Playing football in mall with Juju Smith-Schuster!

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

9 aylar önce

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 9 aylar önce
Virginity rocks merch restocked at March 9th meet up with Juju and I 😎
Jamie Fowler
Jamie Fowler 17 gün önce
Danny Duncan why did you throw up
Blowyy 24 gün önce
You were in Destin Florida?
Alexz 27 gün önce
I am juju look at my pfp
Gskeleton's world
Gskeleton's world Aylar önce
That pucking was f*cking nasty
Logaboss Boi
Logaboss Boi 3 aylar önce
Danny Duncan The last part of you vomiting is gross
Garrison Outdoors
Garrison Outdoors 23 saatler önce
i went to wonder works when i was in 3rd grade and i cried and left because i was too short i’m now in 8th grade standing at 5’4 1/4
Anthony Cappelletti
Anthony Cappelletti Gün önce
Anyone else see the last part of the video...
Brooklyn Keeter
Brooklyn Keeter Gün önce
Holy shit in the first few minutes I went to the same museum and touches the same water exhibit 1:51. I've never felt so blessed lmao (jk) but fr I was st the same one
ITACHI UCHIHA 2 gün önce
11:19 they all said the n word 😂
Chris Case
Chris Case 2 gün önce
How the fuck do someone just throw up like that the fuck
Weeb 2 gün önce
What museum was that? I want to go.
Youthless 4 gün önce
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Danny Duncan: Can I get number 69.
Crash Edits
Crash Edits 4 gün önce
Bruh vomit makes me wanna vomit
HowellMJH 5 gün önce
14:11 that shit came out his nose
StrongerTrack84 5 gün önce
13:54 😬😬😬🤭
Nate Burnett
Nate Burnett 6 gün önce
Where the hell is this
Great Value Bleach
Great Value Bleach 6 gün önce
This was out on my birthday
Ryan Kubancik
Ryan Kubancik 7 gün önce
Bruh your goated at basketball
Philip Espinosa
Philip Espinosa 7 gün önce
11:21 a whole bunch of white boys think it’s cool to say the n word because they’re with juju smith
Xalam 8 gün önce
I'm I the only one who wonders how they did not get kicked out of the mall?
Marciano Charles
Marciano Charles 8 gün önce
wtf, Danny is good at every fucking sport
Devøn 8 gün önce
14:06 was not expecting that
Zoomzy 8 gün önce
I disagree because HOOJSJJAJKMK
Beau Gardner
Beau Gardner 8 gün önce
The end was gross as shit
Serien Issa
Serien Issa 8 gün önce
Why did you have to put the throwing up clip. 💀
Derose Rules
Derose Rules 9 gün önce
Your Actually good at any sport
Brooke Planas
Brooke Planas 10 gün önce
Hello Danny Duncan I am a kid and I love your vids and I play baseball and traveled to somewhere when you were doing a pose with your hands together and one leg on your right leg but I don’t and can’t have any mercy because you know Ima kid so your vids bro keep it going bro have a good life Btw I’m nine 9 bout to turn 10 in January
Classical 10 gün önce
so this is what rich people do.
Voyd 10 gün önce
I’m not even kidding I went there before
DOLLAR SMOKE 10 gün önce
Why the throw up at then I was just about to eat my salad brooo🤣
Speek -EZ
Speek -EZ 11 gün önce
Song at the end?
Wynston Rownd
Wynston Rownd 11 gün önce
Saints are the best
ActuallyZerp 11 gün önce
Is it fucking awkward when Danny said to not mess with the horns
Dsm Firm
Dsm Firm 11 gün önce
I live in Orlando and I’ve been to that wonder works
Javier Gutierrez
Javier Gutierrez 11 gün önce
At 14:10 it comes out of his nose and sounds like a monster
ExOTiiC-XXR 11 gün önce
Green gatorade at the end
hotxheest932 c
hotxheest932 c 11 gün önce
Hey danny my older sister whants. To be a nfl wife whith smith schuster and i was wondering if u could make dat happen for her
golden arrow
golden arrow 12 gün önce
Why does it sound like a fighter jet when Danny throws up
smile more Valerio808
smile more Valerio808 12 gün önce
juju smith live in hawaii like meh
YvngBoi Snaggy
YvngBoi Snaggy 12 gün önce
Lit asf tho bros 😂😂
Nick White
Nick White 12 gün önce
Imagine being friends with them you would never be bored or able to go to bed
eV01ve 12 gün önce
Just realized I’ve been to that mall and that museum
Neilan Grimes
Neilan Grimes 13 gün önce
I went to wonder works for a field trip in 5th grade
Ronyn Alvarado
Ronyn Alvarado 15 gün önce
Is that wonder works?
Little Zoeyy
Little Zoeyy 16 gün önce
I like How I live in Orlando an literally never see a youtuber like bitch wtf is my life SMFH 😭😂
Eric Fisher
Eric Fisher 16 gün önce
I hate everything about this.
Cooper Alvarez
Cooper Alvarez 17 gün önce
I am Cooper so it is about Cooper
Fastkiller 1
Fastkiller 1 17 gün önce
14:06when I see my x girl friend with someone that looks worse then you
Jayce Eden
Jayce Eden 17 gün önce
This is the type of shit the NFL would fine juju for cause they’re retarted
Connor Reiderer
Connor Reiderer 18 gün önce
3:17 The sign says do not throw the ball as if you are the Hulk
siN - clpzy
siN - clpzy 18 gün önce
ιм ¢σηνιη¢є уσυ αяє gσσ∂ αтє єνєяу ѕρσят
THE GAMER BOB 19 gün önce
11:14 song name?
Jeremiah Esparza
Jeremiah Esparza 19 gün önce
It’s crazy juju is the only black one there lmao
Tiffany Fontenot
Tiffany Fontenot 19 gün önce
Respect the saints tho bro
Luca Iacono
Luca Iacono 19 gün önce
12:45 is that Alex Ernst? I love him no homo
Bryce dunne
Bryce dunne 19 gün önce
10:34 that fat fuck
Unknown 123
Unknown 123 19 gün önce
That end clip tho
E-Panda 19 gün önce
How many chances Danny has getting arrested ⬇️
Deters12 20 gün önce
juju is shazam
Jaden Anzaldo
Jaden Anzaldo 20 gün önce
Thegaming Noob
Thegaming Noob 20 gün önce
Thegaming Noob
Thegaming Noob 20 gün önce
Orbott A
Orbott A 20 gün önce
I was eating while watching. my food came out my mouth later
Josh Kelly
Josh Kelly 20 gün önce
This video makes me realize how much my cities mall sucks ass
Evan Gibbons
Evan Gibbons 20 gün önce
I bet i could easily beat Danny in a home run derby any day of the week
Render Hatred
Render Hatred 20 gün önce
I was literally there
Army Kid
Army Kid 20 gün önce
My mom works at the walmart on turkey lake
lettuce go
lettuce go 21 gün önce
danny looks like dexter
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 21 gün önce
I disagree...because *erulll*
J money
J money 21 gün önce
13:43 music?
Beny Jackson Deere
Beny Jackson Deere 21 gün önce
BLU BAILIFF 21 gün önce
Danny my name is Blu spelt b l u
BLU BAILIFF 21 gün önce
Danny my name is Blu spelt b l u
Yung Zippo
Yung Zippo 21 gün önce
11:20 all the white kids say n word😂
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