SCP-3000 Anantashesha (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation THAUMIEL class object, SCP-3000 Animation.
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SCP 3000 also known as Anantashesha, is a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eel.
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the rubbertherubberanimationanimated

noobs gamez
noobs gamez Saatler önce
Are you the maker of scps
Lakhimai Sagolsem
Lakhimai Sagolsem 3 saatler önce
i was so scared after hearing those scary word too scary that i did not even sleep for a night.
Connors Conquest
Connors Conquest 3 saatler önce
Saul Murguia
Saul Murguia 6 saatler önce
S for Secure C for Contain and P for Protect this is what scp means ok
Shane Lollis
Shane Lollis 6 saatler önce
Scp 4000.
joseph777 vargas
joseph777 vargas 9 saatler önce
Oh great, my two phobias together, thalasophobia and ophidiophobia...
Totally Jotaro
Totally Jotaro 9 saatler önce
how to kill SCP-3000 answer: throw trashes or garbage i mean SCP-3000 is a big eel or fish sooooo yeah
DelgadoL 11 saatler önce
5:38 SCP-049: halp!1!!1!!!11 SCP-3000: me devour your soul >:D
Heather Ions
Heather Ions 13 saatler önce
The salary you would receive working for the SCP Foundation must incredibly large given the staff mortality rate. 🤣
Gary Hackett
Gary Hackett 13 saatler önce
Imagine SCP 3000 really existing!
Hunter Irby
Hunter Irby 14 saatler önce
Air tanks doing have 3 days of air
Krishnaa V
Krishnaa V 15 saatler önce
Who comes up with this content. I mean brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!
Definetely NOT the CIA
Definetely NOT the CIA 16 saatler önce
Wait.. What?
Rayworth Tom
Rayworth Tom 19 saatler önce
Me : (sees scp 3000) Also me : *so anyways I started shooting*
Alexander Hollis
Alexander Hollis 20 saatler önce
The scp foundation is fictional it is not real
3 Boys Playing with Toys
3 Boys Playing with Toys 22 saatler önce
Make siren head he has two sirens
Cecep Syarifudin
Cecep Syarifudin Gün önce
5:38 nooooo my favorite scp
sam omega
sam omega Gün önce
SCP 3000: get over here! SCP 049: LET ME OUT OF HERE! *paniks and sobs*
sam omega
sam omega Gün önce
5:39 proof that SCP 049 hates waters and sea life
beasties of the world
beasties of the world Gün önce
vishnu is the god in hindu mythology in india
beasties of the world
beasties of the world Gün önce
this is like the final boss of subnautica
John Mcwherter
John Mcwherter Gün önce
How is it 600 km long but it's head is only 2.5 m in diamator
Bendy Hernandez
Bendy Hernandez Gün önce
It’s my first time to watch SCP 30000
Dominate Gene
Dominate Gene Gün önce
someone needs to make a movie about scp foundation
Marsel Irwan
Marsel Irwan Gün önce
Now i don't wan't to Swim alone on my pool xD cuz i watch this vid xD
Yeeet Yeeet
Yeeet Yeeet Gün önce
The world serpent
Shaashwat Gopakumar
Shaashwat Gopakumar Gün önce
KrIsHnA mOoRtHy???!!!
the frustrated dude
the frustrated dude Gün önce
The Rubber truly makes great animations and even manages with his art style makes SCP look more manageable and less scary but he makes a good description almost scientific this is why the SCP foundation makes everything much more scarier with facts
Lucas Jez
Lucas Jez Gün önce
YEETlord Gün önce
thaumiel: hi, losers! where the highest level of the foundation! Keter and Euclid: *sad noises* Apollyon: a m i a j o k e t o y o u? >:(
Michael Vakarian
Michael Vakarian Gün önce
So basically the World Serpent?
Tarawadee ritchim -_-
Tarawadee ritchim -_- Gün önce
Scp999 plz
avis17372 Gün önce
just saying, if it's head is 10 meters long and it's body is nearly 900 kms long, wouldn't it be hard to find it? just a suggestion?
Ititim Jude
Ititim Jude Gün önce
And how the f**k did the SCP spare the Submarine?
Ititim Jude
Ititim Jude Gün önce
How SCP 3000 made the infographics fan scared of deep waters.
Ititim Jude
Ititim Jude Gün önce
Imagine SCP 3000 and the Old man in an altercation.
Darwin Manabat
Darwin Manabat Gün önce
Is that bloop
John Chew
John Chew 2 gün önce
God help me
Emilio Olvera
Emilio Olvera 2 gün önce
I love you 3000
LunaBlue 2 gün önce
Can it kill muasorus or megaladon
boshi boshi
boshi boshi 2 gün önce
It is so deadly
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston 2 gün önce
Theres a fourth type of scp?
Enderman Gaming
Enderman Gaming 2 gün önce
Scp 3000: naahhh The giant eel from super mario 64: yeaaahhh
Unicorn Royale
Unicorn Royale 2 gün önce
What’s a thaumiel class? Why isn’t it keter or the others?
wiryawan setiadi
wiryawan setiadi 2 gün önce
did the layer makes scp 3000 invisible? i mean you're just a small submarine vs 600 km eel, you should take some hundred meters distance for a safe position
BUGG 2 gün önce
Couldn’t they just get the stuff through 294
Quarantine MooMoo
Quarantine MooMoo 2 gün önce
Why SCP doesn't use drones, robots to survey 3000?
Mohd Faizal
Mohd Faizal 3 gün önce
Tidak bisa apa cakap bahasa malaysia atau indonesia
Davide Coronese
Davide Coronese 3 gün önce
William Morse
William Morse 3 gün önce
1:58 I did die sadly But I Lived
Palash Kale
Palash Kale 3 gün önce
SheshaNaga has.. multiple heads.... 😅 this one resembles Basilisk....
cesar pelaez
cesar pelaez 3 gün önce
I’m addicted to watching the rubber..... Help
Vermin 3 gün önce
Y-909: NOOOO you can't make me with the coffee scp!!! Me: haha button making Y-909 go brrrrrrr
CAI QIAN SIM 3 gün önce
please do scp-650 or scp-053 >_
CAI QIAN SIM 3 gün önce
what is thaumiel ???
MPXturnip 3 gün önce
Do scp 192
James Wally
James Wally 3 gün önce
His abilities remind me of walking into a room and then forgetting what i was doing
TheRussianWookie 3 gün önce
Why don’t they feed it cows??? Why people.
Victor Damázio
Victor Damázio Gün önce
It only eats humans.
CurePrism 3 gün önce
Why don't they just use SCP-294 to get 909-y
方素月 3 gün önce
Zageel 685
Zageel 685 3 gün önce
What if 3000 secrets the substance to forget he ate some one
best pro sandip
best pro sandip 3 gün önce
Imagine scp-3000 was real O_O
Some Dog
Some Dog 3 gün önce
*A N E S T H E S I A*
Dylan Travers
Dylan Travers 3 gün önce
scp 3000: so basically imma beeg snek
Dylan Travers
Dylan Travers 2 gün önce
@Hema Shrivastava "so basically imma beeg snek" TwT
Hema Shrivastava
Hema Shrivastava 2 gün önce
Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha oh shit if he slang like dat imma call him ma bro
halfbakedretard 3 gün önce
So, is this a thing? What madman came up with all this stuff? It'd make a cool Netflix show
bad name
bad name 3 gün önce
RAM 3 gün önce
Im an indian and the scp 3000 is pronounced in the hindu slang is like - A - Nun - Tha - Say- Sha
swarna c tudu
swarna c tudu 4 gün önce
i AM AN Indian
itsjustmeManish 4 gün önce
they sacrifice a person for that y909 thingy
xX wolves Xx
xX wolves Xx 4 gün önce
imma search the siren head one is there siren head on your vid?
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