Skunkworks needs a little help...

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Some of the tubes in Skunkworks have been around as long as the system has been in use, 4 years! Let’s see if we can figure out why they are getting cloudy.
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JayzTwoCents 4 aylar önce
So many people commenting about the loops being different shades of green.... this is what happens when you comment before actually watching a video in its entirely. 12:44
Andrew Ryder
Andrew Ryder 3 aylar önce
This demonstrates the benefit of using acrylic or glass! PETG can (and often DOES) deform over time. Acrylic and glass are: a) more transparent, b) more resistant to heat, and c) more resistant to glycols (which are found in almost all commercial coolants). While they ARE a pain to cut and bend, using acrylic or glass actually SAVES time in the long run, as the extra time spent creating runs is more than offset by the fact that they won't have to be replaced the way PETG (eventually) will.
me0262 3 aylar önce
*in its entirety.
Jedidiah Callaway
Jedidiah Callaway 3 aylar önce
I have seen similar build up with transparent colored fluid. I dont use colored fluid any more and my loop stays clean.
CryhmeTime 3 aylar önce
The facepalm profile picture absolutely works here
Jared arquette
Jared arquette 13 gün önce
What reservoir are those??
ペッピナチョホセ 24 gün önce
3:43 aawww yyyyeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Brandon Tucci
Brandon Tucci 25 gün önce
After watching this I won’t used any special coolants. Just distilled water. Just not worth it.
Spinkey 26 gün önce
jay.... jizz is not a coolant jay jizz haha
Dwayne's Video Dump
Dwayne's Video Dump Aylar önce
youtube needs a heart react lol when you screamed i like work benches i lost it. love your content jay haha
pavan jai
pavan jai Aylar önce
you can have a problem less opaque fluid build if you just remove your uv black light and just stick with rgb if you want lighting
Son Goku
Son Goku 2 aylar önce
Who else thought skunkworks as in the secret Lockheed Martin aeronautics division
Jeffrey Nunziato
Jeffrey Nunziato 2 aylar önce
Hey Jay, do you have anywhere listing the reservoirs, pumps, fittings etc that you're using? I'm considering building my first custom loop and looking to start piecing stuff together ..
jnunz93 2 aylar önce
Hey Jay, do you have anywhere listing the reservoirs, pumps, fittings etc that you're using? I'm considering building my first custom loop and looking to start piecing stuff together ..
SiN Loud
SiN Loud 2 aylar önce
This makes me so glad that going with Acryllic tubing. The slight extra cost and added difficulty are worth it.
Zfast4you 2 aylar önce
just water with anti corrosion, fuck this color shit, never again.
saxman362 2 aylar önce
Anyone else think that after refilling, the fluids are different shades of green?
CarolusBuchwurm 2 aylar önce
I'm gonna stick with my air-cooled system. I don't feel like cleaning out cr** out of tubes once every year.
Cody Averesch
Cody Averesch 2 aylar önce
Looked like the Grinch blew his load on your camera.
Sheng Long
Sheng Long 3 aylar önce
billionth video on how u have some gunk in ur tubes, im glad ive never water cooled ! what i would like to know is, would it be possible to include some kind of filter in your loop to collect gunk ?
otter25702 3 aylar önce
I had the same problem Jay, build up in the fins and bottom of the pump and even the soft tubing, an here is what I did. Maybe this will help someone but I am sure I will get a lot of flack for using bleach. First I drained my system. then put a eye dropper of household bleach into distilled water. Filled my reservoir, c.p.u. block and what tubing I had an let them soak for a hour. Before emptying it I shock the blocks an reservoir vigorously, (to loosen the sludge), and then flushed it with more distilled water and it worked. I am using soft tubing..I don't know if hard tubing would turn out the same but it should. I used so little bleach that it hasn't affected any of the hardware (pump or compression fittings). By the way Jay, its because of your encouragement that I am using D.I.Y. water cooling, before I was using self contained or air. I am almost 70 years of age so all of this is new to me. My end results are I, am now using clear water an my temps are great. The coloring is just for aesthetics as we all know but I can live with clear.
MrReaperZ19 ReaperZ
MrReaperZ19 ReaperZ 3 aylar önce
stick the liquid under a microscope an maybe u might find the reason why it's doing it the liquid ain't all liquid ...
Drewcifer Mods
Drewcifer Mods 3 aylar önce
i had something similar happen with using the thermaltake opaque fluid. Happy to see skunk works back into a video tho!
ultimafreak 3 aylar önce
That idiocracy shirt is Noice !
ultimafreak 3 aylar önce
You sure the liquid is not Brawno's ? "Brawndo's got what plants crave: It's got electrolytes!" maby its the electrolytes that gunk up the system ;D
snappywang 3 aylar önce
Holy crap, no anti static wrist strap? I'm shocked.
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 3 aylar önce
I feel like all Jay does is clean gunk from Skunkworks....
Got Fuel
Got Fuel 3 aylar önce
Jay I won't preteen to know what's going om but to prove your point that's it the tubing do it loop out of glass and see if it still happens.
Mustard Gaming
Mustard Gaming 3 aylar önce
This is why I stick to aios
King Hodene
King Hodene 3 aylar önce
Who remembers when a fly flew into his cpu fan on this pc 😂
Anthony I
Anthony I 3 aylar önce
ill stick to my air cooled system lol, too much upkeep/issues with water cooling lol
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts 3 aylar önce
13:31 people!
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts 3 aylar önce
I don't know why but I thought you had glass tubing in that build. Either way. The build is very nice.
FiRe 3 aylar önce
Bending the tubes vs using right angled junctions?
techmasterjoe 3 aylar önce
try cooling with Drain-O then it will never clog..
isettech 3 aylar önce
To eliminate the issue of opaque fluid, an alternative is to pour opaque paint through all tubes, but not any blocks or pumps to opaque paint the inside of the tubes while retaining the clear outer layer, then use a clear liquid with no settling issues. Paint selected should be resistant to water damage such as an automotive oil based enamel. Dry clean air will need to be circulated to dry the paint inside the tubes. Use Neon colors for use with blacklight. The clear covers of the water blocks can be painted inside with the gasket areas masked to show the fluid channels, but do not paint the actual heat transfer surfaces.
Iroquois Pliskin
Iroquois Pliskin 3 aylar önce
Had the primochill opaque colbalt blue in my rig for about 2 months. Tried using the mayhem blitz cleaner to flush it out... No dice. It may be easy to remove from the tubing, but it gets in the blocks pretty good
Robbin Milatz
Robbin Milatz 3 aylar önce
I like your new studio already. Congratulations!
SCARLET★STAR 3 aylar önce
Just use opaque tubing and clear liquid man....Why don't people do that I don't get it? Either sand it down with a soft sanding pad or buy opaque tubing like the Eisrohr satin from alphacool. They even scatter RGB in a nicer way.
Thomas Michael Schwarz
Thomas Michael Schwarz 3 aylar önce
phthalates are mainly used in pvc. even if it is hard pvc it will contain small amounts of phthalates. and phthalates will leach.... they also use phthalates in a lot of other plastics but not in acrylic. hence acrylic tubing is a s"safe bet" not having anything leaching from it. a soft tubing has a high chance to have phthalates. still the question is, whether the phthalates have any impact on the fluids used in a loop. they are more like an oil. if there are emulsifiers in a liquid these could also emulsify phthalates leading to the feeling of residues of a very fine sandpaper.... i guess the safest way is to stay with simple transparent liquids...but will you miss the kick of the colored milky look? 😉
Michael Sykes
Michael Sykes 3 aylar önce
I dont have my pc under water but if I wouldn't fill particles into the loop. It looks cool but can lead to all sorts of problems.
Muageto 3 aylar önce
Hey Jay, do you think you'll try EKWB Solid ?
fergeful 3 aylar önce
3:08, what a nice Product Placement, I wonder if that thing won't cause a short :|
Nogainsnodames 3 aylar önce
The internet needs to know if you can use actual radiator fluid in a cooling system for a computer.
fatj69 wine
fatj69 wine 3 aylar önce
My guess is you're using too high temperatures to bend your tubes? Causing the tubing to degrade?
Solo Consciousness
Solo Consciousness 3 aylar önce
Anyone know what case that is?
G1anKarl0 AM
G1anKarl0 AM 3 aylar önce
why not pass the liquid through a filter paper or something like that?
LogicException 3 aylar önce
This is the reason why you should use acrylic. Forget the bullshit about "its harder to work with" or "it is so fragile". My first project was acrylic and it was pretty fine if you work with the needed precision. So, stop using this marketing bullshit petg crap.
Amiga Wolf
Amiga Wolf 3 aylar önce
I still do no understand why you still use colorent in your water, when you know that you get a build-up in your water cooling system, why not use letjes to color your water or just not use colors?
xnonsuchx 3 aylar önce
Jay can never copy Linus to me since I have all of Linus's channels blocked from my view ;-)
Rob S
Rob S 3 aylar önce
I think everyone is really just following GN. GN gets new space, LTT gets new space and now Jay gets new space.
GP 3 aylar önce
distilled water and biocide ftw!
Jackson Dasilva
Jackson Dasilva 3 aylar önce
Jay, what would happen if you just use purified water(distilled) and add a few drops of an anti corrosive additive?
Dr VikingGaming
Dr VikingGaming 3 aylar önce
What kobalt tool are you using to cut your tubing?
dolph 3 aylar önce
Pipe cleaners are actually made for cleaning pipes too.
MantaProx2 3 aylar önce
Jay if you don't have time to give Skunkworks a workout then I would like to offer my services as a Skunkworks play tester/maintenance service provider. You can hit me up at My rates are very competitive. ; P
Bennett Turk
Bennett Turk 3 aylar önce
Brandon BillTheCat
Brandon BillTheCat 3 aylar önce
Is there a way to use inline filters to remove this stuff. For some weird reason I started thinking of the fuel filter I replace in my car a week ago... Why can't it be done with computers as well?
Ari Frankel
Ari Frankel 3 aylar önce
Matt Andreko
Matt Andreko 3 aylar önce
Every time I take my system apart, I have that weird tube compression around the compression rings. I'm using all EKWB with PETG tubes. I just thought it was normal to have to remake the tubes each time you took your system apart.
Alex Bacon
Alex Bacon 3 aylar önce
It physically hurts that a PC gamer tech youtuber doesn't get time to fully play games on his own rig
lord electron
lord electron 3 aylar önce
That is not a pc it's a a BUILDING!!!!
Dean 3 aylar önce
Dont put that crap back in their! ugh! Distilled water ftw!
Pancake Lizard
Pancake Lizard 3 aylar önce dont even use it.
David Bell
David Bell 3 aylar önce
anyone else think the solids are 'grinding/polishing' the petg?
Jay Babcock
Jay Babcock 3 aylar önce
is it possible the fluid is eroding the tube itself and little particles of the plastic is building up?
J0my 3 aylar önce
This was a great video, reminds me a bit of TTL in that you had a bit of a chat with us and gave lots of helpful advice with maintenance. I actually like seeing maintenance done as you can see how to actually do it, it also struck me that if you need to redo the tubing, just do it. If you can afford to do liquid cooling and hard tubing in the first place you should allow for having to potentially redo the tubes.
J Sharp
J Sharp 3 aylar önce
clear fluid with matte black soft tubes or copper tubes > colors.....
Kaos Warrior
Kaos Warrior 3 aylar önce
So, these plastic tubes are probably PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate) with some resin additive, so essentially the same as soda and water bottles, WHICH DEGRADE WITH HEAT OR UV exposure overtime. Considering the deformation under that fitting connection, It's probably just heat degradation, unless the fluid has some hydrocarbon chain with some solvent function, such as aldehyde.
R Doc
R Doc 3 aylar önce
The thing is a work of art don't mess with it.
Daniel Brant
Daniel Brant 3 aylar önce
I have been trying to get in touch with Jay , to possibly see if he could help me learn to do a budget build for my wife! It's not easy though does anybody have an idea on how to help?
andy lambert
andy lambert 3 aylar önce
Yay Skunkworks !!!!!
Frank Parks
Frank Parks 3 aylar önce
What is that fan blower?
Stephen Patterson
Stephen Patterson 3 aylar önce
One of these crazy PC youtubers (Jayz, Linus, etc.) should go balls to the wall and find a glassmaker to build glass tubing for a build. It certainly wouldn't be cheap, and it would probably be difficult, but it would avoid some of the issues that plastic tubing presents if done correctly
Tony F
Tony F 3 aylar önce
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