The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

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The Prodigy

The Prodigy

5 yıl önce

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The Prodigy (Musical Group)The Day Is My Enemywild frontieromen

Aeirial echols
Aeirial echols 19 saatler önce
ephebophil thegreat
ephebophil thegreat 3 gün önce
keith didnt make this it was liam howlett most prodigy fans are dumb
xap3a 5 gün önce
Шлепни Мою Сучку Вверх! Нежнее!
Mistah Watzitoya
Mistah Watzitoya 5 gün önce
This song was dedicated to Dracula, wasn't it
CerealKiller558 21 gün önce
Me and the boys blowing up a security warehouse:
Vladimir Nikolic
Vladimir Nikolic Aylar önce
Flint is live he doesnt die until we listen him music!!!!!!!!!!!!Legend never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EpheboFreedom Fighter
EpheboFreedom Fighter 2 gün önce
@Vladimir Nikolic yes but not on this song.
Vladimir Nikolic
Vladimir Nikolic 3 gün önce
@ephebophil thegreat fu he is performer
ephebophil thegreat
ephebophil thegreat 3 gün önce
he didnt make the music isiot
Xavier Munro
Xavier Munro Aylar önce
Is anyone else addicted to 1:40 and 3:10, best parts of the song
Luca RL
Luca RL Aylar önce
Darren Newton
Darren Newton 2 aylar önce
God bless you Keith Flint you absolute fuckin legend!!!!
Filip Rydlo
Filip Rydlo 2 aylar önce
Marcus! Why, oh, why do YOU always got to have all the fun? -------- Marcus: "Hell-YEAH!" :D :D :D
gant 696
gant 696 2 aylar önce
Anyone wanna play watch dogs 2?
dfg dfgdg
dfg dfgdg 2 aylar önce
andrey_89rus Aylar önce
сагласен, просто фонтастически
chan Music
chan Music 2 aylar önce
2020? 😂
Dan lax
Dan lax 3 aylar önce
Кто говорит по русски или я один такой?
Галина 2 aylar önce
ты не один 1+1
Сержио Дёсер
Сержио Дёсер 3 aylar önce
Продиджи!!! Молодость моя!!!
work out
work out 3 aylar önce
Ive been a fan sinse i was 6 when i first heard of prodigy from my parents im 13 rip keith u shall be missed xd
Syc holic
Syc holic 3 aylar önce
Love how plebs say 'oh Im not here cuz of X' yeeeet there zero logic in you even mentioning x in the first place and never would been on your mind to even f'n comment.... tell us another lie, asshat.
MadMaxx 3 aylar önce
Huge fan of The Prodigy! Was cool to see this one on an episode of Lucifer as he chased down a bad guy.
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy 3 aylar önce
Those fuking drums are sick
Alex Mercer the [PROTOTYPE]
Alex Mercer the [PROTOTYPE] 4 aylar önce
First time listening to the Prodigy was in Need for Speed Undercover back in 2008, Now Watch_Dogs 2 made me come back for more of their Tracks XD
Mugaka Murakumo
Mugaka Murakumo 4 aylar önce
This has inspired me to make a short animation with this song. I fucking love this song 😍♥️💜
Darkobert Dub
Darkobert Dub 4 aylar önce
Im 8 Bit
Im 8 Bit 5 aylar önce
So glad to be raised on The Prodigy
женя дашкевичь
женя дашкевичь 5 aylar önce
лайк вся хуйня со всей хуйней)+
Kevin 1996 ALMMAND CHESES Felten
Kevin 1996 ALMMAND CHESES Felten 6 aylar önce
Александр Отливан
Александр Отливан 6 aylar önce
Frankie Billington
Frankie Billington 6 aylar önce
Don't Fuck with God, his children or his creatures ''GOD'S LAW''
Shrike from the Time Tombs
Shrike from the Time Tombs 6 aylar önce
I enjoy Prodigy's music)))
unknown one
unknown one 7 aylar önce
what ..... a noice composition
gloriakmm 7 aylar önce
oh dear: my poor neighbours... 🤘🏿🔂🤘🏿🔂
Петр петров
Петр петров 7 aylar önce
Это типо писец?)
Добрый Э-эх
Добрый Э-эх 5 aylar önce
Это норка )
The No-no Grow
The No-no Grow 7 aylar önce
a fkn miracle.....58 ACDC, OZZY, SABBATH fan......and i just found these guys in 2019 wtf is wrong in my world.........nothing now mofo's😵💀😈🎶🍻💨💨💨🔥🔥💨un fkn real i feel like a punk🤣😂🤯✌💀💀💀💀
injektileur 6 aylar önce
never too late, mate 😁
joy jones
joy jones 8 aylar önce
I heard this for the first time today in my car, I got excited, thought it was a new one, have not listend to Prodigy in a while, than I remembered that we lost the lead singer....than I enjoyed somberly. Prodigy was the first bit of music that I listend to that was..different and one of the first CD's/piece of music that I owned at 13. I loved my Fat of The Land, I listened to it almost everyday. It certainly fulled stories, and art and many good times with friends, and I was really enthused when I started to club in my 20's that their music was on the menu for dancing. In my mid 30's now, still a fan, still inspiring.
Arthur the King Schopenhauer
Arthur the King Schopenhauer 8 aylar önce
R.i.p. Keith😢😖
Lum’sAviaton 8 aylar önce
Use me as a watchdogs 2 brought me here button
Phantom Raider87
Phantom Raider87 8 aylar önce
Best rampaging music
KittenGamerlover Funcutevideos
KittenGamerlover Funcutevideos 9 aylar önce
Got here from watch dogs and also 🖕 off if u hate on me D:
BeatIgor 9 aylar önce
The Surge 2 (Trailer)
TheDuckVoice 2
TheDuckVoice 2 9 aylar önce
Watch dogs 2 anyone?
Joe Eakhurst
Joe Eakhurst 9 aylar önce
The drummer went to my school kings college
Александр Макаров
Александр Макаров 9 aylar önce
Keith Flint, thanks for childhood! We will remember!
А 888
А 888 9 aylar önce
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 9 aylar önce
The Surge 2 game trailer brought me here.
Matamune Neko
Matamune Neko 9 aylar önce
Amazing song, don't like eletronic SFX but it's an awesome masterpiece. Knew The Prodigy since kid bit ended here because a game. What's the problem? Can't hear if i don't listen since born? What will be of the old but good masterpieces if the moder pop culture don't keep'em alive? Everybody dies. Even music.
elgiacomo 9 aylar önce
Sabrina Carpenter
Sabrina Carpenter 10 aylar önce
Anyone here because of the TV show Lucifer? (The part where he chases the bad guy)
Mark's Woman
Mark's Woman 10 aylar önce
Thank you Prodigy, for your power and soul from 1991. Forever. Owe yous my sanity and life. For real. Soul changing, legendary, unique and perfect. Honoured, we are your warriors and we live forever x
colonel Angus
colonel Angus 10 aylar önce
Kicks ass ... Gets your blood moving.. dam this is amazt shit
colonel Angus
colonel Angus 10 aylar önce
Love this and I'm 57
dale like
dale like 10 aylar önce
KittenGamerlover Funcutevideos
KittenGamerlover Funcutevideos 10 aylar önce
Doesn’t it sound like she yawns in the epic part
Jovan Jovic
Jovan Jovic 11 aylar önce
The girl singing is the girl from Queen Adreena band ? xd
Valerie Selau
Valerie Selau 11 aylar önce
Thank you Keith! 🙏
Ricardo Jacobs
Ricardo Jacobs 11 aylar önce
That moment I was playing Watch Dogs 2 and this song came up on the mission with the Spider Tank, I was like "Damn, I haven't heard this in ages"
Filip Rydlo
Filip Rydlo 2 aylar önce
in That moment, I was like "WHOA??? I feel like I know this band... I LOVE this style...... WAIT, could it be THE PRODIGY - but some tune that I have NOT heard, yet ? :D ... and YES, I was right...... because this song was relatively *NEW*, from 2015 (I played WATCH_DOGS2 for the first time in 2017).
Fatty Yogurt
Fatty Yogurt 5 aylar önce
scarlxrd fans!
Mr. Restless
Mr. Restless 11 aylar önce
mieser song;-o
Hugh Doyle
Hugh Doyle 11 aylar önce
Should have been the senators win song
Patricio Perez
Patricio Perez Yıl önce
Watch dogs 2 :)
Charlotte Yıl önce
3:10 always gets me pumped
Michael Chara
Michael Chara Yıl önce
I relate unfortunately my fate might be hate..
music man
music man Yıl önce
276 people have no soul, digital till I die
Michael H.
Michael H. Yıl önce
This drum beat .. and good. An the voice of keIth........ RIP....
señor bolainas
señor bolainas Yıl önce
Cornflex Yıl önce
Rest in peace Keith, fuckin hell
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham Yıl önce
See you later Keith.
Uschilicious666 Yıl önce
R.I.P Keith Flint 💔
UNLEASH- HELL666 8 aylar önce
Dire Molt
Dire Molt 8 aylar önce
I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months... it feels like he left just yesterday...
Commenter Commenty pants
Commenter Commenty pants 11 aylar önce
Aww man, I had no idea that he died... Rest in peace, you gloriously fucked up individual. We'll be missing you back on earth.
Stanislas Lefort
Stanislas Lefort Yıl önce
thanks for all keith, RIP legend
War Boss
War Boss Yıl önce
Rest in Peace
Zee Kaos
Zee Kaos Yıl önce
I didnt even know this was in a game! Ha, its about time someone picked good tracks for games
Drink Water
Drink Water Yıl önce
It is not possible to play this song loud enough. At 11 on the Richter scale I might reconsider that statement. But only maybe.
Ado Arauz
Ado Arauz Yıl önce
Its not possible played and that your neighbors don't came to your house with some whiskey beers and Doritos... asking: - Hey! is here the party!?
Gabus Gaben
Gabus Gaben Yıl önce
Had no clue this was in a game...just sounded like something from a game because of the chiptune used in parts of the song.
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