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Lobster named goose ꨄ
Lobster named goose ꨄ 7 saatler önce
American hospital be like: oh you are bleeding to death? But you don’t have 999999? Sorry...
Lobster named goose ꨄ
Lobster named goose ꨄ 7 saatler önce
1:55 The worst part is it looks like they were in the middle of a drawing 😭😭😭 rip
Fallensta_r the Fabulous
Fallensta_r the Fabulous Gün önce
MEGA is absolute shit
Stefan's Productions
Stefan's Productions 3 gün önce
Actually the make and manage phone calls is just how android words the permission but in reality it uses your contacts as a recognition pattern, when it recognizes your sim and contacts your game is automatically restored (i believe that's how it is idk)
Aaron 3 gün önce
Anti virus is bloatware come over to Linux...
A adpocalypse Raider in the Noahsnoah army
A adpocalypse Raider in the Noahsnoah army 4 gün önce
Oh no no
Sans 4 gün önce
They sold him big fire works but there was a smaller one in it that is worth wayyy less money
Cool Kid95
Cool Kid95 5 gün önce
Do what’s really asshole design? Once I got a bag of lays with one chip in it, but I couldn’t take a pick cause this counselor took it from me and dumped out on his floor!
kjf 365
kjf 365 5 gün önce
TRwomen: is hemorrhaging money Also TRwomen: doesn't recommend videos and thus don't make use of their entire monetization system.
gferrol118 6 gün önce
9:14 and that is why I'm glad we have the NHS
gferrol118 4 gün önce
@kjf 365 when it's an emergency, you don't have to wait that long to see someone, with the NHS. And giving birth would be concerned urgent, so you see someone pretty quickly
kjf 365
kjf 365 5 gün önce
Well at least she didn't have to wait for a doctor to become available while in labor.
the big gay
the big gay 6 gün önce
5:32 tiny firework make smol pew pew
loxy YT
loxy YT 6 gün önce
6:35 A Omg dont get me started There is so many youtuber i have been subbed to since I started my channle back in 2016 and I forget there names and dont get there notifications for there vids And now with the coppa thing we all all screwed
ScaryClowns41 7 gün önce
The way he says notification loool Not hating btw
Marv 7 gün önce
5:19 I am completely drunk and I understand it (autocorrect is my friend)
Mr danomemo
Mr danomemo 7 gün önce
5:26 the packaging is over size
Bombito 7 gün önce
9:05 is this some sort of american joke im too european to understand?
Shepard 8 gün önce
I used to use go launcher, or one of the go launcher there seem to be more then 1..., when it actually was for free. Then they shoved in advertisements and now its even paid subscription based. WTF. If it would be such a great thing to have i would pay for it one time and don´t want to be bothered again. This subscription cancer nowadays is annoying as hell, it is like this fucked up companies want you to marry their products, pay monthly and even give you a hard time trying to get "divorced"....
Wolfy 8 gün önce
2:18 Every. Horoscope. App. Ever.
deplizz 78
deplizz 78 8 gün önce
1:39 arrow.io was an amazing game until they did this and if you press deny they make put a text in Japanese in every single app till you delete the app
Crazy Lady
Crazy Lady 8 gün önce
I got a virus from a questionable adult fun time video site, and you had to pay to get rid of the virus yet it kept reminding you you had a virus and wouldn't stop! I didn't give in.
Caitlin Sylvester
Caitlin Sylvester 9 gün önce
11:40 I've ranted to my friend before about having no (or very very little) pockets, meanwhile he can fit _an entire iPad_ in his pocket.
Mr. Ping
Mr. Ping 9 gün önce
haha nerd having to pay for youtubeRed. just get TRwomenVanced. it's better lmaoo
Jack Rotten
Jack Rotten 9 gün önce
not if ication
Noonday 10 gün önce
( 10:41 ) Mega aren't assholes, they litterly say you have 5GB to download for per so and so, (Think it's daily) If you use up all 5GB while downloading it doesn't matter what % you're at, you could download something that is 500GB and it would stop after reaching 5GB. Don't be mad at Mega for telling you something that you just don't listen to. Also you can just use any vpn to anywhere to get rid of this.
Mysterious Kenzie
Mysterious Kenzie 10 gün önce
I think I prefer second breakfast to second advertisement
The Super Potato
The Super Potato 10 gün önce
3:40 Hey, at least they don’t charge seniors. So in reality the people who would most likely contribute to the company that way’s profits are lost
TheDragonFanatic 10 gün önce
,,You mean like this?''
TheBenomighty boik
TheBenomighty boik 11 gün önce
2:45 he probs has peel remote it used to be a standard app on android then they made it optional but it starts to display ads after a certain amount of time all the app is ,is a tv remote
Tobias LastName
Tobias LastName 11 gün önce
I just about jumped out of my skin when you said, "Hello, Tobias," because I wasn't really paying attention for a moment.
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez 4 gün önce
Crazy King Of Spades
Crazy King Of Spades 11 gün önce
I think places that have special "Anti-homeless-sleeping" benches are run by assholes. "Homeless people sleeping on our benches looks trashy." No, treating the homeless like shit is trashy.
Ninja Skeletronix
Ninja Skeletronix 12 gün önce
For the one where the person needs to pay to hold their own child, yeah no thank you if I was that woman I'd sure as hell never pay them anything. Even if I had to, expect pennies. Oh and i'd purposefully drop out some pennies around for them to find. And if the doctor would straight up charge them, then... *_Loads chancla with malicious intent_* Also i'm not female, this is what i'd do in that awful situation.
Brycen Ith
Brycen Ith 13 gün önce
Pog champ
Tershi 14 gün önce
I with this was r/mildly infuriating because you pronounce notifications wrong....and available...
Nutttyy 14 gün önce
the laser eye surgery thing is intentional and normal, you might only need one eye done plus thats cheaper than the closest place that does it for me, it costs £595 ($763.68) per eye (NHS doesn't cover it thats why)
Jack Venz
Jack Venz 15 gün önce
Norton is a virus. I uninstalled it, used the uninstaller, deleted all files, but now whenever my pc restarts it reinstalls all of its files and adds the norton installer into forced start when power turns on. I have uninstalled this about 10 times now and can't find the hidden file they must have renamed on my computer that the uninstaller leaves behind.
Shiny Chandelure
Shiny Chandelure 16 gün önce
11:38 it looks like a painting from pablo picasso
Miguel 16 gün önce
Who else just went to download arrow.io after the video
Potato Solstice
Potato Solstice 16 gün önce
it surprises me that people are so shocked when they find out women's clothing has false pockets
Yal Rathol
Yal Rathol 16 gün önce
here's the problem with ads on websites, i don't think anyone actually has a problem with a website selling adspace, the issue is that the ads are completely disruptive to the user experience of the website, either due to poor design on the website's part or due to the ad maker setting the ad to AUTOMATICALLY SCREAM AT YOU OVER YOUR CONTENT. so, people experience a website with horrific ads that ruin the experience and they get adblockers, which means fewer people view the ads, so the companies get less money, so either the ad company forces the website to have more or the website begs everyone for more ads, which results in a worse user experience and over time you eventually get those awful sites where every other scroll is just a fullscreen ad. just design good ads and website layouts, this is not difficult, everyone uses the internet now, you know what a good website looks like.
Blake B.
Blake B. 17 gün önce
*laughs at adverts playing twice* *Has multiple adverts that play twice*
robert linke
robert linke 18 gün önce
that firework..
///AmgFanboi74 19 gün önce
5:20 there's just a smaller firecracker inside the big casing.
Richard Rutledge
Richard Rutledge 19 gün önce
12:18 Check your "No-Script" or other ad blockers. Java is being blocked on that page.
Richard Rutledge
Richard Rutledge 19 gün önce
WTF? Well... I called that one...but I never thought it was blocking ITSELF... hmmm
Richard Rutledge
Richard Rutledge 19 gün önce
Never heard of "ratchet"??? Do you know how to change the oil in your car yourself???
Richard Rutledge
Richard Rutledge 19 gün önce
Next time order a "Pepperonis pizza"...
Richard Rutledge
Richard Rutledge 19 gün önce
You might get two slices of pepperoni then...
Katelyn Esters
Katelyn Esters 19 gün önce
why are you saying notifications like that
Jess Kieleszewski
Jess Kieleszewski 20 gün önce
Honestly the conair one is legit even if it seems intrusive. That’s how they know who their target demographic is when creating new products, package design, advertisements, etc.
MrManiac3 18 gün önce
Honestly they should just create simple marketing though. Hair dryer, dries hair. 50 bucks. Have the user/maintenance manual as a downloadable pdf on their website. That would be pro-consumer.
Cosplays and Stories
Cosplays and Stories 21 gün önce
The way he says notification(s),,,,,
LiquidBlackWolf 21 gün önce
Oh Brave browser how I love all the things that you block automatic. And I come in CPH all the time.. the ones in the terminals are divided inside the container.. But one time I saw a man pour the rest of his water bottle in the trash side.. like.. WTF.
A M.
A M. 22 gün önce
8:32 I'd be pissed if I wanted to watch My Hero Academia: Two Heros and had to look at that through the whole movie
andrew olson
andrew olson 23 gün önce
wow add in the pause screen just like pornhub!
Xander Sweet
Xander Sweet 23 gün önce
LAX says finders keepers, now it's ours so now you have to buy it back!
Mick Gorro
Mick Gorro 24 gün önce
5:28: There should be powder in it, and it's empty. It won't work.
ReadyPhoenix X
ReadyPhoenix X 24 gün önce
*man gets adds every time he opens his phone up* Me laughing "man probably owns an alcatel" Stops laughing since I own a alcatel a3
saintly 24 gün önce
i swear he pretends he doesn't understand something once a video so the comments will be filled with people trying to explain it and boost the video
AccurateFranky 25 gün önce
12:19 Its not broken. He just didn't select battle Royale, save the world, or Fortnite competitive.
gamergod8778 26 gün önce
i am surprised he did not see anyone 9 NOW the website you get like 20 ads with in 10 minutes
Keneth Dona
Keneth Dona 26 gün önce
5:27 Damien, it was probably the 4th of july. People like BIG fireworks, so he got ripped off in fireworks.
Butters 27 gün önce
5:27 ya i will explain in simple terms The tnt looks like it be a big explosion . But reality Its a fucking cherry bomb that dose dick for shit, He litterly wasted his money on a signal charry and did not get what he paid for. He got coned Cus that's not how tnt fire crakers work. Its one string one tube, not fucking a tub packed with sand, with a charry cracker. Fcuking indeans
Jackson Guite
Jackson Guite 27 gün önce
Wait, the pepperoni pizza one just had the pepperoni under the cheese.
Naru 'Sanav
Naru 'Sanav 27 gün önce
On the M-86 firecracker: it was a hollow cardboard tube with like, 1/3 of an actual firecracker inside.
Kiersten 28 gün önce
Hulu has stages of subscription so you pay and half of the things are locked and there’s adds
lpsunder miners
lpsunder miners 29 gün önce
11:48 yeah thats at least 90% of ladies clothing, it sucks '·~·
rob mitch
rob mitch 29 gün önce
"Rob is the sign true?" What why do I get called to translate German use google. "But you are here and know it." Ya I also know how to unclog a jonny with a fish you want to know how to do that to? "Please. Please tell me by jonny you meant a toilet." Yes the sign does translate to all you can eat.
rainbow dash
rainbow dash 29 gün önce
i have an alcatel pixi 4 and i don't have ads on my lock screen
Cotton Catty
Cotton Catty 29 gün önce
For the firecracker he was mad at it because there was no black powder in it witch makes the boom
Angela Hsiao
Angela Hsiao Aylar önce
“Individually wrapped jelly beans”
Anonymous Aylar önce
12:27 this is why fortnite is trash...
Jennie Wright
Jennie Wright Aylar önce
America, the country where you could literally be dying, but if you don't have the money, you ain't getting better
kjf 365
kjf 365 5 gün önce
But then there's Europe: the continent of "well you made it in the door, but you're dying anyway."
TankLord 6 gün önce
You are very right sir, and on top of that people will down talk you so you will stay down
Morgan Weeks
Morgan Weeks 19 gün önce
"ah it's just a broken toe put a splint on it and such it up"
Madison Leonard
Madison Leonard Aylar önce
not tryna bully you...but damn guy...why you out here saying naughtifications instead of notifications
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