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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

5 aylar önce

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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 5 aylar önce
Merch available at ❤️ new video going up this week of my pop up shop with juju love you guys
Dom Lag
Dom Lag 4 gün önce
Love u Danny
big boi
big boi 10 gün önce
Whats ur relashionship with cam brother? Friend? Dad? 😂
Johnny Santos
Johnny Santos 4 aylar önce
Make I'm just tryna enjoy my Apple's" merch
Jake Beckman
Jake Beckman 5 aylar önce
Can you come over
Wesley 5 aylar önce
Danny can you buy me some bearings, my bearing got nagasakied when i was doing a pop shovit
scarzz 5 gün önce
Danny Duncan is a real rager
Rambo 1966
Rambo 1966 6 gün önce
Danny just made a joke about the 7 dwarfs 💀🤣🤣
Just Random Stuff Just Random Stuff
Just Random Stuff Just Random Stuff 7 gün önce
is this the only site for your apparel?
frstenpz 7 gün önce
Not midget danniel near 0:50
Jorge Antonio
Jorge Antonio 8 gün önce
8:10 shit had me dead
Kai2 R
Kai2 R 10 gün önce
I'm just trying to enjoy my apples :)
Lil_ WaVvY
Lil_ WaVvY 10 gün önce
Was he actully crying 😂💀
lil HDMI
lil HDMI 11 gün önce
*no it's a amateur lens*
Andrew Carroll
Andrew Carroll 12 gün önce
Will Vanderbor
Will Vanderbor 13 gün önce
I literally never see Cameron get mad he’s literally the nicest LITTLE PERSON ever
Brock Mierzejewski
Brock Mierzejewski 14 gün önce
Lol Tampa choked
Brian White
Brian White 14 gün önce
Man I was hoping u would get donuts
Bianca Gonzalez
Bianca Gonzalez 14 gün önce
Da dude wit da airpods looks like faze rug a lil
DopeLoc 15 gün önce
The kid who has a red shirt and has like a Bird on the top right that took a picture with Danny Duncan he’s my friend he’s name is Bryan
Cristian Pena
Cristian Pena 17 gün önce
lmao Danny was not tryna get accused of rape
Un-Tamable 17 gün önce
Bro does he actually get upset when ppl call him midget like Ik he will a little but it makes me ask fucking upset when I see him sad bc people call him a midget
William Johns
William Johns 17 gün önce
A fuckin trooper for all those fan pics lmao good god
Andrew Orantes
Andrew Orantes 19 gün önce
Clic bat assk
Ja' Crispy
Ja' Crispy 20 gün önce
YouTube Perk
YouTube Perk 21 gün önce
Yo I found out that Travis Scott is my step uncle
Fzy plu YouTube
Fzy plu YouTube 22 gün önce
13:23 dont get too comfortable that girl
Olivia E
Olivia E 23 gün önce
I like how Danny can do a fckin montage of him brushing his teeth and it’s still funny.
Gavin Andrews
Gavin Andrews 24 gün önce
Shoots his head with a bee bee gun😂😂😂😂
GoatFruit 25 gün önce
2:08 the 7 dwarfs
J’M BOY 25 gün önce
Danny Duncan is the Goat🐐
Penguin 26 gün önce
Dude u make my day
Electro Gamers
Electro Gamers 27 gün önce
I didn't know that Cameron had an accent
Ganozer Channel
Ganozer Channel 27 gün önce
Im not star 😔
_Chronic _ Zach_
_Chronic _ Zach_ 27 gün önce
Damn all those cute ass girls around him yet my lonely ass can’t get near one
Jamie Wick
Jamie Wick 28 gün önce
I like the lil guy
P05D 28 gün önce
Becomes friends with sheck wes then gets claimed by sheck wes
Stupendousvlogs Lols
Stupendousvlogs Lols 29 gün önce
I went to his concert in Chicago
Betty Stone
Betty Stone Aylar önce
Jacob Card
Jacob Card Aylar önce
DRXxIII Aylar önce
I shitted and cummed when travis scott came out lol
legit jj
legit jj Aylar önce
Poor little man
Bass Boosted
Bass Boosted Aylar önce
I wish I had a disease so I could ask make a wish to meet u Danny
Mac Owsley
Mac Owsley Aylar önce
tiny_squirrell 2
tiny_squirrell 2 Aylar önce
Those girls are like what famous person ooh picture
Walker Jackson
Walker Jackson Aylar önce
I wish so hard I had enough money to pay for anything I broke
David Torres
David Torres Aylar önce
Bro camron at 5:07
Traé Oler vlogs
Traé Oler vlogs Aylar önce
0:50 wtf he said midgit its.little person
Maryem Wain
Maryem Wain Aylar önce
M3: Can i take a picture Danny: im just trying to eat my apples
mstr_tuna Aylar önce
He definitely said hey look at that midget
Tiger For life
Tiger For life Aylar önce
Brady Galetto
Brady Galetto Aylar önce
what’s the song 10:32?
B7R Aylar önce
Where is Cameron from?
Andreas Neururer
Andreas Neururer Aylar önce
I want this ketnipz Shirt!!!!
cash Brazell
cash Brazell Aylar önce
Put horns on the scooter
Neill Baxter
Neill Baxter Aylar önce
Man people gotta stop referring to Cameron as “the midget” or even “the little person” like damn that shit pisses me off
Chris Dunnigan
Chris Dunnigan Aylar önce
You got a midget too just like that paul fella i was looking into one of them for my daugters to play does walmart carry them
Chris Dunnigan
Chris Dunnigan Aylar önce
@Joey Caps21 wierdo go fuck yourself
Joey Caps21
Joey Caps21 Aylar önce
Chris Dunnigan I’m proud of u for liking ur own comment.ur great!
KK SAVAGE Aylar önce
I went to Taco Bell and did the no it’s not that joke
Jaden Wilhelm
Jaden Wilhelm Aylar önce
Midget yeah I said it
Charmander 7909
Charmander 7909 Aylar önce
MrMatt Boss
MrMatt Boss Aylar önce
Dwarfs have big head thats why they think straight
danger uss01
danger uss01 Aylar önce
Why are people so mean to little people 😭
Jace Brown
Jace Brown Aylar önce
Why are you like the more fun David dobrick
peyton syler
peyton syler Aylar önce
You could tell Danny didn’t want to take another picture
Tristen Shaw
Tristen Shaw Aylar önce
Cameron looks different
T9 ŚNIPEŻŻ : Aylar önce
Yo Danny I watch every video I heard u say u live in texas I also do I’m a big fan of you
Blake Collins
Blake Collins Aylar önce
Bro I never realized how strong Cameron’s accent is
Gage Stevenson
Gage Stevenson Aylar önce
He's not like reguaur TRwomenrs g
Martin Väljaste
Martin Väljaste Aylar önce
Little person need to wash himself with Titan Gel
Evan Childs
Evan Childs Aylar önce
Who lies more, Danny Duncan, or Donald Trump
TTV_ Sweatyuser13
TTV_ Sweatyuser13 Aylar önce
How many houses do u have?
It's bo yo
It's bo yo Aylar önce
You should put Cameron in a micro mini wrestling contest in Gatlinburg Tennessee well I think it's in Pigeon Forge it's like WrestleMania only with little people I think that would make a great video
David Wells
David Wells 29 gün önce
It's bo yo I’ve been to gatlingburg and pigeon forge so many times and let me tell that would be amazing
Orestas Pocius
Orestas Pocius Aylar önce
Danny just shows how to enjoy life
Jesse Szymonski
Jesse Szymonski Aylar önce
put horns on the i8
Grey_Wackzy Aylar önce
I love Cameron he’s so funny dude! #loveforlittleperson
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