Sonic the Hedgehog - Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann

Aylar önce

Chris Stuckmann reviews Sonic the Hedgehog, starring James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Tika Sumpter, Natasha Rothwell, Neal McDonough, Adam Pally, Jim Carrey. Directed by Jeff Fowler.

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Jacob 8 saatler önce
frank234561 17 saatler önce
This movie was garbage. Why does every fucking movie based on a cartoon or cartoony game have to involve the main character coming to earth? Why can't it just be based in their world? This would have been way better as a CGI film with all of Sonic's freinds, based in his own world, not earth.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson Gün önce
that redesign happened cause it was under a stupid time crunch and while some sonic fans were happy about it other sonic fans including myself are angry and would like answers as to why that they did not fix sonic in a fair longer amount INCLUDING THE STORY
MacMurrough the Meticulous
MacMurrough the Meticulous 2 gün önce
Hmm, I'm noticing Sonic getting a lot leeway because it was moderately funny in most of the reviews I've seen. Interesting.
r3drift 2 gün önce
I actually loved this more then Pikachu movie.. Omg the Tails ending had me wanting more.. Fun movie
Idris Hussain
Idris Hussain 2 gün önce
Loved it. Sonic and Jim Carrey nailed it.
smilzforme 3 gün önce
my gosh jim carry is so cheesy and . he almost ruined the movie.
smilzforme 2 gün önce
@Uganda Knuckles he is so manic I can't stand it. he's goofy, not funny.
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 2 gün önce
smilzforme actually no he didnt
Jason 3 gün önce
Not much familiar to the sonic source material, but liked the film
Alex Beyer
Alex Beyer 3 gün önce
I forgot about Olive Garden, really couldn't get Sonic the food chain to pitch in, the advertisement writes itself and they sell chilli dogs there. It's no Portillo's, but when you don't live in IL it's passable enough.
Alex Beyer
Alex Beyer 3 gün önce
I grew up in the 90s as well, I think you're 3 years older than me, nope looked it up, you're a month younger than me. Weird, anyways, my childhood was rough, and we were a sega household, so the character means a lot to me. I liked the movie, though Robotnik is bombastic, he was a little too over the top. Also, if you think about it, there weren't a large cast in this movie, which I think helped this movie, they kept it neat and tidy. I'd give it a C+, I actually really liked the Detective Pikachu movie as a person who didn't/doesn't like the games or anime. That was another, focused script, which I think helped these movies.
KFJ 4 gün önce
I'm glad you didn't censor when you said fucking. Your review was excellent and you mentioned every single point I could think of. This is one of the most perfect poignant poised review of yours I've ever watched. Feels very complete and fulfilling. Thanks.
Elis Oliveira lopes
Elis Oliveira lopes 4 gün önce
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor 5 gün önce
Such a fun movie. Cliched, but still fun.
Yuniel Gonzalez
Yuniel Gonzalez 5 gün önce
Loved this movie. And now my baby loves it and watches it at least once a day, and it is still really good. Ps. Sonic is awesome, marsden is really good and Jim Carrey is awesome in this movie.
Peter Swinkels
Peter Swinkels 10 gün önce
Nice review. Thx.
Max-Alain Pierre-Pierre
Max-Alain Pierre-Pierre 10 gün önce
Gotta say : I was never a Sonic fan, but I LOVED the movie.
Kunj Bihari Budania
Kunj Bihari Budania 10 gün önce
In the middle of the movie there was scene when recovers by inhaling salt or something and runs and end up saying what time is it is THE ROCK THE PRESIDENT that felt like a hidden message or prophecy by the film makers
Joks iZantos
Joks iZantos 11 gün önce
Well in the movie, isnt the reason why they didnt arrest him is because Doctor Robotnik is damaging properties which is worse than the "domestic terrorist"
Hawkins 12 gün önce
The audience does have a say! When you make a film about a game character it should be, although not entirely, for the fans. Otherwise you don't get great reviews, you won't get the desired box office, you're classed as a crap director. Simple
PrincessNia 12 gün önce
I don't really care too much about plot holes or cliches as long as a movie entertains me and with Sonic I was thoroughly entertained. They got his character damn-near perfect and there were so many passing references to the games. It's just a really damn fun movie. You can tell that someone actually gave a shit when making it. Nothing about it really felt like, lifeless and corporate and that's already a win in my book! I thought it was great, Carrey was great, and I love how they poked fun at Robotnik's robots always turning in to other robots and I especially giggled at the little "ba-DING!" sound when Sonic picked up a ring. And to what you said about having to like Sonic in the first place to even enjoy this movie I honestly don't think that's the case. Sure it's better if you do already know him, but his character is already so simple and charming that I don't think it really matter. He's blue and he goes fast.
PrincessNia 5 gün önce
@battle bot omg yes. That was pure gold!
battle bot
battle bot 5 gün önce
Did you notice that Sanic drawing?
James Wekking
James Wekking 13 gün önce
Eh, I never used to play sonic when I was younger and knew almost nothing about it, but I LOVED this movie (though I did realise a lot of references probably went over my head)
TitanPlayz 11 gün önce
James Wekking yeah Olive Garden is canon to Sonics universe you’d know IF YOU PLAYED THE GA-
McKenzie Beane
McKenzie Beane 14 gün önce
When I first saw the trailer I kept asking if this is a sonic movie then where are the other characters. Then when I saw the actual movie and they revealed tails at the end I was SO excited for the sequel which I know there will be, because they can't just make such a cliff hanger like that without a sequel and when it comes out I am so gonna see it. I hope they make more and introduce the other characters later on. Sorry for the spoilers btw.
Dylan Mork
Dylan Mork 14 gün önce
If artists want people to buy their product then they should absolutely listen to the feedback given by the fans. Unless they want to make art that nobody will appreciate or buy, that's totally fine, but don't blame the fans when they don't give you their money. Just as they aren't obligated to serve fans, we aren't obligated to pay them for their art.
Ezekiel the Pro
Ezekiel the Pro 14 gün önce
84ever Fan
84ever Fan 14 gün önce
andi noli
andi noli 14 gün önce
this is not the greatest movie but, this is one of fantastic movie based on video games so far..
Fred Stead
Fred Stead 14 gün önce
This was a really enjoyable movie Defintely worth watching
Denise-P 16 gün önce
Bro Carrey's dance scene was the best part of the movie!
Ryanator 17 gün önce
I personally found the Olive Garden stuff a little funny because one of my closest friends has been abscessed with Olive Garden for years.
Conquistador76 17 gün önce
Thanks for all the great reviews Chris. I too am a 30 something that has long since aged out of the 18-24 market demographic which too many movies seem to be geared towards these days. Hard agree you just gotta..accept sucks but whatever.
Q M 17 gün önce
We can only hope for a resurgence of another Sega console.
Qal R
Qal R 17 gün önce
This movie for under 10 yrs old
Kenny Velazquez
Kenny Velazquez 18 gün önce
Dude, no...this movie made me TOTALLY in the mood for pasta and those damn breadsticks.
IlIICEjunkrat YT
IlIICEjunkrat YT 18 gün önce
One of the funniest movie I ever seen.
Super Smash Revan
Super Smash Revan 19 gün önce
Saw it. Loved it.
AZN Kingoffun21
AZN Kingoffun21 19 gün önce
The move pace was fast and generic but I like the action scene and cute look
DarkLordGamer Gaster
DarkLordGamer Gaster 19 gün önce
I watched the movie 3 times now, how? I downloaded it from TRwomen. (Someone posted it here so I downloaded it before it gets deleted)
René Astorga Terre
René Astorga Terre 20 gün önce
I would also like sime Kryspy Cream dounats (power rangers) and a Pepsi (bad boys).
Yanis Kaps
Yanis Kaps 20 gün önce
I Found This Movie Quite Charming (As a „Sonic" Fan)!
Daisy 20 gün önce
I am a huge sonic fan... I didn't really like the movie.
Domj24 20 gün önce
I actually love batman forever
Colossal Prick
Colossal Prick 21 gün önce
To hell with olive garden, can we talk about the milestone we've witnessed and experienced? That which I may- we've witnessed the true glory and majesty of a video game movie finally breaking the curse and setting an example for future game adaptations. This could be huge. It could rival the marvel Disney movies. Assuming they don't royally fuck it up of course. Just need to prevent Uwe Boll and Paul ws Anderson.
Sam Ward
Sam Ward 22 gün önce
This was surprisingly good
Brad Gray
Brad Gray 22 gün önce
I watched 5min. that's all I could handle. Having Carrey made it worse.
Med9082 22 gün önce
After watching Sonic I'm just happy they got Dr Robotnik's name right. Yes that's right he's called Dr Robotnik in this film and not pathetic Dr Eggman.
Greyson Martina
Greyson Martina 23 gün önce
The woman that wants her sister to divorce the main character, wtf’s her problem dude 😂🤣🤷🏽‍♂️. Stupid bitch
Hunter 23 gün önce
It was a solid movie. It’s Sonic. Jim Carrey was incredible in it. The sequel has an opportunity to get a little more interesting writing wise.
Meecey Mo
Meecey Mo 23 gün önce
And the Dope (90s word) song at the end. Helloo
Robert Treviño
Robert Treviño 23 gün önce
I like how they changed his shoes for the trailer so that we wouldn’t know that his shoes changed through the course of the movie
The Bufoon Animates
The Bufoon Animates 23 gün önce
One of the biggest problems I have with th this movie would have to be both times Sonic was flossing
Brutal V
Brutal V 23 gün önce
Sonic was better than pikachu to Me... Ryan took the wrong movie in My opinion, He should have been Sonic's voice.
Brutal V
Brutal V 23 gün önce
Sonic was better than pikachu to Me... Ryan took the wrong movie in My opinion, He should have been Sonic's voice.
leonartha03 24 gün önce
this is one of the best redemption arc from movie industry
MrFlipperInvader792 24 gün önce
The reason studios keep putting humans with cartoon characters cause there is a percentage of the population that loves the novelty of seeing famialr actors/or just regular schmucks like us interacting with our favorite fictional characters
James TTH
James TTH 25 gün önce
The final scene of the movie justified for it's entirety.
Yoinch 25 gün önce
the story line is trash
Elemaster18 25 gün önce
Honestly product placement in movies doesn’t bother me all that much if they do it right. Like the Zillow sequence is totally something that would happen in real life and that adds to the world for me because it’s something that you could expect to happen. However yeah, the way they did Olive Garden was a bit over the top. It’s all about how you go about it I’d say.
SHReaper 25 gün önce
A shitty movie that's non-canon, yes. But at least they fixed sonic.
AJA Ryan1994
AJA Ryan1994 25 gün önce
I knew I was gonna love this movie when they played the Sonic Mania theme music at the start.
YamiGekusu 25 gün önce
Doughnut Lord is a cool character
Mega Mooseboi
Mega Mooseboi 26 gün önce
So basically fans should shut up until the movie comes out, then we can voice our opinions? Oh boy Chris you're in for a rude awakening.
Ricardo Valls
Ricardo Valls 26 gün önce
You just be YOU_____ lol
imagineihadarealweapon 26 gün önce
Jim Carey absolutely killed it in.this movie So hilarious
ReVo.JAA_ NRG 26 gün önce
Why couldn’t they just add all kinds of heaghogs to make it a better movie
DATBOY K 26 gün önce
I freakin love Jim Carrey. We need an Ace Ventura trilogy.
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne 26 gün önce
I love the movie it is one of the best ever made this year
Cruzinthruspace 26 gün önce
Fuck you INTERNET. 'we changed the movie and now it's actually good, it's all our doing"-internet
Jamie Ellice
Jamie Ellice 27 gün önce
Too many adult references for it to be a family movie, I mean last day of the school year and a child was to bring a dvd to watch in class as a treat I wouldn't think the headteacher would allow this to played to a school for a bunch of 5 to 10 year olds.
Sandland113 27 gün önce
I honestly didn't like the movie at all period!
Jake Fenske
Jake Fenske 27 gün önce
Yes! A Metroid movie! I’ve been saying that for years!
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