Rylo Rodriguez - Confessions (Official Audio)

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Rylo Rodriguez

Rylo Rodriguez

7 aylar önce

Rylo Rodriguez - Confessions (Official Audio)
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Engineered by: Mattazik Muzik

Christopher Whittington
Christopher Whittington Gün önce
Cuz shit 8e slappin
luhkeeez 3 gün önce
luhkeeez 6 gün önce
RBM Zae 11 gün önce
“It hurt niggas that u love turn informant (turn rat)” 🥶🥶💯
Rosie Burnette
Rosie Burnette 16 gün önce
Can you please drop this on Apple Music?
Ki Baby
Ki Baby 20 gün önce
When I first heard this song I fell in love .. shit on replay daily
Patrick America
Patrick America 20 gün önce
Old head here ...Rylo n no cap the only young niggas I can listen to
Raheem Keizer
Raheem Keizer 24 gün önce
MaChaila Scott
MaChaila Scott 29 gün önce
ya’ll notice he used this same picture for G.I.H.F only difference is them goats
Denzel Rowell
Denzel Rowell Aylar önce
I love rylo no cap this man the hardest out...... Corona flow!!!!!
Moody Nolimit
Moody Nolimit Aylar önce
He really him I swear 🔥🔥🥇
Tk Walton
Tk Walton Aylar önce
“in the 6th grade writing ‘free my niggas’ on my journal”😴🔥🔥
Tk Walton
Tk Walton Aylar önce
“and i was told if i don’t play with guns ‘that bullet gon hitcha cheek’”🔥🔥🔥
Shelly Jones
Shelly Jones Aylar önce
You know just like I know all I had was you
James Bond
James Bond Aylar önce
we ray charles robbed them blind I know how it feel ya be robbed 😂💯🤧da goat
remz0 Aylar önce
This nigga gunna n lil baby in one 🐐
Gno 773
Gno 773 Aylar önce
This nigga got the voice of the streets
Lekeisha Adams
Lekeisha Adams Aylar önce
sebastian torres
sebastian torres Aylar önce
Your time coming homie been fucking with this type of shii
Yt4real Aylar önce
So no one has remixed this ? I wanna hear how other people ran the beat! Drop some links if you know somebody who did!
tmm n
tmm n 17 gün önce
This wale song rylo remixed it
Elyric Calton
Elyric Calton Aylar önce
TF lil pump🙄get the fuck out of here🤣😂😂
Stroker Dadon
Stroker Dadon Aylar önce
Rylo x NoCap the hardest niggas period
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Aylar önce
When that tape dropping
Chris DaVinchi
Chris DaVinchi Aylar önce
''i know some soldiers that will never ever get appeals''
swaveybossmike Aylar önce
Why this not on Apple music 😢😢
jay geez
jay geez Aylar önce
He got another songs like this?
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson Aylar önce
Frederick Lusk
Frederick Lusk Aylar önce
Tarvares Roberts
Tarvares Roberts Aylar önce
One of coldest out
tmm n
tmm n Aylar önce
I’m out here all alone 🤦🏿‍♂️💔
Young Vontee
Young Vontee Aylar önce
Dis so hard I thought it was no cap
Jennifer Porter
Jennifer Porter Aylar önce
Keep at it
Dontee Weaver
Dontee Weaver Aylar önce
K4YH 7
K4YH 7 Aylar önce
Top 5
Sam Meeks
Sam Meeks 2 aylar önce
Best song of 2020 by far so far
Tru 602
Tru 602 2 aylar önce
He sound so fucken slooooow🌝🥱🥴
DeeJayALion Aylar önce
Serpico 2 aylar önce
“Make sure my pockets look PHAAAAT”
Vonte Barnes
Vonte Barnes 2 aylar önce
Idk what's wrong with the reaper he keep taking my ppl 😭🗣️🗣️
Jason East
Jason East 2 aylar önce
It rerouted me
King James
King James 2 aylar önce
Only some y’all gon feel him when he said “I kno Thad gon somehow I still text ya phone fool” 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🕊🕊 these demons never gon go. Long live the guys
dee witherspoon
dee witherspoon 2 aylar önce
Most definitely 1 of his best shows how versatile bro is 💯💯
Yaya’s World
Yaya’s World 2 aylar önce
One my faves ❤️
Brandon Francis
Brandon Francis 2 aylar önce
U know just like I know all I had was U 🔥
Chris d
Chris d 2 aylar önce
I can hear my momma cry to young to know what's going on🤔👹
Richie Berry
Richie Berry 2 aylar önce
Rylo very underrated💯
CashmanLex 989
CashmanLex 989 2 aylar önce
This shit hit so hard....
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 aylar önce
This shit made a nigga cry
HARVEY GANG 2 aylar önce
And I'm just now hearing this😩💘💯 shit 1K he so raw....
Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips 2 aylar önce
ik that girl was bad for me but told me things that was good :>
Mango The goon
Mango The goon 2 aylar önce
IM OUT HERE ALL ALONE!!!!!!!! Felt that 😩👏🏾
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz 2 aylar önce
Where tf did dis nigga come from?
Day Gunn
Day Gunn 3 aylar önce
Remixed this it was too much Cap in the Rap.😂😂😘💚💜
Margiela Man
Margiela Man 3 aylar önce
I feel dis one
ChefHerb 3 aylar önce
Kaydoe Productionz
Kaydoe Productionz 3 aylar önce
Rylo Rodriguez Confessions Instrumental - trwomen.com/id/video-7TdPeC4G67o.html
Kaydoe Productionz
Kaydoe Productionz 3 aylar önce
Instrumental - trwomen.com/id/video-7TdPeC4G67o.html
Sam Meeks
Sam Meeks 3 aylar önce
6th grade we rent a car that shit ain’t normal
Family Phone
Family Phone 3 aylar önce
Jhit snapped
ManuverBenjamins 3 aylar önce
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 3 aylar önce
Probably the best tbh
Michael Holcombe
Michael Holcombe 3 aylar önce
Woulda told black and mike mike to go to KFC u had to grow up wit us to know what he talking bout.... they got wet up in McDonald’s drive thru next to KFC across the street 😥 miss all our niggas that mobile artist hit different we really street nawl fr niggas ain’t just rapping
Darcy Sanchez
Darcy Sanchez 3 aylar önce
Chriso. Lilcsan
Dominic Joseph
Dominic Joseph 3 aylar önce
Hard no bs
Killa B
Killa B 3 aylar önce
William Howard
William Howard 3 aylar önce
I feel u Holmes. U the definition of keeping it real.
Esso Vibin
Esso Vibin 3 aylar önce
Solitude 1
Solitude 1 3 aylar önce
Johnny Cinco and rylo rodriguez the most underrated
I'm in Chicago
I'm in Chicago 3 aylar önce
Especially Jonhny 💯
Dollar Bill
Dollar Bill 3 aylar önce
Like if rylo better than da baby
tmm n
tmm n 3 aylar önce
rylo a goat bro idagf what a nigga say this nigga better than any nigga out right now
tmm n
tmm n 3 aylar önce
Andrew Barker nigga a god when it come To this rapping shit
Andrew Barker
Andrew Barker 3 aylar önce
I'm in Chicago
I'm in Chicago 3 aylar önce
Aikeem Wyche
Aikeem Wyche 4 aylar önce
Fucking fire🔥🔥
Tay Day
Tay Day 4 aylar önce
Would told Dont hit that lick I’m gonna be rich in some years
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