Paint with me ft intense procrastination

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Joana Ceddia

Joana Ceddia

9 aylar önce

Can someone explain to me why everyone is suddenly overly hyped about basketball in Canada? What's happening? Who's playing who? I'm so confused. Every time I turn on the TV, there is some rhetoric about "playoffs" and "Warriors", and I am beyond lost! What do you mean, "Warriors"? That sounds extremely violent, and I don't like it. In fact, what is basketball? What is a ball? Is it round? Does it smell like rubber? is it an orange? Can I dice it? My head is a whirlwind of questions and I seem to have lost my bearings. I need a compass for the mess in my head.
Note: I keep on forgetting to do this: The sweater I am wearing in this video was graciously sent to me by the company "Deep End". I just wanted to thank them for the gift because the sweaters are very nice (even my dad liked them). If you want one too, here is a link to the company:
P.O Box: now closed
If you want to translate the video:
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With love,
Janderson Cooper

Antisseptica 9 aylar önce
Joana: *Recreates a famous painting* "I'm never gonna do this again" Joana every week: 48 HOURS LIVE STREAM PAINTING GUERNICA
Kanji- san
Kanji- san 5 aylar önce
Soooooo true
daydreamika 5 aylar önce
Seaweed The Whale
Seaweed The Whale 6 aylar önce
Has queen
heather beemon
heather beemon 7 aylar önce
its v the weirdo
its v the weirdo 7 aylar önce
@Esutikku :::³³333³³³³³³é============r:=
Leah D
Leah D 15 saatler önce
I SWORE she was jenna in the thumbnail -
Aida Camarero
Aida Camarero 21 saatler önce
We actually eat avocado toasts like those in Spain
TheATRAs14 Gün önce
“If I can’t wear it in the apocalypse, I’m not putting it on my body” not gonna lie, that’s a good motto
willis williams
willis williams Gün önce
kgino1045 Gün önce
제목이랑 디스크립션 왜이래 이 지지배야
Punder Cover
Punder Cover Gün önce
"if I can't wear it during the apocalypse I'm not gonna put it on my body" OOOF HONEY ARE YOU WEARING IT NOW?? With your CHILDREN??
TheWipal 2 gün önce
What if u shaved ur eyebrows
semi graves
semi graves 2 gün önce
Omg can we meet up I also live in Toronto
Sowon 2 gün önce
I LOVE avocado toast!
A G 4 gün önce
Ok so I see an add and I’m like wtf why and I click why this ad and it’s like it’s based on your location- USA Time of the day- 10:59 And the video ur watching- Joana do you have something to say bc for some reason I always get Yaoi ads on ur videos 😂
Caitlin 5 gün önce
how do u even do the math? like how do u even proportion it???
Ri's DIYS 7 gün önce
omg at 11:26 is the subtitles are on it says " ( James Charles found quaking ) " hahahahahaha i love that
Aybüke 73
Aybüke 73 9 gün önce
how does she sleep that late and manage to get up at 7 and GO TO THE GYM LİKE HOW TELL ME PLEASE
Emelia Miller
Emelia Miller 9 gün önce
You are so talented, I absolutely love your art.
ALIVIA LARSEN 9 gün önce
She danced better than Michael Jackson himself
Eszter Szabo
Eszter Szabo 10 gün önce
Why does this painting remind me of Emilia fart?
Sad Tea
Sad Tea 10 gün önce
The paintings eyes are literally like this •_•
Caroline donnelly
Caroline donnelly 11 gün önce
bruh you are so good! im too scared to film me doing bigger paintings... I wish I wasnt such a wuss!
Sophia Lovegood
Sophia Lovegood 11 gün önce
the hilarious thing is that i did watch this to procrastinate my homework wow
Alexa Bug - totallylipsessed
Alexa Bug - totallylipsessed 12 gün önce
I found that painting on this editing app too lol
Rachel De Potato
Rachel De Potato 12 gün önce
Joana always sponsors Aritiza in every video 😂
khlo money
khlo money 13 gün önce
i love how Joana says "if i cant wear it in a zombie apocalypse, its not going on my body" Yet she buys countless pairs of 10 inch platform boots and countless pairs of tight leather pants XD
{Luni _ Lover}
{Luni _ Lover} 13 gün önce
Y E S She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene I said don't mind, but what do you mean, I am the one Who will dance on the floor in the round She said I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one Who will dance on the floor in the round People always told me be careful of what you do And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts And mother always told me be careful of who you love And be careful of what you do 'cause the lie becomes the truth Billie Jean is not my lover She's just a girl who claims that I am the one But the kid is not my son She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son For forty days and forty nights The law was on her side But who can stand when she's in demand Her schemes and plans 'Cause we danced on the floor in the round So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice (Don't think twice, don't think twice) She told my baby we'd danced till three, then she looked at me Then showed a photo my baby cried his eyes were like mine (oh, no) 'Cause we danced on the floor in the round, baby People always told me be careful of what you do And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts She came and stood right by me Just the smell of sweet perfume This happened much too soon She called me to her room Billie Jean is not my lover She's just a girl who claims that I am the one But the kid is not my son Billie Jean is not my lover She's just a girl who claims that I am the one But the kid is not my son She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son Billie Jean is not my lover She's just a girl who claims that I am the one But the kid is not my son She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son She says I am the one You know what you did, (she says he is my son) breaking my heart babe She says I am the one Billie Jean is not my lover Billie Jean is not my lover Billie Jean is not my lover Billie Jean is not my lover (don't Billie Jean) Billie Jean is not my lover Billie Jean is not my lover
duru ozkurt
duru ozkurt 14 gün önce
imagine not having depression and being as productive as Joana... wow
Marleigh Young
Marleigh Young 14 gün önce
If she doesn't paint Shrek.... I'm gonna put myself on a google doc and click undo
wayward_spn18 15 gün önce
This was unnecessary. I
vihaan dutt
vihaan dutt 15 gün önce
lol i even forgot this was a painting vid when she was talking about her trip to the mall
.. 16 gün önce
Samruddhi Landge
Samruddhi Landge 17 gün önce
Okay, but WhY aRe yOu sUcH a GrEaT ArTiSt?
Autumn Hockley
Autumn Hockley 17 gün önce
“I feel like I’m violating every law in the American Constitution”. ----------Also Joanna- lives in Canada
Jungle Theme
Jungle Theme 18 gün önce
australians put avo on toast all the time.. avo and vegitmite...cole AND savoury.
Yeny Rojas
Yeny Rojas 18 gün önce
Do more painting
TheKxcpers 21 gün önce
Joanna:eats several avocados Also Joanna:goes to gym Joanna again:EaTs AnOtHeR aVoCaDo
Jeshaskim 21 gün önce
Is the mic for sale?
metal loving music nerd
metal loving music nerd 24 gün önce
are those brad mondos glasses? who am I kidding they are so close 0.0
Annabel 25 gün önce
does your back garden exist?
yi 27 gün önce
careless whisper for 20 minutes y e s
NewBerlinWall 29 gün önce
"Chiaro-scuro" is an italian word and it' pronounced "kiaro-skuro".
Gipks 2008
Gipks 2008 29 gün önce
All that I see that’s kind of off are the eyes, the ones you drew are a little smaller than the original but who cares what I think amirite??? I LOVE THE OUTCOME OF IT KEEP PAINTING 🥰
Eunice Park
Eunice Park Aylar önce
can anyone tell me why the title of this video is Korea? just curious
zubia naqvi
zubia naqvi Aylar önce
Abiha's Life
Abiha's Life Aylar önce
Omg I just realized I LIVE IN CANADA TOOOOO. omg! And I live in toronto! I can't belive it! I might meet her one day! Omg yaaaaayyy!
Kaylee Moniz
Kaylee Moniz Aylar önce
Read tracy cavalier's book it's really good in it's own right (movie was based on it)
Flederloewin Aylar önce
I will never understand why people will copy paintings and photos... like where's the creativity?
Maddison Belcher
Maddison Belcher Aylar önce
who else heard her say symonyms🤣🤣
Mayo Aylar önce
YASSS YORKDALE WOOOOO sorry just a fellow Canadian being too excited-
ツᴛᴏᴀsᴛ •ᴥ•
ツᴛᴏᴀsᴛ •ᴥ• Aylar önce
Marian Amina
Marian Amina Aylar önce
Joana marry me
Charlotte Mclean
Charlotte Mclean Aylar önce
Did she say she feels like violating every law in the American constitution when she lives in Canada
Sigrid Moeller Hansen
Sigrid Moeller Hansen Aylar önce
When you were starting to paint the nose you missed a huge pun… 6:11 "something I NOSEide was…" HAHHhhhahahahhwggsgrnmglw Thank you
عيسى الدلي
عيسى الدلي Aylar önce
Arabk whttttt
JuiceWriter Aylar önce
Joanna: *uses big ass words in her sentences* My dumbass: *wishing the captions made it so the words was a 5k reading level*
Seif Artwork
Seif Artwork Aylar önce
7:20 SHADE!
Delaney Ray
Delaney Ray Aylar önce
You haven’t really watched a John Cena video if you don’t read the description
Tig Dogsbody
Tig Dogsbody Aylar önce
What the fuck with the ending?
Nooa Aylar önce
am i the only one binge watching her painting videos
Bruno Canongia
Bruno Canongia Aylar önce
Você é brasileira? Oo
Zane_The_Baker 2 aylar önce
outro song?
Aeno 2 aylar önce
Title checks out, this is legit.
Alyssa Lowe
Alyssa Lowe 2 aylar önce
The Korean translator made the title just "Korea" might've been a mistake just thought u should know
AlexCat Girl
AlexCat Girl 2 aylar önce
im watching this at 10 pm with sewing
Josie O'Toole
Josie O'Toole 2 aylar önce
can someone paint joana?
Anyssa Downes
Anyssa Downes 2 aylar önce
When she said “I would use jaclyn Hills new lipsticks but I don’t want to get mold on my painting” I died
Madi Bootsman
Madi Bootsman 2 aylar önce
“Mom and I went shopping” Umm it’s Mother Goose
Ashley Diaz
Ashley Diaz 2 aylar önce
okay but tell me why when she fired the nerf gun that actually scared me
kenny larkin
kenny larkin 2 aylar önce
Cannot believe someone disliked this video amazing your third oil painting 🖼 wow 🤩👩‍🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨
kenny larkin
kenny larkin 2 aylar önce
Joana you are an amazing talent your blessed a great artist 👩‍🎨 🎨🎨🎨🎨 many wish they had a small bit of your talent !!!
Julissa Monroy
Julissa Monroy 2 aylar önce
I’m asking myself what happens with the paintings
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