Samsung's “Infinity Screen’ Q950TS 8K QLED TV is 99% screen

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

6 aylar önce

Samsung's new Q950TS 8K QLED 'Infinity Screen' TV is one of the best designs we've ever seen with 99% of the front panel being all-screen. We break down some of its features with a first look fro CES 2020.
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Kev G
Kev G 11 gün önce
What are the cons?
damysticalone87 13 gün önce
Micro-OLED > OLED > Micro-LED > QLED > LED Micro-OLED and OLED are the best#1. OLED LG and Micro-LED SONY fusion to Micro-OLED. Micro-LED / Mini-LED / Crystal-LED / Nano-LED / NanoCell-LED / NanoMeter-LED Micro-OLED / Mini-OLED / Crystal-OLED / Nano-OLED / NanoCell-OLED / NanoMeter-OLED OLED with no backlight is the best#1 and OLED is patented to it's creator China's LG. And somewhen China's LG will partnership with Japan's SONY micro-LED to create micro-OLED. That micro-OLED would be then 50% Japan's Sony micro and 50% China's LG OLED. Those OLED and Micro-OLED will dominate every tv, monitor, displays, screens arround the whole world. I'm so hyped for OLED and micro-OLED, I am waiting so long for and I hope The Earth & I will survive to its release! But since no one agrees to my offers, the hope's chances looks very bad. LED has to be forbidden, because LED's backlight is unhealthy, backlight towards the face destroys the health of the eyes (very fast!) and even the health of the face-skin (after years). OLED has no backlight, OLED is the best#1. Whoever supports in building LED, who supports in fact last but not least the damage, destroyment and devolution of humans - anger, hate and lost of humanity at the end. LED's backlight is a part of those many bad wrong-going things in real life. To make this clear, ofc I don't mean RGB-LED, I mean the backlight-LED inside of TVs! To make this clear, "Micro-OLED / Mini-OLED / Crystal-OLED / Nano-OLED / NanoCell-OLED / NanoMeter-OLED" has never been said anywhere before me, I am the first who created that word and the fusioned technology it stands for, that means it's patented to me and if China and Sony wants to build that Micro-OLED, they have to ask me for my permission or it will be criminal theft by them. They can have my permission when they pay me 100 million €, that is not much compares to their billions!
damysticalone87 13 gün önce
More importantly and the most important 4sure right here: Check that out, sort by "Newest first": Attention! It looks like the TRwomen-App doesn't show the right tab, open the link with a browser like Chrome!
Stefan miksche
Stefan miksche 19 gün önce
I have this in 65 inch
Classic Galactica
Classic Galactica 24 gün önce
4K OLED looks better.
Engel Perez
Engel Perez Aylar önce
I want in 75 inch
ADz -
ADz - Aylar önce
Vladimir Vidovič
Vladimir Vidovič 2 aylar önce
If somebody wants to buy me this TV ...please let me know :) ...WOW
Larry Moses
Larry Moses 2 aylar önce
With the subwoofers in the back you can't hang the TV on the wall it will disorient the sound am I correct ?
anta yudi
anta yudi 2 aylar önce
What's the price?
Jeff Stiff
Jeff Stiff 2 aylar önce
I want that 85 inch for my living room. Good golly is it expensive though.
Denzel Disk
Denzel Disk 28 gün önce
Nah it's the same as a cheap car
Sophia Roma
Sophia Roma 3 aylar önce
I hope Bixby can understand what you say, because. its pretty poor at the moment.
Tony Dancy
Tony Dancy 3 aylar önce
Not going to matter since most content worth watching at 4k, 8k resolutions is producted without the top/bottom letter boxing. anything that is not in the 1.78.1 ratio then the screen edges don't even matter, nor does screen size above 65in which you'll pay a significant premium for beyond that size. Until available content catches up all this 8k and screen sizes about 65/70inches is all money grabbing gimmicks.
Alex Hussman
Alex Hussman 3 aylar önce
I respect Samsung- but 1. Why isn’t there any TV‘s with Dolby Vision? The price tag you’re asking are more than likely for people who love to watch movies or have a home theater. You have 8k tv’s with no content available but still no dolby vision- which is on almost every new 4k movie disc released? Also.. did you forget OLED? OLED’s are the thinnest TV’s out there and have been around for years. So what really are the improvements in this TV as opposed to last years 8K TV other than design?
Jorel Boston
Jorel Boston 4 aylar önce
99% screen 0% dolby vision...r they mentioning hdmi 2.1 or earc...always great fluff from samsung
Key Y
Key Y 4 aylar önce
QLED has no shock when OLED is released.
Silver 4 aylar önce
I wish they hadn't of made it slanted. There's no need for it to be tilted back. That and no 55" means no purchase from me.
The Lord Gandalf
The Lord Gandalf 4 aylar önce
Samsung is amazing
Octavia O_my
Octavia O_my 4 aylar önce
I wonder how much this tv will be
Maxitsu24 4 aylar önce
when do they release thes new tv's?
ShadowReaper 3 aylar önce
D J 4 aylar önce
Thx. Who much are we talking about please
carlcat 4 aylar önce
Sure I'll buy that 8K TV and put me down for one of those flying cars as well, I've more money than brains.
TKcoolz18 4 aylar önce
I can't wait for 8k to become famous, so 4k price can go down and that will make the 1080p price even lower. I can then finally afford a 720p.
Engel Perez
Engel Perez Aylar önce
9 year old epic gamer soldier
9 year old epic gamer soldier Aylar önce
These jokes are getting old
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 2 aylar önce
Mode Liukas
Mode Liukas 2 aylar önce
you've got it all figured out
Space Gangstaaah
Space Gangstaaah 3 aylar önce
Under rated comment haha I love it
Michel Moreau
Michel Moreau 4 aylar önce
Well, let's continue with Samsung's logic: always thinner, always more areas .... at the end they will rediscover the OLED .....
Mone tube
Mone tube 5 aylar önce
I see not different with other television.
Dhiraj Raj Khatri
Dhiraj Raj Khatri 5 aylar önce
Ha ha ha are you serious! Its very very Expensive though
Viktor K.
Viktor K. 5 aylar önce
So this modell will be shipped with less local dimming zones... funny... isn't it?
rudy law
rudy law 5 aylar önce
I’m in love with my Samsung Qled 4K
Classic Galactica
Classic Galactica 5 aylar önce
Doesn't look as good as 4K OLED. With MicroLED on the way, why would anyone without a large disposable income buy a TV with inferior LCD technology in the first place when they'll need to replace it in a few short years?
Can Musik
Can Musik 5 aylar önce
Who cares if theres bassel or not... the „no bassel“ is not worh 8000$
JMJ 13
JMJ 13 5 aylar önce
How much?!💲
Píxeles ocultos Channel
Píxeles ocultos Channel 5 aylar önce
Y los QD-oled para cuando?
dinan545bmw 5 aylar önce
Why bother? Already obsolete. Waiting for 16K instead.
KRALINAREST 5 aylar önce
MONEY TRAP !!! Next year 12K and Next years Bla bla bla K ...
ycz04x02 5 aylar önce
We don't even have decent amount of 4k content...
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 4 aylar önce
@ycz04x02 for bigger size yes but 75" 4k is top... and i think 90% people use 55or 65" because you need 100 m2 living room to watch 82" or bigger.... and how i see Samsung have now 55" 8k .. affordable price is 55 , 65 , 82" 6500euro.... bigger size 98" cost fortunes 60.000 hahahaha
ycz04x02 4 aylar önce
@Trump Ameri Well, actually 4k was released around the time 65 inches TV were the biggest you could get. They are now starting to release 75, 80, 85, 90+ inches tv's. I guess you could see the difference at those bigger size but then again... The hardware is so much more far ahead than the media content, we can't even get 4k content for most major sporting events.
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 4 aylar önce
8k is only good name to take money from your pocket.... if all this important things put into 4k then nobody see different between 4k and 8k....
Qossi Ali
Qossi Ali 5 aylar önce
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
No price revealed yet. They wouldn’t say.
SupaFanOf SBG
SupaFanOf SBG 5 aylar önce
its going to cost more than your car most likely that's for sure
Greg G
Greg G 5 aylar önce
No OLED no GO!!!
Cthis 5 aylar önce
Going to skip this and wait for 16K TV's to come out.
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 5 aylar önce
You'll wait another 10 years
Mustapha Jaffery
Mustapha Jaffery 5 aylar önce
Might as well sony should call their tvs Tled tv for foolish consumers thinking they are buying a new tech.
Con Man
Con Man 5 aylar önce
8K content actually *exists*, including here on YT. Even in HDR.
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 4 aylar önce
8k is only for people who not understand nothing about tv.... 4k or 8k is for normal screen size same.... only important is what they put inside the tv..
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 5 aylar önce
It doesn't
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
It’s extremely limited and even the apps with TRwomen aren’t outputting 8K quality. That’s why they still have to sign deals. And it’s just a few nature things and a select few youtubers. That’s not even remotely enough to recommend it to anyone.
Rakan rakan
Rakan rakan 5 aylar önce
Too bad quality sumsunge
Doctor Brain
Doctor Brain 5 aylar önce
It's better than Apple's 6k pro display trash
Anthony Stamper
Anthony Stamper 5 aylar önce
8k 😳 I’m still in 720p. I was thinking about making the jump to 1080 this year tho
9 year old epic gamer soldier
9 year old epic gamer soldier 5 aylar önce
Bruh you are so behind i mean everyone should have a 1080p screen at this point and in couple of years a 4k screen. 8k is pointless right now tho.
Blush 5 aylar önce
So ridiculous, when there is no channel or tv station in 8K. Why do we need to buy an 8K ??
Kelvin Lam
Kelvin Lam 5 aylar önce
Waste of time and money. What worst , bad for the eye and for the kids. Never allow your kids to get addicted to tv.
ČäřýŠmïťh 5 aylar önce
Jaw dropping gorgeous. But let me keep my mouth closed til price reveal
carlcat 5 aylar önce
I learned everything about this TV except how it looks. What about off angle viewing, is there black crush like the Q90, how many local dimming zones, is there blooming, how sharp is it and what about the price?
carlcat 5 aylar önce
@Brian Tong From what I've read and heard, after LG accused Samsung of not true 8K, they decided that the public didn't like giving up sharpness and "true 4K" so they decided to go back to a more narrow off angle view for a "true 4 and 8K" . It's almost ridiculous how these TV companies refuse to give out info about their products, almost like it's classified military secrets.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
I asked Samsung and they wouldn’t reveal that info. They wouldn’t tell us anything other than what they told us. Off-angle viewing looked as good as the q900 from what I could tell. It they didn’t even reveal if they did anything different there either.
v cam
v cam 5 aylar önce
Brian Tong you should do all your videos wearing a thong.
Joshua Jongkind
Joshua Jongkind 6 aylar önce
How about a micro led infinity screen?
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 4 aylar önce
Maybe in 2022
buster colin
buster colin 6 aylar önce
Do you know when Samsung is bringing out microled?
Marcus Bishop
Marcus Bishop 6 aylar önce
I can't wait to get mine and watch some porn...serious cheek clappin action going down.
mirkoMILIcic1 6 aylar önce
Nobody wants to talk about dimming zones 😂😂😂😂
Desi Andre
Desi Andre 6 aylar önce
Bixby! 🤣
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 6 aylar önce
The bezel on the bottom is a little more than just 1% of the front viewing area. It's more like 2-3%. Saying 99% is nothing more than a marketing tactic.
Rob The Bob
Rob The Bob 6 aylar önce
I still got a 1080p TV. My Xbox does 1080p, my cable does 720p. I don't need this, nor does most people. Even 4k is over kill
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 5 aylar önce
Your TVs are out of date
Jaqen Sexy Jesus H'ghar
Jaqen Sexy Jesus H'ghar 6 aylar önce
Do they have 40" of this? That's all I need!
Seth Hernandez
Seth Hernandez 2 aylar önce
40" on 8k? Thats pointless
banderas87 6 aylar önce
In 10 years will be so boring for every day user .. :))
vytrocorp 6 aylar önce
8k movies, when will buy 8k tv. Make it 4k RGB TV SCREENS
William Chan Chan
William Chan Chan 6 aylar önce
Brian Tong 100% Sexy Hot🔥Guy.
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde 6 aylar önce
8K? Really? There’s not much of a difference from 4K. You’re really not gonna see the difference unless you’re standing a few centimeters away from the screen.
Portinha 6 aylar önce
8k streaming lol not in the US of a. Good luck with them data caps
THE RAFCAVE 6 aylar önce
I Want It.
Jeff S
Jeff S 6 aylar önce
I still have my Samsung Series 7 (ES7100F) from 2012. It was basically their top tv that year. The next rung higher came with a camera at the top center which I definitely did not want. Anyways, it has a bezel of 5mm and just over 15mm thick edge (though thickest point from front to back is almost 30mm). My calculated screen percentage is 97.7%. So, very close to this 2020 tv. I almost bought the new Q90R at Christmas with the killer HK sound bar, but I decided to wait a bit. My tv is still great and will wait until more 4k content (let alone 8k) is more widely available.
scorlin gonzalez
scorlin gonzalez 6 aylar önce
you need an infinity budget to buy this infinity screen tv
Sexy Uchiha
Sexy Uchiha Aylar önce
scorlin gonzalez bill gates can afford one
Nolen Wren
Nolen Wren 6 aylar önce
A giant cellphone screen!
JAdames 6 aylar önce
I go in to bestbuy to buy this. Me: how much is the new Samsung flag ship tv. Employee: IT'S OVER 9000!!!! Me: what 9000! Walked out of bestbuy Also me: I guess my tube tv still works...
Rene christiansen
Rene christiansen 6 aylar önce
Never ever Samsung again
Rene christiansen
Rene christiansen 6 aylar önce
@THE RAFCAVE no lg c9 g sync is better
THE RAFCAVE 6 aylar önce
This will be a great TV.
Adhi Suryana
Adhi Suryana 6 aylar önce
I don’t understand people logic these days. If people can buy $1000 phone, $1000 tablet, I don’t see $5000 asking price is overpriced... Unless you’re fake rich 😂
Davi Jones
Davi Jones 6 aylar önce
How does it feel meeting your old co workers @briantong ??
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
I’ve got nothing but love for many of them. Still friends with plenty of the old crew. 👍
Taichi White
Taichi White 6 aylar önce
They should sell this at 23$
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