One Shot (feat. Lil Baby)

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Topic

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Topic

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One Shot (feat. Lil Baby) · YoungBoy Never Broke Again · Lil Baby
One Shot (feat. Lil Baby)
℗ 2020
Masterer: Chris Athens
Assistant Mixer: DJ Riggins
A&r Direction: David "Dave O" Grear
Producer: Drum Dummie
Programmer: Drum Dummie
A&r Direction: Edgar Machuca
A&r Administration: Eric King
Assistant Mixer: Jacob Richards
Mixer: Jaycen Joshua
Vocals: Kentrell Gaulden
Assistant Mixer: Mike Seaberg
A&r Direction: Olly Sheppard
Writer: Kentrell Gaulden
Writer: Dominique Jones
Writer: Tevin Revell
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YoungBoy Never Broke AgainLil BabyOne Shot (feat. Lil Baby)

Modi Ramdev
Modi Ramdev 4 gün önce
Trey Parker
Trey Parker 5 gün önce
why tf they blurring out swears like r they that scared of youtube not payin em?😭😂😭😂 they tryta acc rich n all on insta but come out with a half clean half swearing song just to get a lil $ off youtube lmfao they all big cap foe😂
Gemini 6 gün önce
Okay Love Lets Go💥💃
Grant Hill
Grant Hill 8 gün önce
YB da Prince of Louisiana
Jay R
Jay R 9 gün önce
COVID-19 has been fully exposed here 👉
Mary Goodrum
Mary Goodrum 10 gün önce
Me slime 💚
miltonsimpson1 21 gün önce
Rap Starr....GodEmcee
Miguel Pazmino
Miguel Pazmino 26 gün önce
NBA YoungBoy always talking about death....
Kevon 27 gün önce
Hope James
Hope James Aylar önce
Can you make a video NBA younboy
MMG SPELL Aylar önce
Came here for baby
Rell Reckless
Rell Reckless Aylar önce
Samuel Cortez
Samuel Cortez Aylar önce
My soul belong to jesus cant let satan take it
Cool Kidd
Cool Kidd Aylar önce
If they were in tha movie and they shot a video on set🎰🎰🎰🎰 song so fucking underrated
flexbruce215 Aylar önce
This song is hardddd🖤 best song ever
AmirionFN Aylar önce
9 year old me playing with nerf guns 1:26
Michael Herrmann
Michael Herrmann Aylar önce
why dont he say the word niggas? ruins the song
PlaymakerIsAnYoungin Aylar önce
This shit hard bro 💯🔥
RUFFLE _ GANG Aylar önce
destinee chapa
destinee chapa Aylar önce
Sean Poe
Sean Poe Aylar önce
They flow make this song such a banger💯🔥‼️
Isaiah Painter
Isaiah Painter Aylar önce
Keith Merriweather
Keith Merriweather Aylar önce
“ ain’t goin out like no * and these niggas know “ 🔥😈
Dick Tator
Dick Tator Aylar önce Keep it simple
Spliph Alpha
Spliph Alpha Aylar önce
I thought he was locced up or something. He must be taking this RONA epidemic serious. Good to see him though.#blessings
Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew Aylar önce
who here before yb get a 7th child
Ronnie Perry
Ronnie Perry Aylar önce
Perfect combination
Kyng Wayne Official
Kyng Wayne Official Aylar önce
Swordzyy Aylar önce
i took 2 many xans
Dillon Tyler
Dillon Tyler Aylar önce
That’s actually crazy two of the hardest rappers In one
Derrick Kimbrough
Derrick Kimbrough Aylar önce
Derrick Kimbrough
Derrick Kimbrough Aylar önce
If they tell me I one I'm go
Willie Whitted
Willie Whitted Aylar önce
Why isn’t this doing crazy numbers like their stuff usually do? Kinda shit makes me mad
380 Amaro
380 Amaro Aylar önce
I Hope you doing good YoungBoy, your fans care homie, keep your head up. We can’t lose another legend💔
Tjeezy244 Aylar önce 901 Shxt 🔥
Rez Royce
Rez Royce Aylar önce
2020 summer theme song
Ovah Dose
Ovah Dose Aylar önce
im that YB fan that jams the song 100000000 times till i learn word for word
Bella CEO
Bella CEO Aylar önce
“ I ain’t going like NO *** & these niggas know” 😂😭😭🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥
xBlueKye -
xBlueKye - Aylar önce
bro why haven’t ppl notice this song yet
shawn l
shawn l Aylar önce
I hate this aint getting the right clout right now lol, and its a good song. I didnt even see baby post it so I guess we gotta wait for the tape its on to drop
op godz
op godz Aylar önce
Is there an uncensored
lilbaby babby
lilbaby babby Aylar önce
lil baby and yb the realis out here
IMB-Cxshout Aylar önce
Best rappers out rn 🔥🔥
Tim Mccann
Tim Mccann Aylar önce
Tjeezy244 Aylar önce 901 Shxt 🔥
Unknown S4BZ
Unknown S4BZ Aylar önce
Nba x NLE needs to happen
lewis hoskins
lewis hoskins Aylar önce
If anyone reading this you will be a great person and be successful and make lots of money thanks you for Reading
lil slimey zert
lil slimey zert Aylar önce
Who's here before 1mill
Anthony Flakes
Anthony Flakes Aylar önce
I was listening to this song 5 minutes before I found my mom laying lifeless in her bed, this will always be on my playlist 🖤
jaja nejej
jaja nejej 21 gün önce
im so sorry... may god bleess you and hope she be fine soon god protect her
Trunks Saiyan blood
Trunks Saiyan blood Aylar önce
Kiss her fohead and tell her how much you love her . pray for her man , she gave you life 👶🙏🏾
Sha-Niya Briana
Sha-Niya Briana Aylar önce
Omg I’m so so sorry to hear that 💔 Stay strong and god bless you 🙏🏾
Ayo Jayo
Ayo Jayo Aylar önce
this the one feature I been waiting for!
help me reach 1k subs before I start school
help me reach 1k subs before I start school Aylar önce
Best YB song no cap
Shondarnisha Haines
Shondarnisha Haines Aylar önce
This REAL DIFFERENT... A softer side... The white people that don't normally listen to rap gone love it
V L O N E Aylar önce
Aye, that new Youngboy let’s get it🔥
Frances Perez
Frances Perez Aylar önce
Anyone else wondering why is this a clean version?
Jay N Pri
Jay N Pri Aylar önce
youngboy the GOAT
Bloxklife Manman
Bloxklife Manman Aylar önce
Baby woulda rode dis bih by his self
TheRealTorrey Bangz
TheRealTorrey Bangz Aylar önce
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson Aylar önce
2 who can’t drop and bad song rn
Whitney’s Lip World
Whitney’s Lip World Aylar önce
If I got 1 shot in go
Cali RareBreedRed
Cali RareBreedRed Aylar önce
Smiley Aylar önce
Going to my interview ! I'm feeling this i only got one shot! My perspective on this! I love the song ! #Fire #oneshot
mr gucci
mr gucci Aylar önce
emu 985
emu 985 Aylar önce
Im here befo 1 million 😮
J Woo
J Woo Aylar önce
L0ADED Aylar önce
Oh this for fast and furious 9, this sick bruh 🔥🔥
Akialh Ali
Akialh Ali Aylar önce
That she's my young brother may the Lord keep you and bless you in this little and any Royal afterwards
Lul Major
Lul Major Aylar önce
This song randomly pop up on my phone got my head phones in 🔥
Whitney Montgomery
Whitney Montgomery Aylar önce
On purpose to💪🏾
King JL ll
King JL ll Aylar önce
The song only good because lil baby is in it💯💯💯💯💯
Tuss Aylar önce
my two favorite artist
Jr Resendiz
Jr Resendiz Aylar önce
ingore does haters bro if you ddie your family will miss you me to cause i been a fan for three years and i know they will miss you i lost my uncle and i miss him
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