Shane Dawson's "Not Cool" (2014) is Highly Offensive! 😬 Full Movie Commentary

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Nick DiRamio

Nick DiRamio

Aylar önce

Don't forget the Shane Dawson 2014 movie Not Cool is offensive and hard to watch, made as part of "The Chair" reality show. My recap of Shane on The Chair:

Shane Dawson being shady on The Chair:
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Last week, I recapped the Starz reality show The Chair which pitted Shane Dawson against filmmaker Anna Matremucci as they both adapted scripts into feature films. As we saw, Shane had awful behavior on the set of his movie Not Cool, and he also ran into trouble because people felt the content of his film was too off-putting. By popular request, I've gone back for a full clip breakdown of the movie itself, with commentary throughout every step of my recap.
Let's analyze this and see why Shane's film didn't work. From bad screenplay writing, to egotistical directing and casting decisions, to shoddy editing, this movie has every reason to make you cringe! I try to make my points as concisely as possible, but I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous a lot of this movie is! Let me know your thoughts. As always, don't forget to like and subscribe! Watch The Chair on Amazon: (affiliate)
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Amber Marie
Amber Marie 9 saatler önce
I first seen Shane Dawson with the Tana video he made, he seemed caring and bright , relatable. But EVERY other video I've seen his personality sucks. Hes rude and disrespectful. 😵
soapychikin 15 saatler önce
Why are you talking about this now sir?. You should have done this after this movie came out. “Omigosh shane is going down!, now is my time to shine”. Fucking trend follower.
Rachel Donley
Rachel Donley 19 saatler önce
Moody’s point was satire though! I doubt Shane was trying to be satirical which I think just makes it worse that a kids show is more developed than him
icannotbeseen Gün önce
Someone buy this man a scarf to protect that neck
Nick DiRamio
Nick DiRamio Gün önce
🧣plz It’s so cold
Asprin Gün önce
I feel like someone probably did correct Shane about the cheshire cat joke but he just decided to ignore it cos he can't take any sort of criticism lol.
ratsbelongnowhere :D
ratsbelongnowhere :D Gün önce
I already watched two reviews of this god awful movie and this is the third and I’ve never seen the movie itself but I’m truly sick just from watching the reviews I’m so sorry you had to go through this nick :(
just a guy 200
just a guy 200 Gün önce
Get over the guy eating shit he didn't cast him because he was black Also I think it's funny that you're calling this movie unfunny when I haven't laughed once for this video I haven't seen the movie and I I don't think any of these clips you've shown are funny but where do you get to decide what's funny and not
Queen Kairi
Queen Kairi Gün önce
The eating shit thing is fucked up either way. Also given what shane dawson was doing at the time its entirely reasonable for someone to infer that he thought the actor being black would be funnier. (Even though its not)
Gaaraloverr1 Gün önce
I'm ashamed to say that I actually laughed at the "mean girl" scene at 7:50. I have no idea what he... er, she was saying, but the fact that the character snapped then instantly started acting sugary sweet again gave me Heathers vibes, and I found that pretty amusing. Not totally sure why Shane had to play that role in addition to the Scott role, but it is what it is, I guess.
stinky rat kid
stinky rat kid Gün önce
this movie could be summed up as "hhhhh😔" and "make it make sense
Tabi Baez-Bradway
Tabi Baez-Bradway Gün önce
Weird that you made a disabled joke and chastised shane for doing the same thing in the same video? Like fully not supporting anything shane does but that was cringey.
nori narwhal
nori narwhal Gün önce
I would rather climb IN a septic tank then watch this movie
Savannah Darling
Savannah Darling Gün önce
"Having an intimate party in a bedroom," is the fanciest description of group sex that I've ever heard. 🤣🤣🤣
TooLazyForThis Gün önce
Holy shit I recognize the female lead. She’s a really famous voice actor, she played Lucy in Fairy Tail. I can’t believe she stared in this shit show
Amon Gün önce
why are you just making this video now n not 2014 goofy? did you time travel for this review or?
Angela García
Angela García 2 gün önce
I feel so sorry for the actor who played the homeless man, it’s genuinely humiliating. Legit that character is almost a hate crime.
Nora Girl
Nora Girl 2 gün önce
Okay but this camera shaking ALL THE TIME (in the movie) is just... no. No. No, no no no. NO.
Gaylan Molina
Gaylan Molina 2 gün önce
What?! Noooo not you to Kurt angle how did the Olympic champ get sucked in to doing a shane Dawson movie.. .shame! Lol and Nick the security guy was Kurt angle he's a famous wrestler and I do agree with you even tho I love the guy they could've cut that part out along with the whole movie lol 😅
Krista Brady
Krista Brady 2 gün önce
The football stadium in Pittsburgh is called Heinz Field. The baseball stadium in Pittsburgh is PNC Park. The hockey stadium has changed names half a dozen times in the past 10 years but currently is called the PPG Paints Arena. It was Console Energy Center before that. 5 seconds on Google would’ve told you that. You watched a shitty movie for 90 mins but couldn’t take 5 seconds to look up the correct name for the stadium??
Dessie James
Dessie James 2 gün önce
OH MY GOD. Calling people who are offended by Shane’s “jokes” aren’t snowflakes, calling a black person a snowflake for being offended by black face is ignorant af. Jokes have punchlines and setups, jokes aren’t just hate directed at a group. That’s not how it works.
Andrea the Music Owl
Andrea the Music Owl Gün önce
Louder for people in the back, please
Clumbus 2 gün önce
M 2 gün önce
Omg....I kept thinking about how Tori's voice sounded SO familiar. And found out she's starring in Cyberpunk 2077. I can't believe anybody came out of this movie with a career.
Kristin E
Kristin E 3 gün önce
I love 28:00-28:08
Anti Christina
Anti Christina 3 gün önce
I would have found this movie hilarious when I was 13, in 2002.
A Winter Rose
A Winter Rose 3 gün önce
I don’t want to be padantic but Anastasia was an archduchess. Her mother Alexandra was the Tsarina. Other than that I would never watch the movie.
Rachel K
Rachel K 3 gün önce
Also, just a small thing, but Shane's character says to her, "Why are you so mean?" He's like so confused as to why she would be "mean" to him, and I'm like, dude 90 seconds ago, you called her, "Tori the Whorey" to her face...
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer 3 gün önce
It does definitely come across as a bunch of skits thrown together
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer 3 gün önce
There is no way Shane still thinks this is good. I mean I guess he still could but.....
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer 3 gün önce
I always thought when brand new writer/director they didn't wanna be the lead actor unless they absolutely have to. So this is just a sad pathetic way be a cheerleader for Shane Dawson
Rachel K
Rachel K 3 gün önce
That poor screenwriter credited with this. Might have ruined his career. He didn't write this, he wrote like a treatment that was just basic plot points and bare bones script, and then both Shane and the competing director had full creative control to change it and fill it in. 90% of this movie's plot and dialogue was written by Shane, but this poor Dan guy gets the writing credit of one of the worst written films of all time. The writer was basically like: there's three main characters, the guy, the girl, and the guy's ex, they're coming home for Thanksgiving their freshman year of college, the two characters break up during a sexual encounter, the other (main) girl hits the guy with her car, he was popular and she wasn't but they start hanging out after she hits him with the car, there's sparks there, and they all deal with family, their lives changing, relationships, etc over Thanksgiving weekend. And Shane turned that into... this.
Heather Yi
Heather Yi 3 gün önce
“We dont see each other” 😂😂
Heather Yi
Heather Yi 3 gün önce
Lollllll youtuber humor just doesnt translate well on other platforms
Gudetama Katara
Gudetama Katara 3 gün önce
Wow, that movie is baaaad
Bradley Hanson
Bradley Hanson 3 gün önce
It’s like, 18+ subject matter with elementary school humor and writing
Ourlordtomcruise 11
Ourlordtomcruise 11 3 gün önce
35:45 wtf is with this guy
Aaliyah L
Aaliyah L 4 gün önce
Definitely a 5 star movie..
Rachel Reardon
Rachel Reardon 4 gün önce
I live in Pittsburgh and I never knew that this shit movie was made here! Now knowing about that genital scene I’ll never be able to go on the incline again!
R ClintonLA
R ClintonLA 4 gün önce
that was the best movie I saw in a long time.
Blue Iris
Blue Iris 4 gün önce
How dare u say Jack and Jill was a bad movie. Smh
Donde_lieta 5 gün önce
Shane out here tryin to be Lin Manuel Miranda
Psycho Alchemist
Psycho Alchemist 5 gün önce
Thank you for taking this bullet for us and watching this awful monstrosity of a movie, not only twice but also enough times to splice it all up and edit it together...
Charlie D
Charlie D 5 gün önce
You might be overwatering your succulent.. maybe some direct light 🍃🌱
The Retro Mess
The Retro Mess 5 gün önce
It was 6 years ago
The Retro Mess
The Retro Mess Gün önce
@Andrea the Music Owl yeah but people can change
Andrea the Music Owl
Andrea the Music Owl Gün önce
People acting like 6 years ago was the 1950s like it's not that long ago lol
Dessie James
Dessie James 2 gün önce
The Retro Mess but I have, Reddit’s also cringe. So I mean... also reddit doesn’t spread hate speech, it’s so clearly obvious that they’re jokes. They’re posted on subreddits that day dark humor, so you know what you’re looking at. They’re fueled by comedy, this stuff is actually fueled on hate and mean spirited.
The Retro Mess
The Retro Mess 2 gün önce
@Dessie James clearly you never been on reddit
Dessie James
Dessie James 2 gün önce
The Retro Mess it still makes it a racist, homophobic, ableist movie. That was never acceptable. Plus it was really bad.
Breqlynn Molina
Breqlynn Molina 5 gün önce
7:50 kinda made me laugh tho 😭 is that wrong?
PrincessVeronica 5 gün önce
Shane’s eyebrows: / __ 👁👄👁
Jiraiya The Draft
Jiraiya The Draft 4 gün önce
Oh god I hate his eyebrows
ClarissaHasAClue 5 gün önce
Was this video flagged? It says "This Can't be played in the background" and i watched this a couple days ago, and it wasn't flagged. Did shane copyright it just because they are scenes from his own shitty movie?
L҉e҉a҉h҉B҉e҉e҉ S
L҉e҉a҉h҉B҉e҉e҉ S 5 gün önce
Rrrroll🚘up⬆️to😏the😫party🥳 with 🥺my 😳crazy😜 pink 👄wig 💇‍♀️but 😘I 😥can’t 🤭get 💀through 😳the☹️ door🚪 because💄 my 💋bootys 🍑to ✨big🐘 ☝️ percent🤑is😑human👱‍♀️99🤯is👑plastic💋Just👆a👌sec🕰I👱‍♀️gotta😬fix🛠my👀lips👄
ChamomileTae 6 gün önce
I thought the main actress's voice sounded familiar! She did a voice in Fairy Tail, my favorite childhood anime
Bethany Farnsworth
Bethany Farnsworth 6 gün önce
I just realized one character “Tori” voice acts is Lucy from fairytale and I completely hear it!
Joli 6 gün önce
"Sorry, I had to puke in that plant" made me laugh so hard, harder than this movie anyways. Actually that's not fair to you, it's easy to be funny when compared to burning garbage. But the joke was really hilarious.
Haylei Rivera
Haylei Rivera 6 gün önce
19:28 in summary 👏
Fucdx Trump
Fucdx Trump 6 gün önce
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad 6 gün önce
Pppul up to the party with my crazy pink wig
maia rice
maia rice 6 gün önce
i really enjoyed this video but please for the love of god water your allow plant
Mitchell Leger
Mitchell Leger 6 gün önce
“ No, do it again. Better” - Already had to like this video because I laughed a full minute on that one.
Nick DiRamio
Nick DiRamio 6 gün önce
Loll thanks so much!
dana 6 gün önce
looking back on this movie, that thanksgiving scene with shane’s family really does seem like it belongs on nickelodeon (even the camera angles and how the dialogue was set up mimick it to a tee) and this dude is right, some points in this movie give off 90s nickelodeon sketch comedy vibes, it’s weird for someone who says he plans on releasing a horror film one day
Gabi Ayala
Gabi Ayala 6 gün önce
I have L I T E R A L L Y passed on 💀 You are hilarious 😂
Nick DiRamio
Nick DiRamio 6 gün önce
Lolll thank you so much
Lizzie Sutcliff
Lizzie Sutcliff 6 gün önce
Ohh look!! It was 2014 when having 4 million subscribers was enough to make a movie out of your disgusting, racist jokes...
snowwy uwu
snowwy uwu 7 gün önce
Drew is cool. Garret is cool. They're pretty chill.
nyu666 7 gün önce
2 of the worst things that happened in 2014: my mom died & shane released this garbage
Son of a Brick
Son of a Brick 7 gün önce
26:08 "he doesn't seem like/has a heartthrob/regimented/uptight/good hair but they tell me he is/has" etc. He doesn't have any empathy for other people in real life, but he gets other people around him to tell him he does!
Sky 7 gün önce
I watched this movie when it came out and all I gained from it was the addition of Bryce Vine and Anarbor’s music in my Spotify playlist. Whoever chose the handful of songs for this film sadly did the best out of every department lmao
Marley Delgado
Marley Delgado 7 gün önce
Eddibles dont work like that tf shane
Sewer Rat
Sewer Rat 7 gün önce
The drew parts were actually enjoyable
Eliza Meguschar
Eliza Meguschar 7 gün önce
Patricia Ong
Patricia Ong 7 gün önce
You are SAVAGE and I LOVE you! This made my day.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins 8 gün önce
Just like what’s happened to sweet little Amanda Bynes (which breaks my heart), this movie is not funny (which doesn’t break my heart). You’re commentary?? HILARIOUS. 🤣
Maggie Boyd
Maggie Boyd 8 gün önce
Does nobody else see the poor plants????
Maggie Boyd
Maggie Boyd 5 gün önce
spooky someone wait what’s going to happen to my plants ?!?!
spooky someone
spooky someone 6 gün önce
gays can't take care of plants 😔
김재영Brooke 8 gün önce
The only good thing about this film (if you can even call it that) is that Shane shaved his hair. I'm sorry, but it was not a good look for him.
Gwother Wilkerson
Gwother Wilkerson 8 gün önce
Why does it look the girl has a lesbian flag in her car.......
Luna Meris
Luna Meris 8 gün önce
bc of this video, I learned that "Tori" plays Asuna in Sword Art Online
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