PUSH LATCH Mechanisms (DIY!)

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This Old Tony

This Old Tony

25 gün önce

There's something magical about push-push latching mechanisms.
Or maybe it's just me.
Let's talk about them and build our own!
Check out EngineerGuy:

pushpushpush clickpush to latchpush to release

Smoke Wheat
Smoke Wheat 10 saatler önce
Sausage in the box caught me off guard but I appreciated it 😂😂
IceFalken Ace
IceFalken Ace Gün önce
As you named, the "latch" and the...I said, "wedge" and you, a half second later, also said "wedge thing". I jumped up and gave you a high five through my TV! 😁 .....now I'm headed out to buy a new TV.....☹️
Oliver Paszkowski
Oliver Paszkowski 2 gün önce
Spectacularly Scientific Do It Yourself
Spectacularly Scientific Do It Yourself 2 gün önce
Hey, this was published on my birthday!
firoxlion 2 gün önce
Hehe sneaky subscribe button
diowk 3 gün önce
this guy is hilarious
Nicolas Rozo
Nicolas Rozo 3 gün önce
This video is pure gold!
earl Wright
earl Wright 3 gün önce
Pretty neat
Dry Roasted
Dry Roasted 3 gün önce
Pierce C
Pierce C 3 gün önce
Hehehe hide the sausage
Brian Damour
Brian Damour 4 gün önce
So, I really enjoyed the video and always marvel at latch mechanisms. But can we take a second and talk about the rabbit hole I went down when I saw what I now know is called a Lead Holder at 8:25. I liked the look of the Faber Castill TK 9400 so I figured I would check it out, do a little google searching to see what I find. Two and a half hours later and I am looking at a shopping cart that is making me a little worried. I am going to be smart about this and run this potential addition to our monthly budget past my wife before I hit the money button. She loves sketching as much as I do so this may end up doubling the cart....
Alex Works
Alex Works 4 gün önce
4:20 I was laughing so hard my wife asks “what’s so funny?” So try to explain to your wife how a machinist video is funny....😩😆
Othoap Proto
Othoap Proto 4 gün önce
it's like being back in high school with all them CLICKS
Ian Bridger
Ian Bridger 4 gün önce
Great videos, I'm a long time fan, but I gotta finally say - you sound like Alan Alda!! Very cool and relaxing.
BuckA'loo4u 5 gün önce
why did you say "eyeglass tray" and show a "don't make me turn this van around" mirror?
mrrodgersphysics 6 gün önce
Can this be done in 2D, or do you need the 3rd dimension to get an asymmetric stroke?
Jim Mangum
Jim Mangum 7 gün önce
I want to know more about the maho /may hoe / ma ho /that green thing that smells bad.
ruki25 7 gün önce
I feel like you came up with the joke at the end and the whole video was an excuse to get to that punchline
Warren Bowdler
Warren Bowdler 8 gün önce
Talks some 😳 get on with it
West_Tee 8 gün önce
Man, when the pens come clicking in at 2:38, I was never more upset at the fact that a melody never appeared... of clicking pens... I was instead, more upset now than sad (sad being what I felt originally). I was upset now because the timing was perfectly wrongly executed. Fan of your work @thisoldtony, keep it up, been a watcher for a while! I have no machinist ability at all but watch your stuff. I feel you have taught me (without any practice), how to weld... I'm a Welder. (now) -West
J M 8 gün önce
poor bastard, springs cost like 4 cents
J M 8 gün önce
sneaky bastard
Lisa G
Lisa G 9 gün önce
Great demonstration!
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 9 gün önce
Tony hiding the subscribe button as a dashboard switch , very sneaky my friend!
hjalar 9 gün önce
2:11 Sir, please stop that magic right now!
Leoleonpd 9 gün önce
Oh my gosh, just click it already. I got so freaking impatient waiting for him to just click that thing
Brandon Wagar
Brandon Wagar 10 gün önce
Oh, come now Tony. That would have made the vid had you shown the ashtray(change collection)repair!! 8 hrs, HA
daniel michels
daniel michels 11 gün önce
7:11 you're welcome
Antoine Desrosiers
Antoine Desrosiers 11 gün önce
Hi Tony, about flexures and latches the following video is interesting: trwomen.com/id/video-YEz-r8KDY-0.html
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 11 gün önce
Im in Love with this humor
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 11 gün önce
alejandrinos 11 gün önce
I came for the curiosity about latching mechanisms, stayed for the wacky rambling. Subscribed too.
Bob Proxmire
Bob Proxmire 12 gün önce
The cam reminds me of a formula 1 transmission, a very complex expensive clicker. 🥰
william fleete
william fleete 12 gün önce
I’ve seen that kind of mechanism in push on push off latching switches as well
Michael S
Michael S 12 gün önce
proof that this TOT was kidnapped by democrats .. " If you dont understand something, destroy it "
Jimuel T
Jimuel T 12 gün önce
What type of steel were you using to make springs? Where can I buy it?
This Old Tony
This Old Tony 12 gün önce
"music wire". Amazon, eBay, industrial supply... or a really good hardware store?
Divinegon 12 gün önce
Ur wife is probably so hot.
rkalle66 12 gün önce
15:39 Even if the cam is not 3D. A simple railrod switch like mechanism would do the same. Think of a train going backwards a switch which is spring loaded and give way even when the switch is directed to the other track. Another example is: trwomen.com/id/video--WN421leLkk.html#t=0m18s
jmdpaintball 12 gün önce
youtube hiding your video from me
Teach a man to fish
Teach a man to fish 12 gün önce
Hydraulics and milling still fascinate the hell out of me after all these years.
Joshua Murray
Joshua Murray 13 gün önce
Favorite part: the bullshit camera movement at the end😂👍 "Nice!"
Sam Roscoe
Sam Roscoe 13 gün önce
You keep saying things that make me go to like the video after I've already liked it
Sam Roscoe
Sam Roscoe 13 gün önce
I should say I'd rather you limit yourself to one likeworthy moment per video for convenience please
ButterBagelGaming 13 gün önce
where is the maho video
Richard Moore
Richard Moore 13 gün önce
I spent 2 months trying to take apart every push- push latch i could get my hands on for a a project i was working on, this would have been quite helpful back then. Love this video. In the end the push-push mechanism was replaced by something different but i still enjoyed watching you make this.
Jomaster The Second
Jomaster The Second 13 gün önce
I still can't believe the Subscribe button on your wife's ashtray-free car isn't being talked about more.
Joe 13 gün önce
We’re just gonna ignore that genius sausage joke?
JJL90 14 gün önce
Very nice video, thank you!
mattikaki 14 gün önce
Interesting. You tell everything so simple that everybody (even American people) understand it. =) Must do same kind of latch but because I don’t have any CNC gizmos I’ll make it of wood. The place it goes doesn’t need to last 100 000 times.
Fancy 14 gün önce
man that stupid damn sausage joke got me lol
labiadh chokri
labiadh chokri 14 gün önce
Nice video , you can find the same mechanism in the play pause button of old cassette player and the power button of old TV
Abi Austwal
Abi Austwal 14 gün önce
My request is make a different I've which can separate 😋
Mackinstyle 14 gün önce
So you could make multiple state latches just by adjusting the track's complexity. This is so cool. It's so simple.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 15 gün önce
Assume...you make an ass out of u and me.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 15 gün önce
My flashlight button never works that often. But my the media pushing my buttons work so I havnt turned the tv on in weeks. So this is better entertainment.
Dorngrunder 15 gün önce
Love this channel, these kind of videos are awesome, deeper understanding about stuff all around us 😀
Pilzy 88
Pilzy 88 15 gün önce
As a Christened Paul I definitely can get behind the pawl action featured in this sublime latch/unlatch video. Paul supports Tony`s pawl feature. This pawl video is Paul appreciated. Could a non latchy latch be as a result of a poorly pawl?
watahyahknow 15 gün önce
hide the sausage.....how does he come up with these things.........
Sean Hill
Sean Hill 15 gün önce
Hey does anyone know the brand of the Marking gauge(slide ruler looking thing)? I was really hoping to get one and all the ones I can find are cheap Chinese ones that aren't very good.
Devon Weidauer
Devon Weidauer 15 gün önce
Tony, I'll have you know I sent this video to a coworker. We are manufacturing engineers designing an assembly fixture. A push latch will be perfect for one of our applications, and watching this video gave me ideas for the fixture. Thanks for your great content. Maybe my coworker will enjoy your shenanigans as much as I do and become a new subscriber.
DirtCheapS 15 gün önce
I like how you made the hole table go up and down. Like the wire and springs would hold it LOL.
Ravin Chowdhury
Ravin Chowdhury 15 gün önce
Is it possible to design a mechanism that works solely in 2d?
Christopher Manley
Christopher Manley 15 gün önce
Eye Ore
Eye Ore 16 gün önce
not everybody plays hide the sausage quite that way Tony. That made me laugh.
Victor Caballero
Victor Caballero 16 gün önce
15:49 how can't I be blushing if you ask me to hold hands while we talked tony?. Lol.😁
Victor Caballero
Victor Caballero 16 gün önce
I know, I know, latching mechanism?
Victor Caballero
Victor Caballero 16 gün önce
Tony, what's the game called?
Jeremy Casteel
Jeremy Casteel 16 gün önce
I really liked the "subscribe" button on the radio. Nice touch.
mosin hawnur
mosin hawnur 16 gün önce
It was Abom in the mirror image
Lloyd Estell
Lloyd Estell 16 gün önce
That is, without question, the most expertly crafted 'hide the sausage' reference I've ever had the pleasure to witness. Thank you, sir!
Robert Fleischmann
Robert Fleischmann 16 gün önce
Yup - I laughed for several minutes at that one!
B100dyPhr34k 16 gün önce
9:14 this somehow acted upon my psyche... in a not so good way
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