OnePlus 7 Pro Waterproof Test & Teardown

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Wit Rigs

Wit Rigs

4 aylar önce

Is OnePlus 7 Pro waterproof or water resistant? You will find answers in this video.
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This OnePlus 7 Pro waterproof test includes washing test, shower test and immersion test. In the former 2 tests, my OnePlus 7 Pro performs well. That makes me feel confident to put my OnePlus 7 Pro into water. So in the immersion test, I planned to put OnePlus 7 Pro in the water for 2 minutes. No bubbles come out of the phone even if I put the front camera into water.
Fantastic! OnePlus 7 Pro! That's impressive.
In the 1.5-meter water test, I found that the OnePlus 7 Pro is not waterproof. If you carelessly drop your OnePlus 7 Pro into water, you should open it up as soon as possible and dry out the moisture.
After all the tests, I torn down the OnePlus 7 Pro to check out the water damage inside. There is lots of water inside the phone and everywhere.
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Sonac 7 saatler önce
For a phone with no IP rating. Impressive for sure. Please revisit this with the 7t pro.
NovaZek 19 saatler önce
It is for sure water resistent, like any other phone, but diving with it shouldn't be done in any regards, like with any other "water proof" smartphone.
remix ddxd.
remix ddxd. 3 gün önce
Oh no that's my phone ;-;
Anam Purwanto
Anam Purwanto 5 gün önce
Please. Don't you ever drop your oneplus 7pro into water / pool. I've used oneplus 7pro about a month ago, and yesterday my phone wes dropped into a pool about 5minutes (my stupid friend did it). I've drained it, and then the camera was fogging, after 2 hours, the device couldn't start. Poor me, am in Indonesia and there's no service center for oneplus....
proslogamer 5 gün önce
can you giveaway this to my plis
Chandra Sekhar Eedupalli
Chandra Sekhar Eedupalli 6 gün önce
It's a right video.i am the example I am also using OnePlus 7 pro last month one hole day i lost my phone in my ponds but after 1 days nearly 30 hours it's still working but the charging is decreases from 70% to 18% that's why I like OnePlus 🥰 it's very Nice
Ohad Oliver
Ohad Oliver 6 gün önce
Please do an Asus zenfone 6 water test!
Jozhfy 6 gün önce
its not like i live underwater
Расул Расулов
Расул Расулов 8 gün önce
Семерка значит лучше
Nazmul Hoq
Nazmul Hoq 10 gün önce
Best phone in the world
rahat ali
rahat ali 11 gün önce
Day before yesterday I have buy this phone and converted from Iphone X, I really love it, for me it's the best phone smart phone 😍😍😍
Ronel Victor Tacadao
Ronel Victor Tacadao 11 gün önce
can u test huawei nova 5t sir?
sohan ys
sohan ys 11 gün önce
Check the speakers not camera both speakers are completely out
S R Joy
S R Joy 12 gün önce
most of the comments here are from deep sea divers who are disappointed
Leooonzz 15 gün önce
great vid but the musik is cancer
Jalil Irfan
Jalil Irfan 17 gün önce
cant do a test better than this
Shankhadeep Mukherjee
Shankhadeep Mukherjee 17 gün önce
Aquaman won't hold a candle against this phone.
Виталий Л
Виталий Л 19 gün önce
вода дистиллированная, она не наносит вред технике
GOBOL 20 gün önce
You missed a bubble at 03:05 at the top center of the phone.. And actually mine was damaged by sprayed droplets of water that penetrated the rear camera and formed moisture inside as I was installing a 360 skin, and it took 1 hr to be visible.
Miguel Navarrete
Miguel Navarrete 20 gün önce
But but it still doesn't have an ip rating... 😂 😂 😂 😂 Say the Samsung Fanboys.
Sagar Navale
Sagar Navale 21 gün önce
bhai aisa special big box kaise buy Kar sacte he
Ryan Xu
Ryan Xu 23 gün önce
Great water test!
Hulious777 25 gün önce
I found out the hard way with salt water, do not trust people who have the good luck of it still working. Just a small 3 sec splash in salt water ruin last couple days of my vacation
Phạm Minh Trí
Phạm Minh Trí 26 gün önce
Oneplus 7pro no 1m5
Raúl Zapata
Raúl Zapata 26 gün önce
You just got a new customer for OnePlus, excellent video.
Samim Hasan
Samim Hasan 26 gün önce
Rakesh Das
Rakesh Das 27 gün önce
Vai muja ak 1+ da do vai
Animesh Silimkar
Animesh Silimkar 27 gün önce
What you got by doing all this in the end The water was gone, finally in the phone....
Тоха Тоха
Тоха Тоха Aylar önce
Телефон хороший,НУ НЕ ВЫДЕРЖИВАЕТ ОН ВОДУ!!!Уже проверяли... а так аппарат достойный....
alexof_f 29 gün önce
Если бы не выдвижная камера, то скорее всего - он бы выжил
Jarsodragonz TM
Jarsodragonz TM Aylar önce
Best water test video! But can you try opening the pop up camera while the phone is submerged and in a standing position?
Karen Alison
Karen Alison Aylar önce
Only splash resistant :) thanks
Abhinav Minu
Abhinav Minu Aylar önce
please do the iphone 7
Funtime Foxy Gaming SSS
Funtime Foxy Gaming SSS Aylar önce
Flagship killer fails
Boonchai Ruangvarapith
Boonchai Ruangvarapith Aylar önce
ใช้อยู่ ตกน้ำ แปปเดียว ก็เสียแล้ว ครับ ไม่รับประกันด้วย
Boonchai Ruangvarapith
Boonchai Ruangvarapith Aylar önce
FAIZ AZBZC ห้ามตกน้ำ ครับ เพราะเข้าเช็คว่ามีความชื้น จะไม่รับประกัน
FAIZ AZBZC Aylar önce
Boonchai Ruangvarapith ในคลิปนี่ fake หรอครับ
Михаил Петров
Михаил Петров Aylar önce
Пиздешь. It's fake
Max Dmitrievich
Max Dmitrievich Aylar önce
Воды больше чем в 1+7 не про
Naabii Aylar önce
Thank you! I'll keep water away from mine from now on. I still don't get it why oneplus make that bucket promo.
Minhaz Nion
Minhaz Nion Aylar önce
Watch this video from beginning again. You missed all the way
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar Aylar önce
Washed my OnePlus 7 Pro under water for barely 4 seconds and now the bottom speaker sounds bad. Been 4 hours. Can someone help asap? Edited: Now it works, thanks to your loud a** music in this video.
Zubair Alam
Zubair Alam 22 gün önce
how did it work ? did u do anything ? or it just healed ?
md alamin baswas
md alamin baswas Aylar önce
এই ফন টার দাম কতো ভাই
Amena akter
Amena akter Aylar önce
Kashyap Padiya
Kashyap Padiya Aylar önce
Woww what an incredible work by you
GD Phillip
GD Phillip Aylar önce
I guess it would be ip66
MegeJ Aylar önce
What Lunatic burns plastic seal on a box?
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Aylar önce
Quem for brasileiro deixa o like kk, celular máquina 👏
AviPlayz_ Aylar önce
Can't wait to get one :D
KingJoker 910
KingJoker 910 Aylar önce
So basically the phone can withstand being caught in the rain or accidentally dropped in the toilet or sink?
Wit Rigs
Wit Rigs Aylar önce
Yes, that's right. The phone can't stay in water for long.
Mr nyto,on,the,mix
Mr nyto,on,the,mix Aylar önce
no water
Andre Silva
Andre Silva Aylar önce
Best test 😍
Bob Biggs
Bob Biggs Aylar önce
I just watched the video and yes it had a lot of water in it, I just wonder if the water got in when the camera was opened several times? I fell in a pool and went about 7 feet deep for less than a minute with a 7 pro in my pocket and it never effected it at all.
BRF Aylar önce
Can it be used in the shower? Wouldnt the steam enter the phone or?
BRF Aylar önce
@Wit Rigs okay.
Wit Rigs
Wit Rigs Aylar önce
Don't use it in the shower.
Dude plz make a similar video for oppo Reno 10x This is the best water test I have ever seen
ssvenkat73 Aylar önce
Dude plz make a similar video for oppo Reno 10x This is the best water test I have ever seen
Ryan Xu
Ryan Xu 23 gün önce
ssvenkat73 even if you switched accounts you have to change the message
Dude plz make a similar video for oppo Reno 10x This is the best water test I have ever seen
Ryan Xu
Ryan Xu 23 gün önce
VENKATESH SS even if you switched accounts you have to change the message
Selim Hassan
Selim Hassan Aylar önce
Nice 😘
Gamer DJ_Xd123
Gamer DJ_Xd123 Aylar önce
U should first try 1 m iphone x is also only until 1 m
7tab YT
7tab YT Aylar önce
My dream is to have oneplus 7 pro but i didn't have money to have it...😢 i have just lenovo a2010 .. Help me guys
7tab YT
7tab YT Aylar önce
@abdirizack farah sure it was a joke dude .. i m not poor to ask for money😂 .. it s just for laugh 😊
abdirizack farah
abdirizack farah Aylar önce
Pro some times life is countless/ taugh. Be patient we are in same condition
Isaac G
Isaac G Aylar önce
Watching this underwater on my OP7 bubbles yet
Isaac G
Isaac G Aylar önce
@Wit Rigs haha my comment was only in jest, I'd never recommend this 😂
Wit Rigs
Wit Rigs Aylar önce
This is risky. Not 100% waterproof.
JITHU MANI Aylar önce
You have done the best ever
Jessy Aylar önce
Great testing!
[HYENA] AJAY 2 aylar önce
Can you gift me that phone??
Abu Raihan
Abu Raihan 2 aylar önce
cigano Gaviao
cigano Gaviao 2 aylar önce
makes saltwater seawater
206robert206 2 aylar önce
Sooooooo...... Was there water damage?? Looked fine from this perspective. I failed to see the water in the lens which you pointed out .....
md zahid
md zahid 2 aylar önce
Please check samsung A70
Dark Phantom
Dark Phantom 2 aylar önce
Ur videos r cool bro 😍😜than others
sup me
sup me 2 aylar önce
Thats bad the Nokia has a whiter display
sup me
sup me 2 aylar önce
Whites look so yellow
Razvan Vadean
Razvan Vadean 2 aylar önce
Your water tests are great but I would prefer opening the non-ip68 phones before the 1.5m test or even earlier, because I will absolutely never let my phone 30 min at the bottom of the pool but I want to be pretty sure it won't get wet inside after a drop in the bath tub. In your tests most phones do work properly before 1.5m test but you cannot be sure if there is any water inside, they could stop functioning after some hours or even days because of the moisture.
mohammed abuoun
mohammed abuoun Aylar önce
Razvan Vadean I was wondering the same thing!! I want to know if there’s anything in there after a shower. Or if it’s safe to consistently touch while your hands are wet.
SM HN 2 aylar önce
I wished there would be a person speaking and explaining what happened rather than just some simple texts
Александр Соболев
Александр Соболев 2 aylar önce
Классный формат! Так и надо испытывать аппараты. Покажи других производителей, пожалуйста
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