Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum Part 12

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This thing sounds insane!!! After getting all of the major repair taken car of, it is time for some performance! This 2019 F-450 is going to transform from a stock work horse to a souped up beast. After all this is done stay tuned and see what we do next! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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rebuiltwreckedsalvagedrebuilding a wrecked 2019 ford f-450 platinum

daye3371 14 dakika önce
Man where dose all the money $$ come from ????
Aaron Gerbrand
Aaron Gerbrand 14 saatler önce
A&W in canada boys!!!
Dayton 17 saatler önce
we have five guys in canada haha
Dayton 16 saatler önce
throw a real tip on, stock is same nasty one since 2008
German League of Legends
German League of Legends Gün önce
In Germany we have Bruder Jakob, the burgers there are so nice :)
Ed Serra
Ed Serra Gün önce
when you replaced the adaped cruze control module did it have to be recalbraited from ford
Ed Serra
Ed Serra Gün önce
i like how you hid the def delete
Mike Pasquale
Mike Pasquale Gün önce
Up here five guys is awesome
Josiah Bartlett
Josiah Bartlett 2 gün önce
Ditch the fukn tail pipe and put diamond stacks one on each side
nick viner
nick viner 3 gün önce
Please leave the tip alone. If you use the old tip it just causes a small blockage. Let it breath.
FrostyBiggens 4 gün önce
Y'all living the life guys, keep on doing what you do, new watcher here and been really liking the progress on the F-450, cheers from Canada!
Ryk Hen
Ryk Hen 5 gün önce
do it yourself at its finest. great job. 😘
Francisco Bueno
Francisco Bueno 6 gün önce
Orale que chingona ce escucha esa F450 felisidadez
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic 8 gün önce
I truly feel sorry for anyone who has to drive behind you guys while driving that truck lmao
1000 10 gün önce
Steak ‘n Shake has some great burgers and fries.
the lemon lickers
the lemon lickers 10 gün önce
In California In 'N Out is where its at
James St. John
James St. John 10 gün önce
Needs to roll coal!!
Justin Vellier
Justin Vellier 11 gün önce
This was an awesome build. I was sick with the flu for a few days and I was able to watch the whole build. Thats a nice truck, but I like the King Ranch.
hn hn
hn hn 13 gün önce
I only wish i had custom restoration masters like you guys you guys do it right thats a good life ,stay happy
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 13 gün önce
Never use and oiled filter on your diesel. Always use a dry air filter. The turbo sucks the oil right out of the filter and gets your fins oily which is not good for the turbo.
Evanghelos Valassidis
Evanghelos Valassidis 13 gün önce
Great job, and how much work you put in this truck, congratulations ! what I do not understand is why you get a radiator mount from a wrecked trucked and you did not even took the time to clean it or painted or something? You took the front end about ten times, does it not bother you guys you left that filthy thing inside that otherwise almost perfectly done job. Thank you very much for your videos.
space monkey
space monkey 14 gün önce
trokiando cuhh
Sartaj Khatra
Sartaj Khatra 14 gün önce
Did u guys go with ppei tuning ?
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer 14 gün önce
A "must have" mod for your new F450: "Any Level Lift"! Run it low for towing and run it high for showing! Check this out on an F450:
Dylan Woods
Dylan Woods 14 gün önce
I wish we had a 5 guys where I live
Brian J
Brian J 15 gün önce
You guys make me wanna buy one
YNok1 15 gün önce
Big Boost Burger is 2 times better than Five Guys.. i live in germany and we have them both here ..
Jim Miller
Jim Miller 16 gün önce
In&out all day
oldtimer_sale instagram
oldtimer_sale instagram 16 gün önce
1.5 milion $ in a cars? Or maybe more 😆 dudeeee that's seek
Jo /
Jo / 16 gün önce
Powerstroke baby 😍
America's Outdoor Family
America's Outdoor Family 16 gün önce
Put it on 5! Lol
Riding with Logan
Riding with Logan 16 gün önce
I have the same tune setup on my 2011 f450 with 2019 wicked wheel turbo
xXxCrAzYJoe85xXx 17 gün önce
Five guys is a northern franchise started in WA
American Ninja Like Muslim
American Ninja Like Muslim 17 gün önce
I love Five Guys But... there a fun Meme out of this Place "Five Gays
Carl Taylor
Carl Taylor 17 gün önce
Kopp's Burgers in Milwaukee "SON"
Clint Teller
Clint Teller 18 gün önce
Blake's lotaburger here in New Mexico. Double meat w chz and bacon and green chili!
John Slayer
John Slayer 18 gün önce
A cold air intake does nothing it just sucks in hot air
Splendt UK
Splendt UK 19 gün önce
Guys you have a lots of space in your yard why just dont make a diy spray-booth! Obviously you'll use it a lot
Michael Pearce
Michael Pearce 19 gün önce
what spray gun you using and what the attachment at the end i thought it was a go pro i was wrong
Leighton Donohue
Leighton Donohue 19 gün önce
watch, that American eagle picture was there for a reason, like the site of a fatal crash or something, but there is usually a cross with those
Volunteer Fisherman
Volunteer Fisherman 20 gün önce
Quality videos every time! Just some good ole Tennessee boys putting in hard work!
Mohsin Sohail
Mohsin Sohail 20 gün önce
Put some rimes in there and exhaust make it sexy yoo
Ashennx 20 gün önce
We have five guys where I live in southern Georgia. A place called Jerry Js in Brantley County is so much better though. Backyard burger is the best one.
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda 20 gün önce
Portillo's in Chicago. let me know when you guys are in the area, definitely buy you a burger and a slice of chocolate cake shake.
Timothy Tello
Timothy Tello 22 gün önce
You guys need to put an android phoneix radio in this truck, it would replace your phone with your tune. I also know for a fact send them out to influencers. Check it out (Make sure you get the most RAM as you can.
CJ Segars
CJ Segars 22 gün önce
Get a chrome 7" tip for it
Stevealan Camping 2019
Stevealan Camping 2019 22 gün önce
Good job the Truck looks good
Shay Silversmith
Shay Silversmith 23 gün önce
black out everything!! rims too!! haha!! great jobs guys!! always enjoy ur videos!!
bonethugs650 23 gün önce
Where part 13
brandon allinder
brandon allinder 23 gün önce
"Fried Pies Burgers and Fries" In Jacksonville Arkansas near the Air Force Base exit is my favorite burger joint! Must check them out!
Tyler Weatherly
Tyler Weatherly 24 gün önce
Use the stock tip
Dan Allen
Dan Allen 24 gün önce
You guys are a riot. Bald eagle got stop me subscribed lol
6.0 HOLE SHOT 24 gün önce
Shit you want a jet sound get you a 6.0 powerstroke with a 5in trust me lol
SpackTastic 24 gün önce
I’m from Chattanooga, best burger in town is Urban Stack
Oscar S
Oscar S 24 gün önce
hola no te salio mas cara la reparacion que haber comprado ya una sin ningun golpe saludos buen dia
ChrisCarGuy -
ChrisCarGuy - 24 gün önce
Beef-n-bun in El Cajon CA is baaaaaad! Love those burgers. Just as good as 5 guys, but less money
Jakub Tabor
Jakub Tabor 24 gün önce
Why did you bother with the cold intake if you have intercooler? Oh and when the car is idling (when you just started it) the turbo is not working yet, so it is not the turbo you can hear.
wolfs den
wolfs den 25 gün önce
Not even remotely fair to be this young and to be this freaking smart.....I enjoy the videos......and respect to the eagle.....
justin bradford
justin bradford 25 gün önce
@goonzquad I need help finding aftermarket upgrades for my 2018 ford ecosport. I just can’t find anything and y’all seem to find everything you need so could you or someone help me out a little?
michael nunn
michael nunn 25 gün önce
You guys should have got the Banks Derringer performance module
ScreenFeenin 25 gün önce
Tune #5 is called ordering a new transmission
Viktor Ottosson
Viktor Ottosson 25 gün önce
How does it goes with the seats ? I bet it looks fantastic when it’s finally done !
Carter Benson
Carter Benson 25 gün önce
" In Canada they probably got deer burgers or something" Idk about canada but Wisconsin does and they are good as hell. Well at least my family does. Btw culvers has the best butter burgers
J.C. F
J.C. F 26 gün önce
Serenity 26 gün önce
I don't even know anything about cars or fixing them and I am in love with watching your videos. ♥
MrNanda38 26 gün önce
These guys are from Texas 100%
Logan Flynn
Logan Flynn 26 gün önce
You should put on an exhaust tip. 5” inlet 8” outlet chrome
Colin Moorhead
Colin Moorhead 26 gün önce
Y’all gotta get that EGR off if it’s gonna be deleted. Whole slew of problems gonna come about because of that. And don’t push that motor too hard with the tunes and she should be good. Sounds wicked though
zacquey dun
zacquey dun 26 gün önce
Yall funny, love you guys
John Turner
John Turner 26 gün önce
John Turner
John Turner 26 gün önce
Ryan Forehand
Ryan Forehand 26 gün önce
Y’all need to do a old body style Duramax or Cummins
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