bed. They wake up the next morning and realize that the whole Sharer Fam house has been destroyed! Stephen goes down stairs before John is awake and look into the backyard and see that all of the furniture in the house has been changed! Inside the Sharer Fam house backyard there is even the WORLDS BIGGEST TRAMPOLINE CHALLENGE! Confused, Stephen goes to find John except he is surprised when John comes down from his bedroom and says that he didn’t do any of the changes! Did John do an epic prank on Stephen Sharer? Things get even crazier when Stephen and John see people right outside the backyard secret entrance, maybe they were the ones who set up this brand new BACKYARD OBSTACLE COURSE TRAMPOLINE PARK! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John see the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister SLEEPING ON THE BACKYARD TRAMPOLINE! This is the perfect chance to do an EPIC PRANK ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER!
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Brent Rivera My Sister Caught Her Boyfriend Doing This! (*CRAZY DARES)
FaZe Rug GUESSING Cheap VS Expensive ITEMS!! **SHOCKING**
Carter Sharer We Tested VIRAL TikTok TRICK SHOTS!!
Business Inquiries: Mailing Address: Stephen Sharer TRwomen #633 2961 A Hunter Mill Rd Oakton, VA 22124

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Stephen Sharer
Stephen Sharer Aylar önce
Comment down below if your having a good day!! 🌞☺️🤟
Sophie Satogo
Sophie Satogo 5 gün önce
Stephen Sharer I love you
Orlando Santos
Orlando Santos 5 gün önce
Stephen Sharer The mystery neighbor was in the plane with John and she also how are you figure it out already set up all that stuff and she must’ve got tired and yeah it’s a good idea waking her up
gary campbell
gary campbell 5 gün önce
Stephen and John do you have snapchat
gary campbell
gary campbell 5 gün önce
Naomi Cardona
Naomi Cardona 6 gün önce
The neighbor is spying on you.
easton guidry
easton guidry 14 saatler önce
I found the myster neighobor in the airport
Lindsay smith
Lindsay smith Gün önce
I had a good day
Brittany Flieth
Brittany Flieth Gün önce
I saw Amber by you jhon
Brittany Flieth
Brittany Flieth Gün önce
I'm sick but on Monday I'm going back to school
Lungile Papole
Lungile Papole Gün önce
I saw the mistery neighbor near John
missy Gibson
missy Gibson 2 gün önce
The mystery neighbor. All that by John the mystery neighbor was
Caden's youtube channel
Caden's youtube channel 2 gün önce
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 3 gün önce
The person who is sitting by John was the mystery neighbor
Krista Hunkins
Krista Hunkins 4 gün önce
Halley Chick
Halley Chick 4 gün önce
Ellen was next to John
Meagan Ainsworth
Meagan Ainsworth 5 gün önce
The mystery neighbour right next to John John you better look at the footage okay or Stephen because arm I actually saw the mystery neighbour having her face with a magazine and then she was looking at John’s and she looked away because then he didn’t want to get caught and she was right next to John so John did you see her on the flight there or back
Ashley Dawson
Ashley Dawson 5 gün önce
I saw Ellen sitting by John
Donnie Jud
Donnie Jud 5 gün önce
I saw the mystery neighbor on the plane next to John
sarim eshal
sarim eshal 5 gün önce
I saw Ellen behind John!
Lynda Hodgson
Lynda Hodgson 6 gün önce
Aisha Adam
Aisha Adam 6 gün önce
the mystery neighbour is next to john
Aisha Adam
Aisha Adam 6 gün önce
I saw graces last video
Latrice Chambers
Latrice Chambers 6 gün önce
The mystery neighborhood
Donna Triplett
Donna Triplett 6 gün önce
When you switch designs Camp the mystery neighbor was beside John
Yazmin Hernandez
Yazmin Hernandez 6 gün önce
The mistery navor was their
Holly Rose K
Holly Rose K 7 gün önce
ellen was in the airplane sitting next to john
Tracy Cannon
Tracy Cannon 7 gün önce
Hey guys s
Melanie Green
Melanie Green 7 gün önce
Mesery neighbor was behind you the whole time
Isaac Eulogio
Isaac Eulogio 7 gün önce
See the ne
A P 7 gün önce
At 11:13 the mystery neighbor was behind the bush and could hear u?!
Yohan Ashvik
Yohan Ashvik 8 gün önce
When John was looking into the camb the mistory neighbour was beside you
Jarvis Banks
Jarvis Banks 8 gün önce
maddison Jessica
maddison Jessica 8 gün önce
When you were talking about the plan the misters nabbed was behind you do enjoyed agree with me
Martha Ibarra
Martha Ibarra 9 gün önce
I solved the mystery neighbor I think it was Ellen next to John
Martha Ibarra
Martha Ibarra 9 gün önce
I have a lot of fun to watch you
Jenna Young
Jenna Young 10 gün önce
the mystery neighbor is on the trampoline
Jenna Young
Jenna Young 10 gün önce
the mystery neighbor is right beside john
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 10 gün önce
🐆I love your blog
Shannon Ermi
Shannon Ermi 10 gün önce
If you press read more you spoiled Your the best person in the galaxy
Karol Bosela
Karol Bosela 10 gün önce
I saw the mystery neighbor on the airplane!!!!!!!!!
Paul Mucci
Paul Mucci 10 gün önce
🤘👍👍🤘i love you
Paul Mucci
Paul Mucci 10 gün önce
🔔🕭i love your videos
Olumide Craig
Olumide Craig 10 gün önce
When Josh sat down the mystery neighbor was next to him
kenny wright
kenny wright 11 gün önce
Love you people
Piran Willey
Piran Willey 11 gün önce
The mystery neighbour was sitting next to John she was reading a newspaper
Jose Eduardo Cabezas Cruz
Jose Eduardo Cabezas Cruz 11 gün önce
in last vidoe i sol that the mistrenabr came in your house
Gemma Goligher
Gemma Goligher 11 gün önce
She was beside u
Adrian Chavez
Adrian Chavez 12 gün önce
She is behind the Bush
Albert Torosyan
Albert Torosyan 12 gün önce
paul walters
paul walters 12 gün önce
Grace and John is
Diane Beavers
Diane Beavers 12 gün önce
I love your videos they're so so funny and sometimes inappropriate but I still love them and I love the cute little doggie
girdhar parmar
girdhar parmar 12 gün önce
Who else saw the mystery nighbor on johns flight 👍🏻if you agree
Carrie Zeigler
Carrie Zeigler 12 gün önce
yessssssssssssssssssssssssss I am
Carrie Zeigler
Carrie Zeigler 12 gün önce
Ellen is spying on you threw out the video
Gina Genseke
Gina Genseke 13 gün önce
Hi Stephen
Izwan Effendy Ismail
Izwan Effendy Ismail 13 gün önce
I so the mystery neighbor
Kathryuna Boling
Kathryuna Boling 13 gün önce
Mystery neiborgh was following you she's behindi you
Gina Genseke
Gina Genseke 13 gün önce
If you are I am
Gordon .Craig
Gordon .Craig 13 gün önce
Comment if in the plane you saw the naibourgh
Hannah H
Hannah H 13 gün önce
The mystery neighbor was sitting by you John 😳...😱
Terry Siu
Terry Siu 14 gün önce
I see
Richard Owen
Richard Owen 14 gün önce
JiBzZii EiEi
JiBzZii EiEi 15 gün önce
Asri 💙💚❤️🎹🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭
Sanaya Gupta
Sanaya Gupta 15 gün önce
you should have a sprite 🏊
Sanaya Gupta
Sanaya Gupta 15 gün önce
You should have a sprite
g dwag
g dwag 15 gün önce
She'll Wes behind one of those trees
Jk Jennifer :p
Jk Jennifer :p 15 gün önce
I’m having a good day
Freddie Adams
Freddie Adams 15 gün önce
The mystery neighbour was behind jhon
Lacole Blue
Lacole Blue 16 gün önce
Duane Te Pou
Duane Te Pou 16 gün önce
The mystery neighbor is following use
Rosalie Grace
Rosalie Grace 17 gün önce
The mystery neighbor was following you
Sovath Bong
Sovath Bong 17 gün önce
The mystery neighbor is right near John on the plane ✈️
Desiree Divins
Desiree Divins 17 gün önce
Gracie Bryden
Gracie Bryden 17 gün önce
I think it is Ellen
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