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5 aylar önce

Four challenges - a drag race, 0-100-0, hot lap, drift off - a point for each, one overall winner. And it’s all because Elon posted a tweet last May claiming the Model 3 Performance would wipe the floor with the BMW M3 on track. Was he right? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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kwstas konto
kwstas konto Gün önce
Please leave drift only to Chriss Harris :) ty
Glee.- Gün önce
1st: BMW won the 0-100-0 2nd: BMW would've won the "hotlap" if it was driven properly so that would've been a 3:1 and not a 1:3
Glee.- Gün önce
Well I thougt Captain Slow (or as the italians call him Mr. Slowly) was slow but that guy needs a completely different name... any suggestions?
Bill Zipprich
Bill Zipprich Gün önce
Look guys, get real. Tesla is putting ridiculously oversized batteries in their cars in order to get performance at or above the competition. I know it's not obvious but that is the reality. Imagine if BMW put the M5 motor in the M3. Of course the BMW would stomp all over the Tesla model 3 and it would probably be lighter to boot. It makes sense to stand back and ask questions. Don't accept stuff at face value guys.
Uncle MJ
Uncle MJ 2 gün önce
So who is this guy?!
Simon Cook
Simon Cook 4 gün önce
Drifting stuff is crap, who cares. Dont like the Tesla looks or interior. Just look at the steering wheel, all black plastic looks awful. Would be great if the design guys got it right.
fookdatchit 4 gün önce
Bloody awful
Ryan Braganza
Ryan Braganza 4 gün önce
You simply cannot drift in an AWD car, you are working with top gear, you are an automobile journalist and you do not know this?? 🤔🤔🤔
Pamila Peiris
Pamila Peiris 5 gün önce
BMW vs Tesla hmm more like isusu vs yes
Jeff Birrell
Jeff Birrell 5 gün önce
Ty Brown
Ty Brown 5 gün önce
Tesla is ugly
Remember when top gear was fun & entertaining. Looks like those days are gone.....
TeslaFanBoi_ 100
TeslaFanBoi_ 100 6 gün önce
Seriously? a frickin BMW racing a Tesla?
Thyresias 7 gün önce
Top gear ??? The game has changed !!!
Voycodin 9 gün önce
That's pretty much a bare bones M3. A model most people would buy is north of $80K. Tesla is not just a better car, but a vastly better value than an overpriced M3. The days of Mercedes/BMW/Audi dominance with their now obsolete ICE model are over.
thefrenchsrilanka 9 gün önce
The track is the Windows XP wallpaper lmao
chen fla
chen fla 11 gün önce
Let’s test who is the fastest car to get 1000 km In a road trip
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 8 gün önce
@chen fla EVs would make the trip 20% longer. but make the fuel cost 3x cheaper, my jeep would cost es over 100$ to drive all day, but a model 3 would only be about $30 for 900 miles in fuel. so i trade a hour and a half of charging for $70 every day i drive. super charger V3 super chargers are rolling out and those add 250 miles into the battery in 25 minutes.
chen fla
chen fla 8 gün önce
Miguel lopez the cost depends on which is more expensive: petrol or hotel. The winner could be a sailboat.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 10 gün önce
the tesla will do it more comfortably and cheaper, after all road trips arent races.
Mrnx T
Mrnx T 12 gün önce
Could you.... i dont know fire this guy
Pradeep Manohar
Pradeep Manohar 14 gün önce
tech.dr 14 gün önce
Its just bad driving in 2nd round. How can BMW which is alot slower then Tesla gets to 100mph and back to 0 before Tesla. If we do the math, the slower the car is the more time and ground it needs to get to 100 and back. Its just bad driving......
tech.dr 14 gün önce
Title of this video should be, how not to drive Tesla.
luigi costa
luigi costa 14 gün önce
The model 3 can even beat the m3 (i am not sure at all after this test) but For Me....it still remains the mickey mouse car for the design and for many others points of view......and not funny enough like M3....and isn’t cheap at all moreover Glad to so see that porsche will make also the taycan/taycan s....even if i don’t like so much the ev cars.....but with this vehicle.... porsche will sweeten the transition to this kind of cars.....to which we will be obliged.....and remember obliged......no way that we will choose in the future....
Mean Vecktor
Mean Vecktor 14 gün önce
Bmw is going to always win
MrFortnite SWE
MrFortnite SWE 15 gün önce
That Guy knows nothing about apex
Thsachemba Sangtam
Thsachemba Sangtam 15 gün önce
Barabashka Cash
Barabashka Cash 15 gün önce
This is NOT Top Gear
Alex Sun
Alex Sun 16 gün önce
too many bmw fan boys here
goga goga
goga goga 16 gün önce
Having great respect to Tesla, I don't think the drag comparison is fair, firstly, itself the factory data show that 0-60 for M3 is 4.1 and for Tesla - 3.5 sec, so the drag would be won by the last. Modern cars differ quite a lot while drag race depending whether AWD ot RWD implementation (when 0-60 is under 5-6 sec). In this case, you'd make rolling test, which they didn't. If you see, @ 1:55, at the end of drag test, M3 is much faster (112 vs 119 mph) and in the next quarter mile would certainly be advanced. In conclusion, I think EV cars still need, not so much, approx 5-10 years of development to certainly dominate the competition, however, some emotional moments associated with some ICE's pleasant sound would undoubtedly highlight the odds.
MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast
MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast 16 gün önce
Only about a one and a half second difference! And also didn't drive the BMW with effort while driving it around the track,which means the BMW is way better,
MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast
MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast 16 gün önce
Awd and rwd, no comparison!
John Roger Bell
John Roger Bell 16 gün önce
Click like if you think the BMW is better looking and more FUN to drive
G.J. KOSTER 17 gün önce
Tesla wins it on every relevant aspect.
Luis Guerra
Luis Guerra 17 gün önce
Sorry. This is not how you drift. Great race driver but drifting takes a different style. Both are not quite compatible on the same driver.
JP Du Plessis
JP Du Plessis 17 gün önce
I watched this garbage (highly impressed with the tesla) and immediately scrolled down looking for a comment on how trash the F30 M was driven..... After liking 10 consecutive comments, I thought it would be easier to just leave this comment. That ginger nipple wasn't even close to 70% of the limit.
Amphion 18 gün önce
I guess it's the first time he is trying a drift...
Amphion 18 gün önce
The BMW just took longer on the braking test, because it was slower the brakes were way better... And it's about who stops at the shortest distance!
Marcus AOUN
Marcus AOUN 19 gün önce
This guy has no idea how to drive a bm
Mason Lake
Mason Lake 19 gün önce
Complete shit driver
Ethan B
Ethan B 19 gün önce
oh nevermind, this is new topgear.... cya
Adam Srbený
Adam Srbený 19 gün önce
Really ? Absolutely pointless test&video 🤦🏻‍♂️
Overall Reviews
Overall Reviews 20 gün önce
Do these guys know they are supposed to be making Top Gear? This is like a mediocre TRwomenr.
Simon sayz
Simon sayz 21 gün önce
Wouldn’t think twice if I had the choice between these 2 M
Detcader_ 21 gün önce
You know why bbc made their logo smaller? I don’t even need to say it. XD
Den Denizel
Den Denizel 22 gün önce
Is this a top gear, who da hell is that, worst thing i ever saw, almost fall asleep 4 times
Steve Altra
Steve Altra 22 gün önce
"BMW is the original drift machine". No. Japanese race cars were the original, starting back in the 70's. Wiki sez: "Japan was the birthplace of drifting.[2][3][4] It was most popular in the All Japan Touring Car Championship races. The famous motorcyclist turned driver, Kunimitsu Takahashi, was the foremost creator of drifting techniques in the 1970s."
Nate 1
Nate 1 22 gün önce
Top gear royally sucks now
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall 22 gün önce
Oh yes. I forgot the most horrific thing. GINGER BEARD.
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall 22 gün önce
This is why I don't watch top gear any more. This guy is dull, not funny,cannot drive, has no personality and seems to have a very poor understanding of a motor vehicle
Gerry Crisostomo
Gerry Crisostomo 23 gün önce
Aside from the overall performance winner, there are other things that Tesla has advantages over the BMW. The BMW is secretly trying to kill it's own driver/passengers with carbon monoxide/dioxide, the Tesla doesn't. The Tesla will drive for you (full autonomous driving system) so you can get that badly needed rest, the BMW does not or will not. While recharging it's batteries, Tesla will give you enough time so you can eat your lunch as well, or rest, take a pee, or do something else that human beings normally do while the car recharges. The BMW doesn't. The list goes on and on and on...
zyxw2011 23 gün önce
who is this peasant
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 23 gün önce
BBC propaganda at it’s best. 🤬🤬
Froze Rekmeyata
Froze Rekmeyata 24 gün önce
Looks like a paid advertisement for Tesla, what a bunch of BS, he spins out the Tesla yet still beats the BMW? That's impossible. I could have beaten both cars driven by that guy with a Mazda Miata!
Fred Saintz
Fred Saintz 24 gün önce
Mayur Gangawane
Mayur Gangawane 25 gün önce
Lol so many petrolheads hurt in the comments, electric is the future, wake up y'all
Dank Mematodes
Dank Mematodes 26 gün önce
This guy makes James May look like an f1 racecar driver
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 27 gün önce
Amateur. My grandma drives way better than this guy.
David Bakboord
David Bakboord 28 gün önce
Should've let the Stig do this
Tim Sabri
Tim Sabri 28 gün önce
BMW /Mercedes-Benz 💕💗 That quote thing Tesla shit just boring
Achilleas Vasdekis
Achilleas Vasdekis 28 gün önce
nice tour through windows xp wallpaper
PY^3 28 gün önce
Tesla: *wins* Guy: “I liked the bmw better” Tesla: *surprised pikachu face*
Pavel Yankouski
Pavel Yankouski 29 gün önce
Jesus its pawns BMW ?
Dan 29 gün önce
For the first time in the whole motorsport history test "0-100-0" is based on the time not on the distance. Just to let Tesla win... Guys - don't go too far or you will loose reputation (if there still left smth to loose).
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton 29 gün önce
Wow. "A win with a caveat". What a BIASED REPORT. This guy is carrying out his orders from his OIL and OEM masters very well. Disgusting. Tesla is PLAINLY the superior car in every way. A PROFOUNDLY important advancement in world history, and this guy is like "Well done, little Tesla, (Condescend much?)...and isn't BMW coming out with a new car soon? ...Yeah. Over to YOU, BMW" As if this complete and total humiliation to BMW's best car was just going to be a temporary blip until the NEXT BMW comes out. No, dude. This is IT: Electric cars are better than ICE cars.
Abdikarim Ali
Abdikarim Ali Aylar önce
34 MPG ?
faraad mohammed
faraad mohammed Aylar önce
you drive like a bias girl!!
realguitarshredder Aylar önce
errr... I would have been a better driver here..
A W Aylar önce
Wow, where did you buy your license from?
Individual .Human
Individual .Human Aylar önce
Good stuff, slap on some semi slicks and coil overs on the tesla, maybe even reduce weight and you are good to go
Sabar Imam
Sabar Imam Aylar önce
Tesla racks up the track with its speed well done Elon Musk
PhiLong Pham
PhiLong Pham Aylar önce
This espisode is a piece of shit
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