Rylo Rodriguez - Yesterday Blues (Official Video)

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Rylo Rodriguez

Rylo Rodriguez

6 aylar önce

Rylo Rodriguez - Yesterday Blues (Official Video)
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Produced by: Yung Lando

RyloRylo Rodriguez

Jonny Lopez
Jonny Lopez 6 saatler önce
Hope that cup don’t take him 😶
Cameron Casiano
Cameron Casiano 3 gün önce
I love this song I swear 🔥😌
SKKELET0N 3 gün önce
“ just cause you got it don’t mean you gon pop it “ 🔪
Jakobe Johnson
Jakobe Johnson 4 gün önce
To hard🆑
HSG x Reegy
HSG x Reegy 4 gün önce
she love i i told her to cut it the barber way
Deadly Sin
Deadly Sin 7 gün önce
Bro i cant understand shit he say its prolly his accent or the auto tune
ThatsChase 7 gün önce
She told me she love me I told her “cut it” (like cut it out) tha barber way🤯😂😂
Joel Chaney
Joel Chaney 8 gün önce
I have to turn my damn captions to see what this mane saying half the time
Jay Cool
Jay Cool 8 gün önce
This shit go hard in the car or any speaker😭😂
FunnyAss Sossa
FunnyAss Sossa 10 gün önce
If you don’t like this you’ll die tomorrow 💤
austin 12 gün önce
“Ima Project Baby Like Peezy” (Kodak Testimony)
Cantguardxay 12 gün önce
Nah he talking abt omb peezy
jovaughn thompson
jovaughn thompson 12 gün önce
"Bought so much palm angels last night I saw heaven's gates" rylo underrated asf
Cj _
Cj _ 14 gün önce
“NBA Game, Project Baby, Sitting Floor Seats”🔥🔥🔥🔥That One Flew Over A Lot If Not All Of Yo Heads😭😭
Cj _
Cj _ 4 gün önce
Balla_ 1k 😭😭😭Nigga Hes Just Saying Hes Been Sitting On Floor Seats His Whole Life Whether It Was In A Good Way Or Bad Way
Balla_ 1k
Balla_ 1k 4 gün önce
Cj _ I still don’t get it bruh but cheek my song out
Cj _
Cj _ 4 gün önce
Balla_ 1k NBA Game, When U Sit On Floor Seats, It’s More Expensive Than Any Other Seat. But He’s A Project Baby So He Didnt Have Seats So He Had To Sit On The Floor
Balla_ 1k
Balla_ 1k 4 gün önce
I don’t get it
Cj _
Cj _ 5 gün önce
vince mcmahon **Tissue**
H0LD DAT GREEN 17 gün önce
Fuck Kevin gates
EliyahDa Barbie
EliyahDa Barbie 17 gün önce
I farted when the beat dropped 😭
Joose Verde
Joose Verde 19 gün önce
So nobody gonna yell "Kobe!" 2:34?
Ivan Regalado
Ivan Regalado 19 gün önce
You gotta be hood to understand em lol
ILLUMINATION313 EVO 25 gün önce
I Play this everyday. From detroit with love
Joseph NS
Joseph NS 25 gün önce
Lil baby older brother lol
Revanue Gee
Revanue Gee 26 gün önce
🗣This song sad, lit and 🔥 all in one 💯 #Loyalfan
Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders 27 gün önce
Elite !!!!!! Just gotta meet bro 1 time. How tf u kill this track like this
Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams 29 gün önce
A-Fex The Vet
A-Fex The Vet Aylar önce
Shout out to everyone who had holes in their shoes and clothes and came up! Today might be bad but tomorrow could be different. Keep your head up young king
Nike Mydell
Nike Mydell Aylar önce
I'm young and getn money but my daughter not reginae!
Nike Mydell
Nike Mydell Aylar önce
Ion think they get it no MISSIS we give em the blues like sir Charles
James Bradley
James Bradley Aylar önce
Buckets on that fuck Kevin Gates
Cameron Henderson
Cameron Henderson Aylar önce
Just cause you got it, don't mean you gon pop it
Keya Niger
Keya Niger Aylar önce
rylo wave 🤣
Beatsbyvic Aylar önce
"Tellin You Bye But Don't Leave " 😢
Alpo Bwa
Alpo Bwa Aylar önce
248 Richee
248 Richee Aylar önce
Bro his bars is ridiculous 🔥🚫🧢
Xavier Shepard
Xavier Shepard Aylar önce
Coming down 45 in PA yeaeeeeeeee
The LJS Army
The LJS Army Aylar önce
Dat nigga straight splashed it 💦 0:13
Checkrite 3rd
Checkrite 3rd Aylar önce
We a different breed in MOBtown! So much different than other southern cities
Yung Hazel
Yung Hazel Aylar önce
“All these rap niggas just like my sons I ain’t get nothing for Father’s Day” Like if you here to wish Rylo a happy Father’s Day
Clark Kushner
Clark Kushner Aylar önce
I didn’t get nothing for Father’s Day 😭😭😂
Bryce Buckets
Bryce Buckets Aylar önce
She can not suck my if she just ate onion rings
Big Jank
Big Jank Aylar önce
rylo is a legend with an empire named 4pf
Phyllimenia Tamplin
Phyllimenia Tamplin Aylar önce
Jason Jeter
Jason Jeter Aylar önce
Make you wanna go get some money
kev Miller
kev Miller Aylar önce
Good and cheap Podcast
Good and cheap Podcast Aylar önce
Getting more backend than a pregnant lady
Melissa Duhon
Melissa Duhon Aylar önce
Rylo beats are fya 🔥🔥🔥...can never get enough... Only Yesterday!!
PLAYBOIFENDI 2 aylar önce
someone listen too TB Yesterday
Seth #traplife#sodmg
Seth #traplife#sodmg 2 aylar önce
took 21 percs? smh i took 6 m30s :'(
Caliando On Da Riddim
Caliando On Da Riddim 2 aylar önce
I Love This
Tizzy Hendrixxx
Tizzy Hendrixxx 2 aylar önce
Fuckin wit dis Rylo go hard
lilbizzyownz 2 aylar önce
“Give a nigga the blues like Sir Charles Ion think they get it no misses Or we giving them blues like Charles Fell on my face Took 21 perks today Activis numb the taste Still won’t get tired fuck any day” 🔥‼️ Nigga killed that shit💯
Cj _
Cj _ 14 gün önce
Kevin Gates Bro🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭😭😭
Kameron Gardenhire
Kameron Gardenhire 2 aylar önce
Johnny cinco did it first
Never Rap Again
Never Rap Again 2 aylar önce
Both goats 🐐
Kameron Gardenhire
Kameron Gardenhire 2 aylar önce
It’s hard tho
DARIAN SIMMONS 2 aylar önce
My favorite rappers nobody fucking with bruh
Omari Layne
Omari Layne 2 aylar önce
Majority of niggas die with they guns just cause you got it don't mean you gonna pop it... big facts rylo
realroadblocks 2 aylar önce
"Told her she cannot suck my d*ck cause she just ate onion rings" 🤣😂😂😂
realroadblocks 2 aylar önce
this song is like getting a fidget spinner back in 2017
Steven Nah ll
Steven Nah ll 2 aylar önce
This nigga song hit different when you high asf.
Day Gunn
Day Gunn 2 aylar önce
Only Yesterday...💚💜
Opticz Spamz
Opticz Spamz 2 aylar önce
Just cause you got it don't mean you gone pop it🤬⛽🤟🏽
Ashad Genesis
Ashad Genesis 2 aylar önce
Because of sample clearance,he only put it on TRwomen due to copyright issues 💪🏾🤙🏾😔🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾
Ashad Genesis
Ashad Genesis 27 gün önce
Talking about why his album is taking so long, certain songs on apple and before lil baby offer the deal etc
FURYKIDD 27 gün önce
@Ashad Genesis Just search Rylo Rodriguez, and find the song called "Yesterday" it's not "Yesterday blues" on spotify
Ashad Genesis
Ashad Genesis 27 gün önce
@FURYKIDD just hard to find on most, cause of the samples etc
FURYKIDD 27 gün önce
Naah bruh it's on Spotify
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson 2 aylar önce
Miranda Battle
Miranda Battle 2 aylar önce
This guy is da truth 😘
uh skrt
uh skrt 2 aylar önce
really wish u didnt mumble rap an actually said stuff that made sense, this is an amazing beat tho its stuck in my head (1:08 "all these rap niggas jus like my son i aint gettin out for fathers day" ??? 😂😂😂 like what
KAM 2 aylar önce
I ain’t get nothin for Father’s Day
Nicholas Mosley
Nicholas Mosley 2 aylar önce
So cap on the remix right ? It’ll Be dope if he was.
JoelTheCoolGamer_YT 2 aylar önce
This is the best good bass
Peter Gazer
Peter Gazer 2 aylar önce
Does anyone know what those video effects are called
Blake Muncy
Blake Muncy 2 aylar önce
Didn’t know whether I’d amount to something
ya muva a treesh
ya muva a treesh 2 aylar önce
who else peeped 9lokknine in the intro
That boy tha Great Vell
That boy tha Great Vell 2 aylar önce
Yeah this go up
Veka Sora
Veka Sora 2 aylar önce
Yesterday i had naffinnng..i had holes in my shoes🔥🙏🏾
alric johnson
alric johnson 2 aylar önce
All of dese rap niggas just like my son ian get nun for fathers day 👌
Donnell Weathersby
Donnell Weathersby 2 aylar önce
This sucks 👎!!!! Sorry I've been listening to Bone thugs and Harmony for 17 years
Kendreck Jones
Kendreck Jones 3 aylar önce
Real mobile bama boy
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