PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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Parker Terry
Parker Terry 10 dakika önce
wehatefleur 13 dakika önce
Didn't they say the ps5 controller will be heavier than the ps4 controller but lighter than the xbox's one controller
Jessie Guerrero
Jessie Guerrero 16 dakika önce
still waiting for xbox 361 . unless they going to repeat xbox 2 like they did with xbox 1
Razor 32
Razor 32 31 dakika önce
Great can finally buy a PS3 !
CoolVideos4Life 45 dakika önce
Gta 6 boys!!
ابدل الحميد ابن موسى
ابدل الحميد ابن موسى 50 dakika önce
I'm I the only one here who talks the XBOX language.
Aubrey Jackson
Aubrey Jackson 58 dakika önce
Graphics as good as the Xbox One
Scrublord Jewnicorn
Scrublord Jewnicorn Saatler önce
Vibration is for hoes, hopefully Hori has a ps5 controller ready for late 2020. Can't stand DUALSHOCK, overall small, long trigger pull. I prefer the xbox controller layout simply because I can reach the D pad with my right hand thumb without moving my left hand.
Merc.12 Saatler önce
black ops one or two
Icy Mark
Icy Mark Saatler önce
New psvr here I come
The Monotheist
The Monotheist Saatler önce
Guys, dont buy the upcoming PS5. PS6 (which will be obviously better than PS5) will knock-knock 2 or 3 years later. Have patience.
Rad2Games Saatler önce
I know it was not popular but everyone forget about the steam controller and the haptic feedback
Randy Escalante Garcia
Randy Escalante Garcia Saatler önce
1:58 that wall took his ass out
Shardul Hemant
Shardul Hemant Saatler önce
My mom says games ain't good for brains
Mr Unlucky
Mr Unlucky Saatler önce
Bo2 remaster on ps5... Anyone?
Zozo Saatler önce
I would love to see more stream options and customization options so there’s no need for a pc
Kintler11 Saatler önce
already thinking about buying it when it comes out, and I am a hardcore pc player. Not gonna ditch my pc tho. I love my pc.
Sam  Wilson
Sam Wilson Saatler önce
If it is compatible with ps4 and ps3 mayyyybe i will get it idk
EpicEarthEaterTriple.E.E.E ZiaTv
EpicEarthEaterTriple.E.E.E ZiaTv Saatler önce
How bout bring back free wifi
forgedby2112 Saatler önce
Price point?
Gacha Yoongi
Gacha Yoongi Saatler önce
I bought a ps4 recently and this come up.......
Remember guys they’ll always be a new version of the same console. I wonder how the PlayStation 5 Pro will turn out🤔
Peterson Freitas
Peterson Freitas Saatler önce
I need a Pro control in PS5 as good as M$ Elite, with that my life will be complete
J Chapa
J Chapa 2 saatler önce
1:45 rip for tomorrow fortnite
Hesed Hesed
Hesed Hesed 2 saatler önce
nikoboy53 2 saatler önce
ps4 just come out 3 years a go it`s too soon for a new one but the x box 720 is comeing soon
Geo Engineering
Geo Engineering 2 saatler önce
Ps5 games.......🤷‍♂️
James Knowlen
James Knowlen 2 saatler önce
The games are crap,especially the 20 games,I will not buy another one.
Fearless Tv
Fearless Tv 2 saatler önce
Guess it’s time to sell my ps4
miss diva
miss diva 2 saatler önce
What do you think the price range will be
Senior Partner
Senior Partner 2 saatler önce
They should make it Playstation 360 just to piss off Microsoft
Purple Planet
Purple Planet 2 saatler önce
Just when you bought a new Controller. But haven't bought the 4 yet so now I will wait.
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ 2 saatler önce
Stinks of fake news like crazy , exploiting the dumb ass kids , far as i know Sony CEO said that PS 5 is not even an option , that is still ringing in my head , reason behind it , Developing brick wall due to expensive games , and tech brick wall coming from inability to make cheaper hardware . In all that light , i dont know
Andrew Welsh
Andrew Welsh 2 saatler önce
i like ps4 better than ps5
Bisy #2
Bisy #2 2 saatler önce
like: don't even have a game console
Isaac A
Isaac A 2 saatler önce
I won't buy it unless it clocks higher fps. That's all I care about
WAVY CLAYTON 3 saatler önce
Will my ps4 games switch over
Paul Rains
Paul Rains 3 saatler önce
If the controller gets bigger I might get the ps5, that’s the main reason I play Xbox is bcuz of the controller, I’m not a fan of the size and placement of the analog sticks
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 saatler önce
Controller is the same
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 saatler önce
Controller is the same
YOXYO 3 saatler önce
How many ppl that will buy the new Ps5 👇
YOXYO 3 saatler önce
Who else is scrolling down to the comments while watching the video?
Sly Blu
Sly Blu 3 saatler önce
We need another LEGEND OF DRAGOON!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaase!!!
el indio
el indio 3 saatler önce cool with my old consoles. Fook PS5
Owais Abbasi
Owais Abbasi 3 saatler önce
I can't even afford ps4
Dan Vercruysse
Dan Vercruysse 3 saatler önce
I recently moved to Switch and traded in my PS4. I feel like it was one of the best moves. I knew nothing about the Switch because I stopped playing Nintendo games back in the N64 days. I can say despite the Switch being less in graphics. The Switch has a extremely high rate of game and the indie games are awesome.
Johan Geldenhuys
Johan Geldenhuys 3 saatler önce
PS 4 still too expensive. What will the PS 5 cost. I'll stick to PC
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 saatler önce
You can get ps4 for like 200 . How is that expensive lol
high ninja assassin · 3 years ago
high ninja assassin · 3 years ago 3 saatler önce
2050: the PlayStation 12
NinjaAndy6 :/
NinjaAndy6 :/ 3 saatler önce
The PS5 will be $499 or $599. They say this cuz it gonna vary on what they have and all the stuff that it can do.
33drewster 3 saatler önce
Looks good, can't wait
Scott Sullivan
Scott Sullivan 3 saatler önce
PS5 should be 1080p 120 fps capable @ $399. For those that want truly 4k capability, not the fake media hype, there should be an easy to install GPU module @ $399 or less.
ImmaPotatoBesyyy 4 saatler önce
Can’t wait to get my PS5 in 2025
Dwy 097
Dwy 097 4 saatler önce
This is garbage its either xbox 720 or Xbox 2
Su barashi
Su barashi 4 saatler önce
They better improve the loud vibration sound that current gen have when you’re running certain game apps
Teivorus Womack
Teivorus Womack 4 saatler önce
They need to bring back SOCOM
Ninjaghost420BP 4 saatler önce
Just make the controller 30lbs so that way you can workout while playing
The Ghost
The Ghost 4 saatler önce
I wish rockstar games made a new GTA
Bobby Rentas
Bobby Rentas 5 saatler önce
Pls5 has the same things that the ps4 has besides the controller I'm not going to buy the ps5 I'm going to stay with my ps4
The Internet's Memelord
The Internet's Memelord 5 saatler önce
Oh God please no SONY WHY
bout billy
bout billy 5 saatler önce
i dont have even ps3
Forbid Iglooz
Forbid Iglooz 5 saatler önce
Petition to have the og rainbow ps logo
JR Sdw
JR Sdw 5 saatler önce
I have the money for this in my couch cushions or maybe under my truck seats
Deslexic 5 saatler önce
Will my ps4 scuf work on ps5?
Cwizzy 19
Cwizzy 19 5 saatler önce
Chad warden will be back to review the ps5
FamousVoices 5 saatler önce
I’ve had every Playstation console on the year of release. I’m nowhere near ready to upgrade. Especially when I have a Pro.
Ivan X. Bulgakov
Ivan X. Bulgakov 5 saatler önce
you said Gorilla games not Guerrilla (ge - rri - ya)
Code_Ree 5 saatler önce
Plz help fix this world do something we have 17 months
Legendz FaII
Legendz FaII 6 saatler önce
Tired of repetitive titles on consoles. They better hope wow or RuneScape never releases to console or their all fucked
PandoraTroll 6 saatler önce
Backwards compatibility
Wilfredo Florida
Wilfredo Florida 6 saatler önce
Just bought the ps4 and thus comes out
ElChurroDurro 6 saatler önce
I want them to make new move controllers with analog sticks
MR. CAT 6 saatler önce
I have a ps4pro and ps5 is gonna be released 2020 I feel old with my ps4
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