RZ Twin is Bad! Found footage of Maddie's Crush in New House Searching for Clues!

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Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca

27 gün önce

Did RZ twin trap Rebecca and Maddie while hypnotizing her Crush?!
It all started when Rebecca Zamolo was convinced that RZ twin hypnotized Maddie's ex crush and spent 24 Hours at a 50's Diner. But before that Matt and Rebecca did a face reveal of the mystery man and it turns out it was Robbie Rob. They just tested him to see what hacks new knew. Now they realize that RZ twin is bad. Matt has to trick Robbie Rob who is Maddie's crush into going back into the realm by creating a fake audition. While Matt and Robbie Rob are on a spaceship for 24 hours, Rebecca and Maddie search for clues at the house to see how RZ twin escaped. When they look at the hidden security footage it reveals that she had a key to the handcuffs. She went everywhere in the house and put air-pods in Matt's music studio. Maddie tries them on and hears static but Rebecca faces her fears and tells her to take them out. She doesn't want to get hypnotized too. Matt and Robbie are searching for the missing device when a mystery person arrives and starts a battle royale. Can they escape and be safe or will they get trapped on space ship for 24 hours? Rebecca and Maddie realize that RZ escaped into the tunnel. Is she at the lake of Secrets? RZ twin might be working with the game master and is now bad and evil. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca 27 gün önce
Subscribe so we can Stop RZ Twin! Why are things getting so strange?
Mayrany Morales
Mayrany Morales 7 gün önce
Ozzy Rodriguez
Ozzy Rodriguez 7 gün önce
Patricia Shannon
Patricia Shannon 20 gün önce
susie l
susie l 27 gün önce
Hahaha because of the demogorgon that's whe you said that
Lorraine williams
Lorraine williams 27 gün önce
@Sunshine Plays101 hi
Scarlett Collings
Scarlett Collings Gün önce
Shaina Jasmine Orbiso
Shaina Jasmine Orbiso 2 gün önce
Rebecca the airpods is hypnotized people don't maddie where it
teresa Campos
teresa Campos 2 gün önce
Wesd 3erd
teresa Campos
teresa Campos 2 gün önce
We db h bfrfcgrggbdgfdferryh2u tff
Ceana Isabel Firmalo
Ceana Isabel Firmalo 3 gün önce
Ceana Isabel Firmalo
Ceana Isabel Firmalo 3 gün önce
lolita tejada
lolita tejada 3 gün önce
the monater that rebeca saw is from stranger things
Aniya Hall
Aniya Hall 4 gün önce
G a c h a K a w a i i
G a c h a K a w a i i 4 gün önce
That “monster” is from stranger things
Josie The Fun First Grader
Josie The Fun First Grader 4 gün önce
Naya OMG
Naya OMG 4 gün önce
Naya OMG
Naya OMG 4 gün önce
I am letting. Cord or know
Annett Pullom
Annett Pullom 5 gün önce
There are gon
Meagan Whorley
Meagan Whorley 5 gün önce
Your on likie
Shaundalyn Lee
Shaundalyn Lee 5 gün önce
My name is Zoey Clark 2345555
Shaundalyn Lee
Shaundalyn Lee 5 gün önce
I. Love you
Louise Porter
Louise Porter 5 gün önce
Mat. Whetthe Porter jumper
Indie White
Indie White 5 gün önce
Rebecca we know we saw that monster to
fortniteprops44 5 gün önce
Marilou Fernandez
Marilou Fernandez 6 gün önce
It look like it a domogor gon in the closet
Rachelle Keenan
Rachelle Keenan 6 gün önce
Galaxy Cupcake
Galaxy Cupcake 6 gün önce
Yes and the gameMaster give it to her
Chrystina Wilde
Chrystina Wilde 6 gün önce
Stef Evora
Stef Evora 6 gün önce
Omg Matt you have to let Maddie date and have a bf
Grant Wright
Grant Wright 6 gün önce
Louise Simpson
Louise Simpson 7 gün önce
My name is Maddie too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Igloo
My Igloo 7 gün önce
you are my favrite chale i am 7 yeas old i am in year 2
Emily Dominguez
Emily Dominguez 7 gün önce
00000000 rz
Michenzie Jackson
Michenzie Jackson 7 gün önce
Michenzie Jackson
Michenzie Jackson 7 gün önce
Caitlin Malone
Caitlin Malone 7 gün önce
Trapped Agent R ask a question to him
Matthew Affron
Matthew Affron 7 gün önce
#let maddie date
Rafi. k
Rafi. k 8 gün önce
Rebecca-Rose Hopkins
Rebecca-Rose Hopkins 8 gün önce
RZ= Rebecca Zamolo twin!!!!!
Robert Sato
Robert Sato 8 gün önce
Eggos remind me all of stranger things maybe that is what Daniel was thinking of
Chuqi and Karson
Chuqi and Karson 8 gün önce
This is like stranger thing in real life because Rebecca saw the domangeon
Hailee Bryn
Hailee Bryn 8 gün önce
I subscribed
George Jackson
George Jackson 8 gün önce
Mia Mendes
Mia Mendes 9 gün önce
Was that a hamster ball
Evie & Oscar W
Evie & Oscar W 9 gün önce
Evie & Oscar W
Evie & Oscar W 9 gün önce
Rebecca I'm saying sorry t ZamFam because I new about the key and that she escaped.
mikezimmerman1 9 gün önce
Where is Daniel?
Abbie De Ramon
Abbie De Ramon 9 gün önce
Melanie Sandford
Melanie Sandford 9 gün önce
Kayell Sanchez
Kayell Sanchez 9 gün önce
Wait isn't the GM bad then isn't the game master suppose to be bad?
atisha Andy's world
atisha Andy's world 10 gün önce
This all makes sense that's where the stranger things in real life comes from like the upside the cobwebs the monster and all that now makes sense to me
David Buckley
David Buckley 10 gün önce
She is not rilly
Julie Brand
Julie Brand 11 gün önce
I love you
JKL Laguna
JKL Laguna 11 gün önce
Shakira Jarvie
Shakira Jarvie 11 gün önce
me !
me ! 11 gün önce
Remember what GMI said when they were bad every one on there team are clones of real people
LEON JACKSON 11 gün önce
Katie Poole
Katie Poole 12 gün önce
Hi Rebecca and Matt and maddy I get the complimentary poppadoms and pickle tray with a 30th
Katie Poole
Katie Poole 12 gün önce
I used it other day
Katie Poole
Katie Poole 12 gün önce
Do t w e n t y f o r a w S in a car park
Fatima Alketbi
Fatima Alketbi 12 gün önce
RZTo when it’s scape
Lauren Barnsley
Lauren Barnsley 12 gün önce
The AirPods that Rz twin left in Matt’s studio hypnotises people
Rylee Sasseville
Rylee Sasseville 12 gün önce
Sara Ali
Sara Ali 12 gün önce
Is she Rebecca scary sister or what🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐😐😐😐
Fatima pamen
Fatima pamen 12 gün önce
Eunice Logo
Eunice Logo 13 gün önce
How are you
Eunice Logo
Eunice Logo 13 gün önce
estrada 910 Diaz
estrada 910 Diaz 13 gün önce
Hi can you play Roblox about me
r d
r d 13 gün önce
Tell Sethu
zue danish
zue danish 13 gün önce
Ava Lowder
Ava Lowder 14 gün önce
Ava Lowder
Ava Lowder 14 gün önce
You nice
Keke’s World
Keke’s World 14 gün önce
corner rebecca in maddie went in the portal in they us not to tell you but i had my figures crose so i lied dont help them out corner in dont go to their house in you crush might take you away se is brain wash from rz twin thats wath happen in the next episode corner if you go to the house you are going to have a lot of bad luck corner i gave you some advise now its time you take it
Fiona Sahaki
Fiona Sahaki 14 gün önce
lol is 24 hours 30 mins
Fiona Sahaki
Fiona Sahaki 14 gün önce
Abby finke
Abby finke 14 gün önce
ok but why does this remind me of stranger things, power problems weird monster guys, different realms??
Vespanic 14 gün önce
Yes I now
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