Samsung's Q900 82-inch QLED 8K TV is a beast! - Review

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

7 aylar önce

Even if 8K content isn't completely ready to roll yet, Samsung's Q900 QLED 8K 82-inch TV is impressive. The QLED blacks still can't touch OLED, but there's a lot of things to love here and their upscaling of 4K content is what might convince you to make the leap to 8K right now.
Samsung provided me with the Q900 loaner that was returned to them. It was big.
Thanks so much for watching! You can support my independent content at
Videographer: Jay Julio
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Castiel Null
Castiel Null Aylar önce
I mean we still don't even have a lot of 4k content yet.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson Aylar önce
I have this EXACT TV to finalize my home theater. It’s amazing. All my action movies feel like I’m in an actual theater. My games look fantastic as well. Before this quarantine happened, it impressed all my friends and family. Amazing TV
Always VIRAL
Always VIRAL 2 aylar önce
Use movie mode with sharpness at 0 and white balance at warm 1 or 2
DailyActivity 2 aylar önce
well it is a $10,000 MSRP TV and by Samsung
Luis C
Luis C 2 aylar önce
Not TV related. But can you put a link to where you got the background lighting 👌🏼
Roger Kakhia
Roger Kakhia 4 aylar önce
Just Bought it for 6,200$ (82" 8k Samsung Q900) can't wait to receive it ...
Truth 7
Truth 7 6 aylar önce
The next Olympic is going to be 8K in Japan
anony mous
anony mous 7 aylar önce
I'd like to play red dead redemption 2 on pc with max graphics and a graphics mod on this TV..
anony mous
anony mous 7 aylar önce
Peaks at 4,000 nits??? Well... You've peaked my interest.
str1xt 7 aylar önce
Q led 8k...... anything to compete with OLED lol
mephisto1025 7 aylar önce
Go oled or go home
Joseph Keogh
Joseph Keogh 7 aylar önce
langlang420 7 aylar önce
People have sort of gone off the deep end with this stuff. An 82 inch tv with so called 8k picture is just ridiculous overkill that only benefits the companies that mind fuck people into believing they "need" all this stuff.
Michael W
Michael W 7 aylar önce
There'a no Over the Air/Cable content for 4K and makers are pushing 8K already. Get HDR right first! Its the biggest impact on image quality.
Matthew Harrup
Matthew Harrup 7 aylar önce
You can buy this TV at in the us right now
Ray Asselin
Ray Asselin 7 aylar önce
My buddy just bought one for 3,000 all proud had to tell him he spent $2500 too much for something that's not out yet
Dj Kamikaze
Dj Kamikaze 7 aylar önce
I own a Samsung 82inch 4k tv got on sale for 1500 on black friday
Thebuzzer1 7 aylar önce
8k resolution.... for a low price of... $8,000.. I mean whyyyyy.
Maher Justice
Maher Justice 7 aylar önce
Lax airport 😁
Jeremiah17seven 7 aylar önce
Gotta love technology. As soon as you spend all your money to be up to date with the latest tech....they come out with something even newer and make your new tech obsolete. Then they laugh at us for being such suckers!
Jeremiah17seven 7 aylar önce
This will be awesome. For about a week. Then the 16K will come out and be the greatest thing out. For about a week. 4k is like a Dinosaur already. In other a ton of money and enjoy whatever TV you have now. Or save even more money and stay away from TV's. Most shows are garbage and a waste of time anyway.
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 7 aylar önce
Sony XBR85Z9G better but to each his own I guess.
The big dipper Guy
The big dipper Guy 7 aylar önce
How is it a beast when nothing out here is Capable of running 8k makes zero since and sounds like a waste
Boys San Siro
Boys San Siro 7 aylar önce
Ok 8K I will get one after 8 years for sure
Danny Lee
Danny Lee 7 aylar önce
No 4k signal now 8k useless .....
Sylvain Mino
Sylvain Mino 7 aylar önce
Where is the 8k content or even 4k true content to begin with? How does watching hockey and football look?
DUZTEM DE7IL 7 aylar önce
What are the little lamps set up to the sides of the TV? The lighting is dope asf
Unenthusiastic Person
Unenthusiastic Person 7 aylar önce
I guess this time it’s not a “BAD APPLE!!!!”.
L0L247 7 aylar önce
No HDMI 2.1? No thanks.
ganjabobby 7 aylar önce
Liked for reminding people to turn off Auto Motion Plus soap opera faux frame rate. Edit: Also for supporting 4K BluRay, may physical media never fade away.
ployth9000 7 aylar önce
led trash even samsung lost faith in it they are working on Qd oled in 2020 lol
alkerbix 7 aylar önce
8K is too early, however it will bring the price of 4K down so its a good thing.
Steve ldnuk
Steve ldnuk 7 aylar önce
Dude...its Q950R not Q900
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 7 aylar önce
Huh? This is the Q900
Sean Ector
Sean Ector 7 aylar önce
Take my money
Eddie Costa
Eddie Costa 7 aylar önce
Will never trust Samsung I was a huge supporter than had a problem with a 9000 series...the panel was flashing and it was a 8 bit panel online it says 10 bit panel Samsung customer service told me they made a mistake it was a 8 bit and I have to deal with it...
Roy Randall
Roy Randall 7 aylar önce
Wow can't wait buy this to in 10 years
Mark H
Mark H 7 aylar önce
Have this exact tv for over 5 months now... I am happy with it. (Mainly using Netflix and PS4Pro content)
Nanachi of the abyss
Nanachi of the abyss 7 aylar önce
Same but with Xbox One X
winkipinky 7 aylar önce
Well it looks pretty good on my 1080p Samsung cell phone... I guess ill stick with my 1080p tv until it dies...
Russell Voeller
Russell Voeller 7 aylar önce
Bro thanks for this vid
Russell Voeller
Russell Voeller 7 aylar önce
Bro I just ordering mine. So pumped up
Andreas Marountas
Andreas Marountas 7 aylar önce
Wait couple years it will cost below $1000.00 at Costco.
Quantum Troll
Quantum Troll 7 aylar önce
82 inches ? I dont think so....
Jason Hunt
Jason Hunt 7 aylar önce
8k is pointless at this time. Sh!t, there is not enough 4k
Roberto Luevano
Roberto Luevano 7 aylar önce
Still can't process Dolby Vision. Major bummer as that's the format Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu are going with...
unstopology 7 aylar önce
Cool vid. I honestly don't see the point of 8K. I can barely notice a difference between 1080p and 4k from my couch. HDR is far more beneficial. I wonder what they are gonna try next? 3D again?
Brad Da Silva
Brad Da Silva 7 aylar önce
This TV is not future-proof whatsoever. It has HDMI 2.0 and I have seen this TV and it's not even that good. The Q90 is a better TV than this TV. And first off you can only really see 8K in 82 and 85 and up. Anything less than that makes no sense at all. Because you wont see it. There are way better 8K TVs on the market right now than this TV
Lon Denard
Lon Denard 7 aylar önce
Man I had to pay for mine!!! BTW I got 8k on TRwomen yesterday. 8k is coming, you'll see.
Lon Denard
Lon Denard 7 aylar önce
@Jeremiah17seven Hey, you're welcome! Without early adopters you peasants wouldn't even have HD TVs right now! You'd be lucky to have color... Geez I remember when HD came out and guys just like you were saying it was unnecessary and a waste of money.
Jeremiah17seven 7 aylar önce
And a week later...16k will make 8k obsolete. How exciting. Can't wait for the one billion K to come out in a few months so I can buy my 30th TV in two years..
MsLegendd 7 aylar önce
Dude u can take that Samsung shit and put in your ass LG killing this tv on all way and just don’t forget to tel pip Samsung are set up only on 5 different country languages u can t switch and no way u can download a crack apps so thanks good 4 a 30 days testing so I did return this shit and buy a LG 9c it’s so match nether jus watch 4 your self
Rene christiansen
Rene christiansen 7 aylar önce
Lg oled is better
Josemanuel Lopez
Josemanuel Lopez 7 aylar önce
Why have 8k? when there’s no 4K channels, expect for sports.
Kaisersozze 7 aylar önce
What is "40P stuff"? Never heard of this.
electriclly 7 aylar önce
He is exaggerating. Basically watching low quality videos will look like shit on this
AllPro777 7 aylar önce
Brian, I just need a 42 inch version with a middle stand. Those two things are getting harder and harder to find these days regardless of the resolution level.
AllPro777 7 aylar önce
@Mobile Players Thanks. I have 4K though. I need 8K, no larger than 42 inches, middle stand, no legs. I don't think they make them.
Mobile Players
Mobile Players 7 aylar önce
There is cheap 4k 50-55 inch TV for less than 300$ at Wal-Mart
Sigedno Kastaneer
Sigedno Kastaneer 7 aylar önce
For who they making this Tech, for Everybody? Rich or Poor? Cause I think this World now has more Poor people than Rich people!!!
kingofallman 7 aylar önce
Wouldn’t the 8k tv be actually downscaling to 4K not up!!
Gary Ortolano
Gary Ortolano 7 aylar önce
Why was it returned to them ? Honestly,anything above 4K is a waste.There isn't even 8K content yet.
Michael Angst
Michael Angst 5 aylar önce
it depends on how much money you have.... There are uses for it right now... Mostly in terms of pc gaming and 8k emulation.. You would want to wait for the hdmi 2.1 cards, or it can be a real headache to setup properly..... if money was no concern, I would go for the LG 88 inch 8k oled though
ekim andersom
ekim andersom 7 aylar önce
Nice for the bedroom
William LeGod
William LeGod 7 aylar önce
whats the input lag for game?
Hriday Nar
Hriday Nar 7 aylar önce
Sony's Z9G/ZG9 is much much better than Samsung's 8K QLED........
james reid
james reid 7 aylar önce
People don’t get tricked the human eye can’t even process 8K let alone 4K it’s just a gimmick to get you to pay more for a newer TV
Mr. POPO 7 aylar önce
Oh I can see a difference between 4k and 1080p
NONVISI 7 aylar önce
This will go well with my new ps5
Night King
Night King Aylar önce
Ill get it for My ps5 and series x
yea boi
yea boi 7 aylar önce
Seen it at best buy for 9 grand
c30605 7 aylar önce
This garbage can’t touch my C9 picture and gaming wise.
Ulysses313131 7 aylar önce
Q900R has an excellent game mode with motion plus to greatly reduce stutter with 30fps content.
Bennett Ezeobi
Bennett Ezeobi 7 aylar önce
My fear with Oleds are you guessed it "Burn In"
UniquelyMade 7 aylar önce
My Q90R 75” 4K arrives Tuesday, so excited.
Silverstone78 7 aylar önce
I walk past the 8k 98” model often... it is huge
Frostie-Flake 7 aylar önce
Well, Brian, we’ll be streaming from Tokyo Olympics demonstrating our multi terabit fiber optic Quantum Wave!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 7 aylar önce
Don’t make me cry...
Oviedo Films
Oviedo Films 7 aylar önce
My next TV 8K Q900 65👉💪💪💪💪
jennifergala 7 aylar önce
I have this exact same TV and is unbelievable. My files from my RED camera looks out of this world in 8K. The blacks are so deep like OLED . Brightness is unbelievable 4000 nits.
Jeremiah17seven 7 aylar önce
Nothing more fun than looking at deep blacks. Let me know when one million K comes out in a year. Yawn.
Russell George
Russell George 7 aylar önce
Holding out for 100k
20PinoyAdik10 7 aylar önce
8K?!! And I’m still using my *_30inch 1080p tv_*
julius jones
julius jones 7 aylar önce
I have one in my bedroom I love the picture quality but no 8k content is a bummer.
Owen Boyle
Owen Boyle 7 aylar önce
8k is not going to matter until there is a self-emmisive 8k, ie oled or microled. A 4k OLED looks better than an 8k Qled because of the contrast modulation. OLED TVs have a much higher contrast ratio than Samsungs 8k Qleds and because of that they can appear to have a higher resolution, there is a more apparent difference between the pixels. Led tvs have much more blurring between the pixels. Look up the black and white vertical line test if you want proof. So until there is an affordable self-emissive 8k tv I would save your money.
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