Parents Face Off With 15-Year-Old Daughter Who They Say Acts Out Of Control

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Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

8 aylar önce

A father confronts his teen daughter about her behavior and lack of willingness to change. And, Dr. Phil offers the parents advice for what they should do with her moving forward.
Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people.
The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.

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Lobar Pulatova
Lobar Pulatova Gün önce
Can this girl use chapstick
Chloe 2 gün önce
I WANNA SEE HER FACE!!!!! Who else? 👇
Arc Sturdy
Arc Sturdy 3 gün önce
I'm glad I found this video the context of her taking the pregnancy test made things seem off
Jake Taubman
Jake Taubman 3 gün önce
It's Phil time. It's doctor Phil time! Yay!
Lillian Gardner
Lillian Gardner 5 gün önce
I feel sorry for her parents, they just want this behavior of hers to stop and the fake pregnancy to stop as well.
BJvlogs samuel
BJvlogs samuel 6 gün önce
Phil ain’t got no mercy though
Jose Smith
Jose Smith 10 gün önce
she should run away
Lasse Henriksen
Lasse Henriksen 10 gün önce
How does a video like this have comments!!????? WHY THIS ONE???
Bob Weeasaw
Bob Weeasaw 12 gün önce
Läwlrën 13 gün önce
He reminds me so much of my father, I love my father with all my heart. I can’t imagine treating my parents like this girl does. I’m so lucky to have wonderful amazing parents and so is this girl but she’s to stupid to know it.
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Thomas 16 gün önce
Kick her out of the house if she won’t put any effort in changing and let her go to jail!! That is probably the only way she will learn!!
Elizabeth Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah 17 gün önce
I don’t like how the parents act ! Like it’s a bad feeling and there’s gotta be a reason she’s acting out !
RashaeBeauty 16 gün önce
These are the most caring parents in my opinion. The daughter just thinks it’s fun to be a fake gang member, break them law, and fake pregnancies to get attention from her peers and get out of the consequences. She needs to be taught self respect
WhizzLegend 17 gün önce
I promise you she will realize how lucky she is to have parents like hers once they’re long gone
Dominika Vladimirovna
Dominika Vladimirovna 18 gün önce
He's an amazing father
Jeremy Dearing-Brisk
Jeremy Dearing-Brisk 19 gün önce
I wished I had parents like hers who cared and loved me like they love her. I agree she's a very lucky girl to have parents like that. Some of us didnt have that she should be grateful.
Cassie Shaffer
Cassie Shaffer 19 gün önce
Another troubled kid. She will be in prison soon.
Rham Page
Rham Page 19 gün önce
Have they already tried REALLY TALKING TO HER WITH LOVE & FAITH .. like there is always a reason for everything...
frances millwood
frances millwood 20 gün önce
who else is watching this at 2 in the morning
Ellie Callahan
Ellie Callahan 20 gün önce
What has she even done?
Michal Chrusciel
Michal Chrusciel 20 gün önce
phil the fake clown
Dixie Garland
Dixie Garland 21 gün önce
It's because she's asian.
William Rogers
William Rogers 21 gün önce
Definitely an argument for abortion!
Anonymous Zz
Anonymous Zz 22 gün önce
Something else is going on here behind the scenes. I really believe these parents are abusive, and playing the victim on tv.
Nanpyal denis
Nanpyal denis 22 gün önce
She has her both parents alive who honestly care about Her and many don't. It's crazy how some people take things for granted.
PRINCESS MAIAH 24 gün önce
You can tell doctor phil don’t care about her... lol he left the comments on😹😹😹😹
Andrea Deans
Andrea Deans 24 gün önce
I like the ytp version better
Sasha Raines
Sasha Raines 25 gün önce
why is he trying to send this lil girl to jail??? like yes lets send this child to the place that literally does the opposite of help anyone
nick escobar
nick escobar 26 gün önce
Just gonna say, the word "tantamount" is used to compare the relation of something to something else. you don't just say something is tantamount, you say it is tantamount to (insert something of the same seriousness). It's fine to have a wider vocabulary, but know the words you say and how to use them
Nana Nunn
Nana Nunn 27 gün önce
Send her 2 boot camp!!!!
Malikai Villatte
Malikai Villatte 27 gün önce
Dr phil handled this poorly
RiverPotato 28 gün önce
I never got the point of hiding a kids face if their parents are there because I mean if people know this girl's parents then they should most likely know her. Unless its a legal thing, in that case, nevermind this comment is pointless.
Demetrius Middleton
Demetrius Middleton 28 gün önce
In my opinion, any parent who says they love their child, but feels a need to expose their family business on national TV in the name of seeking help - that parent is showing where the real fault lies. And it's not with the child.
Bananacakes Aylar önce
My dog knows more responsibility than her
anthony labracio
anthony labracio Aylar önce
.mom looks useless
anthony labracio
anthony labracio Aylar önce
..get apair dsd..
anthony labracio
anthony labracio Aylar önce
..obviously parents never held her accountable ....growing nice..
anthony labracio
anthony labracio Aylar önce
if 2 grownn adults can t manage one child ..maybe somethind wrong w/them..
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis Aylar önce
Why has no one looking into the root of her actions?! No one asks her if something traumatic happened to her outside of the home.
Michelle Mercer
Michelle Mercer Aylar önce
Me : god I wish my parents were this nice / her: man I hate him
Bree Gates
Bree Gates Aylar önce
She seems so sad and depressed she stoped caring a long time ago
Marissa Murdock
Marissa Murdock Aylar önce
She's only 15 she probably has a lot of trauma and lashes out. She needs help and love and support not to go to jail. She seems very sad and probably feels completely alone.
Alexis wilson
Alexis wilson Aylar önce
My child needs help! Oh let me put it on tv! like in what generation do we live in? That girl needs serious help, and to you all who are blind to the fact that there is MUCH MORE going on here then you need help as well
〖 GraceSunnyYT 〗
〖 GraceSunnyYT 〗 Aylar önce
Farzana El-Syed
Farzana El-Syed Aylar önce
Why does Dr. Phil look like a character out of a Guess Who? game?
ಠ_ಠ Aylar önce
Holdddd up. You’re telling me she’s 15? This girl looks 10 like max being 13. She’s 15? I-
Joep Engel
Joep Engel Aylar önce
The moment she heard she would go to jail she starts talking
zachary ford
zachary ford Aylar önce
At least you hade a real father
South-Pokey Aylar önce
her lips are so chapped
Dr Phill makes me want to love my parents even though they left me in a orphanage.
James Whelan
James Whelan Aylar önce
I enjoy this format much better than having the live studio audience. I think that their session should happen behind closed doors with as few people as possible so that people will be more apt to open up and communicate. Anyone else agree?
Toxic Spleen
Toxic Spleen Aylar önce
I always thought Asian kids were well behaved.😆 I should show this to my parents cos I'm a saint compared to her.
Jay Mexa
Jay Mexa Aylar önce
How do kids become like this?
Sharda Aylar önce
MellowJelly Aylar önce
Yeah, I have a feeling the father has abused her in ways that are a secret.
MelonWater217 nworah
MelonWater217 nworah Aylar önce
Dang the father is more therapeutic than dr. Phil. 👀
Mustang09 2 aylar önce
What did she do??
Vidalion 2 aylar önce
It is a good option, but no one who has watched more than a couple of these thinks that the response is going to be anything other than the Ranch for her and counseling for the parents.
william Smith
william Smith 2 aylar önce
That girls clearly just going threw her teenage depression stage, and "dr phil" here is straight suggesting to put her in prison ???
King Noah
King Noah 2 aylar önce
Dr phil needs to talk about chapstick
King Noah
King Noah 2 aylar önce
They show her lips, i can easily assume what she looks like. The most basic and default looking little girl ever. If they showed her face she would look like 90% of other little girls no one would know the difference.
alexa devil
alexa devil 2 aylar önce
her mom hits her
Denofu 2 aylar önce
3:21 I wanna know what song she jammin' to
DJF 2525
DJF 2525 2 aylar önce
She needs some milk! 🥛
Rakesh Gupta
Rakesh Gupta 2 aylar önce
How this thing works? How can he control whether she goes to jail Or have a lawyer or allow her to gl home. By what I understood, you shouldnt blackmail people of such kind
Potato Boi
Potato Boi 2 aylar önce
She stole everything except for some chapstick apparently like damn
Andrey Cerda
Andrey Cerda 2 aylar önce
Had to take my time n effort jus to show my prof
Joey Maxon
Joey Maxon 2 aylar önce
Dr Phil TRwomen ads get real racy around 3 am.
Nedramada 2 aylar önce
Being spoiled dosnt help
Eraz was taken
Eraz was taken 2 aylar önce
Listens to nba youngboy once
Holliwood 2 aylar önce
The father is Awesome 😊
Josefin Johansson
Josefin Johansson 2 aylar önce
I feel for this girl so much, I became the same clamped up girl at the same age as her. I felt unloved, unseen and lost, and therefore I became angry, rebellious but mostly silent. I didn’t want to talk, I didn’t want to solve anything, I didn’t want to accept any love from my family. Simultaneously, that was the ONLY thing KNEW I really wanted in my heart, but I just couldn’t be that person then. I felt that I wasn’t physically able to communicate that, which added enormous stress. Shout out to any parents out there who’s in the same situation as my parents were. They did’t do anything wrong, and did everything they could to help, but sometimes you just gotta ride it out. Love to you all
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