The Logistics of the US Census

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Robin L
Robin L 3 saatler önce
”Hard to find temp. workers since the US has the lowest unemployement in history” Well, i guess corona took care of that 😅
Pillo Kase
Pillo Kase 5 gün önce
my god america is try hard with this. 6 visits, like common
Alex Gully
Alex Gully 5 gün önce
2:40 ... that did not age well
Mike Mcdaniel
Mike Mcdaniel 6 gün önce
There is no law on taxes and you need to look at the 10th amendment
Mike Hurt
Mike Hurt 11 gün önce
I almost got hire to be a Census counter. They offerd $19 an hour but they said it was gonna be for only a month or 2 and I needed more permanent work
Samuel Wang
Samuel Wang 11 gün önce
"lowest unemployment rate in recent history" That aged poorly
Vien's Loopy Life
Vien's Loopy Life 12 gün önce
"Lowest unemployment rate in recent history..." Yeah, this is DEFINITELY from 4 months ago
Peio Ruiz
Peio Ruiz 15 gün önce
Sooo, wouldn't it be easier to take the previous census, subtract the dead and emigrants and add births and immigrants?? I guess that the census only counts legal residents, so immigrants that enter the country illegally aren't counted. I'm spanish, idk if there's any problem with that system, I dont even know how it is done in Spain
Jos Geerink
Jos Geerink 15 gün önce
2:38 **coronavirus entered the chat**
Avery Teoda
Avery Teoda 18 gün önce
"The lowest unemployment rate in history" hahahahaha. Ha. Ha.
Max Dowis
Max Dowis 19 gün önce
I was today years old when I realized my family’s decision to move to GJ places me within of zip code of TRwomen’s best
Junde Liu
Junde Liu 27 gün önce
should be easier since we are all staying at home!
my account
my account 28 gün önce
Imagine being unlucky and missing all of those visits from the census, then getting labelled as non-existent
Ninjastahr 29 gün önce
"Lowest unemployment rate" - well that was fun while it lasted...
planningperson laidbackdeep
planningperson laidbackdeep Aylar önce
Umm people opposed to gay couples might not do the census
Quabbelfax Aylar önce
2:37 unfortunately the unemployment rate is not that low anymore
Sebastian March
Sebastian March Aylar önce
Shit I'm from Mesa county Colorado
Martin Plas
Martin Plas Aylar önce
this was released 10 days after a large furry covention in dallas
vainolli Aylar önce
Some countries, like mine, have these things called computers. They compute really well, so we have realtime 'census'. Maybe on some day those things will reach your country as well.
jownadel Aylar önce
"the US has the lowest unemployment rate ... That is definitely true, even with the coronavirus
Samuel Wang
Samuel Wang Aylar önce
"The country currently has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history" COVID19: *I'm going to end this mans career*
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster Aylar önce
Why are you lying to the non Colorado residents? Grand Junction is NO city. It’s a small hick town with a few college students.
Adam Bachtell
Adam Bachtell Aylar önce
wtf I live in GJ that's so random
Wanted Aylar önce
Wendover: "lowest unemployment in history" US: "hold my beer"
Mastacheifa 118
Mastacheifa 118 Aylar önce
This didn’t age well.
Jo Flyer
Jo Flyer Aylar önce
“As the Country has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history” That did not age well
Tony Tech
Tony Tech Aylar önce
What’s the point of taking census during a pandemic? It won’t be accurate.
Yeet ed
Yeet ed Aylar önce
"lowest unemployment rate in recent history". That went out the window huh
Murrrr! Aylar önce
2020 March: Finding 500,000 temp workers isn't exactly easy, since the unemployment is all time low 2020 April: Hold my beer, Corona
Joseph Simone
Joseph Simone Aylar önce
"Lowest unemployment rate" /Looks at date/ Oh no
NovusHampshire Aylar önce
2:35 oof this didn't age too well.
Darren Dube
Darren Dube Aylar önce
"The country currently has the lowest unemployment rate in history" 😂
Elliott Hannant
Elliott Hannant Aylar önce
"Finding half a million temporary workers is difficult as the USA has the lowest unemployment in recent history" That aged well!
Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson Aylar önce
Yeah, lowest unemployment in recent history . . .
MemeDeath GripLord
MemeDeath GripLord Aylar önce
Genuinely a very good video. Thank you.
Lucas Paul
Lucas Paul Aylar önce
Ha LOL! Now they’re are all unemployed! #thankstocovid
James Winders
James Winders Aylar önce
2:40 RIP.
Austin Stude
Austin Stude Aylar önce
Ehh I was just in grandjunction.
_CT_ 16_
_CT_ 16_ Aylar önce
2:39 that didn’t age well
Neville Aylar önce
So how did they manage to do it for the apartments? Like in New York. Nock on each doors in a 30floor building with 5 flats flat by flat street by street? That’s very labour intensive
Q W Aylar önce
What about deaths during the year?
Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish Aylar önce
"Lowest unemployment rate in recent history"... yeah, that sentence aged poorly
Connecticut Ball
Connecticut Ball Aylar önce
95% are: Online, paper and online, bilingual online, or bilingual paper. 4% are: Only by hand. 1% are: In person.
ThePKNess Aylar önce
"Given that the country has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history." Luckily it seems that won't be a problem any longer.
Marton Baksa
Marton Baksa Aylar önce
"the lowest unemployment rate in years" do you want to tell him or should I?
wigglebot23 Aylar önce
This video was made before COVID-19 got bad
David Caddock
David Caddock Aylar önce
"Even more difficult for the 2020 Cencus given that the country has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history" Good times, good times.
Brian Moll
Brian Moll Aylar önce
“Lowest unemployment rate in recent history”
Katemione Aylar önce
"...given that the country currently has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history" okay, let's check the exact date this was uploaded. ha.
Bruman Aylar önce
"Given that the country currently has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history" this aged well
xedre Aylar önce
"given that 2020 has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history" Hm.....
Jackson Ayres
Jackson Ayres Aylar önce
"Lowest unemployment rate in history" Haha, the cornavirus would like to chat.
Brian Holmes
Brian Holmes Aylar önce
2:34 aged well...
Sord33 Aylar önce
And then a pandemic happens. GREAT... JUST FREAKIN GREAT.
Keiya Aylar önce
And then a pandemic starts. this year will be *interesting*.
Bill S
Bill S Aylar önce
The U. S. Census bureau is still hiring as of 6/8/20, Great pay, fun, easy, make your own hours. Very lucrative, I have paid off car, a credit card ($750), Insurance ($1000+), new tires, some toys, in 2 1/2 months. It is temporary, and part time, doesn't effect most subsidies , HOWEVER CHECK with the provider to be sure, mention Temporary, Part Time.
penumbra01 Aylar önce
"lowest unemployment rate in recent history" haha corona go brr
Dziadek Aylar önce
The coronavirus pandemic will at least help with finding workers for the census
J Rodriguez
J Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
2:39 - 2:43 Covid: Hold my beer
Natan Getschel
Natan Getschel 2 aylar önce
March: "the country currently has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history" June: hold my unemployment check
Tom Adams
Tom Adams 2 aylar önce
and then corona hit..
簡伯翰 2 aylar önce
Lowest unemployment rate. Sure.
LESLEY LEE Aylar önce
It aged well 對吧😀
Jae Geun Yun
Jae Geun Yun 2 aylar önce
"Lowest Unemployment rate in recent history" Coronavirus: "Hold my beer"
IPG24 2 aylar önce
“The country currently has the lowest in employment rate in recent history”
Roman Gagliardi
Roman Gagliardi 2 aylar önce
Imagine if someone watching lives in the block
Anatoliy Vasilyevich Kuragin
Anatoliy Vasilyevich Kuragin 2 aylar önce
who else heard the words "lowest unemployment rate in recent history" and immediately froze and checked the upload date?
Dawniee Dreams
Dawniee Dreams 2 aylar önce
"It's even more difficult for the 2020 census, given that the country currently has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history." oh we were so innocent
Harsh Kumar
Harsh Kumar 2 aylar önce
Coronavirus: Oh I am going to change their entire plan!
Dragongames DEV
Dragongames DEV 2 aylar önce
2:39 Lol. That didn't age well.
mai mai mai
mai mai mai 2 aylar önce
lowes unimoployment rate no
N. Bentley
N. Bentley 2 aylar önce
Wendover Productions @ 2:30: Finding temporary workers is hard for the 2020 census because the US has the lowest unemployment rate in recent history. COVID-19: Trying to help out the census.
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