Rumor: iPhone 12/12 Pro to keep Lightning + Apple’s MacBook Touch concept

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

Aylar önce

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A new rumor says the iPhone 12 will keep Lightning and won't make the jump to USB-C. Are EarPods in the box on their way out? A new jailbreak is out and it supports iOS 13.5. Plus, Apple's own MacBook Touch concept is revealed.
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Brian I’ll be real honest here with you I have the iPhone 7 Plus on Verizon and i have the first IPhone without the headphone jack and I was perfectly fine with Apple removing the headphones and I’ll be perfectly okay with them removing the charging port and frankly that is why I’m waiting on 2021 to upgrading to a new iPhone
Eric Aylar önce
Brian you NEED a haircut!
Cesar Serrano
Cesar Serrano Aylar önce
I don’t mind the iPhone having a lightning port. What I do mind is having to pay 1k for a phone that still has usb 2.0. Apple has show that lightning can be 3.0 win the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. So, why is it that it can’t come to the iPhone?
Annalee Truesdell
Annalee Truesdell Aylar önce
09:13 01:30 01:07
Orkney Parrots
Orkney Parrots Aylar önce
As a voice-over user this would be disastrous. I get that maybe not everybody uses them now but I most certainly do. Unfortunately it lags if I use Bluetooth headphones so wired is the way for me to go right now. This means that I will be disturbing people on public transport (if we’re ever allowed to use that again) and I don’t want to broadcast my private business in public places.
Chris OhBoy
Chris OhBoy Aylar önce
Taking wires earbuds out of the iPhone better make it fucking cheaper too 😒
firefly4322 Aylar önce
At about 6:05, you called it a LABtop...
firefly4322 Aylar önce
raised my hand.
Puru Media
Puru Media Aylar önce
who really wanna use the same charger like an android user? surely not me.........
Elizabeth Meneses
Elizabeth Meneses Aylar önce
if somebody wants to donate your wired headphones I need it 😌
Ju Ri
Ju Ri Aylar önce
bluetooth frying your brain - - so why airpods? just silly dangerous.
Vlad The Monster
Vlad The Monster Aylar önce
It's about CHOICE. When you shell out a thousand dollars for a smartphone and not get a pair, it's a shame. We shouldn't applaud for removing stuff just because we think some may not want it. So many others still care about wired audio.
Luke Lou
Luke Lou Aylar önce
I use them all the time, I don’t like have time to charge ear pods, plus I won’t lose them either.
Henry Lau
Henry Lau Aylar önce
I still use wired headphones. what's wrong with that. You never have to charge them. Charging the phone and the watch is enough trouble already. Often time I don't even charge my watch.
Mohan Y
Mohan Y Aylar önce
They should use a grippier material for the Airpods Pro. I have them but they always slip out of my ears.
Dave Ahart
Dave Ahart Aylar önce
I’m fine with no headphones with the iphone 12. I don’t see them discounting AirPods or bundling as a package. I don’t think they have ever done that. How about a lower price with no headsets?
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Aylar önce
Brian, Great Video as always. Why don't you get your beautiful girlfriend to cut your hair?
Spartan2x Aylar önce
"Can't make out your face on the 720p video" Good! Lower bandwidth needed, and you don't need to see details on my face, just that I'm looking at the screen and there.
Dima Nemilos
Dima Nemilos Aylar önce
I use my wire EarPods since I purchased iPhone 8 Plus. I do care about it because I don’t want to throw 150 USD+ for AirPods to see it needs a replacement in a year. Its batteries can’t stand more than 1-2 years of use. I’m totally fine with wired EarPods. It just works fine, do not experience any battery drain or turn off when it’s cold outside and so on. I’d be quite upset not to find EarPods for the money Apple wants for an iPhone. I also hope they will keep at least 1 non-OLED iPhone. I use my phone quite a lot of time each day and eyestrain is an issue for me with OLEDs (not iPhone only). It’s up to the way Apple adjusts the brightness on OLEDs. The have chosen a technology that for much people makes impossible to use it. It’s about pulse-width modulation brightness adjustment.
Irfan Asif
Irfan Asif Aylar önce
if there is no 120hz or usbc no one is gona buy these iphone pros
isaksays Aylar önce
What is it about Usb-C that makes all the tech nerds go ”REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” if it isn’t included? Personally I transfer everything through wifi...and have lots of time doing it. Charging is really quick if you use a charge brick with enhanced capabilities.
Sacto1654 Aylar önce
I think because of the massive amount of accessories for the iPhone that use the Lightning connector, I don't think Apple will switch to USB Type C connector for the iPhone 12. But it may be possible that Apple bumps up the USB-C to Lightning charging rate to 29 W, which will allow for faster charging compared to now.
Val Willis
Val Willis Aylar önce
Have notice how many people are wearing wired buds in their video interviews. Remember techno nerds are a small real small percentage of the population.
Steve Aylar önce
Remove headphones and raise price.. ugh more for less. That’s the problem even if it ain’t as used it feels like an extra for such a little cost to them. They will not price reduce just remove and keep the profit. Also they will not reduce 29 that’s our price theirs is about 1.00. If they had done usb c and wired headphones at least I could use them easier on more things.
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline Aylar önce
When we have USB4 Apple should move to it on all products. Use Ear Pods all the time. Do not know if I would move to an Apple solution if they change to a USB4 port, and do not include Ear Pods. If Sony had an over ear USB4 wired earphone/microphone at that time I would more than likely move to.
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez Aylar önce
I haven’t use the EarPods since the iPhone 6s Plus so I couldn’t care less if Apple don’t include those things in the box. I’ll take the discount, though
Avg Vet
Avg Vet Aylar önce
If apple was smart they include air pods with the iPhone 12. People lose AirPods all the time. If they get use to using them they would feel a replacement was needed.
Mélissa Carrier
Mélissa Carrier Aylar önce
I don't care about lightening, which is still a very good connector, the only thing is that the Mac and iPad is now in use C which is not a bad thing, not a good thing, but a clash with the iPhone... just why ? Do it all or not at all !
Wouisy Aylar önce
Definitely, Apple should discount the cost of wired earphones if they aren’t included anymore
Manny Aylar önce
Apply please don’t get rid of the headphones! Having traditional headphones out of the box has been nice while working from home. I have 2 sets of airpods but having the peace of mind that during a full day of meetings my headphones aren’t going to die Is really comforting.
glock2312 Aylar önce
This is very disappointing that they will be leaving the lightning port, not surprising. Apple’s business case to keep everyone wanting the next Apple product even before the current years product has been released.
Jai Shankar R
Jai Shankar R Aylar önce
Powerbeats pro has issues every time with this same for everyone
Gaming York
Gaming York Aylar önce
These videos doesn’t make any sense, leaks are all fake
NileshR12 Aylar önce
I have AirPods, & I use the wired EarPods when the AirPods get low on battery & have to charge
Charles Borrenpohl
Charles Borrenpohl Aylar önce
All the “Pro” products should be USB-C. PERIOD
Grant PARKE Aylar önce
Apple has failed the consumer. Educated consumers can see exactly what Apple is doing. But since the downfall of Steve jobs Apple has failed. I don’t support greed! Only uneducated people support greed!
LoboLouie2 Aylar önce
Any news on a new iMac. Need a new desktop but trying to be patient.
TikyCZ Aylar önce
Man I’m glad that they keeping lightning for iPhones 12 series
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes Aylar önce
Burak CilekciGS
Burak CilekciGS Aylar önce
My 18yr old sister did
BLC Aylar önce
Bobby in New York! Lol. I love my wired headphones. Not having to worry about dead batteries is a better UX.
John M Blake
John M Blake Aylar önce
I have wired ear buds never used them since iPhone 4. But, I’m 65 years old. 😳
Gajrias Aylar önce
Hope they don't end up with another Butterfly Keyboard disaster, as we are still carrying this pain with us, till we change to a new Mac.
Dedrean Dixon
Dedrean Dixon Aylar önce
I would like the EarPods to continue to be in the box... Why?... The microphone! I like to record music/singing and the sound quality of the mic is fairly decent as well as don't have a delay with a few recording apps I use. As well as... I need a backup for when my AirPods die!
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez Aylar önce
Kim Diana
Kim Diana Aylar önce
Your hair looks so much better!
Will Harrah
Will Harrah Aylar önce
I really want a c port. Apple please kill the lightning port. I want faster charging it takes forever
Philip Baldassini
Philip Baldassini Aylar önce
For the record they are good to have, and I think they have good sound for what you get, always have them as back up in my backpack, good thing had to use them for going to school cause my Bluetooth headphones had died 😞
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen Aylar önce
They should make one that take temperature. I am sure they are working on it.
Eddie Cintron
Eddie Cintron Aylar önce
Price reduction or no reduction and get OLED.
Panther Dagger
Panther Dagger Aylar önce
That kinda sucks about the wired ear pods., every iPhone I've ever had,I look forward to using them., no issues when jogging or when im stuck in places like the DMV without bringing my cumbersome Bluetooth headset. Apple is always nickel and dime customers
viewerFAC Aylar önce
I've seen a couple videos that moan about not getting USB-C on the iPhone but face it (if it does happen) it won't be for a while. There's no incentive to change. You can still get fairly fast charging through it and through wireless charging. And for all those decrying that USB-C is on the iPad Pro-Apples been positioning that as a laptop replacement, it'll be needed for high speed file transfer and for peripherals, it's not on any of their other iPads. Besides when they do retire lighting connect they'll probably change it to someone else.
N T Aylar önce
Lame review
N T Aylar önce
Brian Tong still lame. Take criticism buddy
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Huh?!? This is the latest news...😂😂😂
Scott Eriksson-Bland
Scott Eriksson-Bland Aylar önce
I think… That I have recycled many more EarPods than I Care to admit
I can use my iPhone for almost 4 years but lighting is making me to just not buy new iPhones just running old ones
d b
d b Aylar önce
Rob S
Rob S Aylar önce
Instead of getting rid of the wired earphones with the 12 they should get rid of the charger, as most every person on earth has a bunch of chargers already
Charmin Baer
Charmin Baer Aylar önce
My first device with USB-C is my Sony a7 iii camera, then my 11" iPad Pro. I'm about to upgrade from a 2013 15" MBP to a 16" MBP. It would be stupid for Apple to keep Lightning on the iPhone 12 when everything else is moving to Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C. Can we finally have a truly universal cable, at the very least for charging purposes??
Terry McMiller
Terry McMiller Aylar önce
Android-Fanboy: I just rooted my device, flashed a different ROM on it, changed the bootloader, added a global adblocker and changed the style of several apps with an xmod. Just my avarage day Apple-fanboy: I just jailbroke my IPhone! Now I can change my Icons! Dear Lord, I don't know what got into me today to act like such a daredevil!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Paranoid Android
Paranoid Android Aylar önce
*raises hand* I do use the EarPods that come in the box and I never have spare comes from my previous iPhone because I only upgrade every 2 or 3 years and EarPods don’t usually last that long. I think it lots of people are the same and I think you’re underestimating how many people do use the EarPods our the box when they buy a new iPhone.
Aindriú M
Aindriú M Aylar önce
I still have my wired EarPods from my 6S+ with an adaptor. The set that came with my X has never been opened. I always keep a wired pair around as a backup.
Raymond Vasquez
Raymond Vasquez Aylar önce
Another great video bro !!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Appreciate you watching!
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Aylar önce
Never use corded EarPods wireless all the way
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith Aylar önce
I use the wired apple pods with my phone lots more as the left AirPod decided it will only work sometimes
Justice Forall
Justice Forall Aylar önce
I won’t jailbreak Apple’s iPhones. Nope! I’ll just get me a Samsung Note and call it day. 🤷🏾‍♂️😬
Kurt Bunch
Kurt Bunch Aylar önce
I’m all for taking the headphones out of the box. The only thing I remove from the box of every iPhone I buy is the phone itself. I hardly ever remove the USB charger and cable. Just sell me the phone and keep everything else.
leon brawl
leon brawl Aylar önce
Im from plainrock124
Q Graham
Q Graham Aylar önce
Proprietary lightning cables have made Apple billions through third party companies sales. Why would they lose that?
Supreme Etnel
Supreme Etnel Aylar önce
Uh Yes i do open my lighting headphones i think they sound better then the initial airpods. They should at least cut the earpods pro price by half when you buy the iphone 12 or include it for free. !
L Rolfzen
L Rolfzen Aylar önce
For some reason Im not feeling as excited about up coming products as I should be this time of year.
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