Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! - Velkase Velka 3

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Linus Tech Tips

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Use code LTTANKER14 to get 15% off on the Anker PowerPort Atom Slim on Amazon at s.krpax.com/r/tilIoH or check out their main website lmg.gg/anker for more great products.
We build what might be our SMALLEST custom gaming PC ever, in the new Velkase VK3 / Velka 3.
Buy a Velkase: On their site: www.velkase.com/products/velka-3
Buy an AMD 3700X CPU:
On Amazon: geni.us/KHY4Erm
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1c
Buy an ASUS Strix X570-i Motherboard:
On Amazon: geni.us/Y803S1K
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV15
Buy a Gigabyte RTX 2060 Mini:
On Amazon: geni.us/tQqcI
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1z
Buy a Noctua L9a AM4 Cooler:
On Amazon: geni.us/ozdR
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1P
Buy Corsair LPX Memory:
On Amazon: geni.us/MINRiBs
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1m
Buy Corsair PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs:
On Amazon: geni.us/YeUKfFo
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV11
Buy SilverStone Flex ATX PSUs:
On Amazon: geni.us/n5VbBC
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1W
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Aublak Aylar önce
I'd imagine that Linus randomly advertises LTTstore to his kids at this point.
Ayy-drien Productions
Ayy-drien Productions 9 gün önce
"Dad I'm cold" LTT:lttstore.com This is a new level of dad jokes
Cole Malmos
Cole Malmos 22 gün önce
every night before bed
Brian Spragge
Brian Spragge 23 gün önce
@Ali vidz $1500+ computer price
Anas Nazeer
Anas Nazeer 25 gün önce
Sell the PC to me 😅
b888 26 gün önce
@Keegan Aldrich lamo, new to pc building?.
Earl Marasigan
Earl Marasigan Saatler önce
Anybody knows how much the whole pc build?
TayaKnight Saatler önce
As someone who travels regularly between states, but needs a more-powerful-than-a-laptop machine, I'm down with how small this is. NGL, when I build a new PC, I might just go with this option. Dumb? Yes. Possibly prone to shorting out? Maybe. Worth it for my unique use-case? Definitely. I wear headphones and my current machine sounds like a plane taking off, so silence isn't a problem for me. This might be a legitimate option in the future.
Electroblade 4 saatler önce
put an APU in here and it'd actually be pretty viable.
JaydenE55 4 saatler önce
Can you make the smallest micro atx pc
Crackersnapped - Paladins Videos
Crackersnapped - Paladins Videos 5 saatler önce
I relate to the split parents thing, my 25 pound ATX system is not the most portable thing in the world. xD
Crackersnapped - Paladins Videos
Crackersnapped - Paladins Videos 5 saatler önce
this saved me from losing NNN, 14 days in.
It's the Mufuckin L. Train
It's the Mufuckin L. Train 6 saatler önce
You should check out a channel called Basically Homeless, he made a functioning pc that was way smaller!
Lincoln Ngo
Lincoln Ngo 7 saatler önce
i would never let you build a pc
Frederik Bangert
Frederik Bangert 10 saatler önce
What exactly are you doing with all the computers you assemble?
Lex Barringer
Lex Barringer 10 saatler önce
In classic Linus style, he makes this build harder than it needs to be. Hey Linus, save yourself some time and effort and get one of these. It's fully modular, plug in what you need, leave the rest, get a 6+2 (8 pin PCI-E power connector), have higher efficiency and more capacity. The power supply will run cooler and not be under a heavier load. Even at lower fan speed, since you're a silence freak, this would be the thing for you. Now, there are better more silent piezo-electric coolers, that move air but without a fan, which is, you guessed it, silent. The case fans that come with this unit are garbage. If you have a piezo-electric cooler on the GP-GPU card, it will be damn quiet, that and your temps will stay well within reason. Of course, those coolers are exotic and a bit expensive. Perhaps you could switch out a fully modular PSU for a piezo-electric cooled silent PSU, too. So everything would be dead silent. www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/Power-Supply-Units-Advanced/SF-Series/p/CP-9020186-NA
Dan Laugh
Dan Laugh 10 saatler önce
I don't know why, but the cable management portion started to give me anxiety! xD
Nicholas potyok
Nicholas potyok 11 saatler önce
Sad thing is it's better than my computer.
_Kfir Gez_
_Kfir Gez_ 11 saatler önce
*And here was i thinking that this tinderbox case would cost pennies..*
VelociforceGaming 12 saatler önce
Now RGB it
Azim Alif
Azim Alif 13 saatler önce
6:10 looks like that backplate might be touching some contacts.
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 15 saatler önce
That PC is literally the size of a PSU
cactus_ 69XD
cactus_ 69XD 19 saatler önce
Basically homeless has entered the chat
f0resstt 20 saatler önce
Basically homeless: am I joke to you?
Hoblem 23 saatler önce
"Your mom and dad's split up and you want to bring your computer". BOOM
jeremiah 1593
jeremiah 1593 Gün önce
Holy it didn't explode
Nnoitra Jiruga
Nnoitra Jiruga Gün önce
perhaps this was the build that the motherboard and all the other components actually sweat...
Daniel Kraus
Daniel Kraus Gün önce
When it said smallest pc build I thought it was going to be a single board computer build. That would of been cool.
266xUser Gün önce
0:37 a broken nintendo switch!
Roy Vincent Niepes
Roy Vincent Niepes Gün önce
omg i want
PeTRiFY Scythe [盟主]
PeTRiFY Scythe [盟主] Gün önce
just use a nuc lmao
kybo_orange Gün önce
2:36 Guys,come and pick up your PC with a class promo pic of Linus.
scott mcghee
scott mcghee Gün önce
mmmm...insertion... hehehe my favorite
Cheyenne Meyer
Cheyenne Meyer Gün önce
Is there a reason speed controlled fans on motherboards are not driven by PID control?
David !
David ! Gün önce
It's my dream pc case
My middle name is viking
My middle name is viking Gün önce
How well would this run red dead Redemption 2?
shadow Gün önce
It good for budget to build mini pc but is to take time to build mini pc and I am from Pakistan 🇵🇰
NOWhERE Gün önce
nice, can i have it? i still play with a pentium3
Adriel Rodriguez
Adriel Rodriguez Gün önce
You’re a bit aggravating to watch. However I did watch the whole thing. First time here. Not subscribing yet. But with 9.5m subs you should be fine. 😂
Vilmos Lente
Vilmos Lente Gün önce
Sad 2 gün önce
over priced sweater but i bought it D
Autumn Storm
Autumn Storm 2 gün önce
I would really like to know the total cost. Yay curiosity. (Too lazy to look it up myself)
Jadon James
Jadon James 2 gün önce
hey linus wanna send me a completed build one day! lol
Frivic 2 gün önce
Mr Homeless says other wise...
Tiger 2 gün önce
"just mash it" Linus 2019
GMMReviews 2 gün önce
Linus: *Builds PC the size of a console* Everyone: "It'S tHe SiZe Of My PhOnE!?"
toothsome 2 gün önce
13:01 The surviving members of the Donner Party looked happier.
Oscar Oliu
Oscar Oliu 2 gün önce
Love that his content is in 4k.
FatGOLDEGUY 2 gün önce
Go look at mr homless's smallest pc video
Dawson112567 2 gün önce
This "tower" case is czech made? Want buy one:D
Dawson112567 2 gün önce
handymannification 2 gün önce
Tesla zing! 0:15:53
Okman HV
Okman HV 2 gün önce
There should be outside the case powerbrick instead the 1U power supply or something like that. Also 21:00 how to call this? Is it the cable holding management ?
Siam Shahriar
Siam Shahriar 2 gün önce
That motherboard be like: get me outta here...😂
TheNode 3 gün önce
needs a modular power supply
Yui 187
Yui 187 3 gün önce
12:00 Uncomfort level Increased
pause life gaming
pause life gaming 3 gün önce
yeah thats cool, but can it run minecraft with shaders
Alexey Andreev
Alexey Andreev 3 gün önce
80 $ for the case that i can order custom made from any shop that makes metal stuff for 5$ ? great.
Abraham Aming
Abraham Aming 3 gün önce
wow , great video for sff.. :-)
csgo is nice
csgo is nice 3 gün önce
compared to this trwomen.com/id/video-I8VXI4og8u4.html thats big
Benjamin Hausmann
Benjamin Hausmann 3 gün önce
350wat with a gtx card works ?
green monster tv
green monster tv 3 gün önce
Linus can i please get that pc please my pc broke and we cant afford a new one 🙏😁
green monster tv
green monster tv 12 saatler önce
Plz linus
joo van de Hove
joo van de Hove 3 gün önce
I'm going holiday and I take with me:
Mdbz 3 gün önce
Where is à thermic dough,?
ale terri
ale terri 3 gün önce
Bernard Baez
Bernard Baez 3 gün önce
Wtfuck estoy viendo este video como si linus lo hubiera subido
Bernard Baez
Bernard Baez 3 gün önce
Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen 3 gün önce
Hi Linus. If you want more silence to this build, have you tried replacing the fan in the PSU with a 40mm Noctua fan? I'm sure all your subscribers would love to see that! And if its even possible to replace it! :-) Ready to take on the challenge?
Michie fuk Yu
Michie fuk Yu 4 gün önce
Basically homeless
MrTrainerGuy1 4 gün önce
Basically Homeless be like "Nice try Kid"
voiox 4 gün önce
MrTrainerGuy1 4 gün önce
basically homeless smallest pc build (it will blow your mind)
Michal_King 4 gün önce
imagine going to a lan party like "wheres your pc?" "Its in my backpack"
scotty jennings
scotty jennings 4 gün önce
Edward Balboa
Edward Balboa 4 gün önce
Why am i watching this??
Michael J
Michael J 4 gün önce
Says there's nothing they can do about a 40mm fan... Uses a NOCTUA cpu cooler /facepalmLinus
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 4 gün önce
Or just get a laptop hahaha
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