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From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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Joe's cannoli
Joe's cannoli Gün önce
Man Gawain just needs to pop his bertilaks belt skill for guts before the green knight strikes and the use his NP.
Gino Gün önce
A24 restoring my faith in films one movie at a time
TheCulturalBomb 3 gün önce
The cinematography here looks INCREDIBLE.
Genni Glassglow
Genni Glassglow 4 gün önce
💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (look up and ask HIM)*
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
Genni Glassglow First thing God created.
Victorianme 4 gün önce
I might be blind but is this the young man from Hereditary?
Victorianme 4 gün önce
Nope sorry it's Slumdog Millionaire
CT La 5 gün önce
Looks very interesting. Would this qualify as a remake? I believe something similar was done with Sean Connery back in the day. Sword of the Valiant I believe.
Mikey LaFave
Mikey LaFave 5 gün önce
I need to remember this movie.
John Davis
John Davis 5 gün önce
The Sean Connery version was fine if a little hokey.
Jagdeep Singh Uppal
Jagdeep Singh Uppal 5 gün önce
Gawain 6 gün önce
My real life Movie
Zus Frankenstein
Zus Frankenstein 7 gün önce
So from reading the comments, apparently, the choice of Indian actor Dev Patel as Gawain is pissing a lot of people off. While, yeah, sure, maybe casting an Indian guy to play a British Knight wasn't quite the right way to go, I think people should let it go. Whitewashing has replaced the ethnicity of so many fictional characters, I think we can live with one reverse example. Eye for an eye, per say.
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
Zus Frankenstein Who runs Hollywood & invented blackface? Try having an Asian play the lead role in fiddler on the roof.
Ruthie May
Ruthie May 7 gün önce
This looks about as idiotic as they come. And they did it with a straight face. 🤮🤮🤮 Absolutely demonic.
BigMek456 8 gün önce
This story is set in Britain. Why is an Indian playing the main role? This is shitting on European culture once again.
Naslee Lafir
Naslee Lafir 8 gün önce
It's not the green knight we are worried about it's Corona
V1 8 gün önce
A24 should stick to horror/mystery exclusively. Almost everything they release from these two genres are really good and memorable.
V1 8 gün önce
A24 should make a Bloodborne movie next, cuz this is Dark Souls af.
Sammy Bouzaglo
Sammy Bouzaglo 8 gün önce
Gujju actor
Tigran Vardanyan
Tigran Vardanyan 9 gün önce
Pretty sure A24’s sound designers are created in a lab with a single purpose in life - scare people shitless
Chase Long
Chase Long 9 gün önce
can’t go wrong with a24
nommie namie
nommie namie 9 gün önce
as yet to kings
john smith
john smith 10 gün önce
This trailer is so well done, it makes me have an orgasm
Cody Gearheart
Cody Gearheart 10 gün önce
A24: *in Beavis voice* Fire, Fire, Fire!!!
Stacy Bigfoot
Stacy Bigfoot 11 gün önce
Why is Sir Gaiwan an arab?
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
Stacy Bigfoot Indian
🔥🔥 Just think about that! 2:00 💕🔥💃 👇 👇 👇💓
Tanner Frost
Tanner Frost 11 gün önce
Whyd ya spill yerr bee.... Oh sorry wrong video.
SagnolTheGangster 12 gün önce
Dark Souls the movie? damn this looks sick
Herbert Plumer
Herbert Plumer 12 gün önce
You definitely aren’t being replaced
B S 10 gün önce
Nope. Not at all. Definitely not.....
H Carfax
H Carfax 12 gün önce
What Does The Fox Say ??? 1:01
James Smith
James Smith 13 gün önce
Now make it properly with white people in it.
Goudurix 13 gün önce
Cultural appropriation
Peter BooBoo
Peter BooBoo 13 gün önce
Lol, king Arthur is not Indian
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 13 gün önce
*The BROWN Knight*
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 13 gün önce
Who here is disgusted by the continued subversion of European history?
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
Google Gulag A lot of thick people think Ben Kingsley is white. Jewish/Indian
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff 9 gün önce
Haha. GOOD. Straight White Male is bye bye.
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 10 gün önce
@La Avaler why are you so hostile towards reality? What part of Celtic mythology being created by indigenous Celts don't you understand?
La Avaler
La Avaler 11 gün önce
@Percival Hans Yes, you can't understand what you read. You don't have to show off. It's nothing to be proud of.
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 11 gün önce
@La Avaler "The Arthurian legend begins with the Welsh cleric Geoffrey of Monmouth (c. 1100 - c. 1155 CE). Earlier history writers such as Gildas, Bede, and Nennius had already established the existence of a British war-chief who defeated the Saxons at Badon Hill long before Geoffrey wrote his own account but none of them would imagine the king so brilliantly or choose to develop history into legend."
Ambitious Amerikaner
Ambitious Amerikaner 13 gün önce
Anti-White Propaganda meant to alienate true English & Welsh from their history and culture by taking it and giving it to invaders
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
La Avaler I’d research the Kalergi plan & the Kalergi prize that was rewarded to the likes of Merkel, Macron & the war criminal Tony Blair. A rape epidemic across Europe from the Turd world is no conspiracy!
La Avaler
La Avaler 10 gün önce
@Ambitious Amerikaner Oh noes! The white population might go down by like 5 percent in only half a century! /s Merkel is a conservative you fuckwit. Do you even know what globalism means or just repeat what some TRwomen talking head is telling you to repeat? The claims of rapes skyrocketing in Germany in Sweden are also bullshit. First of all the stats only show reported rapes, both Germany and Sweden have a broader definition of what can be classified as rape and therefore are higher than in other countries, no skyrocketing though. Most of reported rapes are also committed by people of European background. Keep in mind that some migrants are white too.
Ambitious Amerikaner
Ambitious Amerikaner 10 gün önce
@La Avaler White population percentage going down in White countries, facilitated by globalists like Merkel and Macron and the UN. That is fact, not 'conspiracy.' Predecessors as in Saracens already skyrocketing rapes in Sweden and Germany
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 10 gün önce
@La Avaler oh it has to be the first invasion to be called an invasion? I didn't know that.
La Avaler
La Avaler 10 gün önce
@Ambitious Amerikaner First of all you're spreading a conspiracy about theory about being literally invaded, despite it not being the first migrant crisis in history. Second, what predecessors? Third, how is it related to this movie?
Rupesh Patel
Rupesh Patel 13 gün önce
Nice great work
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 13 gün önce
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
Jack McConnell It is a horror, try having a white bloke play Shaft
Jack McConnell
Jack McConnell 3 gün önce
Oh no, a person of colour being in a completely fantasy-based movie. The horror lol
King Arthur
King Arthur 13 gün önce
The brown knight more like.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff 9 gün önce
YO YO MOFO 13 gün önce
Medieval Britain is now Indian? Odd
B S 13 gün önce
Yet more browning of British history and legend.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff 9 gün önce
@B S No one cares about myth.
B S 11 gün önce
@ekuhn44 Great refutation there.
ekuhn44 11 gün önce
Your life must be so hard
Tasty 13 gün önce
I just love that medieval England is multi-ethnic. I just love it!
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 10 gün önce
@La Avaler From the Telegraph article “People in South East may be descended from Romans as study suggests invaders may have stayed in Britain” April 2018 Quote: Professor Mark Robinson of Oxford University’s School of Archaeology, said even if Roman veterans had stayed they would have not been Italian. “There has never been evidence for a significant presence of Romans from Italy in Britain other than during the initial 43AD conquest,” said Prof Robinson, who in 2015 published a groundbreaking study showing Britain is still genetically divided into Anglo Saxon kingdoms. “For most of the period of Roman Britain there would only have been a few high-ranking officials from Italy.” From the Telegraph article “Britons still live in Anglo-Saxon tribal kingdoms, Oxford University finds” March 2015 Quote: “Geneticist Professor Sir Walter Bodmer of Oxford University said: “What it shows is the extraordinary stability of the British population. Britain hasn’t changed much since 600AD.” “There is also little Roman DNA in the British genetic make-up.” The British Isles weren't some multiculti and diverse place. Not even the city-state of Rome was a diverse place like the media wants you to think. I can give you scientific quotes for this as well.
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 11 gün önce
@La Avaler no, I don't have to educate you. You clearly have no idea on ethnicity or worse, you're deliberately acting subversive. I suspect the latter.
La Avaler
La Avaler 11 gün önce
@Google Gulag Define "ethnicity", because I feel like I'm interacting with someone who's completely illiterate on the subject.
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 11 gün önce
@La Avaler your supposed 'multicultural' Britian is completely factually incorrect. The British isles have had remarkable ethnic homogeneity for millennium. You subvert history once again.
La Avaler
La Avaler 11 gün önce
It was multiethnic during the supposed reign of historical Arthur and before him and also when the Legends were written, but by other ethnicity I see that you mean "brown" people then in that case there's only archaeological evidence that there were in fact people of non-European origin living and dying on the British Isles during Roman period.
The Great Yawn
The Great Yawn 13 gün önce
That trailer told me nothing
Maxence Morel
Maxence Morel 13 gün önce
No brettonia ? Disappoiting. Jk this looks fine
Cylenium 14 gün önce
All you can do is take and imitate. Nothing you build or create holds a candle to European culture. If it wasnt for us, Dev would be pooing in a street right now. Sad.
Legion 12 gün önce
*That very first line... You sounded like Gret Thunberg over there.* Hmm, did you audition for the role or something? Wait, you've never been to London.
FlorianGeyerUK 15 gün önce
Why is my culture being appropriated?
FlorianGeyerUK 9 gün önce
@Carefree Riff Hand rubbing intensifies.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff 9 gün önce
Because we can
The DORUK 15 gün önce
The Trailer itself is a pure work of *Art*
Nomade 15 gün önce
When you played too much Darksouls
Dios67 15 gün önce
Gawain is a Indian?
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
La Avaler His DNA is Indian!
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 9 gün önce
@La Avaler No. You were trying to argue that I was using a double standard for casting. No I don't mean during the Revolutionary War. I mean people immigrating to live in British colonies settled by British people or in the country created by those colonists. Two Polish people contributing to war-time cavalry doesn't mean the British ethnic, cultural and political origin of the country doesn't exist anymore. You sound like you'd say China is partly an Italian country after Marco Polo lived there for several years. Ridiculous. You can't name one American Founding Father who isn't of British origin, can you? Foreigners can have an influence, which is why the founders and later legislators warned of mass immigration, increasing diversity and of preserving the founding British-derived identity of the country. Yes I know about who created blue jeans. I know they don't magically turn American at the doorstep, which is why mass immigration, multiculturalism and diversity agendas are a problem, and why past lawmakers limited the origin and amount of immigration for better assimilation. British and American cultures are very similar, but they are not the exact same thing.
La Avaler
La Avaler 9 gün önce
@Percival Hans I know how casting works. Just remember I'm not arguing that it was necessary for 300 to have Greek actors, but that creators can cast whoever they want. You're acting like all that American culture remained the same since the declaration of independence. Just to point out, tricorns went out of style quite a while ago. And by "when the new people started coming over" you mean literally during Revolutionary War? You know that people who built American cavalry were named Pulaski and Kovats? Doesn't sound very British, doesn't it? It doesn't even sound very western European. One could suggest that immigrants influenced America from the very start. Not allowing slave to celebrate their culture doesn't make them devoid of their culture. Black culture with it's own unique characteristics influencing mainstream American culture in 20th century is a fact that would be very difficult to deny. Are you familiar with blue American jeans? Do you know that they were created by an immigrant, who came from a different culture? Heard Rubinstein play or Schwarzenegger act and also shape American cinema? Ever celebrated Mardi Gras? Do you know that Trump's grandfather came to America from Germany or that Bernie Sanders' parents moved to US from Poland? Those people don't magically turn British at door step. They bring their culture with themselves and often share it with others. Are you implying that British and American cultures are the same?
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 9 gün önce
@La Avaler Do you have any idea how casting works? The casting directors aren't going door-to-door or hunting down Greek people by asking the government for their private information and addresses. There aren't hordes of adult Greek-American male actors available either. The producers put out casting calls and have to make do with who shows up or they go scouting and make do with who they find. Not even everyone who shows up for the casting call or is scouted may be good enough for the part being cast. The U.S. was founded by the British. Name one American Founding Father not of British ancestry. They were British colonies after all. The U.S. wasn't as influenced by slaves and other Europeans as you think. For hundreds of years people of British origin were the dominant ethnic group and culture. When new peoples came over, they assimilated into this British-derived American identity and culture. African slaves were not allowed to practice any culture that came from Africa. When immigration from other parts of Europe increased in the late 19th and early 20th century, the U.S. drastically reduced all immigration and allotted most immigration to North-Western Europe, where most people in the nation's history had originated. The 1924 immigration quota system drastically reduced European immigration and allocated quotas based on the 1890 census. By allocating the quotas based on the population 34 years prior, the law overlooked the large amount of Eastern and Southern European immigration since then to focus on where immigration had come from in the nation's past, North-Western Europe. This allowed the population percentage of foreign to decrease from a height of 14.7% in the 19010s to below 5% by the 1970s, which allowed for better assimilation of foreign peoples. Russel Kirk's book America's British Culture says, "It is an incontestable fact of history that the United States, although a multiethnic nation, derives its language, mores, political purposes, and institutions from Great Britain. The two nations share a common history, religious heritage, pattern of law and politics, and a body of great literature."
La Avaler
La Avaler 9 gün önce
@Percival Hans There are more Greek Americans than there are Hmong Americans. It should be significantly easier to find them. The argument is that if they looked hard enough they could find them, but decided against it and you know why? Because they can! And angry internet people can complain all day how it somehow undermines some vague concept they feel strong attachment to, but creative liberty remains just that. A creative liberty. Also you're acting like US was only founded by the British and it stayed in cultural limbo for next few centuries, pretending as if it wasn't heavily influenced by cultures brought by slaves and enormous number of immigrants that came to America in 19th and 20th centuries. You're acting like Americans share a single cultural and national identity even if southern nationalism is still prominent to this very day.
Mathias Persson
Mathias Persson 15 gün önce
the bad ass knight in the end looked like Holger danske :)
Oznar O. Rodríguez
Oznar O. Rodríguez 15 gün önce
Revalando más cosas de los templarios (disfrazado). ¡Brillantes los guionistas!
Aleksander 16 gün önce
Why is a person of Indian heritage playing a medieval european?
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 9 gün önce
@La Avaler you confused your own argument. I made no mention of 'heritage', you did. And it's semantics. Nobody here struggles with the concept of genetic ethnicity except you.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff 9 gün önce
@La Avaler Same, I feel your pain. I find it funny too when people are crying about a non-white person playing the main character that is not even real.
La Avaler
La Avaler 9 gün önce
@Google Gulag Again, ethnicity is not the same as heritage. It's a sociological term, not biological.
La Avaler
La Avaler 9 gün önce
@Carefree Riff I'm bored and I can't go out. Might as well bother some internet people and the ones who complain about someone having wrong skin colour are usually most fun.
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 9 gün önce
@La Avaler an 'ethnicity' is a specific genetic population. To be of British ethnicity you must be genetically British. Dave Patel is Indian, not British Edit: typo
Nobita Nobi
Nobita Nobi 17 gün önce
Damn waiting for it
mister_xenomorph 17 gün önce
Anyone know who scored this trailer?
junjohn dened
junjohn dened 17 gün önce
Kyrie Irving
madison 18 gün önce
I saw Dev and I clicked and honestly... I dont regret it!! This looks cool!!
Antonis Papazoglou
Antonis Papazoglou 18 gün önce
I believe there is a Dark Souls vibe in the atmosphere of the film. Maybe David lowery was fun of this franchise of video games.. Can't wait to see it.
MarvelPugs 18 gün önce
Who else is reading this in school?...
Google Gulag
Google Gulag 13 gün önce
The didn't know the story was called *The BROWN Knight*
King Arthur
King Arthur 13 gün önce
Ask yourself was the knight Asian or White.
An Anomaly
An Anomaly 19 gün önce
Finally a story I actually know lol
Marcus Leonard
Marcus Leonard 19 gün önce
Okay, I want to see that.
tupacamaru2 20 gün önce
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Arthurian story. Can’t wait to see the film adaptation.
TheOfficial MacMeier
TheOfficial MacMeier 20 gün önce
I might just have to go see this movie. Looks pretty good
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 20 gün önce
This looks great but if Pete's Dragon shows up I will be disappointed.
Chase Rangel
Chase Rangel 20 gün önce
Has the EPA tested this trailer for how green it is?
Oscar Covarrubias
Oscar Covarrubias 20 gün önce
The witcher should be on a24 hands
Mickey Knox
Mickey Knox 20 gün önce
Why is Gaiwan Brown instead of an Indigenous Celtic man ?
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President 2 gün önce
Percival Hans Well said sir.
Zus Frankenstein
Zus Frankenstein 6 gün önce
@Percival Hans You're saying that America is a fucking _white_ country? Boi, most of the cases of whitewashing people complain about are from HOLLYWOOD, an AMERICAN movie industry. What you just said is ignorant as hell. They could have found ethnically correct actors if they tried. Contrary to common belief, not all actors in the industry are vampire white. And the audience that didn't care? Why do you think the term "whitewashing" exists if the audience didn't care? No one is calling for roles to be blackwashed or brownwashed, no one even asked for this movie to be made in the first place. It's an indie (stands for independent, not indian) film. We're asking people like you to use this experience to understand how we feel when roles get whitewashed. That's all. We're not saying its right, we're saying, hey now you know what it feels like to be on the recieving end.
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 7 gün önce
@Zus Frankenstein That happened to movies because they were coming from historically and majority White countries founded by White people and there just weren't that many other people to cast in the roles or an audience that cared. I don't care if India makes an Indian Green Knight movie for an Indian audience, but this is a U.S. film, and there are plenty of people of ethnic British and Welsh descent to cast as Gawain. You people cry about Whitewashing in White countries, but then want everything Black and Brownwashed.
Zus Frankenstein
Zus Frankenstein 7 gün önce
@Percival Hans Wow, someone isn't the race they're supposed to be in a film. Kinda reminds you of something: *cough* whitewashing *cough*
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 7 gün önce
@Hannah Duggan Gawain is a Welsh knight, and full Welsh. He's not from India. Welsh people aren't mixed Celtic+Indian people, they are North-Western Europeans.
91MoonKnight 21 gün önce
Everyone kisses A24's ass but this legit actually looks good.
Miguel Espenaes
Miguel Espenaes 21 gün önce
Sir Gawain ♥
George moulis
George moulis 21 gün önce
dark souls
Top Snek
Top Snek 21 gün önce
They're doing that thing again where they add black people to medieval England for no reason.
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 9 gün önce
@La Avaler It does need to be protected or European ethnic peoples and cultures will be tossed aside in their own homes by multiculturalism and diversity agendas. It is replacing. You're telling ethnic European people that if they want to see themselves represented in their own stories then they have to watch something from decades ago because the future of their own homes and representation in their own cultural tales is going to be Brown people. Gawain is a Welsh character and Welsh people exist. That's like saying Mulan can't be Chinese when we know the character, setting and culture of the story is Chinese. You do realize Central Asian Muslims existed in Western China for centuries, right? Just google "western Muslim china xinjiang uyghur" and then imagine how "Arab" it must have looked hundreds of years ago. Anyway, how is this relevant to the fact that The Green Knight is a European cultural tale about ethnic British people? Again, are you making the argument that ethnic British people should be replaced by Indians in cultural tales from their own countries?
La Avaler
La Avaler 9 gün önce
@Percival Hans No it doesn't and it is not protected, because freedom of expression and creative liberty exist and you can file a complaint to the manager if you are not satisfied with it. It's not replacing. All old versions of Arthurian Legends still exist and adding another interpretation of an older story is not replacing the original which should be really easy to comprehend. Gawain can't be British since he doesn't exist. He's whatever an artist wants him to be. You do realize that China doesn't look like Arabian Peninsula right?
Percival Hans
Percival Hans 9 gün önce
@La Avaler Yes. European people, culture and representation need to be protected from foreigners replacing them. Your idea of co-existence means replacing European ethnic peoples in their own cultural tales. Your idea of co-existence means replacing European peoples and cultures in their own countries. You do realize there are Central Asian Muslim peoples in Western China, right? I said, "...trying to say British ethnic and cultural tales should be turned into Indian ones." Gawain and the Green knight is not an Indian ethnic or cultural tale, it's British.
La Avaler
La Avaler 9 gün önce
@Percival Hans Yes, your poor fragile European culture that needs to be protected from brown people interacting with it. Oh the struggle of a white man, having to coexist with people of other heritage! Aladdin is not Central Asian Muslim. The original story just states that it's set in China. Also is Dev Patel adding any Indian cultural features to this movie? Because I only see people bitch about his skin colour. Skin colour ain't a culture.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff 9 gün önce
@Percival Hans I am happy with this.
Coco Bug
Coco Bug 21 gün önce
This has the same energy as an ari aster directed film
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