The Conversation: The Census and Race

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ABC News

ABC News

10 yıl önce

Bill Weir and NPR's Shereen Meraji on the Trouble With Race and Checkboxes. For more, go to

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Roberto Coca
Roberto Coca Aylar önce
Latino & mix folks can claim only white or black or native or other .only blacks & whites have to pick race in black .
#quarantine squad
#quarantine squad Aylar önce
We have different cultures it shouldn't be race
mystical penguin3000
mystical penguin3000 Aylar önce
I’m Mexican not white
Colin Champollion
Colin Champollion 26 gün önce
We Mexicans are White, NOT Anglo~Saxon White but still White🤗
Iris Bos
Iris Bos Aylar önce
Race is a social construct. It's a stupid grouping of some ethnicity characteristics and some skin colours.
Trina Williams
Trina Williams 2 aylar önce
What are you? Who does that! She
D_Unknown 4 aylar önce
I'm Hispanic of Mexican descent...I'm not white, black or Asian...So, What is my race? Native American 🙆
Colin Champollion
Colin Champollion 26 gün önce
If you are 50% or more Spanish blood-lines or more then you are Counted as White in The USA Census
Whiskey Pete
Whiskey Pete 3 aylar önce
Look up the terms : mestizo, castizo and criollo. That might help you.
Alejandro 3 aylar önce
Native American or just mix because the majority of them are mix
Whiskey Pete
Whiskey Pete 3 aylar önce
D_Unknown yes 4 aylar önce
now it's 10 years later, and US is STILL counting people by race .. . absurd, inappropriate and racist.
Jopo Jois
Jopo Jois 29 gün önce
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 3 aylar önce They don’t have a box for super human in 2020. So I don’t know what to put.
splash1326 2019
splash1326 2019 4 aylar önce
I think the Government should not be making decisions based upon Race. All this accomplishes is a continuing Racial divide and I believe is at the center of ALL Racial division in the United States. This practice of defining the people living in this country according to race must END.
Hicham Barhmi
Hicham Barhmi 4 aylar önce
to me this woman has white skin so white but she also sad she is part puerto rican i dont know what there race is but her race should be mixed white and latina there is no arab race arab is noth a race people from algeria are white arabs people from somalia are black arabs people from oman or saudi arabia are malayan arabs arab is a culture noth a race
Ernesto Pereida
Ernesto Pereida 14 gün önce
@Anthony Perez latino is not a race
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 3 aylar önce
Hicham Barhmi Latino and Arab= same race. Best looking people in the world.
James Trueblood
James Trueblood 4 aylar önce
White isn’t a race it’s a color Caucasian includes Europe North Africa and Middle East but ethnicity Is so different I’m Sephardic Jewish and Scandinavian and Cajun I never say white I say Euro mutt
Hicham Barhmi
Hicham Barhmi 4 aylar önce
actually outisde europe the only white are north africans and west asians but saudi arabian oman yemen arabic emirates shomthing etc all these people are noth white only syrians turks irakees lebanon and israiel are white palistinians i dont know thats for you people to decide
SWSimpson Yıl önce
I don't like the term "white" - that's a color, not a race. The "race" would be Caucasian. White includes so many different ethnicities, languages, and cultures. To lump them all into one category is to "white-wash" (forgive the pun) or erase the rich heritage of so many. For example, in the 1800's a lot of Irish immigrants were coming to America and some "white" people didn't want them classified as white because they were so different culturally. However, if white is Anglo-Saxon, then I would not be white I would be Celtic as my family is From Scotland and I am only 2nd Generation American.
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 3 aylar önce
SWSimpson It’s all BS.
K V Yıl önce
Just answer "Human" and get on with life 4 aylar önce
That is literally what I did .. pick "other: and write in HUMAN Asking for race, is racist .. stop recognizing race, and end racism.
corthew Yıl önce
Human for race...American for political party alignment. ;)
Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega
Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega 2 yıl önce
You need to define ancestry by ancestry and culture by culture. Not this mix!
Robert Frayer
Robert Frayer 5 yıl önce
You know we get all of this fake talk about ‪‎racism‬ that doesn't exist like people that apply for jobs in sagging pants swearing like crazy expecting a job after. The fact is that all of us IGNORE REAL RACISM like federal documents such as birth certificates and census records. Question: How many of you fellow (White People) out there can honestly say that you are 100% pure Caucasian, mixed with nothing else? Not me. Most of us are mixtures of all kinds of things. Take for instance people that are 1/2 Mexican and 1/2 white whos birth certificates says White or people that are half black and half white and it says black. The fact is that in America ethnicity on federal documents such as census and birth records has long outlived its usefulness and become redundantly irrelevant. It is in fact a way for the government to target specific skin-tone if they so-wish. It is blatantly RACIST for the government to expect its people to pick (One Ethnicity) and Identify to it, when in fact most of its people are multi-racial. I think maybe it is time we lay off the fake racism and address the REAL SHIT.
Colin Champollion
Colin Champollion 26 gün önce
@SWSimpson yes they do🤠🤣! And my birth certificate was marked "White" and I am Mexican!
SWSimpson Yıl önce
Birth Certificates have RACE on them
SWSimpson Yıl önce
Sorry my friend but that is an ignorant and possibly racist statement because you assume the only people discriminated against are wearing some type of clothing that deserves discrimination. I have noticed that at stores like Walmart where they ask to check your receipt, I never get asked but people of color do more often than "white" people. Even if the security person is black, he/she will still ask to see receipts from people of color yet they say "good-night" (or nothing at all) to me (at least that is so in my city/state). That is one SMALL example. But, what of all the young black males who were unarmed and yet killed by police officers for no justifiable reason.... not a matter of clothing, not a matter of any rational reason except for the color of their skin. You will never know what it is to be a minority and what they have gone through and what they still go through. Same crime, same circumstances a white person almost always gets a lighter fine or sentence than their black or Hispanic counterparts. Do you know any black people personally? Ask them!
Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega
Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega 2 yıl önce
i agree, i think its time for that classification to end, or become more specific. but probably end. I would just love to see America actually not ignorant to race classification
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