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An entertaining mix of human interest stories and popular science, Super Genius explores people with incredible mental knowledge & strength.
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Superhuman Geniuses (Extraordinary People Documentary) | Only Human

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Constant_ STC
Constant_ STC Saatler önce
i cooked a grilled cheese once.... should of seen it ... it was genius!!
jake fink
jake fink 3 saatler önce
I dont doubt for a minute the girls talent. She is an artist no doubt. The story behind why I have much doubt with. The parents definently look to be enjoying it far more then they should be and it's not that I criticize the girl, I criticize the parents who I am sure influthe story behind why she paints. A normal typical artist cabt sell there paintings for 6 figures but this one can because God told to paint this or that?
sam getalong
sam getalong 8 saatler önce
I know what it is now. Genius requires the enlarged medulla oblongata. I have seen two brains that exhibited the large organs. An MRI should tell the story.
NaturalMedia 9 saatler önce
I love the parents that support their daughters insane art
Jose Collazo
Jose Collazo 20 saatler önce
Akiana obsesive compulsive?
Dj #1
Dj #1 Gün önce
the last performance piano and bass.... sorry bass was not tuned correctly
Dj #1
Dj #1 Gün önce
the greed from the father of the girl .. painter.. he should be ashamed ..
Jaiwaaah Miaaa
Jaiwaaah Miaaa 2 gün önce
Kim and his father are very lovely
This comment was posted
This comment was posted 2 gün önce
My parents knew I was special , when they saw me eating my boogers.
ali boo
ali boo 3 gün önce
how can you have an art genius? artists can rarely agree on anything within the subject. i don't actually like her paintings. taste is a much debated topic in art study. she doesn't have an outstanding knowledge of art and its related study...her skill level was clearly advanced as a child, i don't mean to insult her but this is not genius.
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio 3 gün önce
The UK uses the term Genius, different than here in America. Genius here is more good at everything, but great at one thing. We use the word Savant, in place of your version of genius. Which is a person who excels a lot at 1 thing, only because their brain is badly delegated, causing a handicap in something else. I'm pretty much a fool equally in every category lol.
prspr 4 gün önce
34:27 - what plant is that
Law's NE0N X - D | G4MING & LETS PL4Y
Law's NE0N X - D | G4MING & LETS PL4Y 4 gün önce
Everyone gangsta until the asian kid walks in.
Joko Mandiri
Joko Mandiri 4 gün önce
Take them genetics, and altered it to next generation babies using *CRISPR*
Harley Me
Harley Me 5 gün önce
and to think, none of them are special. That is, some people can unlock it, and some cant. And time is the only answer.
Amber Coco
Amber Coco 5 gün önce
10:55 thats unbelievable...hes actually responding emotionally to a fact, but then bounces back like a switch has been flipped. Some might say that's a perfect brain. Emotional immunity.
Melissa Nance
Melissa Nance 6 gün önce
Oh my goodness... all I want is to hug that little boy and tell him he is wonderful.
Nathaniel Alcaide
Nathaniel Alcaide 6 gün önce
I think they left malcom from malcolm in the middle out 🤔
Very talented.
momo mourad
momo mourad 7 gün önce
The Theory Of Evolution Is Stupid
momo mourad
momo mourad 7 gün önce The Purpose of Life - By Jeffrey Lang
Freya Bloomfield
Freya Bloomfield 8 gün önce
Apparently I’m smart but I get stressed too easily and if I cannot understand something I fixate on that topic until I know as much as possible, I actually had to drop out of school because I fixated too much and it caused me to get too far behind and panic because I didn’t get that one thing.
Heartistic Fanm
Heartistic Fanm 8 gün önce
At 26:43 As a judge I wouldn't let the guy himself do the turning, I don't think he cheated but some could have if they were ill intentionned ( just look at magicians card trick). To validate the record in a safer and surer manner it should have been one of the judges.
Don’t at me!
Don’t at me! 9 gün önce
Can u art?
SolSystem 9 gün önce
So only one person "shuffled" the cards and it was barely a shuffle... Yea this is why I have trust issues
Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty
Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty 9 gün önce
The piano is.actually not an impressive instrument. It's completely easy to learn, a violin or a trumpet
MrBibibip 10 gün önce
If kim has a great memory then why doesnt he go to play at who wants to be a millionaire
Xx-Rampage-xX Ak
Xx-Rampage-xX Ak 10 gün önce
Whats 126 into 264 ... Me : 🙃 Genius: 9.2564377815789521111125666378
Bernardino Garcia
Bernardino Garcia 10 gün önce
Meanwhile those paintings are $14.99 on ROSS
California Dreaming
California Dreaming 11 gün önce
I’m guessing the card guy - Mr. Memory - is NOT welcome in Vegas.
California Dreaming
California Dreaming 11 gün önce
Kim Peek should’ve been on “Jeopardy!” He would’ve even beaten Watson.
California Dreaming
California Dreaming 11 gün önce
I tried to paint once. God told me I was terrible and that I should find a new hobby. (In all seriousness I’m surprised she’s such a great painter. I was expecting some modernistic garbage but she obviously has talent.)
Z Z 12 gün önce
I normally don't appreciate paintings... but those painting are really beautiful.
mr re84
mr re84 13 gün önce
I'm an idiot and happy. smart people from what I have seen all have one thing in common, misery.
TheUKNutter 13 gün önce
I have a musical prodigy talent. I have/had the same perfect pitch strength as Dylan from Nick Beato’s YT channel. However, it makes life quite difficult sometimes and a lot of people judge me for it.
Lorie Postlewaite
Lorie Postlewaite 13 gün önce
The little girl who paints is amazing but it makes me sick that her father especially is cashing in on it and taking advantage of her talent maybe I’m wrong for saying so but seems like too much is expected of her talent and hobby
Sherri Wolf
Sherri Wolf 13 gün önce
I'm sure the room she does her art in, is the room she picked. Her family doesn't seem evil as some comments indicate. No. I don't think they are being exploited either. They seem happy and well adjusted. Negative people on here. Wow. It's illegal to count cards as well so maybe that's why he doesn't go casino
I guess the rest of us are just sticks for hell fire..nice to be loved.
Donny B
Donny B 13 gün önce
the memory guy should be a cashier! lol
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic 14 gün önce
Hey these guys actually seem to get it. Haha nothing more "genius" then letting it all hang out.
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic 14 gün önce
Oh my guut!!!! So mutt geeeenyus.
helookalikaman79 14 gün önce
I am losing memory and he can remember decks of cards in random order...
Vanity Bombshell
Vanity Bombshell 14 gün önce
God tell me what I need to do!!!!!
Valerie Burton
Valerie Burton 14 gün önce
Ainan’s father seems to be an insufferable clod.
LISALOO1978 15 gün önce
Omg your talent is amazing, and you should respect the soul within. Bless you 🙏🏼
Savage Scorpio24
Savage Scorpio24 15 gün önce
The 13 yo should have spent some time studying on expanding her vocabulary
I agree with you
I agree with you 16 gün önce
Laurence Kim Peek better known as the "Rain Man" can do complicated Mathematical equations but can he do simple equations like 2+2=4 ? Or is that something made up by the movie titled Rain Man Laurence Kim Peek the one with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman?
Robor2d2 16 gün önce
2:30 she sed me and God..... she is not Christian... God comes first she is fake and I'm not watching the video now.
Robor2d2 16 gün önce
Watch it with the sound off
wilaysha white
wilaysha white 16 gün önce
Photo graphic memory
Vanessa Fick
Vanessa Fick 16 gün önce
Your a beutiful insteller being love,light and balance
Aamer Zaido
Aamer Zaido 17 gün önce
I am a genius too and that's why I landed here. I don't have to prove it to you!
Frances Walker
Frances Walker 17 gün önce
Hopefully, they will allow the kid to take a nap or something before a gig.
Dylan Lemay
Dylan Lemay 17 gün önce
Demons and angels where always good at what they do. Gen 1.13
rainwolf034 17 gün önce
Such realistic art..
cherdchay saetier
cherdchay saetier 17 gün önce
My friend memorized every students 🆔 in school. But he repeated six grade four times.
Citizens First.
Citizens First. 18 gün önce
The ignorance is pure in these documentaries.
DanceDanceAtTheDiscOH !
DanceDanceAtTheDiscOH ! 18 gün önce
It’s 3 am....why am I here?
CC 18 gün önce
All very interesting. Amazing. My only critique was when the young boy played at a late-night gathering. He is too young to be up that late.
Kessia Wright
Kessia Wright 19 gün önce
I knew someone who was a savant. She was good at dates. She spent most of her life in a hospital until she died. Her family visited and she sometimes went home for a for a few hours but because she sometimes became violent, and her parents were older when she was born, they couldn't handle her after a few years. She was really strong too.
Alejandro Agua
Alejandro Agua 19 gün önce
Sorry to say, but rain man is a just one trick pony, not a genius
P. Peter R
P. Peter R 19 gün önce
Look them up today... the 'gifted' artist can't give away her stuff on the web, and her last interview was in 2004. The prodigy pianist is also, sadly, a nobody today, earning barely enough for his gas money to the recitals.
P. Peter R
P. Peter R 18 gün önce
Show me proof that she is "still amazing the art world." From her website, her last televised interview is 2004 like I said. If she was 'amazing,' she would be on the talk show circuit at the very least. She's no prodigy. She was merely a kid who knew how to paint from an early age. If she were truly that talented, she would have invites from Parsons, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Pantheon-Sorbonne, and others. No such things are mentioned. Everyone likes to believe their child is the next Einstein, Chopin, or DaVinci. But, when the kid turns 21 and all the news people are gone b/c they realize she was just another flash in the pan you better hope she has a real to sustain her.
JoeandMissy Ang
JoeandMissy Ang 18 gün önce
Incorrect, she is still painting and still amazing the art world. She has traveled and painted extensively and also spent several years in Australia even receiving permanent residency because of her talent. She is active in Make A Wish and other charity works.
juan pABLO Gomez
juan pABLO Gomez 20 gün önce
That boy with the piano needs to be sleeping
Nicole Escobar
Nicole Escobar 21 gün önce
how is a normal childhood the one the girl is leading?! 12 hrs a day painting aint normal for any child to do, that's normal for a professional artist to do!
Nicole Escobar
Nicole Escobar 21 gün önce
she is missing out on critical thinking if you aren't teaching her all the subjects taught in the country you reside in js.
Ginger Finley
Ginger Finley 21 gün önce
I feel bad for the boy who plays the piano. He's an absolute genius, but he's constantly looking for reassurance. If that were my kid id be holding him up like the lion king! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Such talent! Never question yourself!
Grace Gisel
Grace Gisel 21 gün önce
with all respect, her paintings are common, not extraordinaire. What is the specialty???
Grace Gisel
Grace Gisel 18 gün önce
@Girl Alana That does not make her an artist. She has a gift, to draw and paint. Not a special gift, to be an artist.
Girl Alana
Girl Alana 19 gün önce
She could draw an anatomically correct human at age 5
Jeff A
Jeff A 21 gün önce
The young painter doesn't impress me at all. Amateurish work at best that fools the uneducated eye. This is a genius? It seems more like good marketing skills from her parents. Her mother reminds me of a gypsy fortune teller. But, that just my ignorant observation and opinion.
Living Like Jalen
Living Like Jalen 21 gün önce
The guy memorizing all those numbers and packs of cards could make a TRwomen channel or something, lol.
Tdsgoob 21 gün önce
How many numbers of pie does he know
Mr Donut
Mr Donut 22 gün önce
I feel like i have down syndrome while watching like these guys...
Melanie Fitzgerald
Melanie Fitzgerald 22 gün önce
My I am blown away it's magical and it can only be spiritual
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