Rylo Rodriguez - Yesterday Blues (Official Video)

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Rylo Rodriguez

Rylo Rodriguez

4 aylar önce

Rylo Rodriguez - Yesterday Blues (Official Video)
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Produced by: Yung Lando

RyloRylo Rodriguez

Opticz Spamz
Opticz Spamz Gün önce
Just cause you got it don't mean you gone pop it🤬⛽🤟🏽
Ashad Genesis
Ashad Genesis 2 gün önce
Because of sample clearance,he only put it on TRwomen due to copyright issues 💪🏾🤙🏾😔🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson 2 gün önce
Miranda Battle
Miranda Battle 4 gün önce
This guy is da truth 😘
shits go HARD
shits go HARD 5 gün önce
really wish u didnt mumble rap an actually said stuff that made sense, this is an amazing beat tho its stuck in my head (1:08 "all these rap niggas jus like my son i aint gettin out for fathers day" ??? 😂😂😂 like what
KAM 3 gün önce
I ain’t get nothin for Father’s Day
Nicholas Mosley
Nicholas Mosley 5 gün önce
So cap on the remix right ? It’ll Be dope if he was.
iamjoel davidson
iamjoel davidson 5 gün önce
This is the best good bass
Peter Gazer
Peter Gazer 6 gün önce
Does anyone know what those video effects are called
Blake Muncy
Blake Muncy 12 gün önce
Didn’t know whether I’d amount to something
how to make money
how to make money 13 gün önce
who else peeped 9lokknine in the intro
That boy tha Great Vell
That boy tha Great Vell 15 gün önce
Yeah this go up
Veka Sora
Veka Sora 16 gün önce
Yesterday i had naffinnng..i had holes in my shoes🔥🙏🏾
alric johnson
alric johnson 17 gün önce
All of dese rap niggas just like my son ian get nun for fathers day 👌
Donnell Weathersby
Donnell Weathersby 19 gün önce
This sucks 👎!!!! Sorry I've been listening to Bone thugs and Harmony for 17 years
Kendreck Jones
Kendreck Jones 21 gün önce
Real mobile bama boy
Luchini Hill
Luchini Hill 24 gün önce
Confessions instrumental plzz🔥🔥🔥
LouGuap 25 gün önce
"Told her she cannot suck my dick if she just ate onion rings" rylo speaking some facts ongod 💯
LouGuap 25 gün önce
"Told her she cannot suck my dick if she just ate onion rings" rylo speaking some facts ongod 💯
Lil Fox
Lil Fox 27 gün önce
Rylo going up remember boy had 30k subscribers 💪🏿
Caliando On Da Riddim
Caliando On Da Riddim 29 gün önce
Fire 🔥
The Professor
The Professor Aylar önce
Check out this RyloRodriguez Song 🔥‼️: trwomen.com/id/video-RwmdYPa4LFQ.html
Yyungsad Aylar önce
Bro i need this shit in spotify rn
keon willis
keon willis Aylar önce
That beat tho 🔥🔥🔥♥️
keon willis
keon willis Aylar önce
Brotherly Lov.2
Brotherly Lov.2 Aylar önce
Joey Rue
Joey Rue Aylar önce
Beautiful Vibes
DankPlug 420Gaming
DankPlug 420Gaming Aylar önce
Man this sample from Leon Bridges is craaazyyyy!! Producer/engineer went bananas. Rylo you the truth dawg . 💯
Dajon Edwards
Dajon Edwards Aylar önce
Percs Aylar önce
igs nobody caught dis " we shootin no misses ( no ms ) we give em the blues like sir Charles ( sir Charles Jones was a American blues singer ) dont think dey get it no misses ( ms ) we give em the blues like sir charles
CamLaFlaire' DaMailMan
CamLaFlaire' DaMailMan 23 gün önce
Percs #BAR
Yung xgoat
Yung xgoat Aylar önce
SteppaKe Aylar önce
The visual are fire
SteppaKe Aylar önce
Like if rylo better than dababy
ValleyBoi Promo Gang #VBPG
ValleyBoi Promo Gang #VBPG Aylar önce
#Like .. if rylo harder than #PacoGuapo ,🖤✈️
Dominic Joseph
Dominic Joseph Aylar önce
Keep doing yo thang homie
FatboiFrm B.M.A TV
FatboiFrm B.M.A TV Aylar önce
Real rap 💯💯💯🎯🎯🎯‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Cee Jayy
Cee Jayy Aylar önce
I love the song no cap. Just wish the videographer got more creative with the edit.
Rook Thompson
Rook Thompson Aylar önce
this my shit
king Rome
king Rome Aylar önce
did he say fuck Kevin gates?
GOD ANIME Aylar önce
We shooting no missing
twinkleribbons Aylar önce
I bump this everyday
grenben Aylar önce
wait, i thought ghetto was locked up?
brando504 Aylar önce
This nigga got a campfire story on the weirdest beats
Draco Goober
Draco Goober Aylar önce
This song is my favorite one u ate this real bad💯🎯💰
Journey Kind
Journey Kind Aylar önce
Love Rylo Music❤️
Martrell Haywood
Martrell Haywood Aylar önce
My shit
Yung Maniac
Yung Maniac Aylar önce
Southern people understand why this song ride like this. That real Blues come from the South, we been through it historically 💯
Yung Maniac
Yung Maniac Aylar önce
@grenben Ghetto been home
grenben Aylar önce
am i the only one that sees ghetto and he supposed to be in the pen?
Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera Aylar önce
Nani Love Maiss you and sisberMom zig zihg Nana zcn aznfgz
Mtr Bnice - Topic
Mtr Bnice - Topic Aylar önce
Hard 🦾🦾251 the new wave
Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera Aylar önce
Tory ln znksbi am joi mon go on on no number know
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson Aylar önce
Bro this my shit 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
1Keba 313
1Keba 313 Aylar önce
Get more backends then a pregnant lady 😩😩😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson Aylar önce
i don’t get it
Sammy Wingz
Sammy Wingz Aylar önce
Gary Sims
Gary Sims Aylar önce
@RyloRodriguez hmu bro this your family
Albert Bugota
Albert Bugota Aylar önce
Mane Rylo got a flow ain’t never heard of before shiii different for real
Carroll Marion
Carroll Marion Aylar önce
He sounds like future to me dirty Sprite days
Markus Will
Markus Will Aylar önce
Rylo really way better they holding his numbers ion give a fuck I said it
Mathias Richardson
Mathias Richardson Aylar önce
One of my favorite songs rn🔥
Zaunce Simmons
Zaunce Simmons Aylar önce
“say she love me tell her cut it the barber way, all of the niggas like my sons but Ian get nun for Father’s Day”. 🙆🏾‍♂️🥵
Syemere Roberts
Syemere Roberts Aylar önce
“Ian telling you to die but don’t breathe. Ian telling you bye but don’t leave” 🔥
JaQuan Sutton
JaQuan Sutton Aylar önce
Video edit too hard🤮💯
Al FR Aylar önce
Trap Blues 😎🥃🎙💯🔥
TheeKidd Unknown
TheeKidd Unknown Aylar önce
Bro this the 1st song I heard of his n it’s on repeat💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
TRILL Aylar önce
Succful 2 aylar önce
This nigga said Majority of niggas die with their gun. dont mean you got it you go pop it💯stay dangerous!!😏
Jaay x2
Jaay x2 2 aylar önce
Waiting for mans to blow up
LEAONTHEBEAT 2 aylar önce
Who make the beat?
Frederick Lassiter
Frederick Lassiter 2 aylar önce
This nigga beats are sick as fuck man I fuck wit em new fan
Lee Miller
Lee Miller 2 aylar önce
Pro Habits
Pro Habits 2 aylar önce
Killed this shit 🔥
GIO - CASH 2 aylar önce
parker hampton
parker hampton 2 aylar önce
who knew rylo before he blew
Daniel Mendez
Daniel Mendez 2 aylar önce
Did not hear one word he said
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