Terrell Owens confronts Stephen A. over Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take

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Watch Part 2 Here: trwomen.com/id/video-y8WzVJ11C0I.html
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Watch the video that sparked the debate: trwomen.com/id/video-_y7fzEHKI9Y.html
Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens debate Colin Kaepernick's efforts to return to the NFL following Kap's private workout.
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Sim ?
Sim ? 7 saatler önce
T.O. made himself look like a fool by saying max is blacker than Stephen A. Not a good look!
ij4040 13 saatler önce
Max: "Did he just call me a n****? .... SWEET!!!"
A Cr
A Cr 15 saatler önce
Get Him T.O! He dont know S***!
Venus M Brown
Venus M Brown 15 saatler önce
"Max is blacker than u;" TRUE THAT!!! SAS GIVES ME A HEADACHE!!!
anthony barnes
anthony barnes 18 saatler önce
None of y'all in The streets y'all millionaires let's keep it real
anthony barnes
anthony barnes 18 saatler önce
Max is blakker than you Steven A
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown 22 saatler önce
Stephen tell it like it is he done cross the line
reignman2112 Gün önce
Shaun King is blacker than Kapernick...
Man on the right... Child on the left
cball2c Gün önce
Wow. T.O. is out of pocket for that one. So disrespectful. And to do that on live TV, in front of another Caucasian? SMH. SAS hooked T.O. up with some air time, and TO did him like that??? Straight up foul on so many levels.
milldog65 Gün önce
Why is “being in the streets” considered a good place to be. I’m sure there are a bunch of people “on the streets” who would love to trade places with Stephen and TO.
puuxexil Gün önce
These two should fight for the "In The Streets" Belt.
formeyousee Gün önce
Calm down Stephen A. T.O. was just saying (in another way) that Max's view about this situation was more pro-black than yours. He didn't say Max was more black than you. Neither did he say you weren't pro-black. Listen again.
formeyousee Gün önce
@Dwyane Rose I'm not suggesting that it was. T.O. was asserting that point.
Dwyane Rose
Dwyane Rose Gün önce
Name 1 way in which max views is pro black
Kay Ogburn
Kay Ogburn 2 gün önce
Lol... Max blacker than Stephen A.. true 😂. He in what streets? Stephen A... Teenage years don't count.. don't he live in Hollywood ?🤔
Chad Ripepi
Chad Ripepi 2 gün önce
Tbh I’m with Kap for the movement, but he was outta pocket for that move
Katten i slakten
Katten i slakten 2 gün önce
Somebody needs to make a compilation of max kellermans wokeness
Club Shay Shay
Club Shay Shay 2 gün önce
Black people can't just admit when another black person is wrong about something if white people are against it. But they'll leave their kids and kill eachother more than any race 🤦‍♂️
sandmansdg 2 gün önce
Max looked chill until the "more black" comment, then he started puckering in his seat.
lala ev
lala ev 2 gün önce
Max no longer masterbates hes blacker than my mans 🤦‍♀️
lala ev
lala ev 2 gün önce
Da'yaam i never cared for his antics only his game... i love this dude just for telling Stephen A what it is💯
Stephen Daughtery OnlySGT The Transmit-tor
Stephen Daughtery OnlySGT The Transmit-tor 2 gün önce
Stop being a white accommidationist
George Banks
George Banks 2 gün önce
That is one of the worst things a black man can say to another black man especially in front of a white man Smh
original jeff wrench
original jeff wrench 2 gün önce
hahaha we listen to a dummy like Terrell Owens an idiot that kept acting like a idiot.
Shadi Sawaqed
Shadi Sawaqed 2 gün önce
driving through streets to get to work. is not the same as being in the streets.
John Brown
John Brown 2 gün önce
The NFL is a plantation. Like most corporations are. How do you loose your rights when working for a company in a country that supposedly had so many rights. Taking a knee is the first amendment, American companies rules and regulations are simply unAmerican.
Carlton Harris
Carlton Harris 3 gün önce
Steven A got soul checked lol T.O you not In the street's If you were let me see your dogs..
OURZ 3 gün önce
T.O crossed the line. You should never disrespect another black person like that publicly just because you disagree with them.
stl Missouri
stl Missouri Gün önce
Right its about being professional and holding your composure
Nicolas Chinchurreta
Nicolas Chinchurreta 3 gün önce
This was just sad on all sides. SAS started to make sense when he said he didn’t need to agree with everything Kapernick says, then could have brought the conversation to some logic. But how insulting for anyone identifying as black to have your race belittled to simply being who’s more “street”. How about elevating those worthy of being elevated; above the street.
Ralph Gallagher
Ralph Gallagher 3 gün önce
America is tired of these "Oppressed" Idiots
dave broz
dave broz 3 gün önce
What does being in the streets mean? Are they counting barber shop and relative visits as " being in the streets"? Completely sad that somehow to have an opinion on this matter you must be street qualified.
Rell Facts
Rell Facts 3 gün önce
4:22 Incredibly disrespectful and you got low level brothers in the comments cosigning this. Molly gets Lavar Ball banned for saying, "...switch gears with you..." but T.O. gets away with telling another black man on live television that a caucasian man is more blacker than him. That just shows ESPN has no regard for the african american community and SAS himself to even keep a video like this up. That was awful.
stl Missouri
stl Missouri Gün önce
Bee Diggler
Bee Diggler 3 gün önce
Steven A went to TOWN on T.O!! Woah
Bee Diggler
Bee Diggler 3 gün önce
"Im in the streets" is straight dumb talk
Bee Diggler
Bee Diggler 3 gün önce
Colin Kapernicks stance has done absolutely NOTHING for anyone....All its done has caused more uproar....Sad but true
rbd 4 gün önce
The only reason why Terrell owens is now on the "streets" is bc he's broke!!?
Turbo Jones
Turbo Jones 4 gün önce
Shut up all of you
LaMonte Kendrick
LaMonte Kendrick 4 gün önce
Kendrick historian poet Stephen A. Has exposed his inter-self, he does not know anything about anything, he is a sports commentator that never lettered in any known sport, he never dunked a basket ball, never hit a home run, never score one yard in football nor ran a inch in track, and he wants you to believe he knows what he is talking about. He want you to believe he even have taste in style, I know he pays top dollar for his suit but they look like off the shelf at Kmart or one of those suit Mart two for one sales. His mind set and outburst are like to his his it's hair line receding. This man is definitely not a brother. He is a bought man. He is one of the reasons we stayed in slavery so long. If you speak up, if you try to better yourself, or have a different opinions ,he is going to tell on you and he is going to frame it in a lie. How I wish he was a Uncle Tom. Then he would keep his mouth shut.
Akim Makoi
Akim Makoi 4 gün önce
🤣🤣 I promise you if the NFL had said to Terrell were givening you an open workout..he would rush to the workout and show up EARLY. This is just a publicity stunt
XSQD 5e7en
XSQD 5e7en 4 gün önce
Steven ain't been in the streets since bobby brown left new edition
Robert Wells
Robert Wells 4 gün önce
Colin Kaepernut. Pfffft!!
Big Rich
Big Rich 4 gün önce
TO has always been a trouble maker
Seminal 4 gün önce
4.23 is the moment Stephen A Smith lost all his so called 'street cred'. SAS only sees high street and wall street. Ain't no brother who is still in the streets earning $10m a year or posting on TRwomen for that matter. All that SAS is doing is minimising the efforts of brothers out there who are truly trying to stop police brutality and lift a brother up
John Ippolito
John Ippolito 5 gün önce
What does that mean, " I'm in the Streets", such a stupid comment, has no meaning to it.
ATL 1 4 saatler önce
It means that you are not out of touch with the common people. Not that you are actually standing on a corner putting in work.
Brent Turpin
Brent Turpin 5 gün önce
Classy, Sexy Unique
Classy, Sexy Unique 5 gün önce
🙋🏾‍♀️At least we had T.O. one REAL BLK King during this interview! Lol to stand up for another one of our Kings Kaepernick. Steven is a lost & confused boy in a face mask!.. ! Lol!
Dontyu worrie
Dontyu worrie 5 gün önce
SAS said " hes in the streets too"....define how?....he gets wings from a spot in the hood?...then goes to gated community to eat it...hehe
Mediocre Cousins
Mediocre Cousins 2 gün önce
Dontyu worrie I’ve seen Stephen A Smith walk around Atlanta with no security. Stop being disrespectful
Stephen Henry
Stephen Henry 5 gün önce
You think TO cool for that? If you do you just as ignorant as he is.
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera 5 gün önce
Colon Papernick is liter than Max !!
Steven Villa
Steven Villa 5 gün önce
This "oppression" problem is an internal problem and culture problem within the black community, just look at crime rates and employment, are these police problems or internal culture problems, stop pointing the finger at everyone around and look at yourselves, simple that, only you can help yourself.
Buck Russell
Buck Russell 5 gün önce
It's great being white.
Michael Zelazny
Michael Zelazny 5 gün önce
Dusty Rhodes was a social justice warrior!
School Martinez
School Martinez 5 gün önce
T.O: Max seems almost blacker than you! Max: Go Ahead... 😃😃
Jujuju 5 gün önce
We all have to think alike ....T.O is a joke.
thinlawhitehipster 6 gün önce
I guess being "black" means supporting caperdick no matter what he does.
Toyia Di Lisio
Toyia Di Lisio 6 gün önce
Preach Terrell , you should have a Sport Show .
wakawaka1976 6 gün önce
Max is just pandering and it’s gross. TO trying to pander too. Steven A was done wrong. I hate group think. You can’t take a black mans skin from him you cannot take away his race card. Free thinkers aren’t wanted? You ain’t black enough? White people who tell other whites they ain’t white enough is called White supremacy! Let’s be real that’s what’s going on with blacks. Black supremacy... Do not question a black man’s blackness... just wrong.
luvzfrance24 6 gün önce
I’ve always loved Terrill Owens.
remus5 6 gün önce
STEPHEN A SMITH for Congress !
The Populist
The Populist 6 gün önce
"Max seems blacker than you Stephen A" sooo you're admitting it's a culture of victimhood.
todd hursey
todd hursey 6 gün önce
Talcum maX
Sharon Kirven
Sharon Kirven 6 gün önce
He’s Like DTrump, he doesn’t know when to Shut the F Up...Please Shut Up Steve. Enuff Already...
DJ Tanner
DJ Tanner 6 gün önce
What is more racist? #1 or #2? #1. NFL not signing Kap #2. Steven A explaining how black he is by claiming “he’s in the streets everyday”. Suggesting as if you not black unless ur “in the streets everyday”?
Jerry Mob
Jerry Mob 6 gün önce
Nobody in the comments in the streets 💀🤦🏾‍♂️
handicapitation 6 gün önce
Rumor has it, Max is still waiting for his turn to speak.
One person Can equal many voices
One person Can equal many voices 6 gün önce
Kaepernick’s time is past everybody needs to move on and hire somebody who really wants to play.
j g
j g 6 gün önce
With black people it's always about black people...and that's good cause white people are waking up...good luck max...and keep puckering up lil bud...
Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders 6 gün önce
Low blow TO ,
Demetrius Green
Demetrius Green 6 gün önce
Max seems like he more black than you Stephen A!!!😂😭😂
Area 501 Pawn
Area 501 Pawn 6 gün önce
can't believe terell got off that easy saying that.
Jessie Ray Keaton
Jessie Ray Keaton 6 gün önce
Race hustlers
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