Terrell Owens confronts Stephen A. over Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens debate Colin Kaepernick's efforts to return to the NFL following Kap's private workout.
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FatherBrian 710
FatherBrian 710 7 saatler önce
God bless S.A for standing up for himself the way he did. No way no how is gonna let that BLASPHEMY slide
Mike Bunt
Mike Bunt 10 saatler önce
Once again its lost he is a back up quarterback that no one wants . Make him a pro because of color . Sports are about the best athletes in the best fit for there ability not the color of there skin or religion or sexual preference. If he cant make in big league there are plenty of minor leagues. Maybe superstar never got over being humbled in the NFL and lost of attention. If gold could rust that would be one golden boy with alot of rust. Hey not everyone makes it just ask the long list of Cleveland quaterbacks
B. G.
B. G. 12 saatler önce
Max's head tilted a little higher after that comment. LMAOOOOO
Kung Fooed
Kung Fooed 23 saatler önce
LOL funny 2 millionaires talking about oppression... :D :D
Anne Cote
Anne Cote Gün önce
No one cares what a millionaire colin has to say why doesn't he give his millions of dollars to his people he has 3 house give one up.. hypocrites im a white person and i work 3 jobs i go to school im a single mother please anybody where's my white privilege in all that i work hard and i believe when you work hard to achieve your goals you will succeed stop being in a victim mentality
Julian Walters
Julian Walters 2 gün önce
I almost cried 😂 when TO said Max seems blacker than SAS with his commentary
Ezequiel Garcia
Ezequiel Garcia 2 gün önce
The racist policies of White and black Democrats and Democratic leaders with the help of the media like CNN are tremendously Cursed Mentalists and sadists use psychology to confuse to manipulate the minds of African Americans and Latinos they cannot realize the truth because their brains have been washed with political propaganda and lies. But only look the results say that what I'm saying it's true, When we see that In a single day in Chicago more than 100 people were shot by the shameful policy of racist white and black Democrats who rule for more than 60 years in Chicago.
55 ostar
55 ostar 2 gün önce
This man don't know what to say.standing up for some one who care playing football Colin don't care
Vdalem43 4 gün önce
I'm never and never will for that loser.
howard johnson
howard johnson 5 gün önce
every country has there own national anthem need to respected. example if you live in canada, you need to respected their anthem. if you don't than get out if that country. what ever country you live in, need to respected. if you don't than leave the country.
John Tum
John Tum 6 gün önce
Reggie Smith
Reggie Smith 6 gün önce
I never a better H.N.
Christian Asian Dude
Christian Asian Dude 7 gün önce
Owens calling a white dude “more black” than a black man......what kind of world is this?
Mousta Samatar
Mousta Samatar 8 gün önce
Never hear steve Smith defendin colin Kaepernick always everytime he open his mouth criticizes Kaepernick
Michael Upton
Michael Upton 8 gün önce
DNC mouthpiece, they all say the same thing cant think on there own, until you change you will always have problems
Jesse Moore
Jesse Moore 8 gün önce
Kap Didn't protest until he was 2nd string. The Nike commercial should have said stand up when you get benched even when it cost you nothing. Colin Kaepernick is a Rachel Dolezal .
MuzikAddickt 8 gün önce
Y’all hear Molly cough 😷 🦠
Chuka Nweze
Chuka Nweze 9 gün önce
Stephen Was right but t.o still had me laughing.
Lucas Sangster
Lucas Sangster 9 gün önce
TO is a classic example of a group thinking individual who as soon as someone disagrees with him they must be the enemy. Just because SAS has his own opinions on what is best for people does not make him any less black. He wants a better life for black people the same as anyone would. He just has a different way of going about it.
Bubba and The Filipinas
Bubba and The Filipinas 10 gün önce
T.O in the streets? Yeah right that fucker lives in a nice gated community I'm sure or in a house way out in the suburbs.I'm sure TO goes and hangs out in the ghetto.
popp 11 gün önce
The real question: Who has done the most for the black people? A. Colin Kaepernick, B. Stephen A. Smith or C. Terrel Owens?
Youcancallme Funk
Youcancallme Funk 11 gün önce
I loved watching this and died laughing when TO corrected Stephen A's grammer. "More black"
Jeremy Marsh
Jeremy Marsh 12 gün önce
The kneeling thing started over Kappernick trying to keep his job. It had nothing to do with Police Brutality, the man was about to lose his job and had been benched. The Media ran with it and turned it into a complete mess.
wounded badger
wounded badger 13 gün önce
Really your in the streets? Really.
wounded badger
wounded badger 13 gün önce
Black and Mexican don't lockstep for spit. You just proved you a sell out like jay-z. Eeeeeeeh shut up.
wounded badger
wounded badger 13 gün önce
No you done crossed over the line don't come and go when you want.
jarreau forney
jarreau forney 13 gün önce
Friends with sheriff David Clarke and Sean hannity is his boy remember that, the black delegation swap for max kellermen
Shafiq Mohsin
Shafiq Mohsin 13 gün önce
Stephen A is not in the streets
E P 13 gün önce
God this segment is nothing but a headache. How many times does a man need to repeat himself with the same meaningless BS..."With all due respect..with all due disrespect..with all due.. as I said, like I said, as I said, like I said.."
Nick Sewell
Nick Sewell 14 gün önce
The laugh T.O had, that's what gets me.
Ricky Stutts
Ricky Stutts 14 gün önce
TheBestMovieAlive 15 gün önce
Lol @ multi-millionaires saying they are in the streets every day.
Big Thizz
Big Thizz 15 gün önce
Stephen A says he's in them streets! 🤣
Raj Papineni
Raj Papineni 15 gün önce
This is ridiculous. Blackness should not require someone to agree with the mob mentality
Rodney Barnes
Rodney Barnes 14 gün önce
That's the new world we live in...it is so ridiculous..
Ronnie Smith
Ronnie Smith 15 gün önce
Collin was benched for a reason when he was with the 49ers before he started kneeling cuz he is not a starting quarter back he had 2 good seasons and that was more cuz of there defense so why should any team be obligated to put him on there roster.
Jake David
Jake David 15 gün önce
TO: Max almost seem blacker than you Stephen A Stephen A : absolutely absolutely Molly: wow TO : I’m just saying , I’m just saying
Greg C.
Greg C. 15 gün önce
Three things I have against Kapaernick:
Don’t Copy My Style
Don’t Copy My Style 15 gün önce
He hurt SAS feelings..🤣
lll TheGr81 lll
lll TheGr81 lll 16 gün önce
Max got bars on the mic. 💯
Juju Tu
Juju Tu 16 gün önce
Max: I’m keeping my cookout card!
John Hanncock
John Hanncock 16 gün önce
What streets ?
pimpman 2000
pimpman 2000 16 gün önce
Steven A is a company man he's afraid for his job. Poor guy
showandgo1 16 gün önce
ESPN with in your face race agitating. When do we put MSM on trial for crimes against humanity? Would there be looting and rioting if MSM wasn't non stop provoking and fanning the flames? Boycott all MSM and their lap dog sports shills.
Kirk Moore
Kirk Moore 16 gün önce
TO just wants a little Stephen A booty ....
klergymaq 16 gün önce
This dude S A S is a joke... clown... and always has been
Plebtile 16 gün önce
Black people aren't oppressed in America. Colin had offers from other teams but he didn't take them, he wasn't taking a knee when he was a starter he only started getting political when he got benched.
Noneyour business
Noneyour business 16 gün önce
Owens said it best! No one ever said we did not disagree with Colin. It's the way he went about it! I strongly support Colin. But I am struggling with the way he went about it. By kneeling during the national anthem. To one that is patriotic! Is stepping and spitting on the ones that died for your freedom.
JordanForeverGoat 🐐
JordanForeverGoat 🐐 16 gün önce
Shots fired 🤣 max face 🤓
Clarence Chamblee
Clarence Chamblee 16 gün önce
I agree with T.O.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 17 gün önce
Wonder what T.O. does now since he doesn't have anymore locker rooms to destroy.
King B
King B 16 gün önce
Probably chilling in a mansion not caring about comments like this
John Signs
John Signs 17 gün önce
Rockin Rollin
Rockin Rollin 17 gün önce
This is why I don't watch ESPN anymore .
Disco/Secret 17 gün önce
It’s kinda true.
Gary Eastham
Gary Eastham 18 gün önce
Colin Kaeperdick was a white boy in a tan body that could not win the big one so they got rid on him.
George Devine
George Devine 18 gün önce
Quit watching the national felon league 3 years ago and rightfully so.
A-rob Is Beast
A-rob Is Beast 18 gün önce
U can tell it’s a sensitive spot for Stephen A and people have said this . But it’s ok that’s what can happen when u are in his position plus speak the way he does on certain indifferences . He needs to be ok knowing that will happen and handle it professionally after . He did decent here and yes it was a challenging mini low blow TO . Lol that my boy and my number tho lol #81
A-rob Is Beast
A-rob Is Beast 18 gün önce
Ish got real and look at TO looking non sensitive ok TO I see u 🍿
Rahyah Israel
Rahyah Israel 18 gün önce
Stephen has forgotten that he talks about what Black Athletes do! T.O. is your boss, Kaepernick is your boss as well as the high percentage of Blacks that make up the NFL and NBA! Have respect for your boss Stephen! Or your position may be cut: FACTS!
Brian Mcvicker
Brian Mcvicker 18 gün önce
Nobody want's him he's garbage
Andy Jenkins
Andy Jenkins 18 gün önce
Why is ESPN talking about politics its a sports show
liveguy 18 gün önce
7 months later, SAS act like he never said none of this. lol.
Joe Friday
Joe Friday 18 gün önce
TO had no respect for his Team mates, it was always about him. Why should anyone have respect for what he says now? TO should shut his mouth and crawl into a hole forever
Honestly Speaking
Honestly Speaking 18 gün önce
T.o told no lies here
collegejus 19 gün önce
Max was already picturing himself with a beautiful black sista......LOL. He was like "Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee...Max loves you...you're from around the way"....LOL.
Antonio Caballero
Antonio Caballero 19 gün önce
Terrell owens the whole time is like, im gonna say it, im going to say it, wait for it
Darius Brown
Darius Brown 19 gün önce
Steve A got checked and now he's pissed. Lol
QueenoftheBay 19 gün önce
T.O. slick grammatically corrected Stephen A. LOL. Yessss!!!
Younus 19 gün önce
Colin Kapernick is a liberal puppet. Stepehen A. is right about everything he said. I am so glad i was born into a black conservative family and didnt fall into this blm propaganda.
Jeffrey Person
Jeffrey Person 19 gün önce
What really crushed Stephen A. was the consecutive "I'm just saying" with a smirk by T.O.
Malik Jones
Malik Jones 19 gün önce
TO: "You don't have to agree, but if you don't you're not black" What a stupid fool, just like Colin
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