The iPhone 12 Pro could look like this. Smaller Notch/New details!

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

7 aylar önce

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The latest iPhone 12 Pro renders from Ben Geskin showcase a smaller notch and the new 3D time-of-flight depth sensor in an iPhone4/5 style design.
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linh nguyea
linh nguyea 3 aylar önce
Thoi đi cứ chọc thèm ngta k à ! Chờ miết mà k thấy ra để mua
Ibrahim Sakr
Ibrahim Sakr 5 aylar önce
*She had the 6. ㅋ>**ほD** Battery life was poor, Apple said they wouldn't update it anymore. Bought the . She loves it and still uses her 6 for video on our home wifi!*
Jordan Mulligan
Jordan Mulligan 6 aylar önce
5g is pointless at the minute so no point of it being on phones plus it costs more for something u can very rarely use in certain areas at this time
othmane razzak
othmane razzak 6 aylar önce
Woow 🔥 Nice 👍
It's Time
It's Time 7 aylar önce
To hell with Face ID. We all want touch ID back. Enough already, just do it.
Ash T Iron
Ash T Iron 7 aylar önce
iPhone slow motion is rubbish
ruzzell907 7 aylar önce
USB-C would do it for me.
C l
C l 7 aylar önce
The 11 just came out....
hardcopy 7 aylar önce
My IPhone X is going bye bye in 2020.. Hello IPhone 2020
Savage TV
Savage TV 7 aylar önce
I’m good with my 11pro max
john joseph Llorin
john joseph Llorin 7 aylar önce
Another best sale for iphone company.
Claudius Boasman
Claudius Boasman 7 aylar önce
I heard they're trying to fit the face ID camera module in the bezel like on the new ipad pro. Maybe the 12 will have a symmetrical thick bezel like the xr and 11 all around the screen with no notch at all or a small one that barely extend pass the bezel.
MIRAJ SUBBA 7 aylar önce
iPhone12 might be still far behind than other Androids cell phone camera wise all Androids cell phone have above 40 mp camera so iphone must make huge jump to caught up Androids cell phone
Rainz 7 aylar önce
Im happy if te notch gets smaller and apple use usb c
Papo Edwards
Papo Edwards 7 aylar önce
USB-C might be time to upgrade
Jobssrb 7 aylar önce
We don’t want face ID give us a TOUCH ID under screen and remove that notch already!
Jobssrb 7 aylar önce
Same shi*t
YourSayUTube 7 aylar önce
I am sure I have seen Brian on CNET??
Midas 79
Midas 79 7 aylar önce
He used to work for cnet until a year or 2 ago. He left n started his own youtube channel.
gotohowie 7 aylar önce
Get the F**kin NOCH removed 🤬
Ruben Espinoza
Ruben Espinoza 7 aylar önce
iOS And iPhones Are Not Secure No More
xGamer 7 aylar önce
how many Apple Engineers does it take to remove a notch?? Sheesh!!
Mr. Luigi
Mr. Luigi 7 aylar önce
By all the is good and holy, NO MORE NOTCH! Please god, NO MORE NOTCH. Thank you.
I'm Oh' Sam
I'm Oh' Sam 7 aylar önce
Apple notch LOOKS so old especially in this generation. Still sticking to my i7+ until they removed it totally!
AsSeenOnTV 6 aylar önce
I'm Oh' Sam poor poor poor
I'm Oh' Sam
I'm Oh' Sam 6 aylar önce
@AsSeenOnTV haha! Yep, I'm poor because I'm actually waiting for the NEW notch-LESS iPhone.
AsSeenOnTV 6 aylar önce
lol, you’re poor
Cedric Myree
Cedric Myree 7 aylar önce
Yeah 7 plus is still the shit
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez 7 aylar önce
believe apple has to do more iphone 12 should be this year how next year
Gh0st xx7
Gh0st xx7 7 aylar önce
😔 take the notch out Apple like that iPad Pro design..
Max Cruz
Max Cruz 7 aylar önce
I’ve got the xs max and I’m waiting to upgrade to the 2020 iphone! Can’t wait
Nachiket Dhende
Nachiket Dhende 7 aylar önce
I don't think the ipad has an actual 120 Hz display. It's just the touch input refresh rate. I don't know why these reviewers mislead people.
Anthony Su
Anthony Su 7 aylar önce
What is the price ?.?? For iPhone 12?. ??
abade Al
abade Al 7 aylar önce
can Apple see no one need their ugly notch
Uchenna Agwu
Uchenna Agwu 7 aylar önce
No need buying the iphone12 with a notch. Whether or not the notch is made smaller.
Anna-kate C.
Anna-kate C. 7 aylar önce
When are they gonna get rid of that infamous, creepy, trypophobic “3-eyes” and replace it with a much less triggering large black square?
Jay Mataia
Jay Mataia 6 aylar önce
@Razan Abdulla GG then
Razan Abdulla
Razan Abdulla 7 aylar önce
Jay Mataia why buy a more expensive phone knowing damn well I can’t and won’t look at the back of it often bc of smth I’m born with?
Jay Mataia
Jay Mataia 7 aylar önce
How often are you really looking at the back of your phone 🤔 ...
AwesomeManPlayz 7 aylar önce
It’s just a couple of cameras lmao
Anna-kate C.
Anna-kate C. 7 aylar önce
Exactly! That’s why I got a purple iPhone 11 instead! How I miss my telephoto lens but I just can’t cope with my trypophobia
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 7 aylar önce
I will not-ch buy this phone.
AutoThink 7 aylar önce
Claudete Machado
Claudete Machado 7 aylar önce
I can’t stand the notch
Claudete Machado
Claudete Machado 7 aylar önce
The phone to get in my opinion is the one withou the notch
abade Al
abade Al 7 aylar önce
Notch in the redesigned iPhone 💩
Ethan Connell
Ethan Connell 7 aylar önce
Do we really know it’ll be iPhone 12 or will it be an 11S?
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 7 aylar önce
They should release after a couple of years like the the I phone 6 more exciting
J-Mobi 7 aylar önce
I still have my iPhone 7Plus. In the meantime I’ll buy Chinese and Korean brands for their value for money.
Verne Arase
Verne Arase 7 aylar önce
Y'all make guesses about what's going to be in the next model, and express disappointment when your wild-ass guesses turn out to be hooey. Just chill and wait for it (though that doesn't give you any content this year).
Casey C.
Casey C. 7 aylar önce
After 3 years, you think they'd be able to get rid of the notch.
Jobssrb 7 aylar önce
Jordan Durzi under screen
Jordan Durzi
Jordan Durzi 7 aylar önce
and put the front-facing camera where?
Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel 7 aylar önce
It’s never ending... every year releases are so pointless at this point.. minor changes with major prices. I have the 11 pro and it’s not even two months old and the rumor mill is churning out news of new iPhone 12. Ef that..
Quantez Coffey
Quantez Coffey 7 aylar önce
Get rid of the notch
Glaiza Marie Vlogs
Glaiza Marie Vlogs 7 aylar önce
Watching this on my iPhone 6s
Chris H.
Chris H. 7 aylar önce
Just from the short fragments I can already tell it’s a great music video you have made
Shenice Says
Shenice Says 7 aylar önce
The notch is annoying .
Sebastian Platt
Sebastian Platt 7 aylar önce
Not for me it isn’t
August Oliver
August Oliver 7 aylar önce
I really like #Udemy
Luis Maldonado
Luis Maldonado 7 aylar önce
they better bring new icon designs . I'm sick of the same look
Giyuu哀 7 aylar önce
Hi! I have a question: since the iphone 12 is looking to be insanely good, should i get the normal iphone xs (i really like that phone) or wait pretty much a whole year for the normal, base-line iphone 12? i currently have a galaxy s8+ since december last year.
Sebastian Platt
Sebastian Platt 7 aylar önce
Hold off until next year
BillHrpr 7 aylar önce
Waiting for no notch to upgrade. I have an iPhone X and it still bugs me.
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov 7 aylar önce
The time for smaller notch was this or last year by the end of 2020 early 21 android phones will have in-display cameras.
Chung Kai Man
Chung Kai Man 7 aylar önce
Since Apple buy the intel modem team, will Tim Apple bring airports and time capsules back ?
Red Man
Red Man 7 aylar önce
It just looks the same yawn 🥱
john john
john john 7 aylar önce
Marc Guima
Marc Guima 7 aylar önce
Back to the square edges from the old models. Well, new cover to buy, new things to go with it. When you think we are going forward we go back into the 90’s 🙄
madboyreadynow28 7 aylar önce
How does Apple keep screwing up the iPhone design? The Oneplus 7 Pro is the design Apple should have gone with. The renders I see people make is better and they have to get rid of the notch and go to a real edge to edge display and get rid of that large black border around the screen. I do not want a iPhone 4 reboot.
Taufiqcool92 Taufiq
Taufiqcool92 Taufiq 7 aylar önce
I already switched from iphone 6 to iphone 11 due IOS 13. So, i will be waiting for 2025 iphone or until my iphone 11 can no longer update. 😆
N. P.
N. P. 7 aylar önce
No!!!...It will look like iPhone X, XS, 11.
T Hill
T Hill 7 aylar önce
Get rid the notch
Lord Adams
Lord Adams 7 aylar önce
Video starts at 1:15🙄
Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers 7 aylar önce
Smaller notch = dope!
Gene Paradiso
Gene Paradiso 7 aylar önce
As an owner of the XR, a Notch will be a deal breaker for me.
Eli S
Eli S 7 aylar önce
Iphone 11 just came out and here’s the iphone 12 already. Wow!🤩
emmjay 7 aylar önce
My iPhone 11 Pro is 2 days old. Today I'm looking at the 12.
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 7 aylar önce
Apple isn't changing the frame of the IPhones anytime soon. You TRwomen content creators keep saying the same shit every single year. Ming Chi Kuo keeps saying the same shit every single year. Ming Chi Kuo is wrong 95% of the time. He's the worst Leaker on the planet.
oklahomiesMX 7 aylar önce
so annoying how fast they come up with new phones i literally just got my 11 pro and now they are talking about the 12
Eye Gee
Eye Gee 7 aylar önce
And the low end cheaper models like the SE don’t count. They will probably release an update to that in the 1st half of the year, but that won’t be an upgrade from iPhone 11 Pro or even iPhone 11.
Eye Gee
Eye Gee 7 aylar önce
oklahomiesMX it’s definitely the case. 100% not before Sep 2020
oklahomiesMX 7 aylar önce
Eye Gee we’ll i hope that’s the case. they need to let me enjoy my 11 pro for a min😂
Eye Gee
Eye Gee 7 aylar önce
oklahomiesMX iPhone 12 won’t be released before September 2020
Rejoicing In Hope
Rejoicing In Hope 7 aylar önce
Is the camera still going to be 12 megapixels?
M T 7 aylar önce
I’ll wait for the iPhone 15...
Yash Multani
Yash Multani 7 aylar önce
If notch has tech then its fine Edit: Also it gives iphone personality
iKmoxstar 7 aylar önce
5.4 seems too small while 6.7 is huge but I’m also not willing to compromise with a non pro.
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