The Evolution of Mobile Quarterbacks

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In the modern NFL, the evolution of mobile quarterbacks can be broken up into 5 separate eras.
The Shift-(1940s to 1960s)
The Experimental Era-(1970s to early 80s)
A New Wave-(1980s to mid 90s)
Here to Stay-(mid 90s to 00s)
2nd experimental Era-(2010s)
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KTO Aylar önce
Sup everyone, I’m back. Moving forward, you should be seeing my face (and my videos) more often. Some notes I wanted add to this video. 1) I chose to focus on mostly the main mobile quarterbacks who impacted the style of play. I didn’t talk about every single dual threat (or any of the ones who ultimately failed like Johnny Manziel) 2. Steve McNair passed away in 2009 from fatal gunshot wounds. I chose not to talk about it because he wasn’t the primary focus of the video. R.I.P. Steve “Air” McNair. 3. With this being my first facecam video in awhile, let me know if you have any suggestions! And let me know what you thought of this style of video (the combo of facecam with highlights) Anyways, thanks guys for all your patience. Expect uploads more frequently from here on out!
eggcellent 22 gün önce
please stop showing your face
André Gil
André Gil 23 gün önce
Great work man!
D S 26 gün önce
Hey listen not hating not judging just truly giving you my input. I LOVE your videos, the content you produce is phenomenal both entertaining and educational. Adding your face (no offense) doesn’t ADD anything to the content, if anything it takes away from photos, statistics, charts, highlights. This is MY personal view it may very well be different from others.
Roxas 26 gün önce
your looks match your voice
Nick Johansen
Nick Johansen 28 gün önce
Glad you're back. I missed your videos.
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 10 saatler önce
Russell Wilson is the modern day Marlon Briscoe.Briscoe was undersized just like Wilson back in the '60s
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 10 saatler önce
Kordell Stewart was the RIGHT HANDED VERSION of Michael Vick.Stewart was 6'2 210 4.36
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 10 saatler önce
Cunningham didn't set a NFL mark for rushing yards Bobby Douglass still held the mark with a total of 968 yds.
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 11 saatler önce
Bobby Douglass was the original TIM TEBOW
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 11 saatler önce
Mobile QBs started with Fran Tarkenton in the '60s
That Guy Named Luke
That Guy Named Luke Gün önce
We should’ve won a super bowl this past year but I guarantee we’re gonna win one in the next 5 years
Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.
Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. 2 gün önce
Bobby Douglass (who could throw an 80-yard pass) was "the running QB" only because George Halas was a cheap bastard. Don't believe me about Halas? Talk to Butkus and Sayers (both early 1st round picks the same year) who wasted their careers under Halas. Then talk to Ditka who became head coach for peanuts. Made his money in New Orleans.
Jay Montana
Jay Montana 2 gün önce
Hell yeah he is
Grim Tea
Grim Tea 3 gün önce
Randall Cunningham should be in the hall of fame Change my mind
DeathStroke DMV
DeathStroke DMV 3 gün önce
Lamar is the future and god qb
YT_EVIL 3 gün önce
No he is just young
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury 3 gün önce
Mobile quarterbacks can be solved by eliminating the pussy slide. Spearing cures a multitude of sins.......
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 5 gün önce
Hey KTO, you should collaborate with SB Nation or Set The Edge! That would be awesome!
jliller 5 gün önce
Is Russell Wilson the most successful sub-6-foot QB in the Super Bowl era?
jliller 5 gün önce
I think the modern success of mobile QBs in the NFL is primarily two-fold: 1. The mobile QBs coming into the NFL are bigger and better than they were 20+ years ago. I would think it's due to changes in training and coaching, but also acceptance of black QBs in general and super-athletes playing QB in particular - guys who 20-30 years ago would have played RB or LB 2. Changes in the NFL. Randall Cunningham was playing in the days of size over speed and smashmouth football. Remember when almost every team in the NFL had multiple Fullbacks on their roster and four WR formations were for Jeff Fisher and desperation? The NFL over the last 30 years has sped up and slimmed down, at least enough to make a difference in how the game is played. The Patriots and other teams have made the spread offense normalized in the NFL (and Brady is in the classic pocket-passer mold). Once speed become a big deal rather rather than making a five step drop and launching a deep bomb suddenly that transition from spread option in college to the NFL isn't so drastic and more players can make the leap. There's also the fact that while there are more athletic freaks playing QB who are more durable, many mobile QBs are still seeing their careers faceplant from one injury. Culpepper tore up his knee and became irrelevant. Mike Vick had his amazing season with the Eagles then got banged up the next season and the magic was gone. RG3 had an amazing rookie season, blew out his knee, and became awful. I would be interesting to look back at QB busts from the 90s and consider who among them might have been successful with the same skillset if they came into the NFL today.
Dregs 5 gün önce
i miss the hidden face :P always had me in awe of such dedication to football
yo boy turtle
yo boy turtle 5 gün önce
Lamar will not win a super bowl
UnJin Lee
UnJin Lee 5 gün önce
Not a big Steeler's fan, but was surprised you didn't mention Ben Roethlisberger under the "Thick Beast" category.
yoboyooo156 6 gün önce
My guess is that Lamar is not going to win a Superbowl for next couple of years because the NFL is just getting better an new rookies are rising and teams are just getting better. Share your opinion in the comments.
Marquese Norris
Marquese Norris 7 gün önce
7:27 "oh he broke his ankles"
Clingyy YT
Clingyy YT 7 gün önce
mahomes isnt a mobile qb, he ran the same 40 as peyton manning
Steve Harris
Steve Harris 8 gün önce
Are you a juggalo
Ezra phobia
Ezra phobia 8 gün önce
Tbh josh Allen is a really underrated qb who can scramble
Geoffrey Porter
Geoffrey Porter 8 gün önce
Will Lamar win a Super Bowl? As a Seahawks fan, I hope not (mostly because I hope Russ wins every Super Bowl between now and when he retires after winning his 18th league MVP in 2055), but realistically, hell yeah he will. The Ravens organization is just too consistently good for him not to.
Limbs 8 gün önce
I think its dope that you got facecam now
Robert Braunschweiger
Robert Braunschweiger 8 gün önce
How do you not include Josh Allen footage!?
le monke
le monke 9 gün önce
Lamar is gonna be the next Vick prove me wrong
NuKe extreme
NuKe extreme 9 gün önce
These videos have so much info
Devilgavin24 9 gün önce
You can also call Josh Allen a somewhat running QB
Austin C.
Austin C. 9 gün önce
If Tarkington isn't on the video your wrong
Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason 9 gün önce
He will win super bowls
Josegdumbniglet_1 9 gün önce
cunningham was basically patrick mahomes combined with lamar jackson
David Barton
David Barton 9 gün önce
Ya and there all same they suck break down and never play a full season and never win the superbowl
Jordan Bailey
Jordan Bailey 9 gün önce
Joe Montana won because he went 14-1-1 instead of 10-6
Matthew Terwilliger
Matthew Terwilliger 9 gün önce
Lamar Jackson will win a Super Bowl for my fantasy team
Cooper Lee
Cooper Lee 10 gün önce
I personally don't think the ravens will win a super bowl anytime soon. I would say yes if Patrick Mahomes didn't just sign a ten year extension. It is clear that the chiefs have the best all around offense in the AFC and very possibly NFL. The Ravens will likely have to face the chiefs each year in the AFC Championship if they continue to have this success and I just can't see them winning. By the time Mahomes starts to truly slow down, Lamar will have taken too many hits to be as effective.
M McGhee
M McGhee 10 gün önce
Oh no!!!!
Paddy C
Paddy C 10 gün önce
They protect QB's more nowadays, therefore they wont get battered as much as the previous generation. Most slide to give up yards and live another down. Cam Newton is an exception as his massive. People want to hurt him and he wants to hurt them. You rarely see Cam give up on a play. That's opposite of Mahomes and Wilson who will gladly give up yards. But then it only takes one bad hit to really change a course of someone's career, these guys will not be running around much once they hit their 30s. Best example is Russell Wilson, he's become a more patient passer as he got older. But then team success hasn't been kind to him, as he really needs that defense to bail his ass out in the playoffs. Dude's only 9-6 with some of the most stellar defenses to play with in this era. He's got to have more than that. One could argue that his offense were never good, but they've had talent in Seattle even though they take the most unorthodox approach to team building. Baldwin, Lynch, Okung, Carson. In conclusion, you can have a running quarterbacks, but you better have a defense that can bail their ass out when things get really though in the playoffs. All the scrambling, and highlight making play won't do you any good when competition is up a notched.
Paddy C
Paddy C 10 gün önce
The 01 Draft was stacked. LT and Seymour was all in from the top 6.
ToxxicKNG 10 gün önce
i hate the ravens as a steelers fan but i would like to see lamar winning a sb but for some reason i just see him not getting one like vick
Minimalist Gaming
Minimalist Gaming 11 gün önce
As a Louisville Native I remember watching Jackson play here, wonderful QB, hope to see him win that Superbowl
Braden McWreath
Braden McWreath 11 gün önce
Kordell was so underrated
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 12 gün önce
Bobby Douglass sounds like a typical bears qb, we always take chances on someone no one expects and it shows
I Just Work here
I Just Work here 12 gün önce
Only if they stay healthy. A mobile quarterback plays Russian Roulette every time they attempt to score with their feet etc.
Ninjaiceboy Frost
Ninjaiceboy Frost 12 gün önce
I don't care what anyone says, Russell Wilson is the best QB in the league right now.
BrainDriver 13 gün önce
Jared Lorenzen: HE THICC Lamar Jackson: HE FAST Terron Armstead: HE THICC AND FAST
KingPATT Roblox
KingPATT Roblox 13 gün önce
When kto said the original pocket runner at I said purpose before he said it before he did fran tarkenton bc I have a card of him
baked beans
baked beans 13 gün önce
ive always assumed you were some 20 year old half mexican kid that plays baseball called edgar or sum
stay chill
stay chill 14 gün önce
Does any one know the outro song
A Lapsed Fan
A Lapsed Fan 14 gün önce
Kto...I N E E D M O R E
A Lapsed Fan
A Lapsed Fan 14 gün önce
I'd like him to do a video of like Rodgers vs Favre, or Rodgers vs Brees? Going into detail on which is better.
Jack313smith 15 gün önce
He will win a super bowl
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez 16 gün önce
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 16 gün önce
1- I do think Lamar Jackson will win the Super Bowl we all have to just give them some time to progress. 2- Deshaun Watson he will win a Super Bowl if he gets a better OFFENSE OF LINE!!!
thebigboy lol
thebigboy lol 16 gün önce
i had a stroke reading this
akvalues 16 gün önce
HazardSector 17 gün önce
Fun fact you might not believe.On my highway I live closest to Steve McNair’s grace is there.
Football Nation
Football Nation 17 gün önce
Surprisingly when romanowski was carrying elegy he did not get mad and throw him
Hauskey36 17 gün önce
YO KTO where’s top ten recruits of 2010?
Anthony Destasio
Anthony Destasio 17 gün önce
So wierd seeing your hs RB make such danky videos. Way to go Karsten. Hell fucking yeah Lamar is gonna win a ring. Sorry about the browns dude.
KTO 17 gün önce
At least I got some hope with the browns man. It’s been a nightmare for as long as I’ve been watching.
KTO 17 gün önce
Oh hey dude! I just happened to see this comment. Hope everything’s going well for you.
Julian Kontoff
Julian Kontoff 17 gün önce
lamar will definitely win a ring
WeeZ Montana
WeeZ Montana 18 gün önce
I think Lamar can win a Super Bowl in his career
Red Ninja
Red Ninja 18 gün önce
KTO, when will we see more uploads from you? I think that you upload, you will get more subs and views. Love you man and your videos.
Anijha Armstrong
Anijha Armstrong 19 gün önce
Bro what is that beat?
Bodymore Dummy
Bodymore Dummy 19 gün önce
Lamar will win a super bowl I don’t think people realize how young the Ravens offensive weapons was compared to say KC Ravens average age of starters in playoffs was 22 years old most first time playing in playoffs while the Chiefs average age of their weapons was 26 and been in the playoffs before Mahomes experience matters in the post season
DietXbox 19 gün önce
Vick was the best
The Kid Joe Sports Show
The Kid Joe Sports Show 19 gün önce
Another Video request: the player who died during an nfl game (Chuck Hughes)
Patrick Bryan
Patrick Bryan 19 gün önce
I knew you were gonna show Lamar in the outro 🔥
Khasaan Young
Khasaan Young 19 gün önce
Can you do what happen to Kansas st wbu Collin Klein ?
spencer lower
spencer lower 20 gün önce
Hey kto what’s the song from your 2007 college football season during the Kansas Missouri game
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